Installing Xp Over Vista

I am not a great computer geek or techie please give me a solution for my problem. I recently got 1tb external hitachi simple drive and connected to my dell inspiron 1545 running vista on it and i wanted to install ubuntu and windows xp both on my external hard disk and i successfully partitioned 20 gb(ext4 linux file system) for ubuntu and 40 gb(fat 32) for windows xp. Somehow i installed ubuntu successfully and now i am trying to install xp but i get that blue screen error and after reading few forums i did changes in the bios sata operations and changed from ahci to ata and installed xp successfully and again when i booted i get that blue screen error after windows xp loading screen (after 2-3 bars loaded) and again i read few forums and found that i need to update some drivers in win32 and my question is already my windows xp files are in external hard disk which is clearly visible when i connect it to vista. Can i change it directly? Will it work? If not what should i do to get rid of this low graded vista?

My advice to everyone is, i am not against microsoft because i was a serious 98, 2000, nt and xp user but this vista and 7 are really **** for their security issues.

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Installing Windows Vista Via Flash Drive

No tweaking, no fking around, no program installs - put the dvd in the drive, put the flash drive in the usb port and run the command. Thats it. The rest of this post is purely there because people always try and do something differently, or dont bother reading the instructions properly!

This does not work with xp, so dont ask.command for copying vista (or 7) dvd to flash drive

Open a run command - use the "windows key + r" trick to open a run menu, if its not enabled in your start menu

Xcopy x:*. * /S/e/f y:

X: being source (dvd / iso image on virtual drive)
Y: being destination drive (flash drive)

A dos prompt will open and show the files copying - it may appear to have stopped on a file (install. Wim i think), but dont worry - thats a large file so it takes a while. You can use this to install vista off a flash drive, no longer needing a dvd. Above this line is all you need to make a bootable flash drive!

As simple as this is, people always ask a bazillion questions.common ones are answered below. The drive letters x: and y: need to be substituted with whatever letters your system uses. Its obvious, but some people still miss that. I've done this with ntfs and fat32 flash drives heaps of times - havent burned a dvd for an os in years. Your motherboard is going to need to boot from usb for this to install. Many motherboards have a "quick boot" method by pressing escape or f8 while the bios post screen is still loading. Dont always assume it will show as a usb device, often it shows under the hdd menus. Obviously, you're going to need a dvd in the drive, or mount the iso via some virtual drive software, like deamon tools or virtual clone drive. If your flash drive is full, the dos prompt will just close without copying the last files. Make sure you have enough free space to fit the contents of the iso (a 4gb flash drive is not exactly 4gb - mine is 3. 83gb after formatting, and too small for a vista sp2 install). I suggest formatting and starting with a blank flash drive - you can always add your other files back afterwards. You can do this from any windows os - xcopy hasnt changed in a looooong time, so it should even work in os's as old as win95. Since this has to be clarified, i mean you can make the vista/7 bootable usb disk in older os's. That is not the same as making bootable copies of them!

And a picture guide, for those who cant live without them. 1.command line

2. Format flash drive to ntfs (16gb drive)

3. Files copying

4. Open your boot menu in the bios, or change the boot order. My media pc allows me to hit f12 and get this:

(If i had my flash drive plugged in for this photo, it would read as "usb-hdd imation nano" in the '+hard disk' menu)

5. Run the vista/7 installer as normal

Out of niceness, i quote pyeti and naelex's alternate method. This one is rather noob friendly, but requires a third party program. This method works for xp!


Plug in your usb key. Right click on the ultraiso shortcut, and click on run as administrator. Click on file (menu bar) and open. Navigate to your windows 7 iso file and select it and click on the open button. In the bottom local pane, select your usb flash key drive. Click on bootable (menu bar) and wite disk image. Make sure the locations are correct, and check the verify box and click on the write button. Click on yes to confirm writing to the usb drive. When it's done, click on the close button. You now have a windows 7 installation usb flash key.

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Do I Have To Format A New Hard Drive Before Installing Vista 64 ?

I just installed a new wd 1tb black hard drive into a new system. I installed vista 64 without doing any type of format. Was i supposed to format the drive before installing the os?

Or does it automatically use ntfs?

