Firefox Crashes & Pc Shuts Down Unexpectedly

Issue:- firefox is crashing or closing unexpectedly

Description:- everything will seem fine & then we may or may not get a message - ff is closing, do you want to save your tabs? Computer will then completely shut down all other programs & turn off. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to this. I have updated windows, hardware, software, run latest ff. Ran ck dsk too. Crash id(s):-

Troubleshooting information [+]
Firefox version

3. 6
Operating system

Windows xp
User agent

Mozilla/5. 0 (windows; u; windows nt 5. 1; en-us; rv:1. 9. 2) gecko/20100115 firefox/3. 6 gtb6 (.net clr 3. 5. 30729)

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Pc Shuts Down Unexpectedly

Ive built this computer a while back, around 8 months ago and have never had any problems with it, that is until now. For some reason when i start playing graphic intensive games my computer will just shut off. I think it is due to overheating because it has started to get really hot here, and i'm a poor college student, so i try not to turn on my ac to save some cash. But now i cant play my games. I have plenty of fans, and a good cpu cooler with arctic silver grease, and a case with good airflow. My specs are:

Motherboard - p5q pro
Psu - corsair 650w
Gpu - ati 4850
Cpu - intel core duo e8500 3. 16ghz
Cpu cooler - ocz vendetta 2
Case - coolmaster rc-690
Fans - have 6 fans in my case circulating air. I have installed a few different temp measuring programs and my temps on my gpu have been idle 77c - 100c when playing games. This is with my gpu fan going at 100%

My cpu cores have been ranging from 50 - 65c depending on idle or running a game. So i was wondering, is my computer just getting to hot and shutting down? Or do i have something else going on that is causing problems? If it is overheating, what it the culprit that is getting to hot and shutting down my computer?

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Computer Shuts Off Unexpectedly

So, this just started happening the other day, for no reason what so ever that i can see my computer just shut off. Not a shutdown sequence or anything like that, just flat out power-off like someone pulled the plug. Thought at first maybe a short power outage as we have been having them recently here, and it seems my ups backup is dead because it's been doing nothing to keep the comps up when the power goes out. I immediatly realized though, that not a single thing in the room other than the computer turned off. The other comp next to me was still on, lamp was still on, monitors were still on (though blank now). The problem keeps coming up now too, if i try and do anything with my computer other than just general email/programming/play some mp3s, it's likely to turn off, especially if i fire up any game like world of warcraft or black and white 2. At this point, i've determined it's likely either 1) the graphics card is over heating and causing the computer to power down or 2) my power supply has somehow become unstable and likes to shutoff if it's getting stressed or something. Idea #1 i tested by installing a temperature monitor and watching the temp. It's running at around 70c, sometimes getting up to about 76-78c. It's an nvidia 8800gtx card and from what i've seen searching about it, these temperatures are considered fairly normal, and i shouldn't have a problem unless i start seeing 85c+ which i never have. None the less, i'm still not entirely sure that the card isn't the problem since the power-off only seems to occur when it's being worked by a game, and the temp hits the mid-70s. For idea #2 i don't have any idea what i can do to test this. I have no backup power supply i could swap with which will work with this system (sata connectors, the gtx's power connectors, etc) otherwise i'd do that and see if the problem goes away. Is there any way i might be able to some how test this power supply without having to spend a lot of (preferably no, as i'm unemployed atm) money?

Lastly, any other ideas for things to check? According to the temperature monitor software my cpu is running at a nice cool 45c pretty much all times, and it's "system temperature" is 40c almost consistently. I'm pretty sure it's not the cpu that's overheating or causing a problem.

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Computer Shuts Down Unexpectedly

The computer shuts down only when i am really dogging it. For instance, yesterday, i had photoshop/unreal dev kit/web browser/messenger/movie tut/documentation all running on windows 7 and was using close to 3gb of memory and had just opened the unreal dev test mode and after about 3 minutes of traveling around to diagnose my map, it shut down. I was monitoring the temperatures as i was fully aware i had a lot going on and was definitely pushing it as hard as i could. Video showed about 75oc (i've called evga and they claim this is right about where it should be at peak temperature); my core was at about 56-57oc (again, i've called this in and amd claims that's about perfect at peak); and my general system temperature was about 53oc and suddenly, poof, the computer went off. The board didn't seem to receive any damage and came right back on and ran without any complaints, it was just that it seemed to say "i have had enough, i'm going down". I don't see any event logs in windows event viewer outside unexpected power outage, so i'm assuming it was delegated by the board, not windows. I have run prime95 for 24 hours to make sure that the processor isn't having trouble, and i ran 3dmark for 6 hours to make sure it wasn't video trouble and neither item alone pops the computer. Reading around, i don't believe i'm using over 450w-500w of power, and have a 700w power supply, that wattage calculation came from a wattage calculator and i tried to get at least 200 over the suggested amount. How can i figure out what is shutting down this dang computer!? Any suggestions? Should i just buy a second power supply and try it? Is 700w grossly underpowered for this kind of setup?

