Keysonic Neon Light Keyboard Drivers Cause Windows Freeze

I bought the keysonic neon light keyboard (dont know the model) anyway, when the drivers were installed they caused windows to freeze at shut down and during other stuff. Ive deleted the drivers and now theres no freezing however my computer sometimes doesnt detect the keyboard it makes that /2do-dum" sound and then redetects after 3 seconds or so, any ideas on what to do?

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Mouse And Keyboard Freeze When Windows Xp Starts Up

Sometimes when windows xp professional starts up on my computer, the mouse will not work properly. It is just frozen at the welcome screen. However, i can still use the keyboard to login. The mouse is a ps/2 mouse. After windows finishes login in and shows the desktop, the mouse is still frozen. Sometimes the mouse will function properly on the welcome screen. However when my computer enters standby mode the mouse and keyboard are both usually frozen when i try to bring the computer out of standby mode and the computer is unresponsive. I think this has also happened after a few minutes of not using the computer while the computer was running.

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Light On Keyboard Turns Off And Everything Stops Working

I took my computer out to clean it and air the dust out of it with an air-can the other day, and i went to plug everything back in and everything is working fine besides the keyboard & mouse, and seemingly everything that uses the usb port. I'd think that the usb ports are fried, but this is the strange part. I am able to use the keyboard to enter the bios screen, and when windows xp is booting up, about mid-way on the boot splash screen, the light on the keyboard turns off and everything stops working. What is causing this? I think i've tried everything, restoring factory defaults on bios, trying completely new mouses and keyboards, etc.

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No Beep, High Pitch Sound, No Keyboard Light

My win xp sp2 system was working (for years, unchanged) one day, next day (after normal system shutdown via start button for night) it won't start. During cold start, the ps seems to hesitate (~10-20 seconds) and make a bit of a high pitch sound, then the power 'comes on. '

- Video, memory out = no beeps. - Video out, memory in = no beeps. - Video in, memory out = no beeps. - Video in, memory in = no beeps. When system has power:
- No keyboard light. - No mouse light. - Can hear hd spinning
- Case fans come on
- Cpu fan comes on
- Dvd has power (tray in/out). I even tried unplugging the cpu fan for a brief moment. It heated up, so i thought this indicated the cpu isn't dead. I've replaced (with new), the video card and the mobo, thinking it was one and then the other during my attempt at diagnosing. I'm venturing to guess that my ps is failing (although not total failure yet). Sound like a reasonable explanation?

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Wireless Keyboard Caps Lock Light Not Working

Got home today and realized that the caps lock led don't light up anymore. Has anyone else had similar problems? If so, how was your situation rectified? The keyboard still works fine, don't think its a bad enough problem to have it replaced or be without it for ages.could see if apple will allow a straight swap at the shop. Just a bump to say this is still a problem with the newest hardware (apple wireless keyboard firmware 68) and software (10. 6. 2 with all patches and bluetooth updates). Requiring the user to do anything with the caps lock button for it to work and indicate other than press it is an unacceptable, apple. Very embarrassing. You'd think a status light was something that could be made to be reliable in this day and age.

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When Pc Shut Down, Keyboard Num Lock & Mouse Light Stays On

When i shut down my pc the keyboard num lock light and my optical mouse light are both still stays on. Note both are on ps2 ports. How do i fix that?

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Light Blue Welcome Screen At Startup - Windows Xp

My computer used to take about 2 seconds consistently in the light blue "welcome" screen for the past 2 years or so. Sometimes, it used to take about 6 seconds. And this mainly occured when my internet was down. So i knew that when the "welcome" screen took longer my internet was most likely down. Recently, after a few windows automatic updates, a service pack 3 install or i am not sure if when my dvd burner stalled the "welcome" screen is taking longer than usual, about 6 seconds. However, my internet is working fine. From your experience, what is the typical time it takes for the "welcome" screen to go through?

Does taking longer at the "welcome" screen an indication that there is a conflict or is it just loading information?

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Keyboard / Mouse Freeze On Xp

The mouse always works until you try to type something, and then the keyboard and mouse quit working. The computer itself is not frozen. Sometimes the computer has to be restarted 5+ times to get it to work right. Do you think it is an issue with the keyboard, or the ps/2 ports? I could not find a virus. It has a cheap lite-on keyboard and roswill mouse.

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Lg Neon Screen Frozen

How do i fix my lg neon screen if it is frozen?


Reset it then. If the device is frozen, it won't unfreeze until you clear the data caches (done by a full system reset).

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When Playing Games My Mouse And Keyboard Freeze

When playing games my mouse and keybord freeze up like i cant stop running or shooting my gun on css. Any ideas?