Just want to find out right away so i can redo it if necessary.

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Problem Installing Vista On Sata Ii Hard Drive

I have just built my first computer and cant get vista ultimate to install on my barracuda 7200. 10 sata 3. 0gb/s 500-gb hard drive. When i get to the screen that asks you to select your hd to install vista on, it recognizes my drive but has a message on the bottom of the screen stating. "Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. The partition contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation. "

Is their anything i can do to get windows installed on this hd?

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Installing A Raid

I'm having trouble installing a raid and i've never done it before. I recently got an older computer from someone and it had a raid card inside, and the card should still work fine. I've got this other computer of mine which has 3 internal hard disks and a cd-rom - this takes up the 4 different devices i can connect with the ide cables. I'd like to add another hard disk using this raid. I put the raid into one of the free pci slots. I got another ide cable, connected it from the raid to the hard disk (the one i just added), and i connected a legacy cable to the hard disk. I rebooted the computer, not expecting, but hoping everything would work out fine. Well, it didn't. I get a message on the screen. It starts off by saying "managed pc boot agent (mba) v3. 20". It then has under that the brief copyright info, and then the useful information which i don't yet know how to solve. Node: 005004d32c62
Dhcp. Tftp. File transfer error: file not found

Error: network boot aborted. Press a key to continue. Pressing a key simply restarts this process and after about 2 or 3 tries i get the screen with the "operating system not found" message. I'm assuming that when i installed the raid, it did something which caused the hard disks to not be read? Boot from network is the first option if no hard disks are found, and it did try to boot from network and failed (which is normal). I'll continue to work at this (tomorrow, sleeping in a bit) and will make any necessary updates to this thread. In the meantime, any ideas?

Update: i solved the problem. I simply switched the boot order of a few things in bios and it works fine now. I just need the drivers for the device now, win2k can't seem to locate, i'll see if they can be found on my winxp disc, if not i'll check manufacturers site.

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Installing Windows Xp

I start up teh computer put windows xp disc in and it just keeps installing the files nessecary; when it reboots it goes back to this and asks to format then install. Its starting to really *** me off and i have no clue what i am doin wrong, does it have something to do with the ide boot settings?

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Installing 2 Hdds

Okay, i want to install two harddrives into my new comp, but one is the previous hd from an older system. I was wondering about the proper procedure to formatting the drive and installing it into the new system. The new drive is a western digital 80gb and the old one is a maxtor 60gb, and it's been formatted before. Here's the main questions:

1)they're both ide; should i set the new one to master and the old to slave, or do it cable select?

2)how do i format the old drive, it has millienium on it and needs to be formatted, and install it correctly into the new system w/ xp pro?

Bonus)also got an old dvd-rom, should the new dvd-rw be set to master, the old to slave, or should they too be cable select?

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Installing Xp Problems

I just purchased a new hp laptop, and it came with vista installed on it. I truly don't like it and would like to get xp. I tried rebooting it with the xp cd (service pack 2), but i get an error somewhat like "uknown hard drive source", and it can't start the installation process. I tried looking for the drivers for my hard drive but i can't find them!

I got an hp pavilion dv6648se, and it came with a western digital wd2500bevs (250gb)

Can somebody please help me get the hard drive drivers, or guide me through the installation process?

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Installing Windows 7

Again i am not all that knowledgeable on computer software. So i have vista prem at the moment, i am looking to download windows 7. So here is the thing i have been watching all these videos of folks moving all there files to an external hd before they install, however when i upgraded from windows vista basic to premier i did not have to do a thing, i did not even need to erase the old version it was like the new vista prem just over-writed the old basic, also all my files there fine no need to move anything. So with windows7 what is the deal, do i just download it and it will do it's thing, i guess my question is this. 1. Will i need to move all my files, if so will i need to move absolutely everything like "program files" "sw set up" "users" pictures, music. Like everything. 2. Will i need to erase vista prem from my hd to free up the space, or will windows 7 just overwrite vista.