I'm going in for another prime95 test this weekend in fear that the board got damaged again. Does anyone have any other applications i should use to test what is causing this?

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System Reboots / Shuts Down Unexpectedly

I recently build a new computer and i have been getting this problem. Every single time i use the computer, the system either reboots itself or powers off suddenly. I have already checked the device manager and it shows that no devices are in conflict. I have also left the system turned on thru the night without any problems, until i woke up and started surfing the net, then the same thing happens again, the system just turns off by itself. I have reinstalled the xp operating systems and i still get the same problem. Can anyone guide me on where to start troubleshooting?

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Windows 7 - Booting Shuts Down Unexpectedly

I am having problems with my desktop computer with windows 7 32-bit home deluxe booting. I try to power it up and everything goes okay for a while. Eventually the windows logo comes up, but then the computer shuts down without warning. Once this happens, the computer seems mostly unresponsive to a restart using the power button. Press power on does something (some lights come on), but it doesn't even get to the bios. I have to turn off the power supply then turn it back on. Then when i press power on, the computer tries to boot up again. A couple of days ago when this first happened, upon reboot windows entered a "startup repair" process. After this, the computer was able to boot. However, trying to boot today is even worse. While windows is running the startup repair and tries to boot, the computer does the shut down thing again. I'm not sure if it's a heat issue, as i've tried to boot from room temperature. Mind you, i don't know how long it takes for things to heat up, maybe 30s is all that is needed?

What really confuses me is that i have to cycle the power supply in order to boot again. Maybe there is a simple explanation for that though. During the startup repair i'm given the option to do a restore, so i'll try that next.

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Vista Computer Sometimes Unexpectedly Shuts Off

My new vista computer sometimes unexpectedly shuts off. Any suggestions? There are two times when i have noticed it stopping for a reason. Other times i do not know why it shuts off. Once it stopped after i had a flash drive in the usb port. I did the proper procedure for "safely removing" it, but the computer still shut off when i took the drive out. Another time the computer more or less went to sleep. I was able to restart the computer without it rebooting. I wonder if there is some way to set the time for it to do this.

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Win98 Computer Shuts Off Unexpectedly

The computer can be working fine, then all of a sudden it shuts down.could it be the on/off switch or the battery (6 yrs old)? Win98se ie6.

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Computer Shut Off Unexpectedly

It shuts down on it's own every now and then. The computer will still be on, but my monitor screen turns black and the light turns from green to orange. Sometimes my computer will restart itself after a few seconds. I could be designing in photoshop or just talking online - even doing absolutely nothing on it, and without any notice, my computer does what i said above. I've tried to clean it out, but it will still continue to shut off on me. My os is windows xp. I've had this computer for 2-3 years i believe, and had this problem for maybe 2 years? If there's any way to solve this problem, please let me know. It will be appreciated.

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Issue With Keyboard When Using Firefox

Only when using firefox does my home key and end key act as the tab key. It works fine in ie8 and chrome. Any ideas?

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Video Lag In Firefox

Just as the post says, i try watching stuff, e.g. Youtube, and the video lags away from the sound. I press pause, the video then stops and then a second later the sound. Any patches or fixes out there. A link will do. Just don't understand why is only does it in firefox. Other videos that are on my hdd have no lag.

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Disable Toolbar In Firefox

How to make hp search bar go away? I just got a new hp laptop and everytime i open firefox, i have this hp bar at the top, which bothers me. Is there some way to make it go away?

Answer:- follow the following steps:

1. Tools
2. Addons
3. Extensions
4. Uninstall the tool bar. If that doesn't work, try this:

1. View
2. Toolbars
3. Uncheck the toolbar

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Connect To Internet Other Than Firefox

I'm having a few connection problems at the moment. In general, i can't connect to the internet using any programs on my computer other than firefox. An example of a message i've gotten is "could not connect to server. If your internet connection is up your server might be down".

