How Do I Set My Hp Deskjet 880c To Print T-shirt Transfer ?

I'm planning to make some club t-shirts which include the text logo for our club!The instructions specify " make sure that you have selected "t-shirt transfer", mirror", "flip", or "reverse" in your application, so that the image will be printed backwards. If there is no text in your image, you may not have to reverse your image. " Inasmuch as my transfers involve text and a logo, i need to reverse the image i'll be getting from my scanner. Some transfer will also include people's faces , which also have to be reversed to iron onto the t-shirts correctly!Tom myboy has helped me a lot in the past! I'm a charter member of the dana point kayak fishing mafia, located in dana point , california. The logo is for our kayak fishing club. Thanks for helping. Teacher4u.

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Lexmark X5150 - How To Print Out T Shirt ?

How do i make a t shirt with a lexmark x5150 all-in-one printer? So i don't got the printer or paper yet but on i bought a lexmark x5150 all-in-one printer a inkjet transfer paper - dark fabric and avery personal creations inkjet stretchable transfer sheets, 5 pack (03302) light fabric so how do i do it can i iron transfer with those to transfer paper n if i can how do i do it tell me step by step please like how to print out my custom designs and how to apply them to my t shirts or if u got a video of all those steps.

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How To Set Hp Officejet Printer To Print Only Black & White ?

How do i set my officejet hp printer to print only black & white and not use my colored ink? I have an hp officejet all in one printer (print, copy, scan & fax). When i print, it prints color too, i know i can change properties and click "print in grayscale" that will not use color ink. But is there a way to set up it that it doesn't uses color ink at all, until & unless i want it to? Its hp officejet 4300.

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Set Hp Laserjet Printer Envelope Feeder To Automatically Print

How do i set hp laserjet 4250/4350 envelope feeder to automatically print?

Answer:- you have to use the drop down paper tray #1 for envelopes. Go into the printer control panel menu options and find the paper tray setup and set paper tray 1's default paper type to envelope and make sure you select tray #1 as your paper tray in the application print menu when you print, and it should print envelopes automatically. Now if you're trying to do something special, like print envelopes when you print a letter, then that's a whole another ball of wax.

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Hp Deskjet 840c Print Faint

Hp printer is printing very faint, just replaced black ink. Does this happen for few print jobs? Or is there something wrong with the ink cartridge i bought maybe. Any one got a clue? Maybe the printer is just warming up the new cartridge?

Printer: deskjet 840c
Cartridge: hp c6615d

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Hp Deskjet F2120 Won't Print

Hp deskjet f2120 wont print, i recently upgraded to windows 7. At first it prints out just fine. Now it refuses to print anything! A little help? The printer section says it is available and ready and all i see is "1 document pending" but it does not print!

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Hp Deskjet F2400 Won't Print

My hp deskjet f2400 wont print the document. This is a brand new printer. What do i need to do? Do i need to reinstall it? Align something?

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Hp Deskjet D1660 Printer Wont Print

I need help with my hp deskjet d1660 printer, stupid thing wont print the whole page, i just replaced my old printer with this 1 and no matter how much troubleshooting i do it wont work, have done everything i have been told to do by support, have checked connections, have checked paper, have gone into control panel and changed settings to suit it, im missing something n i don't know what it is.

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Hp Deskjet Printer Print On Foil Paper

Can we print on a foil paper using an hp deskjet printer?

If its inkjet printable. If not then no. Why would you want to print on foil paper but not want the ink to stay on it? A bit pointless i would think but each to his own. If it's foil that is not inkjet printable the ink will rub off the minutes it is touched as it can't dry on such a surface so the answer is, you can't print on it. You can't print, as most people define print, on anything that the ink won't absorb without a special printer! No absorbed ink no print! It will also smudge as it's printing. Be careful if the foil is thin as it could tear and break off in your printer and cause damage.