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Keyboard And Mouse Freeze - Must Unplug Computer

Nearly everyday my iq504 will suddenly just freeze up. The mouse and keyboard are completely unresponsive as well as the touchscreen. Ctrl-alt-del does nothing. The only choice i have is to unplug the computer (basically crashing eveything i may have had open at the time) and then restarting it up. Sometimes this happens while i am in the middle of using internet explorer, sometimes using microsoft money, sometimes using ms-outlook, etc. I have also had instances where everything was fine, i get up to get a soda, come back and i am frozen up. I wasn't even touching the computer and only left it for a couple minutes and this happens. Is this happening to me uniquely or do others here experience this as well. If so, has anyone found a solution? I've already downloaded the latest drivers from the hp website. I don't know what else to try at this point.

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Keyboard And Mouse Freeze When Playing Games

I have got a problem with my mouse and my keyboard. When i press both of them at the same time (and i always do this because most of the time i am playing crappy games like wow counter strike etc you know you cant play without pressing both your keyboard and your mouse ) they freeze i cant do nothing for 1-2-3 sec and the pc starts beeping (tititi pipipi the sound u know). Ive changed 3 keyboards 3 mouse bought new etc updated drivers all such things even reinstalled windows. The problem is still there. 4-5 months ago i had the same problem i added 1gb ram to my pc and the problem was gone but here it is again. I have tried with both wireless and non wireless keyboards mouse.

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Pc Freeze And Doesn't Respond To Keyboard Or Mouse

I have a problem with a p4 1. 7ghz pc. When win xp starts after about 5 mins the computer freezes. It does not respond to either keyboard or mouse. I suspected that it had some kind of virus and it was about time this system needed a format and a re installation of xp. Booting from the xp cd and starting setup the same thing happens after 5mins. It freezes again. Im suspecting its an hdd problem. There are no beeps during the post either. Any suggestions?

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Keyboard Freeze On Boot Up After Installed New Hard Drive

I installed a new hard drive and when i try to boot up my computer then my keyboard is stopped working.

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Pc Freeze After Booting Into Windows

My pc keeps freezing when i turn it on just 2-3min after booting into windows. This happens w/ xp and my 1wk old fresh install of 7. Last night on the fist boot into 7 i surfed the net for about 10 min and then pc just froze. Turned it on a second time and ran nba2k9 for 20-30 min was able to put it in sleep mode but i know there's a 95% chance it'll freeze coming out of sleep mode. Just like every other time the last 6 days. Looked at my mobo last night everything looked pretty good, so maybe the hard drive?

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Pc Screen Freeze And Mouse / Keyboard Don't Respond At All

My computer freezes after about an hour or sometimes earlier after bootup, im not sure but i think it is my ram. Ive got 2 rams, 256 n 512mb ddr ram, when i boot up it says approx 490mb ram, this is cz 32mb is for onboard graphics, so i think my 256mb ram is at faulty, however when i use only the 512mb ram it still freezes after an hour or so, my pc screen jst freezes, the mouse / keyboard dont respond at all.

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Pc Suddenly Stopped Working And Freeze Before Windows Login Screen

My pc suddenly stopped working and would freeze before the windows login screen. (Xp pro sp3) the hard drive light indicates activity but i hear a weird clicking sound and seems like its struggling to power on. (I see the windows bar keep moving though) the fans however are not affected so i don't think its a voltage problem. Safe mode doesn't work. I get this blue screen:

What is the prob?

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Keyboard Works In Windows Xp Pro But Not In Windows Vista

After cleaning up my hard drive yesterday, my keyboard would not work in vista ultimate 64bit. I tried 2 other keyboards. Neither of which would work either. 2 were ps2 keyboards and one was usb. Now, each keyboard was identified at post and would work in the bios. Now here is the really weird part. I decided i would go ahead and do a fresh intall of vista, as i was about due for it anyway. Just in case. I also cleared cmos just in case i somehow change something in the bios that was causing this (though i doubt it since the keyboard worked in bios). So, i reinstalled vista, and was able to use the keyboard to put in the activation key. So, i thought i was all set. However, once windows fully booted, none of the keyboards would work again. How is it possible that this problem carried over to a fresh install?

At this point, i became very frustrated. I decided to try installing windows xp pro. The xp installed, and now all of the keyboards work perfectly in windows. This would be fine, but i've got use to vista now, and would prefer to use it. Anyone have any idea what this might be? Could it have anything to do with installing vista too many times, so it started to disable functions.