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Firefox Untrusted Connection

What to do when firefox says "untrusted connection" on Im on firefox, my facebook has worked before , and a few minutes ago for the first time, i saw this message: "this connection is untrusted, you have asked firefox to connect, securely to login., but we can't confirm that your connection is secure. Normally, when you try to connect securely, sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are going to the right place. However, this site's identity can't be verified. If you usually connect to this site without problems, this error could mean that someone is trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn't continue. " Ive tried logging in like 5 times, and this always keeps popping up!

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Computer Suddenly And Unexpectedly Shut Down

A friend of mine was using her computer, browsing the internet, when it suddenly and unexpectedly shut down. There was no error message - it just powered off. Now, when i attempt to reboot it, nothing happens. And when i say nothing, i mean nothing. I press the power button, and there is absolutely no change whatsoever in the behavior of the computer. No black screen, blinking lights, beeping noises, fan noises, hard drive spinning, etc. Imaging you tried to power up a computer that is not plugged in to the wall - that is what happens. I thought it had to be the power supply. So i replaced it. Still no change. Then i thought maybe the on/off switch was bad. So i checked it with a meter - its not. Also, there is 3. 3v across the wires heading to the power button. Any suggestions on what i should check next?

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Hp Scan Pro Quit Unexpectedly

I just set up my hp printer. It is suppose to scan and i'm not sure what's wrong. When i try to scan, it says "sorry, an unknown error occurred. " So i have no idea what i'm doing wrong. I'm on a mac and sometimes instead of the message it will say that the hp scan pro quit unexpectedly.

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Missing Files Download Through Firefox

Yesterday i download the firefox browser and some images into my pc, but i can not find the file or pics. Also whatever i download or save, i can not find it, and it did not ask me where do i like to save it the files. Please tell me how to find download save files in my pc.

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Thunderbird, Firefox, And Other Programs Sometimes Freezes

I'm not very good with hardware - but here it is:

1) a few months ago my desktop computer fan was giving me problems, making 'motor' like loud noises as if it were hitting some other hardware. I sent it to my service centre and they changed the fan and all was fine. 2) meanwhile i moved over my work to my laptopl, . But used my desktop every once in a while. Now my laptop has gone bust (!) And i have moved over my work to my desktop and using it more often. However, there has been an issue which i noticed since it came back from the service centre. Some programs 'freeze' or 'hang' randomly for a few seconds and come back to life after. I mainly use thunderbird and firefox. And these softwares are hanging once in a while. My desktop has been on all day, and this is what has happened:

* Initially i thought this was a software problem. I couldnt figure it out. So i decided to start fresh. We reinstalled windows (on my c: partition). * However, that didn't help. In fact, i've been downloading avg and spybot and firefox and thunderbird, and installed a few other applications like my dvd writer software. Now, this 'hanging' problem is happening too regularly. I'm using firefox for example, and as i am typing this post, my firefox froze twice. For about 5 seconds each time. I am now using notepad to finish typing this message before i pasted it back in to the devshed box and post this out. Basically, this 'freezing' problem is happening much more regularly making the computer unusable (or at least firefox and thunderbird). I've tried using photoshop and it froze too, some time back (i haven't worked on photoshop in the past day but i'm pretty sure this is nothing to do with software. Especially since i reinstalled windows). Therefore, it should be a hardware problem. Does anyone have any recommendations on where i could start? Could this be a memory problem? Or possibly the new fan?

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Streaming Video Lag In Firefox

Ive been trying to fix this problem with streaming video. Like in youtube, when i try to play some video, the sound and audio would not play in sync. How do i check what plugins i have installed for playing streaming videos in firefox, and which one is the best plugins as well?

My computer is running on edgy, amd 3200+, 768 ram, nvidia geforce 5200.

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Transfer Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks

How do i transfer my mozilla firefox bookmarks from one computer to another? I just bought a new computer, and downloaded my favorite browser, mozilla firefox. My main computer is still set up and connected to the internet. Is there an easy way to transfer all of my bookmarks from the browser in the old computer to the browser in the new computer? I was thinking of visiting each web page, pasting the links into a word document, and mailing it to myself, but that just seems tedious. Is there an easier way?

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Flash Player Installation For Firefox

I first went to adobe's website to install flash player but instead it installs adobe download manager (dlm) which really seems to be useless. I've tried going back to youtube to see if i can actually watch a video but it says i need flash player also. They all end up taking me to here: http://get. but then it won't install automatically and it says there are missing plugins, but then fails to find any for me. An important thing to note is i already had flash player installed before this mess. Youtube i think was just trying to get me to update flash player but now i've uninstalled the original flash player and have tried to reinstall it since then. Adobe download manager is the only thing that i've been able to reinstall so far. What is going on? Since when is flash player this hard to install? Are there any suggestions on what to do?