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Installing Hardware Into A Laptop

Im wanting to upgrade my laptop. But i am not sure on the ram types, the type of internal harddrive or soundcard to buy for it. Im sure there different from the tower pc's hence the laptops are way smaller right? Im use to upgrading my tower pc and im not sure about doing a laptop so i wanted to get more information before i do so. I recently bought a laptop on ebay it looked cool and was at low price at the time its a toshiba satellite 2405 s221 model. Running windows xphome.

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Installing Hard Drive

I want to install a new hard drive in a vaio desktop, i want it to replace the default one, however when i run the utility disc to install everything again the program says that the drive isn't partitioned and that it needs to create dos partitions, i have tried to create those partitions booting from the original drive and creating them with the xp management console but that message allways comes no matter how i configure the partitions on the disc

So how can i prepare the disc for that kind of installation?, How can i create dos partitions?

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Installing Wireless On Laptop

I had the option of purchasing a new toshiba laptop with wireless, but crappy specs, or a 2nd hand toshiba (trusted friend, works perfectly) with no wireless, but insanely good specs, and for cheaper. I naturally chose the latter. I'm wondering if i can still have my cake and eat it? Is it possible to install wireless on this baby?

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Installing A Second Hard Drive

While i understand the physical part about how to install a second hard drive, set jumpers, and bios, the following eludes me: i want to install a hard drive that already has an operating system and data on it; i don't want to fdisk and format and lose the data. (Will call this hd#2. )

What i want to do is retrieve the document files and some software applications that exist on hd#2. I would be taking it out of a dead machine (rather than fixing the machine, which is old and has a defunct power supply). I would be installing hd#2 in a new barebones computer on which i have already installed a new ide hard drive (hd#1) and on which i have already installed windows 98se and then an xp upgrade over it. I don't need the os that exists on hd#2 but i do need the document files that exist on it. What will happen if i install hd#2 and don't fdisk and format it? I am leery of going forward on this project without more knowledge.

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Installing A Ssd Into Notebook

I'm looking into installing a ssd into my notebook soon, and i'm a bit confused:

- Will i need to align my partition on w7? Is it ssd manufacturer dependent?

- I've seen reports that cloning my hd onto my ssd can be tricky, does anyone have a definitive guide/answers on how to do it properly?

- I have recovery discs for my os, is this probably the most painless way to get my os/drivers up and running?

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Installing Xfx 7600gt

I just got my xfx 7600gt today. I currently have the bfg6800gt in my pc. How do i go about doing this? Do i swap the cards then the drivers? Or do i wipe the drivers for the first card, then switch the cards and install the new drivers? I would also like to add that i cant see what is up on my screen to wipe the old drivers because the old card ain't turning on when i boot up, so i may have no choice but to pop the new card straight in, will this damage the system if the new card is connected and the old drivers for the other card are on the pc before i put the new ones on?

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Installing Os On Dell C400

I recently purchased a used dell c400. It is so small, it does not have an internal cd-rom. Herein lies the problem. The c400 originally came with an external cd-rom along with a serial cable to pug it into the laptop. I don't have said cd-rom or cable. Is it possible to use an external usb cd-rom to install the os?

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Hp A6000n Drivers Not Installing

I have a problem with my hp a6000n desktop computer. My old soundcard and tv tuner card vista drivers are having trouble installing. Midway tru the installation it says that it cannot detect the hardware. And i am 100% sure i have downloaded the correct drivers for the hardware. I am not sure what may be the problem if its the windows vista or maybe the hardware don't work properly with those new pci express slots. Cause they work fine on my old dell running windows xp. What do u think may be causing this issue?

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Hp Printer Problems Installing

I have a hp psc 1410 printer here at home. Recently, i got a new computer and i need the printer. I lost the original installation cd, so i downloaded the drivers from the hp psc 1410 website. When it is done extracting everything, the moment it starts, a window pops out and says that access is denied. I tried downloading the basic and full drivers and both of them have access denied the moment the installation starts. I turned off all startup programs and antivirus, but that doesn't solve it. What should i do? I don't wanna buy a new printer just because of this.

