Is Eax Support In Vista Necessary Now ?

I was reading over at head-fi, and i've come across several posts from individuals stating that they have transitioned from an x-fi card to an external dac / dac + amp and have actually enjoyed "better sound" while gaming (granted, you need to have alchemy). By no means do i second-guess this setup with regards to flac/ape, or higher / hi-def movies, but i'm curious as to others opinions on this.

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No Floppy Drive Support In Vista

I hooked up my floppy drive last night to flash my vid card and all vista keeps saying is it cannot find a driver for my device. Has anyone here seen or heard of this before and if so is there a fix besides reinstalling o/s?

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Passing 5.1 Eax Over Optical To A Receiver

I have an x-fi fatal1ty titanium with an optical out. I've been toying with the settings trying to figure out how exactly to either decode or pass eax to my receiver. So far nothing works. I either get stereo or some form of dolby digital / dts but no true eax. Anybody able to help me out here?

The receiver is a marantz sr 5003. The sub finally showed up today (velodyne deq-12r), so i'm trying to get this thing functional. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Cmss-3d & Eax Over Optical - X-fi Or Xonar ?

I have a very high end headphone dac / amp (audio gd compass with senn hd 580's) and i game with my headphones. I have a few questions pertaining to headphone gaming. 1 - if i hooked my compass up to an x-fi, does cmss-3d and eax transmit over optical toslink? I have heard yes and no anwsers on this and need a straight yes or no. 2 - if the effects (eax and cmss-3d) transmit over optical, and i decide to get an x-fi or a xonar, what should card should i look at? (Since i already have a highend dac / amp). I should also mention that dolby digital does not work with my dac / amp

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Sata Ii Support

Does anyone know if the intel 925x chipset supports sata ii ?

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Support Phenom 2

I have heard that some motherboards with am2/am2+ socket will support the phenom ii. Would the asus crosshair ii formula support it? Or does the cpu only work on am3 socket boards?

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B3 Phenom Support

Will a board post with a b3 phenom even if it doesn't have bios update. Will it be identified properly and work ok?

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Directx 10 Support

I recently had a power surge in my dorm room and it fried my power supply, luckily as i write this i'm on my laptop but its put me in a weird situation as to whether or not to start updating my components. As it stands i have the new core 2 duo as my possible new processor for this upgrade and i plan to build around that. However i am stuck on buying a video card, i do not want to buy a card that will not support direct x 10 (or whatever the new name it now is). I would like to make the soft switch to windows vista when it releases but i would like the video card to be able to have the latest support. Is there anything out there at the moment that has specifically stated that it is direct x 10 ready?

I appreciate any comments or questions if you need any more information.

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X-fi Linux Support

I have learned to my disgust that creative have no plans to release any form of linux driver until sometime next year. This leaves me in an unfortunate position as i use both linux and windows a lot. All of my sound hardware is hooked up to the x-fi which is a genuine improvement over the audigy. However, i have no sound available to me in linux leaving me in something of a pickle. Does anyone know of a way in which the x-fi could at least be goaded into working in linux?

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What Is Vmrc Support ?

What is mean by vmrc support in remotely connected desktops?

For remote management of virtual machines, virtual server 2005 provides a virtual machine remote control (vmrc) client. This is a stand-alone client application that communicates with the vmrc server component of the virtual server service (vssrvc.exe). Rather than using the http protocol to communicate with the vmrc server, the vmrc client uses the vmrc protocol, developed by microsoft for communication between vmrc clients and the vmrc server. For more information about the vmrc interfaces, see the virtual server 2005 programmer's guide. You can start a vmrc session by starting the vmrc client application. Once a session is started, the client opens from which you can access a virtual machine. You can also use vmrc by opening the virtual server administration website and selecting the remote control option for a virtual machine. The first time you do this, virtual server attempts to download the activex control for the vmrc client to your computer. From a single vmrc session you can access a single virtual machine. Vmrc does not provide access to global virtual server administration features. For configuring and managing virtual server, you must use the administration website or the com interfaces

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Usb Support For Windows 95

Im not too sure but some windows 95 versions dont support usb. Is there a patch or something you can do to fix that?

