Usb Keyboard Not Working During Boot Up

My (usb) keyboard no longer works on bootup. Basically, until my os loads my keyboard doesn't work. I can't use delete to enter my bios setup, and i can't use my arrow keys when grub loads, which is annoying. *Sometimes* the keyboard works, but very rarely and unpredictably. It used to work, but it seems when i changed my cpu fan it no longer works. I don't know that the change happened then, but that's when i noticed it. Would re-flashing my bios help? I can't think of anything else. Nothing in my bios was reset.

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Usb Keyboard Not Work In Boot Menu For Safe Mode

My usb keyboards works fine in bios, but i can't do anything at all when i want to boot into safe mode? For example, i've been having hardware issues, different story, and what happened is i rebooted while windows was loading. Then next boot, it gives me window which says "i'm sorry but windows did not start properly last time. " Or something like that. And to make it short, it gives you option to boot into safe mode, start normally, start with last known working configuration. And has a countdown timer. But i can't move the highlight selection thingy at all! I just helplessly wait for the counter to count down 30 secs and boot normally. I'm sooo *** off about this; this is so f*ing retarded. Why does it do that? Shouldn't windows or bios (not sure which) be smarter than that?

Oh yeah, i have winxp pro, btw.

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Keyboard / Boot Issues

So, i'm trying to reformat/install a new os but i've run into an issue. While my computer is starting up, the keyboard doesn't work. When it boots from disk, the keyboard still doesn't work, and eventually the install just times out and it boots up normally. As soon as it gets to the login screen, all of my peripherals work absolutely normally. I've tried three seperate keyboards, in both usb and ps/2. I should also note that my machine never did this before. I've never had issues on boot like this.

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Will A Computer Boot From A Usb / Usb 2.0 Device?

Will a computer boot from a usb/usb 2. 0 device? Ex. Cd-rom, how does that detect in the bios? What bios settings must be made to enable that. The reason i ask is i was thinking about building a comp with no internal optical drives. I wanted to hide the box out of site while the *-rom and *-rw drive are easily accessible on my desk top.

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Keyboard Freeze On Boot Up After Installed New Hard Drive

I installed a new hard drive and when i try to boot up my computer then my keyboard is stopped working.

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Razer Lycosa Keyboard Caused Computer Not To Boot

I found out what was causing my computer to not boot. It was the razer lycosa keyboard of all things. When i plugged in the two usb cables for the keyboard and tried to boot the computer all the lights inside the case began to flash (the psu fan would not even kick on). When i removed the keyboard everything started up just fine and all the lights stopped blinking. I tested the keyboard out on another computer just to make sure it was not the motherboard and what do you know it caused all the lights inside the second test computer to blink the same way. I think its time to switch back to a microsoft keyboard. Overall, i think the packaging for the lycosa is subpar. The top of the keyboard is only protected by very thin cardboard and the top cover on the box looks like it is about to bust open just sitting on the store shelf. This type of packaging allows a substantial amount of shock to be transfered to the keyboard. Defective packaging is the same thing as defective hardware. I initially liked the look and feel of the lycosa but i am not going to run the risk of getting another damaged or defective keyboard my time means too much to me.

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Usb Works With Keyboard And Mouse But Won't Read Usb Stick

Hello guys, i've this problem since some time. My keyboard and mouse work properly but the system seems to fail in reading usb sticks. They do appear in my computer but when i access them it either says " f: is not accessible. Impossible to satisfy your demand because of peripheral error e/s ", or, it allows me to enter it but there are no files listed. The stick works ok in other machines and there are files on it. It also takes a long time for the system to see the stick. I did have some viruses but now the comp is clean as i ran all the programs suggested in networking&security section of this forum. Help!

