Hack Wireless Internet Connection

Let's just say, that i lost my password for my wireless internet connection, and wanted to get it back, by "hacking" it. What program should i use? I tried airsnort, but it doesn't seem to work with my network card. Here i have some system information, if necessary:

Microsoft windows xp mce 2002 sp2
Intel pro/wireless 3945abg network connection
Intel core 2 cpu t5500 @ 1. 66ghz
2. 00 gb ram

I hope you will respond to this. And please, if you can, find or write a quick tutorial to the program if it takes more than common knowledge to do, since i had a lot of trouble with airsnort.

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Hack Into Computer That Is Not Connected To Internet

Is it possible to hack into a computer that is not connected to the internet? The reason i'm asking is because my best friend is going back to college in a few days and is dorming with one other guy. He's in the journalism program and is a bit paranoid that his roommate (who is in the same level in the program) might steal his documents and whatnot. There's wi-fi internet connection available in the dorm, but my friend does not utilize it; he says he 'only' uses his computer for typing up articles. I don't know how true that is, but whatever. So is it possible for the roommate to "hack" into my friend's computer (via another computer) even if my friend's not connected to the internet?

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Wireless Connection Is Available But Wireless Internet Is Not

I recently bought a new laptop and i wanted to get wireless internet from my house. So instead of buying a new wireless router i took my bf old one. I get it set up and my pc says im connected to the network but it says no internet access. So i try unplugging everything and replugging it in, not a help. So i decided to turn off the pc and the wireless router and unplugging everything and still nothing.

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Wireless Internet Connection In Newyork

I am currently taking classes online in chicago and i want to travel to new york for vacation. I need to find a on the go wireless internet provider that i can use on my laptop that has great coverage so i can stay connected with my class while in newyork which is very important. I know about cricket, but i heard the coverage is horrible. I need to make sure that i will have coverage so i can do homework and tests etc. That's all i will be using the internet for.

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Not Getting Full Wireless Internet Connection

I bought wireless internet and it was supposed to be 200kbs and im only getting 20-30kbs is there anything i can do to fix this?

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Wireless Network Lose Its Internet Connection

Okay so we run a wireless network at home. We have sbc dsl and use the 2 wire router with 802. 11b wireless to 2 computers while the main computer is connected via the ethernet connection to the router itself. The problem is one of the computers (my brother's) will lose its internet connection after alot of bandwidth is used in a short amount of time. But the network connection remains. If you download several things at once, play a game online, or do anything requiring extensive bandwidth usage it will lose the internet. Its as if the router quits sending the internet to the computer although it still says "excellent connection" on the wireless utility program. Even after a fresh reformat the problem persists. I have no issues with either of the other computers in my house hold. Any suggestions?

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Convert Regular Internet Connection To Wireless

How to convert my regular internet connection to wireless connection? I have a broadband internet connection at home. Now what i want is to convert the connection so that i can access the same connection with the same speed from the next room. Please specify the hardware and method to do it.

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Settings On Laptop For Wireless Internet Connection

What settings do i have to have on my laptop for it to have wireless internet connection? I had wireless internet connection 2 days ago, but now my laptop wont connect to the internet, or a network wirelessly i have to plug the laptop into the router/modem thing. I tried restarting my laptop, and turning off the router/modem thing for 10 seconds. And it didn't work. And if you know how to fix this leave easy to follow step by step instructions.

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Wireless Internet Connection Only Have Limited Access

Why does my wireless internet connection only have limited access? For a while i have not been able to get internet connection unless i am connect manually, when i do try to connect it says i only have limited connection and i should try to reset my ip address or repair it but when i do that it says it's not able to? Can i fix this myself or do i have to go to a best buy or something?

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Make Wireless Internet Connection Wired

Is it possible to make a wireless internet connection wired? Could i get my laptop to connect to a wireless access point and ''steam'' the connection through a ethernet cable to another computer? I don't have a wifi card on my desktop but i need to access to internet for maintenance.

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Wireless Internet Connection Vary In Speed & Signal Strength

What would cause my wireless internet connection to vary in speed and signal strength? So i have a dell and connect through high speed internet cable, broadcasting wireless through the house. When i log on, the speed is usually very low (24 mbps) and the strength is low. Eventually it makes its way up to 56 (?) Mbps and a very good signal strength. Is this my issue with the computer/wireless or an issue with the cable company?

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Connecting Laptops Wireless Connection To Desktop For Wired Internet

How to connect your laptop's wireless connection to your desktop for wired internet? Ok so my laptop has wireless internet, i just set up a desktop but the modem is on the other side of the house, i already have my laptop and my desktop connected with an ethernet cable, what do i do next? I am using windows xp: home addition on both computers. A quick how to or step by step instruction here would be awesome if possible.

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Laptop Wont Connect To Internet, Wireless Or Local Area Connection

Last night, the wireless was fine, all connected. Then it randomly went off and wouldn't find any wireless network connections, but i just left it and went off. I went back on a few hours later, and it still wouldn't find any, even though other people could find them in our house. So i used a wire and connected to it and it was fine. Today when i went on, it still wouldn't find our wireless. So when i went to use the wire again, that wouldn't work either. It said i was working off-line, so i changed it to on-line, and it said it can't display the web-page, i really don't know what to do, but i need my internet.

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Wireless Internet Connection "local Only"

Why does my wireless internet data card connection go from "local and internet" to "local only: a lot? I hate it when it goes to "local only" because i can't surf a lot of the time. Is there anyway to fix it? I use a huawei ec168 data card on an acer aspire desktop that has windows vista.

