Scanner With Feeder

I currently have a dell branded all-in-one printer. Its pretty much useless except for the scanner. I use it to scan magazines. About 50-60 percent of the time it works well. Otherwise is jams. This happens most often with time which uses thin glossy paper. Does anyone have experience with a scanner with a respectable document feeder that can handle many different types of paper. I'm not looking for professional grade, but i am willing to spend the money for quality.

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Set Hp Laserjet Printer Envelope Feeder To Automatically Print

How do i set hp laserjet 4250/4350 envelope feeder to automatically print?

Answer:- you have to use the drop down paper tray #1 for envelopes. Go into the printer control panel menu options and find the paper tray setup and set paper tray 1's default paper type to envelope and make sure you select tray #1 as your paper tray in the application print menu when you print, and it should print envelopes automatically. Now if you're trying to do something special, like print envelopes when you print a letter, then that's a whole another ball of wax.

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How Do I Use Hp Scanner?

It's a hp deskjet f2480 all in one printer, scanner, copier and i'm not familiar with scanning. When i put what i want to scan under the thing all it does is copy it on to paper. I want to scan it onto the computer not copy it. How would i scan it? There are 3 buttons. One is a red cross next to it it says cancel, a white square next to it it says black, and i blueish green square next to it it says color. What do i need to do to make it scan onto the computer and not copy onto paper?

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No Scanner Connected

Why does printer and computer both say no scanner connected? I have new usb cable. Answer:-

Is this a multifunction printer? I assume so, since you say the printer indicated no scanner connected. Disconnect the printer and delete it completely from the system. Reboot, and then re-install it from the install disk. Don't connect anything until the instructions tell you to do so. That should take care of the problem.

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How To Use Hp Scanner With Macbook ?

How to use hp scanner with macbook ?

Answer:- do you have software with it and is it mac compatible? Scanners generally come with an installation disc. You would have to go to the hp site and see if you have no disc. The mac osx generally has most drivers already preloaded for all popular scanners and printers. What happens when you plug it in and turn it on?

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No Ocr On Hp Scanner

I have a hp 3 in 1 printer. I pressed something by mistake and now when i scan a document i cannot get it to use ocr to save to text as an editable document - the option just does not appear. I have deleted and reinstalled the software.

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Cannot Get Hp Scanner To Work

I cant get my hp scanner to work. Answer:- if you have the software to install it, power on the unit but do not plug in the usb immediately. Start the installation and let the software tell you when to re-connect the usb cable. After the setup, reboot and windows will find the new scanner. Go in control panel and select scanners and cameras to use your scanner or look in the hp folder in the start menu and start the solution center. That's it.

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Hp Printer / Scanner Help

I have an hp photosmart printer/scanner & the printer works just fine, but the scanner keeps saying the usb isn't connected, but it is! & It's making me really mad. I tried to go and test the scanner, but it said the scanner has passed the test. The usb is plugged into the back of the printer, and one to the back of the computer(not the monitor). & Everything looks just fine to me. Any idea's on how to get the scanner working again? I'm only 12 so i know like, nothing about all this stuff.

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Portable Scanner

Does anyone know where i can find a portable scanner? I need a scanner that does not require a pc to operate, but that i can later connect to a computer (via usb, firewire, etc) and copy any previously scanned pictures. Basically, a scanner with a (preferably) internal hard drive. (Rechargeable)battery-power is also preferable, but not a necessity. I'm not looking for one of those business card or receipt scanners. The perfect image of what i'm lookin' for would be a typical flatbed scanner, that does not require a pc to operate, and includes an internal hard drive, preferably 1 gb+, with a usb or firewire port.

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Trouble With Hp Scanner

After 5 years, my dell, all in one printer died. I picked up the hp, all in one 4240 about a week ago. Anyways, it prints and copies fine, but i'm having trouble with scanning. I bank through an online-only bank, so i am able to scan both sides of my paycheck in order to deposit. Ever since i installed the hp printer, i am having trouble scanning checks. The face of the check scans fine, but when i flip it over to scan the signature, the image comes up either distorted- where the image is stretched diagonally, or cropped. Either way, the bank is not accepting them. How do i fix this? I went to the solution center and messed around with the scan preferences, but after nothing worked, i set it back to default. Can someone help me? Is there something wrong with the hardware?

