Change Contrast On Windows 7 Hp Laptop

How do you change the contrast on a windows 7 hp laptop? I can't find any buttons or options anywhere in or on my laptop. Please help. The contrast is horrible!

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How To Reset Or Change The Password On Windows Nt ?

I tried to reset the login password on my windows nt, and something went wrong. Now i cant log on at all. ? How can i reset or change the password? It won't accept the original password. I've read about using a password reset disc. Is this something that has to be bought or is it just a blank cd or dvd? Also, when i follow my computer's prompts to use the recovery disc, it only gives me the choice of using drive g h or i my computer doesn't have those drives. I only have cd / dvd drives. Thanks for any help.

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How Do I Change The Brightness Of The Screen On My Laptop ?

How do i change the brightness of the screen on my laptop? I have a toshiba satellite pro.

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Monitor Contrast Ratio

I'm looking into buying a new wide screen lcd. I want a 19'-22' screen, and i've noticed that the contrast ratio varies on different models and is somewhat higher on the cheaper smaller screens. Would a 700:1 contrast ratio be good on a 22' screen? I'm looking at a samsung 226bw to be exact.

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Difference Between Brightness Of Monitor With Its Contrast

I don't quite get the difference between brightness of the monitor with its contrast. Reducing the contrast seems to also decrease the brightness.

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How To Darken Contrast Of Jpeg Scans ?

How do i darken the contrast of my jpeg scans? My scanner isn't the greatest with options so i must find a way to darken the contrast of the jpeg scans on my computer so they are at least readable. The scans are handwritten too lightly. Is there an easy program to do this with?

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Samsung Color Monitor Brightness And Contrast Levels

Brightness( 1-100) and contrast levels( 1-100) in a crt ( samsung color monitor). I am wearing spectacles, i am using samsung crt color monitor, what should be the brightness and contrast ratio level ( 1-100)?

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Change Settings Of "f Keys" On Dell Laptop

How do i change the settings of these "f keys" on my dell laptop? At the top of my dell laptop there are those little keys that say f1, f2, f3, etc. I need them for a game but when i press them, it opens up computer programs (f1 opens screen settings, f2 opens internet connection settings, f3 opens power settings. ) So how can i choose to make those programs not open these up when i press the f keys?

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Is Mac Better Than Windows Laptop ?

Is a mac necessarily better than windows? I'm trying to get my parents to get me a laptop for my birthday/graduation present and i want a mac. They don't want to pay more money for a mac when they can get me a bigger lap top for less money. How is a mac better than a laptop that runs on windows?

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Windows 7 Laptop Cant Connect To Network

Why cant a windows 7 laptop connect to my network? My girlfriend has an acer laptop with the following:

Atheros ar5b93
Driver version 8. 0. 0. 225
Driver date 9/21/2009
Windows 7 home premium 64bit

She is able to connect to her home network, which runs without any security. My home network has the following security protocols in place:

Don't broadcast ssid
Mac filtering
Wpa personal tkip

I've been able to connect to my wifi from my own laptops, and they run one version of linux or another. Is there a problem with the atheros drivers? Is it possible that her laptop has issues with those security measures?

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Windows 7 - Flickering Screen Problem On Laptop

I have new asus laptop with intel 4500mhd graphics card and recently have some problems with screen under windows 7 64bit. I was messing with color calibration and i get back to standard calibration, but now, when i switch windows/panels/anything (for example from bright to dark color) screen is messing colors - it's hard to describe, i see the pixels are moving for 1 sec. Sometimes it looks similar to changing brightness of screen. When i open picture with gradient i see pixels (colors) are "moving" and after 1 second it stops. I don't think it's graphic card related because under linux everything looks fine.

