Install Hp Printer Program For Xp On Vista

Is it possible to install an hp printer program for xp on vista? I have an hp d1300 printer, and the installation cd says that it can run on windows 98se, me 2000, and xp. Is there a way for me to install it on my laptop that is running vista?

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Flash Drive To Install Vista

I just installed vista with a flash drive but to my dismay it took just as long as with a dvd so i am wondering if my flash drive is a piece of junk or not? It is a pny optima attache 4gb. What is the best flash drive to use for stuff like this?

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Video Lag After Vista Install

I recently did a clean install of vista64 home premium. I spent some time installing all of my drivers, and making sure all of the windows updates were installed. Everything seems to be running fine, including photoshop, which is the primary use of the computer. However since i loaded vista, all of my video lags very badly. The sound seems to work fine, but the video frame rate is down to nothing. I cannot play any games on it right now.cod4 will load, and i will hear sound, but i will not get any video. And even older games like guild wars wont play. The video on guild wars was very laggy, and sharded. I have 6gigs of ram, and dual 6800 video cards. I didn't have these problems when i was running xp, so i am thinking there is something i forgot to do, or didn't know to do.

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Hardware Stop Code In Xp Install, But Not Vista?

I'm putting a new computer together and i'm having a problem. I'm dual-booting with xp pro and vista ultimate (both are legit, fwiw ). When i install in xp, i always get a stop code error (can't remember the exact one right now. I know i got a 0x0000007a and 7b at one point). I have two sticks of 1 gb in this comp, so i took one out and tried. Still got the error. Took that one out, put the other one in. Still got the error. Not the memory. Then i decided to try vista first instead of xp, and it installed without a hitch!

So what i'm thinking at this point is that it could be the sata raid drivers i was using. So i've downloaded the latest from intel, and still am getting a stop code. Does anyone have any ideas? I've got to have xp because i use this computer for recording, mixing, mastering, etc. , And my programs aren't vista compatible yet.

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Windows Vista Wont Install And Freezes

When trying to install windows vista the system will load the setup but once its done it gets to this screen and just wont go any further. I have no idea what could be causing this. I have tried one ram stick but still no luck? Is there anything i need to change in the bios?

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Window Vista Install Blue Screen

I am trying to install vista ultimate 64 on a brand new system.

4gb ram (2x2)
Nvidia 9800 gtx+
Hitachi 1t
Gigabye ep45-ud3p

Everything boots and posts fine, but but i insert the vista install dvd it boots to it no problem. The vista install goes through the loading windows files progress bar, and when it get to the very end where the installer would normally start, i get a bsod with a stop error of 0x0000000a. I tried removing one of the 2gb sticks and i then got a bsod with stop error 0x0000001e. Does anyone have any advice or places that i can look for some answers?

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Asus Eee Vista Install Error

Install vista onto eee asus notepad via usb, keep getting error code. I having transfered everything onto usb as instructed-but keeps coming up "windows cannot open the required file d:/sources/install. Wim. Make sure all files required for installation and restart the installation error code 0x8007000d, any one have any suggestions as to were im going wrong or have any suggestions to do this .

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Brother Dcp-115c Vista - Cannot Install The Cd Rom

Ive bought a new system, its windows vista, it looks link one of the ink cartridges has gone but i cannot install the cd-rom as its not compatible with windows vista, does anyone know where i can find this information ?

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Can't Install Vista Or Win7 On Sata Drive

I thought it would be simple. Does it matter which sata slots are used for a boot drive. There are 8 on my board 4 controlled by intel ichr7 and the others by marvel. Attempts to install windows result in error message that the drive is configured as active in the bios and suggest using diskpart utility to clean the drive? Does sata use master/slave? The hd is a wd caviar blue 300gb. What am i doing incorrectly?

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Install Window 7 Home Premium Over Laptop Having Vista

I have window 7 home premium original keys for lenovo can i use the keys to do clean install on hp machine? The hp pavillion dv9000 had vista originally. Can the keys work and be properly activated

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Install Windows Xp / Vista Using A Usb Flash Drive Stick

I found a way to install windows xp or vista using a usb flash drive stick, i thought i would share it as its pretty useful. For people who understand the method, it may be useful for other stuff too, the program is called usb_multiboot_10. I have tried it and it does work.

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Vista Can't Find Its Hardware Drivers, Most Usb Devices Won't Install

Last night everything was ok. After i'd cleaned the computer and plugged everything back in windows decides it can't find drivers for any of my usb devices (keyboard, mouse, camera, gamepad, joystick). When it finds them it says new hardware found. With 3 choices:

Locate and install driver
Ask me again later
Don't show this message again

So i click the first option, and it searches for drivers but. 'could not find driver software'. I then click 'check online for a solution' with no luck. These devices are so basic that the manufacturers don't supply drivers for the products; they should all be with the os. What can i do guys? I'm a keen photographer and not being able to upload my photos via the camera or card reader is a real issue for me. By the way the above process happens for all the usb hardware i have except the printer, usb flash drive, mouse and keyboard (luckily!)

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Mouse Opens Program's Properties Instead Of The Program

I've had my computer for about 9 months with no real issues. Yesterday the keys on the keyboard as well as the mouse got messed up. This issue is very hard to explain. When i click using the mouse i get an entirely different option, when i try to open a program it opens as properties instead of the program. I have to right click on the mouse to get the option "open" in order to open a program. When i select a photo to open, it selects several photos even though i only selected one. When i clicked the keys on the keyboard instead of just the letter k being typed i would get ki/. When i clicked a key instead of one letter typing, several would. If i typed the letter p, i would get pjk. Recently though no letters will type on the keyboard, although if i click the letter g then control panel would open, if i click another letter my browser will close. I cant seem to have any control over my computer. I had to type this on my other computer in my room. I've uninstalled the mouse as well as the keyboard drivers, i've unplugged the mouse and keyboard with the same issue. I've plugged in a spare mouse and keyboard with the same issue. Is there some way to reset the keyboard and mouse settings? Could this be a virus or spyware, my computer has always worked fine until yesterday.