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Help With Scanner Hp Photosmart

Answer:- you are not stating if it works or not. To install, do these steps. Unplug the usb cable from the scanner, power it on, and install your software and let the program tell you when to reconnect the cable. When it ask, re-connect the cable to the scanner and let it complete the installation. Reboot. Windows will find it. Now, go in your start menu and open the program that the scanner installed so you can start scanning. Go in the file menu and select scan but first, . Open the cover and put a page face down to the glass, close the cover, now select scan. The software will start the scan. If you want higher resolution, i suggest to select 200 or 300 dpi for a good scan. For documents, just use 150dpi which is more than adequate.

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Hp J6450 Scanner Problem

I have a hp 6450 printer/scanner, and i cant get the scanner to scan. ? It's hooked up to the computer, because it was in my control panel.

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Hp Scanner Wont Scan

My scanner used to work fine. Then my husband bought a new computer, but i think it is correctly connected since (1) it prints (2) under scanner and cameras in the control panel i see it listed (as hp psc 2170), my scanner is an all-in-one hp psc 2175xi. Now when i press scan, it goes through options such as "email, microsoft word, wordpad", etc, and it says "press start button", but when i press the button nothing happens. If i try pressing again it says "busy". Sometimes it said "scanning", but nothing is moving.

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Use Scanner On Hp J4580 Printer

How do you use the scanner on the hp 4580 all-in-one printer? I know how to scan but once i have saved the document, i can never find it again.

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Hp Psc 1610 Scanner - How To Use ?

How i can use the hp psc 1610 scanner? I have no idea how to, and i would like to learn how.

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Hp 2175 Scanner Problem

When i turn my printer on it goes through the motion of starting up but it sounds like it's stuck. The message starts with align cartridges "press enter" which i do and then it says busy all the while it is making this noise like it can't move. When it finally stops the message reads "scanner failure" any suggestions? Or do i need a new printer?

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Hp Printer With Xerox Without Scanner

Can i get a hp printer which can take xerox and print only? I don't want a scanner in it. ? Suggest a model and process also. How many cartridges are there in a hp printer?

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Hp Scanjet 5400c Scanner

Find and install hp 5400c scanner in pc. Answer:-
You can download the driver for your scanner from the following site, just select which operating system you have on your computer: http://bit. Ly/9tsdsj

Whatever you do, do not plug the printer usb right away. Start installing the software, then half-way into it, hp will ask you to connect the usb and, it will continue the installation. Now reboot. Windows will find it automatically and you can print a test page to make sure it works fine.

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Hp Photosmart Scanner Not Working

I have a hp photosmart 2610xi all in one printer/scanner/faxer. My scanner will not work. I've only ever successfully managed to scan one thing. The printer is a hand-me-down from my parents, so it's not like i can bring it back to the store and exchange it for something else, or have a warranty on it. I have downloaded the software for this printer 2 times (i'm doing it again now for a third). I've uninstalled, and reinstalled. I've checked my os and i know i'm downloading the right version. Any tips on what to do? I'm at a complete lost what to try next. I'm out of ideas and i really need my scanner to work for an art project i'm doing.

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Hp Officejet J4500 Scanner - How To Use ?

How do you work the scanner on an hp officejet j4500? It says to refer to documentation, but its all in a foreign language. Answer:-
Check this link on how to work with hp officejet j4500 scanner: http://bit. Ly/bymjlo

Scanning with hp solution center software in windows:- this document explains how to get started with hp solution center software to scan a picture or a document. Hp solution center is a software program that acts as a central point of access to use and maintain your product. The program controls all the scan features that your product has, read more by following this link: http://bit. Ly/ciqgwh

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Hp Scanner Scan At Different Speeds

Why does our hp scanner scan at different speeds? We have an hp scanner/printer/fax which is shared from one pc to another one. The user sharing the scanner scans at a normal speed. They then press a button which switches the scanner usb over to the other user. When she scans it is about a 1/3rd of the speed. Would you know why this happens. Does it have anything to do with virtual memory or perhaps speed difference of each pc etc.