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Hp Deskjet F4480 Printer Not Print In Color

I bought an hp deskjet f4480 printer about 8 months ago. It will not let me print in color. It is showing that it is using the color ink as well but will not print anything in color. What steps can i do to try and get this to work?

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Hp Deskjet 932c - How To Print With Just Black Color ?

How do i print with just black ink in my hp printer? I'm out of color ( i think it dried out )and never use it so i don't want to buy any. It is a hp deskjet 932c.

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Hp Deskjet F380 Printer Wont Print Text

Hp deskjet f380 printer wont print text (only pictures)? I have a hp deskjet printer and it will only print pictures. - I open microsoft office (2007), and type an essay. It moves the paper up and nothing is printed. I then copied a picture with color, and printed. It works fine. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Hp Deskjet F4488 Print Capacity Number Of Pages

What is the print capacity (in no. Of pages)for hp deskjet (f4488) cartridge 818/818xl? I would like to know actually how many a4 black & white or color pages can i print with hp deskjet (f4488) cartridge 818/818xl. I would also like to know whether the ink will dry up if i use the printer only 3-4 times in a month ? Can this cartridge be refilled (either when the ink has dried up or it has been used up )?

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Hp Deskjet Printer Print Spooler Service Is Not Running

I installed an hp deskjet printer but it shows print spooler service is not running. How to i start the service?


Start>run>services. Msc>press enter. Find the service right click and start.

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Hp Deskjet 3845 Printer Doesn't Print

Hp deskjet 3845 printer doesn't print, ok my printer was going to print then it had no paper i get paper i try to print something nothing happens.

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Hp Deskjet Printer 3650 Won't Print

Hp deskjet printer 3650 wont print, just sits there with a green flashing? It will now and then come up with ink cartridge errors, which i changed 5 times, it took the paper through once and sounded like it was chewing the paper, but the paper came out neat just nothing printed. It went through within seconds.

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Can't Make Hp Deskjet F4580 Printer Print Smaller On A4

Hp deskjet f4580, is my printer retarded? I can't make it print smaller on a4. I just ditched my epson (perfect condition but cursed with the "chipped" cartridges scam) and bought the hp from tesco, so far it's a bit twitchy and has chewed up several sheets of paper but when it works it works well. Except that i can't figure out how to print using a small-size option (3" x 5") onto a sheet of a4; instead of printing out a neat little picture or piece of text in the corner it tiles the whole thing and spreads it out over the whole a4 sheet. What am i missing?

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Hp Deskjet Printer Wont Print And Brings Out Sheets Blank

My hp deskjet printer won't print and brings out the sheets blank. I have an hp deskjet f4180, and i just got new cartilages for both the color and b/w. I followed to instructions and got rid of all the possible tabs, but when i click 'align' on my printer the paper goes in, it makes printing noises, and the sheet comes out blank! Can anyone help me on what to do?

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Hp Deskjet D1400 Won't Print From Ms Office Word 2007

Hp deskjet 1400 wont print from microsoft office word 2007? I got a new printer and it will print webpages and stuff like that and the tests prints come out fine but i cant print from microsoft word, which is the only thing i really need the printer for. ! It prints webpages perfectly fine and in color with everything on them but when i try and print from word it just takes a blank page then the blank page comes out the printed side.

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Hp Deskjet D1520 Printer Doesn't Print Magenta Color

My hp deskjet d1520 printer doesn't print the magenta color. I installed a new color cartridge and a black one. No help.

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Print Wirelessly Using Wireless Print Server Via Usb

Can i print wireless-ly, using a wireless print server, with any printer that connects via usb?

Answer: not every usb printer is compatible but most are. You are best checking on the manufacturers website for a list of compatible printers.

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Sata2 Transfer Time

Does one need some sort of sata2 drive to take advantage of it? Or do existing sata drives recieve the transfer rate boost as well? Furthermore, is it even necessary? Do even the 10, 000 sata drives have a low enough seek time that requires a quicker transfer time?