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Internet Connection Speed - Hardwire Ps3 To Internet

So my internet modem only supports on internet cable what do i have to buy so i can hardwire my ps3 to the internet instead of wirelessly or is their something where i can do both.

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Set Internet Connection At Home As A Preferred Connection

Is there anyway set my internet connection at home as a preferred connection? I have a mac. When i'm at home i want it to automatically connect my my internet signal here (sometimes my computer tries to connect to my neighbors signal) anyone know how?

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Issue With Dhcp Connection Wireless Connection Drop

I don't know why i keep getting this error message in the log for dhcp , it annoys a lot as it disconnects the wifi then reconnects and continues to do so for a few minutes. The ip address lease 192. 168. 1. 7 for the network card with network address 0xxxxxxxxxxxxx has been denied by the dhcp server 0. 0. 0. 0 (the dhcp server sent a dhcpnack message). I know there is an issue as the dhcp server should be 192. 168. 1. 1, it goes normal as in the log it shows that it gets the i. P from the correct dhcp but when the error happens it shows the dhcp server as to 0. 0. 0. 0. My wireless card is an atheros ar9285, my pc is a hp pavillion dv 7-3162nr laptop

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Connect Ps3 To Wireless Connection With Netgear Wireless Router

How do i connect my ps3 to my wireless connection with a netgear wireless router? We have tried password, we have tried the security pin on the back of the router and still cant figure it out.

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Switch From Wireless Connection To Wired Connection

How do i switch from a wireless connection to wired connection? So i just switched internet service providers and the new isp gave me a wireless setting but this turned out to be more slow then i imagined so im wondering how i can switch back from a wireless connection to a wired connection. I have a router and a modem but i don't know what plugs go with what.

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Connecting Verizon Fios Wireless Internet But Pc Does Not Have Wireless

I have verizon fios wireless internet and i want it to connect to my desktop but my pc doesn't have wireless? Hat should i get for it to have a wireless connection? My pc is a dell dimension e520

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Hack Into Your Own Computer

Hacking into your own computer, legal? Here's the deal, i have two computers. Windows 7 and windows xp. My windows 7 computer is acting pretty weird right now. ( I can't log on into it so i'm using windows xp) i'm trying to get all of my stuff from windows 7 to windows xp. Is it legal to hack into my own computer because i don't want to get into trouble.

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Setup Wireless Network From Wireless Connection

Can i set up a wireless network from a wireless connection? To detail it a little moe, im connected to my parents wireless network which is encrypted with wpa security. While i was away at college, i bought my own router to use wep encryption so that i could play on my ds while taking my laptop about, but now i can no longer play on my ds. Is there a way i could use the connection im using atm and kind of use my laptop as a gateway of sorts to connect my own router but instead wep. If that makes any sense.

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How To Get Better Internet Connection ?

How can i get better internet connection? I would like better connection when i play xbox live. There are 3 floors in my house my router is on the first and my xbox is on the 3rd, i used to have my xbox on the second but moved it to my room. I've always had bad internet connect but since i moved it up there it's been worse. I know it's supposed to be close to the router but my parents don't want me to move it. I don't really know what to do.

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How To See Who Is On Internet Connection ?

How can i see who is on my internet connection and how to block mac address? How can i see who is using my internet connection ? Plus there is someone that i want to block from getting the access but i don't want to put a password on the connection. I was told that i can block there mac address but don't know how.

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Internet Connection Has Timed Out

When i try to log in my facebook account always the connection has timed out. Answer:-

Your facebook is fine, this just means your internet connection is gone. But that's nothing to do with facebook. It just means you've lose internet connection, which i don't really know much about. So maybe ask a question in computers section of yahoo answers asking what you need to check and get fixed and so on to get your internet connection back. ?

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Why Internet Connection So Slow ?

For the past 4 or more weeks my internet has been moving very slow if not at all. I clocked my speed at anywhere between (1. 13kbs) , and for about five minutes a day i can get up to (597. 56kbs that's about a half a megabits per second. So why am i paying for (5mbs) and lucky to squeeze in any internet at all. Its not my computer i've used 4 laptops and a desktop computer it also disconnect my xbox 360 & ps3 from online gameplay. I tried two different wireless routers , i even removed the router but it's still to slow to do anything with

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Establishing An Internet Connection

I called verizon tech support about getting a new computer. I'm concerned about establishing adsl connection. They told me all i had to do was hookup the computer. The connection is already established. Just gotta go online. That doesn't sound right to me. Can someone help me? My old verizon disk is no good. So i have no software to do this and they say i don't need it. I think the tech dude doesn't have a clue?

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Internet Connection Keeps Going On And Off Every Hour

My internet connection keeps going on and off every hour or so using a realtek wireless adapter. I connect to the internet wirelessly using my realtek rtl8187b wireless 802. 11b/g 54mbps usb 2. 0 network adapter and it seems to somehow just disconnect for no reason. The only temporary solution ive found is to re-install the driver in device manager, it fixes the connection but then goes off again later. It seems to happen when im doing things that require lots of bandwidth like downloading music, videos etc. Is there a solution?

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How To Get Working Internet Connection ?

How to get working internet connection ? Recently, i was having problems connecting my computer to a wireless network. I eventually got connected to the network, but the problem is, i can't figure out how to set up an actual internet connection. I have checked and made sure that the mac address and ssid are correct. Any suggestions?

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How To Redirect Internet Connection ?

How do i redirect my internet connection? There are certain websites that i access that cannot be connected to because of poor connections somewhere in the middle. I am wondering how i can redirect my connection from its usual pathway to a different one via different servers or ip protocol.

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