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Hp F2400 Scanner Button

Where do you find the scanner button on hp f2400 all in one?

Answer:- if you do not have a scan button on the printer than you need to scan via the computer. Not all printers that scan have a scan button. Your printer came with software. If you installed the software it installed a program called solution center. If you open solution center there are all the scanning options in there. Also your printer either came with a user manual or one was installed on your computer when you installed the software. If you open up all programs and locate your printer you should find solution center and the user manual. The user manual will tell you everything you need to know when it comes to scanning. Make sure you installed the software. You can also always go to and click on support and drivers. Here you can find any info you need about your printer.

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Scanner Problem With Hp F4100

Well when i press the scan button it doesn't work it's as simple as that. I tried fixing it and i found something that might be a problem, but don't know how to fix it. I went to control panel/ hardware and sound/ scanner and cameras then i saw my scanner and when i look at my properties/ event

I see that the selected event and the choice was do nothing and i can't click the other choices as they are filled out and can't press it. Although there is start this program and beside it it says no application are registered for this event. So my question is how do i fix it so that it works?

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Printer & Scanner Other Than Hp Or Epson

Whats a good printer and scanner that is not hp or epson, for around $200?

Answer:- anything by canon is good. You should buy the best one you can for that money but even a cheaper canon will be a very good machine.

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Replacement Lamps For Hp Scanner

Anyone know where to buy replacement lamps for a hp scanner? I have a hp scanjet 6300c - it functions fine including the adf except the scanned images are all a little (too!) Feint. I'm guessing for a scanner that is around 9 years old even if it hasn't been used much during most of the time that the lamp needs changing? But it seems that hp choose not to sell replacements to the public - take it to a shop, and it wont be worth replacing due to the cost. So does anyone know where one can get replacements ?

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Scanner Options Not Set

Will my scanner work if i only have it connected with the usb cord? My laptop is vista, and since my printer/scanner isn't compatible with it, i have only used the usb cord to print from it. I have never used a scanner before, i have no idea, what is supposed to be done with it, so i plugged in the usb and pressed the "start scan" button and the printer's screen said "options not set". Am i doing something wrong, or is it just impossible?

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Hp Deskjet F2210 Scanner Help

I have a hp deskjet f2210 and for the most part it works fine but when i try to scan documents into my computer it always cuts off blank pieces of the paper so only the text is scanned. This is a real problem especially if i have a document thats like one and a half pages, it will only scan only scan the text from the second page and blow it up which is not what i want. Can anyone help me change the settings so i can scan my things immediately into a microsoft word format or something?

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How To Use Scanner On Hp Psc 2175 ?

How do you use the scanner for your all in one hp 2175?

Answer:- first, you make sure you installed the software that came with it, on the computer you want to scan to. Second, you start the program you want to scan something into, and you use the import feature of that program, to scan the document. Or you put the document on the glass, and hit the scan button on the psc. The computer will then start the scan software, and prompt you from there. Here is your manual. Familiarize yourself with it: http://h10032. Www1.

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Hp Officejet 4215 - How To Use Scanner ?

Hp office jet 4215 all in one printer, fax, and scanner. Can someone please give me a detailed account of how to use my scanner. I have never used it and i lost the directions. This unit is at least 4 yrs. Old

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Cannot Use Scanner On Hp Psc 1210

I need to use the scanner on my hp psc 1210 all in one printer/scanner? I have a hp psc 1210 printer/scanner that i connected to my new computer. The windows vista os used its own driver for it automatically which is good because i lost the software. But now i can't use the scanner. Are there any good free scanning software out there that will work for me in my case. Preferably something that has accurate color representation or allows color adjusting after the scan?

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