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Usb Keyboard Or Usb Hub Not Installing

This started when we switched usb keyboards. We were using a chester creek usb keyboard without any problems. We bought a new chester creek keyboard and plugged it in, the found new hardware wizard opened and looked for a driver but was unable to find one. So we plugged the old keyboard back in and the same thing happened. So now both keyboard don't work in the usb slots. They both work fine using an usb to ps/2 adapter. Also our usb hub is now not installing either. The same thing happens, found new hardware wizard opens, but is unable to find a driver. Everything else works in the usb slots, flash drives, headphones, hard drives. Only the usb keyboards and usb hubs are not working. They show up as other devices in device manager. Both the keyboard and hub work fine on other computers. This computer is about five years old and running xp sp3 with all updates installed.

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Boot From Usb Cd Drive

I have a panasonic toughbook. It has no os on it. Also, i have a lite-on usb cd drive. How can i boot from it?

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Boot System From Usb

I am trying to boot from my usb flash drive. I followed the instructions step for step that are in the article on this website. I downloaded the hp program and the usb image zip file. I ran the hp flash program and pointed it to the folder where i unzipped the usb image files to. I then copied all the files over to the usb memory stick as instructed. When i restart my computer and press f12 to go to the boot menu i have 3 options: sata hard drive, cd-rom drive, or usb device. So i choose usb device and when it reads the usb memory stick all i get is the error "non-system disk, replace and hit any key" its like the usb memory is missing some system files or it doesnt have the master boot record or something. I want to flash the bios in a new video card and i have to boot to dos and i dont have a floppy drive and i have win xp so a usb boot is probably the best option i have.

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Usb Printer Prevent Pc To Boot

The characters are a desktop pc and an epson printer(usb). They were working together very well since last sunday, when they decided to break up. From that moment on, the pc wont even boot if the printer is connected to any usb(i tried all of them) and turned on. I cannot even go into the setup. I get the first screen when says "press f2 to enter setup", i hit it and thats it, blank screen with the cursor at the top-left corner forever. If i unplug the cable or turn off the printer, it goes into windows or setup, depending on if i pressed or not f2. What is weird is that the printer works great if i turn it on once windows is loaded. I tried in a laptop computer and it boots perfectly.

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Use Usb As A Dos Boot Disk

Is there any way to make this work? I can get it to boot from it, but the only commands i can get to work are fdisk and format. It keeps searching for files on my a: drive. Is there a way to modify the .ini files so i can create a fully functional boot disk? I'm trying to completely eliminate the need for a floppy drive. Also, is there a way to make a bootdisk that can format with all the popular file systems such as ntfs or linux file system?

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Boot Up From Usb Floppy Disk Drive

So i need a floppy drive. I do not have a power dongle, the small one on my antec neopower 480 for a floppy drive. Someone at microcenter told me that there are power dongle converters for floppys. But i was wondering, since i need to install my sata drivers off an a: drive when i boot from my xp c. D. Will a usb floppy drive could act exactly the same as an internal one? Can i boot up from a usb floppy disk drive?

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Error: Unmountable Boot Partition - Usb 2.0 Hd

I backed up windows to a usb 2. 0 drive and am trying to boot up from it. Is this even possible? Because i keep getting an "unmountable boot partition" error.

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Usb Device Cause Computer To Freeze Or Not To Boot

I have recently been having issues left and right with my computer freezing or not given booting. I got it mainly fixed but i found out something strange. It would appear when i had my card reader connected and my wireless usb adapter connected (with the usb cord connected) the computer would either freeze while loading the os or not even boot at all. When the card reader was connected i had a 2gb sd card in it and for some reason the card wasn't being detected at all and vista wasn't even detecting the card reader till after maybe 5min. After plugging it in. Also, the other strange thing is when i had my usb wireless adapter plugged in with the usb cord the computer wouldn't even boot or it would freeze like above. When i finally just connected the wireless adapter by itself windows loaded fine with no freeze/lock ups (and yes, i don't have the card reader connected right now). Idk but i'd hate to say this but would it be a psu issue? I was playing l4d and killing floor fine last night with my xfx 4850 oc'ed. What is going on here? Side note: has the latest ati drivers been causing anybody any issues lately? Like lock ups or anything? At first though i thought it was the oc'ing from catalyst causing the issue but i guess it wasn't.