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Any 1.8 Ssds Support Trim ?

I have not for the life of me been able to find a g2 x18-m. Are there any other 1. 8" ssds that do trim? The 64gb samsung ssd in my thinkpad is starting to get hitchy.

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X-fi Xtremegamer Support Openal ?

Just a quick question, does x-fi xtremegamer support openal. I ask this because i'm thinking of getting it, however many new games and upcoming games will be using openal

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Pcie 2.o Support Of Usb 3.0

Most motherboards seem to have a couple pcie 2. 0 x16 slots open for video cards and then some smaller pcie 2. 0 1x slots for expansion. I assume the x1 slot will be used for expansion of an existing system into usb 3. 0, but won't the pcie slot bottleneck the speed (4. 8 gb/s) at its bandwidth of 500mb/s?

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430w Support 5850

I don't want to get up and go buy a new psu however my 5850 just arrived. The question is can the 430w psu support it and my i7 920 rig. Also running corsair h50 water cooling kit and two 640 gb blu's. Running an antec true power trio 430w tp3-430

Each 12v line says it's rated for 16a and no more than 32 a combined. Thoughts?

Of-course xfx recommends a 500w and 75w per pcie line

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Eyefinity Support Different Resolutions

I used to have dual 19" ws monitors, i wanted a 1080p monster so i went out and bought a 25" hannspree(re-branded hanns-g from bb). I had no other use for the 19s so i bought arms and put them in portrait on both sides. A couple weeks after i bought them amd released their new cards. Do you think they'll ever support different resolutions? I think it would be relatively simple. Almost when you run a different res and it puts black bars around the screen so there is no stretching. My monitors are 1440x900 so all it would have to do is cut off the 360(1440-1080) pixels to work.

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Will Eyefinity Ever Support Different Resolutions?

I think i asked this already but i can't remember. Will eyefinity ever support different resolutions ? Eg 30" in landscape and 2 x 20" in portrait?(1200x1600)

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Cards Which Support Displayport 1.2

Are there any cards currently out which support display-port 1. 2? If not, does anyone know when we can expect to start seeing them?

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Remote Support Solution

I am looking for a remote support solution that would work on a linux desktop. I need a solution that i could use from my office to bring support to one of my customers in their lan. I am not asking for vnc, which is a solution that only works when the pcs are in the same network. Does this solution exist?

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Pc Gamepad Analogue Support

Just brought 2 tesun ps2 style dual shocks for the pc. When i plug them in only the normal directional works, not the analogues at all, even when tried to calibrate nothing happens. I used the install disk but still same problem. Is there a way for win xp to recognize the analogues or shall i just buy a new pair?

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Hp Printer Windows 7 Support

I recently purchased an hp all in one printer that only works with xp and vista, my sony laptop is vista however my toshiba is windows 7. Is it possible to install any updates so that i can use the printer with my toshiba?

Answer:- the best i can suggest is to go to hp's website, type printer model in the search box to find support and drivers for your printer: http://welcome.

And see what drivers are available for your printer. It is possible that the necessary drivers are already in windows 7 and all you need to do is connect your printer and it will install automatically. You can try it and find out.

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Hp Customer Support Service

Does anyone know who i can contact (other than 800 tech support number), that can assist me with my laptop problem? I bought a hp pavilion in july, 2009. I have had to send it in for repair already because i kept getting the "blue screen". Supposedly they replaced the hard drive. Three weeks after receiving it back from hp, i got the "blue screen" again. They're telling me to send it in again. I don't want to. I want a replacement. The customer manager that i'm dealing with says he is the only person that can authorize a replacement and he is not going to do that. It's personal with him. I'm trying to get what i paid for. Can anyone provide me some assistance w/contact information?

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All In One Printer With Vista

Turns out my hp deskjet 5850 wireless printer is not compatible with vista and i really dont feel like waiting for a driver (if one does come out). Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a all in one (my scanner doesnt work either ) printer that is compatible with vista and is descent. I would prefer it to have some sort of networking either wireless or wired.

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How Much Ram Do I Need For Vista ?