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Vhs To Hdd Transfer

I'm attempting to put all of my older vhs tape media on my pc's hdd. My vcr is older as it only has audio/video in and out rca jacks and of course a cable f-jack (believe that's what a normal cable jack is called), not even an s-video jack. My video cards are xfx 7800 gt's extreme editions in which i believe has vivo. Also i have a pvr-500 dual tuner tv card hooked up to my makeshift htpc setup. This might be the most feasible way to capture video from my vcr, but i'm a little sketchy on how to go about doing it.

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Transfer Data Between Two Pcs

What is the best way to transfer the data between two computers depends on the following factors. Data transfer rate expenditure on such technology ease of use. Iíve made a poll option, and make your comments there. Hereís what i thought on this case. Usb 2. 0 supports data rates as high as 480mbps, even in normal condition it can be around 50mbps. So, to transfer 1gb of data it takes around 20 - 30 seconds. Easy to use, because the hot plug is supported. But it is expensive. To use nic (network interface card), first need to install drivers or software, because some of the main boards donít integrated nic circuitry there. Data transfer rate of crossover cable is varied from 100mbps to 10mbps. So it takes more than 30 seconds to transfer 1gb of data. Especially the length of the cable determines that. Cheaper than usb 2. 0. At the end, two factors are satisfied (data transfer rate and ease of use) by usb 2. 0, and seems to me it is fine.

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Multiple Hdd Transfer

Is there a way for me to get my music files and perhaps other larger amounts of files from my old wd onto my new sg barracuda hdd by transfer? And in the end be running windows off the seagate while just using the wd as the storage only drive? If not, then what do you suggest? And if i can, then how would i go about it?

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Transfer Data Between Pcs

I have a new computer being shipped within the next week, and i want to transfer all of the data from this computer to the new one. I don't want to put it all on cds, but i was thinking, can i get an external hard drive to store all of this data on, and then load it onto the new computer?

I'm just not sure what to do really, but if anyone has any specific ideas, please tell me. I'd love to be able to have my data ready from this computer to be put onto the new one before the computer gets here.

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Very Slow Usb Transfer / Detection

I have asus m3n78-vm mobo and it has some problems in it. I think my usb ports are not running as fast as they can. When starting windows it takes ages to detect my external hdd , buffalo drivestation 500gb usb 2, and transferring like 300 mb file from internal hdd to that external is pain in the ass slow. Transferring from external to internal it has no problems. Files fly from buffalo to my internal sata hdd. But if i try to move file from that internal hdd to external buffalo, windows says it takes about 10 minutes to transfer one 300 mb file and it does also take that long, so what a heck? Im confused. I checked bios and all usb 2 features are on in bios. I also had some weird io shutdown problems. Anyone has any solutions to this? My buffalo also has some turbousb feature but dunno if it works. Oh and i use 32 bit xp pro with sp3 in it. Btw my old mobo dfi lanpary nf3 ultra-d did not have this problem with my external hdds. I have also tried all usb ports, and its the same problem.

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Transfer The Files From Gateway To The New Rig

How do i set it up so that i can transfer the files from my gateway to the new rig? I want to be able to send all my basic stuff common files, saved games, internet stuff, mp3ís you know all that junk. If you could point me in the right direction that would be great, maybe some links or if itís simple just explain it to me.

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Hdd Transfer Speed Over Usb

I keep on wondering how come my hard drives have such a low transfer speed with usb. I have a mybook and a usb docking station. Both of them cannot transfer past than 20mbs. When i switch back to sata, i get at least 3 times the transfer speed (more for my faster drives). Sata is faster than usb, i can understand that. But usb 2. 0's rated transfer rate is 60mbs, what exactly is throttling the speed?

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How To Transfer Everything To New Notebook Hard Drive ?

I'm going to be upgrading my 9. 6 gb hard drive in my notebook to a 60 gb hitachi 7k60 due to its impressive performance ratings. Now, what's the cheapest way to transfer everything from my old hard drive to the new hard drive? Do i have to waste my money on those expensive one time only data transfer kits?

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