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Hard Drive Encryption Upon Boot From Usb

I am getting a few new external 500gb hard drives (try 3), and i am going to be needing some kind of encryption program. All 3 drives will be encrypted, but one of them is going to have a few backups on it - acronis trueimage ones. I know trueimage can encrypt, but i want to get the best possible encryption, if only so i can point and laugh as i describe how long it'd take to crack it. I've considered truecrypt, however, it requires encryption software on both ends. I want something that, upon boot from usb, asks me what the password is, and then becomes availiable to the system. Is there anything like that availiable? Truecrypt is probably going to be used on the other two 500g's (unless you guys have better suggestions), but i do think it'd be a good idea to keep the data encrypted on the backup 500g.

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Usb Peripherals Causing Boot Problems

I'm an hp repair tech (contract dude to god knows how many providers, something like 20 at last count). I've been finding a fairly common thread amongst some of the systems i work on. For instance, the last job i did had two d220m desktop workstations. Both were in separate locations on the site, both had the same exact problem - they would not post. After a system board, memory, and cpu replacement, the systems would boot just fine, provided the lexmark z22 usb printer that each had was not connected. If the printer was connected, the system would stall on the hp splash screen, and nothing would work (no keyboard, no post, nothing). Upon unplugging the printer from the system, and power-cycling, the system would perform normally. The problem occurred regardless of which usb port the printer was attached to. I saw a similar issue on another hp desktop (different model, i believe), with a lexmark printer (although i'm not sure if it was the same model, i do remember it was usb), a while ago. Does anyone have any experience with any usb peripherals causing post faults in hp systems? How about lexmark usb printers causing post/boot faults in any systems?

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Usb 2.0 Issues - Hard Drive Boot Up Problem

When i connected a usb2 hard drive the external hard drive wouldn't boot up - in fact the light would not even light up! I tried again with 2 smaller and completely different usb2 memory sticks and both of those would not work and would also not light up!

These were all in perfect order and had worked on another machine only hours before so i knew the external hdd's were good. However when i took the sticks and the external hdd back to another machine they would not boot up either! All of the usb2 devices have been fried!

I've tried changing the cables etc for the external hdd but it makes no difference! The weird thing is every single usb1. 1 device that i plug into the new machine works perfectly - even the wireless keyboard and mouse that i was using with it! It only seems to damage usb2 devices!

The 500w psu that i was using is a raidmax one and works perfectly because the computer works fine and i can load windows and wireless and everything. Another weird thing was that when i used a crossover cable to connect it to my other machine to transfer files across - it locked up my other specifications:

Q6600 g0 edition
Asus p5n-e sli 650i motherboard
Ocz ddr2 800mhz/pc2-6400 cl 4-4-4-15 platinum xtc (2gb)
Raidmax sagitta black/silver gaming case with side window - with 500w psu
Western digital wd5000aaks 500gb sata ii 7200rpm 16mb cache - oem

Complete with a pci gfx card (7300se - spare one i had lying round) and all the other extras. I built it and it ran fine - installed windows xp etc etc.

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Usb Jump Drive Prevents Vista Boot

So i just got a usb cruzer micro 2. 0gb for my vista premium. I removed the u3. And formatted it. Readyboost works, but when i reboot the computer, the screen gets stuck on the hp logo, and vista will not boot. I reseted it one time and then vista had to do a system restore because of a hardware change or something. Does anyone know how to fix this problem where once the usb drive is plugged in, and the computer restarts, it will not boot into windows vista?

Note: vista works normally again, when the jump drive is not plugged in. I had the exact same drive before and it did not do this.

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Encryption (password Prompt At Boot) For A Bootable Usb Flash Drive

I set up a windows xp sp3 image with nlite, and i used winsetupfromusb to boot up the nlite answer file unto a usb flash drive. This works great, with every little interaction from my part. So, now i would like to encrypt this usb flash drive so if it gets "lost" it doesn't get distributed around. So, if there is a way to encrypt this drive and also prompt for a password to allow decryption, that would be great.