I just got a new vista. Its an hp pavilion with 3 gb of ram and a 32-bit operating system. Its fine for playing games like combat arms but for a game like wow (world of warcraft) it somehow fails. To make it run without a delay i have to lower the resolution to the point were i cant make out most of the words. I also have a mac with 1 gb less ram and i can run wow on it at a higher resolution and it works even better than my vista. My friend said this was because vista takes up too much ram just being idle. I dont know much about pcs (especially vista) because im a mac freak. I just want to know about how much ram it would take to have wow run normaly. My friend suggested 8 gb with a 64 - bit operating system. Like i said before, i dont know much about pcs but i do know that buying 5 more gb of ram is going to cost a lot. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Vista Bsod

I recently started getting bsod crashes with my system and eventually it would not boot at all. I was using winxp pro 32bit . I decided to go with vista ultimate 64 bit when i did the re-install. All of my hardware supports 64bit and vista so i expected smooth sailing. Boy! Was i wrong. This os upgrade was a nightmare. I did get all the drivers installed and i have no hardware conflicts in the device manager. This is where the problems begin and raise my questions. After shutting the pc down and re-starting, i would get a bsod just before vista reaches the spot where you would add your password. I thought it might be bad drivers, so i uninstalled and re-installed them all. I even tried an os re-install. All to no avail. I started removing hardware to see if it may be a bad card or something. All was going well. I finally got to the ram. I went through each stick in each mobo slot and they all booted the system with no problem. I ran memtest86 through 10 passes and the ram passed. This is where i get lost. I placed 2 sticks of ram in the first channel of slots and the system works fine. No more bsodís at all. I added 1 more stick for a total of three gbís. No crashes or bsodís. The system seems to run slower with three gigs rather than two. I add the fourth stick and the system boots up. I have no idea why. I wait for the complete boot and then try to restart. Bsod on re-boot ! I remove 1 stick (doesnít matter which slot) and the system boots fine. 64 bit systems are supposed to support eight gbís i thought?

Does anyone have an idea of what else i should try?

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Installing Xp Over Vista

I am not a great computer geek or techie please give me a solution for my problem. I recently got 1tb external hitachi simple drive and connected to my dell inspiron 1545 running vista on it and i wanted to install ubuntu and windows xp both on my external hard disk and i successfully partitioned 20 gb(ext4 linux file system) for ubuntu and 40 gb(fat 32) for windows xp. Somehow i installed ubuntu successfully and now i am trying to install xp but i get that blue screen error and after reading few forums i did changes in the bios sata operations and changed from ahci to ata and installed xp successfully and again when i booted i get that blue screen error after windows xp loading screen (after 2-3 bars loaded) and again i read few forums and found that i need to update some drivers in win32 and my question is already my windows xp files are in external hard disk which is clearly visible when i connect it to vista. Can i change it directly? Will it work? If not what should i do to get rid of this low graded vista?

My advice to everyone is, i am not against microsoft because i was a serious 98, 2000, nt and xp user but this vista and 7 are really **** for their security issues.

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Laptop Dual Monitor Support

I'm looking to get a laptop that can be hooked up to two monitors for dual monitor support. I'm not talking about the laptop's lcd being one of them. I mean two actual monitors. Right now my workstation uses a nvidia 7900gt which has two dvi ports so i can hook up two monitors. Does anyone know if ibm or dell has any laptops that offers this feature? I'd prefer to go with them, but the dual monitor support is top priority so i'd switch companies for it.

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Cpu Support For Asus Laptop

Just wondering if it would be possible to upgrade my laptops cpu (asus pro31e), which currently has a t5450 installed.

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Can 5000+ Support 1066 Memory ?

Does the amd x2 5000+ 2. 6 support 1066mhz memory, i have seen a lot of system specs using it but the cpu specs says only upto 800mhz, my motherboard supports this memory. Any help apreciated.

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How Many Monitor The Ati Eyefinity Support ?

I went to ati page and it is shown 6 monitors max (at 8192 x 8192), but as far as i know at this point ati only support 1 gpu for eyefinity. So my question is currently ati will support only 3 monitors or 6 monitors?

*Side question: if i setup eyefinity will it act like giant panel in window mode or multi-display (let's say if i maximize a window will it expand across eyefinity?)

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