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Laptop Won't Load Windows Xp

Yesterday i dropped my laptop (ah!) On a hardwood floor. I have a toshiba satellite m100/m105. As soon as it dropped the screen went black and basically the power to it went out. This worried me, but then i just pressed the power button on the computer and it restarted and seemed to work fine! Until i restarted my computer again today because the internet was locked up. Anyway, so i restarted and a black screen came up that said windows was unable to load correctly and to run windows as normal, run in safe mode, run how it was run last time it run correctly, etc. And i chose each of these options at least once and each time it brought me back to the same black screen. I'm not sure if it is a software or hardware issue or if it even has anything to do with me dropping my laptop yesterday. Does any one know what i should do? Should i check to see if it's hardware related before i run a system repair? Should i bring it in to a professional and have them look to see if it's a hardware problem or is there a way i could check for "lose connections"?

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Connect Windows Laptop To Imac Monitor

Can i connect my windows laptop (toshiba) to my imac monitor? I use the pc for admin stuff and my imac for graphics, etc. Would like to save some space and frustration by toggling between the two operating systems on one monitor.

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Connect Xbox Live To Windows 7 Laptop

How do you connect your xbox live to my windows 7 laptop? I have tried to do all the videos but they all have a wireless connection, and i use a comcast mobile 3g broadband device to get internet to my laptop. Please help in step by step.

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Share Printer To Xp Desktop And With Windows 7 Laptop

How can i share a printer hooked up to a windows xp desktop and share it with my windows 7 toshiba laptop. I don't have any cables except for the one that hooks up my desktop to the router. And the laptop and computer are both working fine on the internet using the same router.

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Connecting Windows 7 Laptop To Xp Using Ethernet Cable

How do i connect my windows 7 laptop to my windows xp laptop using an ethernet cable? I have a sony vaio vgn nw225f and an old ibm thinkpad that originally had windows 98 on it. I upgraded to xp and this computer does not have wireless capabilities. Can i take an ethernet cable from my laptop and plug them into the other one to get an internet connection on my ibm?

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Connecting Hp Psc 1510 Printer To Laptop With Windows 7

Is there a way to connect my hp psc 1510 printer to my laptop although it's windows 7? When i put in the original installment disk it said it was only supported by xp, 98, etc. But not windows 7 is there a way to still connect it with an online download or something?

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Problem Connecting Network Printer To Windows 7 Laptop?

I have recently purchased an hp g61 notebook, and i have been getting it set up. I want to set up my laptop to be able to print off the main printer in my office which is a lexmark z600 series. I have went to the computer (the main computer/host) and set up a network. I made sure that the printers were one of the items shared on this network. I went to my laptop, joined the network i had created, and proceeded to adding the printer. My computer showed the printer and when i clicked the next button it said that it was unable to find a driver for it. Which confuses me in that i had installed one on my lap top before i tried adding it. I manually searched and found nothing. The cd i had for the printer is from my xp, which is the host computer. I am thinking that it runs on a 32 bit os and my computer is a 64 bit os. Any ideas on how i can get this dam thing to work?

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Compaq Laptop Giving Error 43 With Usb Devices In Windows 7

Usb nightmares - error 43 proving my compaq laptop around 6 months ago and i haven't had a problem with it. Recently however the usbs began to malfunction, it would take me multiple tries to get them to work sometimes, and other times they would work instantly. They have gotten worse and worse until now one of them doesn't recognize anything has been plugged in at all, whilst the other gives an error message in the bottom right corner which states "usb device not recognized". After further exploring this message i find that this is because of "error message 43" which tells me that the device plugged in has malfunctioned. I do not believe this is true. I tried multiple different usb devices (ipods, flash drives, usb mouses and keyboards to name a few) all of which definitely work, as i have tried them on my desktop. My pc has no virus. The device manager assures me that all of the devices are working, and all drivers are up to date. The lap top has taken no damage. The pc can not be restored to a previous time to make it work (indeed it has already been reset to factory setting with no joy) i have followed multiple online tutorials, found on the ms website, one of which involved editing the registry, which caused my laptop to not boot until i had run the system repair tool. I am getting seriously weary of all of this, i just want my usbs to work as they should, especially on such a relatively new pc. If anyone knows how to solve this, or believes they may be able to if i provide additional information, please leave a response. Additional information, i am on 64bit windows 7.