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Installing Drivers On Windows 98

I have installed windows 98 perfectly fine on an acer extensa 2300. I did this with windows 2000 as well but i deleted it so i could install windows 98 (like the good old days. In windows 2000 i just downloaded the acer drivers to a usb on my other pc. Then put it into my pc with windows 2000 on it and they installed fine. But now. Windows 98 will not install any of my usb sticks. Here is what happens:


*Insert usb stick*

Windows pops up: windows has detected new hardware and is now searching for software

New windows pops up: this wizard searches for new drivers for: usb disk

A device driver is a software program that makes a hardware device work. *Click next >*

What do you want windows to do?

*Select "search for for best driver for your device"*

*Click next >*

Windows will search for new drivers in its driver database on your hard drive, and in any of the following locations. Click next to start the search. *Ticks floppy disk drives*

*Ticks cd-rom drive*

*Click next >*

*Straight away pops up*: windows was unable to locate a driver for this device. If you do not want to install a drivers now, click next. To search again, click back


So now i cant get my acer drivers onto my computer because they are stored onto my usb but windows isn't letting me install the usb onto the computer. I tried to burn the drivers and files to a cd but when i went into the cd in explorer, nothing showed up. Please can someone tell me how to get the usb drivers onto my computer so i can get my usb to be read by windows, so i can install all of my other drivers to make the computer to work.

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Problem Installing Radeon 9200 Se

I have ati radeon 9200se 128m ddr tvo. Now this card worked fine with my old windows 2000, than soemthing happened and i had to reformat my comp. At first it didnt work with 2k and than i installed xp and it dosent work with that either. By not working this is what i mean, when i plug the card into the motherboard (asus). Evrything is normal till i get to the windows xp loading screen than the screen turns blue and says there is an error and that windows shut down to prevent anymore damage to my computer and suggests that i shoud restart my comp if this is the first time i seen this, now i tried changing the integrated perephirals on my motherboard (sp), i changed the pci into agp. I am a newb so if u need more info please tell me and i will try figuring out more.

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Sata Drivers When Installing Windows Xp

Got a question : i wanna install windows xp with a sata hd but i don't have a floppy disk drive. Do i really need one or i can burn the drivers on a cd or else on the xp cd?

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Problem Installing Intel Infs

Just running the damn install file does nothing because windows still keeps using the ones that came with xp sp2 (slipstreamed) no matter how many times i format, then the first thing is download the new intel infs and install. It does nothing it seems. I go to the readme and it tells me how to manually install them. But what they tell you, dosent exist.

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Error Installing Nic - Code 35

My friend has a asus m3a79-t deluxe, he's trying to install a wireless card. The drivers install fine and everything is hunky dory except for this error:

Your computer's system firmware does not include enough information to properly configure and use this device. To use this device, contact your computer manufacturer to obtain a firmware or bios update. (Code 35)

His bios is fully up to date. It just doesn't make any sense to me. The only possible solutions are "update the bios" which he has done. So what the *** is going on? Thanks in advance

Oh. He has vista ultimate 64 bit, 8gb of ram, phenom ii 940 (i think), nothing's overclocked.

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Problems After Installing A New Xfx Hd4850

After getting a new xdx hd4850, and fitting it with no problems whatsoever, my computer seems to be alot slower than it used to be, i.e. : Taking longer to load things etc. My computer also crashes alot and just restarts instantly and then when it starts up says that the system has recovered from a serious error. I have ruled out the following problems that could cause these types of issues:


-Gfx card not compatible; the graphics card works wonders for gaming and can max out cod4 and crysis with 0 problems. The only thing i can think that is wrong is the main hard drive, ever since i fitted the new graphics card, i had to move the sata cable from chan1 to chan4 because the gfx card physically took up too much room on my motherboard. Ever since this, it takes 30 seconds to copy 40mb of data, which used to be instant, also, when playing cod4 or other games sucgh as crysis, sometimes it can take 3 minutes to load a map, when other times it takes about 10 seconds.

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Problems Installing Catalyst Drivers

I downloaded the drivers for my new 5850, but they don't seem to work in windows 7 (enterprise). Has anyone else run into this?