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All In One Printer With Vista

Turns out my hp deskjet 5850 wireless printer is not compatible with vista and i really dont feel like waiting for a driver (if one does come out). Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a all in one (my scanner doesnt work either ) printer that is compatible with vista and is descent. I would prefer it to have some sort of networking either wireless or wired.

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Hp Officejet 5510v Printer Compatibility With Vista

I just got a hp officejet 5510v printer today from craigslist. Just to find out that is not compatible with vista on my laptop!

Answer:- there is a basic driver within your vista operating system that will work. Not sure which one it is but if you go to your printers folder and click on add a printer you can choose the manufacturer (hp) and then the driver you want to install. Just find a driver that closely matches the one for your printer. You might have to try a few different ones. This basic driver should allow you to print. I researched it and know hp does not have a driver available but it was indicated that a basic driver does exist preloaded within vista that will work with your model of printer.

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Is Dell 720 Printer Compatible With Vista?

I was looking to buy a second hand printer (seller claims it has hardly been used/that doesn't bother me, i just need it to work) - and i was wondering if it will work with my computer which runs on vista. The printer is a dell 720. Also (if you know) what kind of ink does it use? My printer now uses like numbers. Umm, like a 21 and 22. I have a hp deskjet 3930 printer and it had decided just to stop working when i need it the most.

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Hp Deskjet 5740 Printer Work With Windows Vista ?

Will my current printer an hp deskjet 5740 work with a machine with windows vista installed? Or do i have to buy a new printer?

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Hp Photosmart A717 Printer Compatible With Windows Vista ?

Does the hp photosmart a717 printer work with windows vista without a workaround? Which is better a717 or 385? Im in between two different printers, the a717 and the 385. I hear the 385 has a vista workaround but was not designed for vista. Its half the price of the a717. What do u suggest?

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How To Install Hp Printer ?

I have win xp on my computer. Can anyone tell me how do i install hp printer on my computer?

Answer:- plug the hp network printer into your network hub or router using an ethernet cable. Depending on the hp model and your router, you may also be able to use a usb. - Install the hp printer setup cd into your computer's optical drive and follow the on-screen instructions to install the drivers and utilities. - Click on "start, " "control panel, " "hardware & sound" and "printers. "

- Click "add a printer" and select "add a network, wireless or bluetooth printer. "

- Follow the instructions to add a printer wizard on-screen instructions to complete the hp network printer setup. - You can also try the hp network printer install wizard (see resources for link). - Test the printer connection by printing a test page. Click on "start, " "control panel, " "hardware and sound" and "printers. " Right-click on the network printer and click "properties. " In the "general" tab, click "print test page. "

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Lexmark Printer Install

I plug in the printer and the wizard window pops up and ask to install i don't have a disk so i click (automatically) and it says it can't find the hardware what else can i do ?

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Install Hp C4780 Printer

Unable to install hp 4780? How to reinstall hp printer?

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How To Install Lexmark Printer ?

I want to switch my dell printer to a lexmark printer for which i don't have a driver. I will download it. What are the exact steps i need to take to install this printer and get it working?. The ink is cheaper. Do i have to uninstall my dell printer driver first or can i keep it there.

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Install Printer Without Cd Drive

I just got a little hp mini notebook, and it doesn't have a cd drive, so i can't insert a disk to install a printer. How can i print?

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Install Lexmark Printer Without Cd

How do you install a lexmark printer on your computer without a cd?

Visit the lexmark website and download the driver package from there, you'll need to know the model of your printer and which operating system you are using:

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Install A Printer On Dell Laptop

How to install a printer on dell laptop ?


Put the cd into the computer go to my computer, open the cd and follow the instructions.

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Install Hp Photosmart C7280 Printer Without Cd

How can i install my hp photosmart c7280 all-in-one printer without cd? I just bought a hp photosmart c7280 all-in-one printer. I bought it used so it didn't come with the instillation cd. It makes copies and works properly. The only this is that i can't print anything off of my computer because it's not installed. Is there a website where i can download or buy the instillation cd?

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Install Hp F300 Printer Without Disc

How can i install an hp f300 printer on my pc without the disc. Some how i lost the printer on my pc? It use to be installed and worked fine then i somehow got hit and lost it. I can not restore my pc to an earlier date for some reason it won't let me. All i want to do is be able to print with this hpf300 printer but i need to find an "easy" way to install the printer set up. I went to hp sites and it all seemed very confusing to me.

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Hp J4660 Printer Install On Windows 7

Why wont my hp j4660 printer install on windows 7? I am trying to install my hp j4660 printer onto my windows 7 laptop but it keeps saying that it doesn't seem to be recognizing windows 7 it says on the disk itself it can install on windows 2000, xp and vista. I have successfully installed it onto my xp computer and it was installed on my laptop (before it fell off the table and broke) it says that my os is not supported does anyone know how to sort this out i really need my printer installed on my laptop.

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How Long Does It Take To Install Software For Hp Printer ?

How long does it take to install the software on the hp b109n-z printer? Its been installing for over an hour!?


I had that model just last week. It is very quick to install. Un-install it and start again. Something has gone wrong somewhere.

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Lexmark X4270 Printer - How To Install ?

Can anybody give me instructions on how to install a lexmark x4270 all in one printer without a set up disc? I have a new e-machines computer with windows 7 home.

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