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Recover Files From Laptop Hard Drive With Windows 2000

Boss at work has managed to crash his laptop and of course has not done a backup in 3 years, now he wants me to try and recover some of his files. This is a windows 2000 system and what it is doing is coming up with the following message on boot up. A disk read error occurred
Press ctrl+alt+del to restart

Now i thought maybe the system files where corrupted, we got one of these fix your disk programs and tried running it, it says that both the partition table and boot sector are ok so no joy there, had a look on this forum and found a thread with link to ntfs4dos and ran that, it says the nt ntfs partition is not initialized. Finally tried coping on the system files again using the windows 2000 repair option still no joy. Does anyone have any other ideas i can try, can i some how link the hard drive via a converter cable to my desk top (maybe a stupid question, but hay i'm clutching at straws), or do i just send it back and tell him that it will cost 350 to get the files and here is an essay on the virtues of keeping backups. (Probably won't do last bit as end up getting fired).

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Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop Windows Has Failed To Start

I keep trying to turn my laptop on and i get: "windows has failed to start" with the options "windows startup repair" and "start windows normally". Now, neither work. I click on both, it will go to the microsoft loader screen then black. I ran the simple diagnostics test on it and got the error "stop: 0x0000007b (0x80599bb0, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)" i didn't see anything wrong with the motherboard or the hard drive. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

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Battery Icon Missing From Taskbar On Windows Vista Laptop

Battery icon missing from task bar on windows vista (dell laptop). How do we get it back? We woke up one day, and the battery icon in the bottom right (in the task bar) that shows how much battery life is remaining is just gone. We did not knowingly remove it from the task bar, and we have no idea how to get it back. Can anyone help?

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Removing Windows Antivirus Pro Solution From Sony Vaio Laptop

How do i remove windows anti virus pro solution from my sony vaio laptop? Ok, so i was out of town this weekend and my mom told me when i got home that she scanned and cleaned the computer, and i asked what happened for her to have it scanned this is what she said (paraphrasing)

"That i was trying to send an email to my instructor and a pop up said that the computer was under attack and i clicked the link and paid 50 bucks for it" and i said "are you sure it isn't a scam, that has happened to me before but i knew it was just a trick why didn't you call if it when this occurred" and she said that she got scared. So this morning i looked up to find that it actually was a scam and now we are stuck with this crap on our computer, she knows not to do anything security wise on the computer, i have never heard of this program and i want it off now! Can someone please help me find a way to get it off of my computer, and where are places where i can take my laptop to get cleaned of the viruses.

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How Do U Change The Drive Letters ?

First how do u change the drive letters? And what should the max psi be to clean the inside of the comp? Wish me luck, after i get these questions answered i will be reformatting (again) to figure out my god dam problem.

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Whs - Change Os Drive

I've currently got my whs set up as one samsung 320gb for the os and then 6x1. 5tb for the storage. I've a suspicion that the drive is failing and so want to swap it out. How do i install a new os drive without losing the info on the storage drives?

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Change Led In Intellimouse

See, ive got this green theme going on with my mods. I wanted to change the generic red light on my intellimouse and make it green. Anyone know how to do this?

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Change Ram Voltage

I just bought 2 gbs of corsair ddr2 pc5300 ram and it says the ram is rated for v1. 9

I am wondering if i have to up the voltage on my motherboard to 1. 9 or if i can just stick the ram in my computer and it will work. If i do have to change the voltage, does anyone know how?

Also, it has latency timings of 4-4-4-12 , do i have to change those somewhere for this ram to work as well?

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Change Background On Hp Mini

How do i change the background on my new hp mini? I have tried everything. I know where to find the current wallpaper ( under my computer, tools, etc. ) It just won't work.

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How To Change Background On Hp Mini ?

I just got an hp mini today and i don't know how to change the background, i read on another post that you had to upgrade windows 7 to make any changes. Can someone please explain how to do so?

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Change Wallpaper On Hp Mini

How can i change the wallpaper on my hp mini? I thought this was a pretty basic feature, but i have searched this thing up and down and i'm not having much luck at all. I saw somewhere that this may only work on windows 7 premium?

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