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Keyboard To Usb

How would i figure this out. I had an old keyboard's that i wanted to extend the cord on it so i cut it and and older keyboards cord i had which since thrown away and it worked fine splicing the wires together despite the color differences but i was wanting to now take that keyboard and wire it into a usb cord. But i cant figure out what/which

The keyboard spliced cord i had this is how the color wires were setup (works)

Keyboard - extra cord

I have a picture of the end of the cord with the color coding to the pins location but not sure if im allowed to post images, wont let me anyway

On a usb cord you have

Red v+
White data -
Green data +
Black ground

I know you can buy adapters for this but i have nothing else to do . Anyone care to tackle?

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Usb Dvorak Keyboard

I'm trying to find a usb dvorak keyboard, with the dvorak layout stickered onto the keyboard and with the key places hardwired into the keyboard (no software alterations needed) and the keyboard needs to be able to hold down f1, f2, f3, f4, f5, and enter (or shift if not enter) at the same time. (I recently have been getting hooked into this game called frets on fire which needs all those keys to be held down at once to play it)

I figured i would try to knock out 2 birds with one stone since i don't have a dvorak keyboard and i dont have a keyboard where i can hold down f1-f5/enter. I tried googling around and i didn't really find any real "stores" selling a dvorak keyboard. Does anyone know where i might be able to order one that looks like a trustworthy source?

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Usb Keyboard To Ps/2 Port Adapter

Anyone know if there is such a thing as a usb keyboard to ps/2 adapter? I have plenty of the usb mouse to ps2 plugs but they don't work on my store sent me a new keyboard but my kvm switch only has ps/2 plugs on it. I see some on the net but they look just like the ps/2 mouse ones i already have.

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Convert A Ps/2 Mouse Or Keyboard To Usb

I was wondering if theres any way to convert a ps/2 mouse or keyboard to usb by splicing the wires on an old usb plug?

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Usb Keyboard That Can Be Folded Or Rolled Up

Does anyone recommend or know of a good usb roll up keyboard? Looking for anything that is fairly portable and can be rolled up or folded in a decent bag.

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Any Way To Get A Usb Keyboard To Working During Startup ?

I have an issue that is really annoying. When my system is starting up, i can't use my usb keyboard. I can use it to get into the bios, but past that part, it doesn't work, so if i need to choose safe mode, or boot from cd, i have to use my backup ps/2 keyboard. Does anyone know a fix for this?

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Is Ps2 Keyboard / Mouse Better Than Usb ?

I need a good keyboard / mouse set thats cheap and good for gaming. Also can somebody answer these questions ive heard: ps/2 is better than usb? And corded better cordless? Is this true for gaming? Im only allowing myself a maximum of 20 ok!

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Ps2 Keyboard For Usb Port

I have a laptop that has a keyboard that no longer functions. I wish to hook up my ps2 keyboard to my laptop, but there's no ps2 ports, only usb. Where can i buy a converter on-line?

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Enabling Usb Keyboard In Dos Mode ?

I just bought microsoft wireless usb multimedia keyboard 1. 0. Im having a problem enabling it in dos mode. I re installed my old ps/2 keyboard enabling usb keyboard support from the bios but it doesnt want to work either. Im running a dual boot menu on my system and i really need to make my new wireless / usb keyboard work !

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Logitech G15 Keyboard Usb Problem

I try to plug my 128mb memory stick into one of the logitech g15 keyboard usb ports, i get a message on the screen down near the taskbar saying that the usb hub power has been exceeded, i know its a keyboard, but, a little memory stick exceeding the power?

The ports on it are for things like gaming headsets, controllers etc, and its telling me the power is been exceeded with a tiny little memory stick :s, any ideas why this is happening, if it could be a windows problem?

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