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4850 Drivers For Windows 7

I'm running windows 7 ultimate x64, with my 4850. I downloaded and installed the catalyst 9. 8 drivers, and they appear in my add/remove programs list, but i'm still thinking that my windows update drivers are the ones actually in use. In device manager, the driver date for the card is back in april. For those running the actual 9. 8 drivers, what is the date showing in device manager, and do you have a system tray icon? I don't, which leads me to believe that i'm actually still using the windows update drivers. Edit: they are dated 4/28/2009 and list the driver version as 8. 612. 0. 0. That's the same date and version as my windows update drivers for a 3450 on my work tower.

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Ht Omega Windows 7 Drivers

Claro series and striker drivers are now available for windows 7

And those of you with other c-media chip based audio cards, you can check the c-media site itself for windows 7 drivers: Tw/drivers.html

So, i installed the windows 7 driver for claro plus and the xear3d control panel works!

Fyi: the surround sound was a little tricky but i got it to work by setting the analog output to 4 speakers and i had to set the s/pdif output to s/pdif in loopback, which for some reason fixed the speaker outputs to their proper location.

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Hp Dv2700 Drivers Windows 7

Im thinking about upgrading my laptop (hp dv2700) to windows 7, now im using vista home basic. Can someone tell me, where do i could download the drivers? I already visit hp website to download it, but i couldn't find anything for this model's windows 7 drivers.

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Installing Drivers On Windows 98

I have installed windows 98 perfectly fine on an acer extensa 2300. I did this with windows 2000 as well but i deleted it so i could install windows 98 (like the good old days. In windows 2000 i just downloaded the acer drivers to a usb on my other pc. Then put it into my pc with windows 2000 on it and they installed fine. But now. Windows 98 will not install any of my usb sticks. Here is what happens:


*Insert usb stick*

Windows pops up: windows has detected new hardware and is now searching for software

New windows pops up: this wizard searches for new drivers for: usb disk

A device driver is a software program that makes a hardware device work. *Click next >*

What do you want windows to do?

*Select "search for for best driver for your device"*

*Click next >*

Windows will search for new drivers in its driver database on your hard drive, and in any of the following locations. Click next to start the search. *Ticks floppy disk drives*

*Ticks cd-rom drive*

*Click next >*

*Straight away pops up*: windows was unable to locate a driver for this device. If you do not want to install a drivers now, click next. To search again, click back


So now i cant get my acer drivers onto my computer because they are stored onto my usb but windows isn't letting me install the usb onto the computer. I tried to burn the drivers and files to a cd but when i went into the cd in explorer, nothing showed up. Please can someone tell me how to get the usb drivers onto my computer so i can get my usb to be read by windows, so i can install all of my other drivers to make the computer to work.

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Razer Lycosa Keyboard Don't Work After Its Drivers Installed

I just got this new razer lycosa keyboard and when i first plugged it in, the lights on the keyboard worked fine. I installed the drivers for it and now the lights don't work at all. I deleted the drivers for it and even went as far as to do a system restore and still the keyboard is not working the way it should. I even took it to a freinds house and used it there and it worked just fine. Any ideas of what i might do doing wrong ?

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Sata Drivers When Installing Windows Xp

Got a question : i wanna install windows xp with a sata hd but i don't have a floppy disk drive. Do i really need one or i can burn the drivers on a cd or else on the xp cd?

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Install Motherboard Drivers With Windows 7

I've just moved from xp to windows 7 and since installing windows 7 everything seems to be functioning? Sound, internet etc. Do i still need to install my motherboard drivers? Everything has already been recognised in my devices.

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64-bit Audigy 2 Windows 7 Drivers

64-bit audigy 2 windows 7 drivers, anyone have them ?


Follow the links bellow:


http://forums. Id=soundblaster&thread. Id=139702

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Is It Necessary To Install Sata Drivers In Windows 7 ?

So i finished installing windows 7 on my system (asus p6t deluxe). Is it necessary to install any sata drivers from marvell on windows 7 or they are recognized immediately?

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Thinkpad 760ed Windows 98 Drivers

I have a tp 760ed, i had to reinstall everything. However i can't seem to find my drivers cd anymore. The ibm website with the drivers for this model is no longer available. Can anyone help me out here where to find them, or has anyone the drivers? If so, can you send them to me in a zip or rar file ?

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Hp Psc 1200 Drivers Windows 7

Cant make my hp psc 1200 work on windows 7, cant find drivers.

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Hp Photosmart C6180 Drivers Windows 7

Can you install laptop to hp printer wirelessly without using software? I recently purchased a hp pavilion laptop with windows 7 64 bit. Unfortunately the software (drivers) that is needed to hook up my laptop to my hp photosmart c6180 printer wirelessly only goes up to windows xp. I went to the hp site to download the software but i find out i have to pay $10 for it. -_- is there any other way to hook up my laptop to my printer wirelessly or is buying the software my only option?


Hp photosmart c6180 software and drivers download link:-
http://bit. Ly/a8rqt5

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