They get to the point where i'm offered the choice to install or uninstall old ati drivers. Whenever i select either option, i get a message saying "catalyst install manager has stopped working". This happens when i run without compatibility mode, and if i use compatability mode with xp sp3 and vista sp2. I've been trying to follow this guide to resolve the issue, but i think it was made for vista, not 7. The step that i get stuck on is number 2 where it says to uninstall the existing driver in the hardware manager and check the option to delete the driver so it doesn't re-install itself. The problem is, there's no check box on my windows 7 machine with that option, so the driver just comes back after i restart. The driver currently displaying is the standard vga graphics adapter. I could not manually delete the driver, either. Is there a trick to getting that check box to show up? Or is there an easier way to get the catalyst drivers to install?

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Problems After Installing New Hard Drive

My system:

- Msi k8n neo4 mobo
- Installed a western digital 400gb caviar se drive (sata)
Took out a wd 1200 caviar eide harddrive

It seems my hard drive died on my computer. It seems to spin up when turned on but the computer just continuously restarts before the windows screen pops up. So i installed a new harddrive that i had (fresh out of box). Then i installed the system software (xp pro). The problem is i can't get on the internet. I called the cable co (using a cable modem) to see if they could help. After no luck with resetting the modem he had me check the network adapters in the device manager. The only thing that shows up is the 1394 net adapter under that heading. He said there should be more. I also noticed all the yellow question marks under "other devices" and remembered i probably need to reinstall all the drivers. Is this correct?

I went to the msi web site on another computer and downloaded all the drivers i could find for my mobo. I tried to install according to the instructions but always came to part in the hardware update wizard that asks for the hardware type. And none of the things listed in the common hardware says ethernet. So i'm stuck. If msi provided a setup disk with the mobo i have misplaced it. Any help?

By the way, my mother board has 4 orange sata receptacles and 4 blue and all are labeled sata 1. Which do i use. I can't find anything in the manual about which to use. I only have the one hard drive installed and i chose blue receptical. My mobo came with orange connectors but the hd came with a blue. Not sure if the color coding is universal or not. Second (third) question is about the old hard drive. Any suggestion as to whether i can get my data from it. A few years of accumulated stuff. I put the hd in an external enclosure and plugged it into a usb port. It sounds like it is spinning but it won't show up on the computer. Any hope?

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Installing Win7 On A Ram Drive ?

Been playing around with superspeeds ramdisk 10. 0 and it got me wondering if there, by chance, could be any of you knowing a way of utilizing the ram disk as a primary disk for win7?

I remember some years back a guy succeeding in booting on a ramdrive, installing and running winxp on it.

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Problem Installing Xp On Sata Drive

I purchased a siig sata controller card & maxtor maxline iii drive for a dell dimension 4550. I removed all pata drives, installed the card and sata drive, followed instruction to install winxp. After going through the install process successfully, winxp reboots to start for the first time. About a second or two after seeing the winxp logo (with the moving bar below), the screen goes blank and hangs. I've tried installing numerous times to no vail. I flashed the bios to the latest version, a08 from dell. This happens when i remove all drives including cd-rom drives except sata drive. If i leave the cd-rom drives in, it prompts me to press f1 to continue or f2 to enter set up without going automatically to sata drive to load winxp. So my first problem would be to get winxp working with sata as my bootdrive.

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Error 46 When Installing Itunes / Quicktime

I have a brand new 30gb ipod and have not been able to successfully install the itunes/quicktime software. I am running windows xp sp2 and have administrator rights. I've tried installing it from the disk provided, by downloading the application from the apple site, and even downloading the stand-alone version of quicktime. I've followed all steps to completely uninstall ipod, itunes, and quicktime and then reinstall but each time i run the installation when quicktime is installing i get the message, "error 46: could not load or find the quicktime activex control. " I then get a message that the itunes installation was successfully completed. I restart my computer, attach my ipod to a usb on the back of the computer, and open itunes where i get the message, "the software required for communicating with the ipod is not installed correctly. Please reinstall the ipod's software. "

I've spent several hours a day for the last week trying to get my ipod to communicate with itunes and am completely frustrated. If someone could help me before i smash the ipod to bits, i'd really appreciate it!

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New Card Installing - Do I Have To Uninstall Drivers ?

Okay just got my new aiw x800xl card from futureshop today and i got a question. My card that i have in right now is the 9200se and the drivers are all up to date. Do i have to uninstall the drivers and reinstall them for the new card to work or can i do it the lazy way and just switch cards out?

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