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Usb Device Driver Stopped Unexpectedly

My usb on my computer is giving me a lot of problems, every time i connect my ipod or flash drive once i disconnect it, my computer shuts down and restarts, then i get a message about a device driver stopped unexpectedly, i have 6 usb ports, 2 in the front, then 4 in the back. Am using 3 ports, 2 in the back and 1 in the front. If needed i have a amd 2. 07 ghz 1gb ram xp pro.

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Computer Shut Down Unexpectedly After Connect To External Drive

Why does my computer shut down unexpectedly after connect to my external drive?

Is this happening only with the front usb ports? Did you try connecting the drive to the backside usb ports? Check if your drive works on other computers. It may be drawing too much current causing a shutdown. You can try using a usb hub to connect the drive to your computer and see if it works this way.

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Why Does Firefox Re-emulate The Qwerty Keyboard Layout ?

I rearranged the keys on my laptop to dvorak with the exception of u, f, j and h (because j and f have backwards sockets). Then i set windows to use the dvorak layout. Excellent! It works. Now let's go browse the internet. Wt? Firefox uses the qwerty layout? Everything else in windows uses the layout windows specifies (which is dvorak). In short: firefox seems to emulate a qwerty keyboard rather than relying on windows for the keyboard layout. This is absolute retardation. Why isn't there a firefox plug-in that forces firefox to comply with windows' layout settings?

Edit :: never mind, this is retarded. Windows' layout feature is broken. The qwerty layout is used when i type in games, remote desktop, etc. Windows keyboard software emulation sucks. (Underline x100000000)

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Flv ( Flash Video ) Lag On Firefox

Youtube video or any flv (flash video) are not fluid on firefox. They were not on firefox 3. 0, neither on 3. 5 . What's causing that problem ? Firefox is so badly coded ?

Basically, i love firefox for the great addons community that enable us to customize it any way we want to. But having to use ietab every time i want to peacefully watch in a non-choppy way some flash video is boring. I'd like to rely on only one browser to do all my activities. If any solution exist, i'm listening to you. (And it should be set by default on ff) by the way, if i start firefox and watch right after a flash video, it seems to be fluid, however, after 10 mins, if i try to watch another video (or the same) it will be choppy)

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Connection Problem - Internet Explorer & Firefox Doesn't Work

My laptop is about 2 years old now and about a few weeks ago firefox stopped working but i stilled had explorer so i was ok but now both of them both don't work. It says its a connection problem but i've able to go onto aim and yahoo message ( both have been download on to my laptop ) and im also able to go onto tunes store. Which both need internet access to get into which i have so why doesn't my internet explorer and firefox work ?

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Pc Crashes On All Games

I built a new comp this week with a bunch of new parts and some canabalized old parts from my previous pc. Installed windows vista, works for everything else but always crashes about 10-15 minutes into playing games (hl2, m2tw, wic). First i updated all drivers for the mobo, graphics card, hd audio, wireless networking. Also the bios on the mobo. Still the same problem. I thought it might be a vista problem so i used this 94010 hotfix. Still the same problem. Next i tried doing a dual boot with vista and xp to see if i could play games with xp. Still the same problem in xp which makes me believe it is a hardware issue. So i'm thinking the 2 most suspect things are the power supply (since it's old and doesn't have the expanded connections) and the ram (since it's old and i've heard that vista doesn't handle 4 ram dimms too well). However i don't want to dump another $200-300 without asking for any advice. Is there anyone out there who can help?

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System With Xp Crashes

I've noticed that the crashes occur mostly (lately it seems only) the first time i boot the system on a daily basis. It starts windows xp without problems, but give it 15 minutes or so. Sometimes much less, sometimes a lot longer. And *poof* blackscreen and reboots. I deactivated the "reboot on system crash" option in windows xp to get some sort of blue screen. It gave me one of those 0x0000000 stop errors, but the error i got didn't give me any reasonable results with google. Tons of errors that "looked" like it, but not the same code. The blue screen made some "suggestions" which brought me to the memory and the video card. "Maybe it's this. Maybe it's not"; nothing conclusive in the blue screen. Tried to access adress; page fault kinda error. But the tests gave me pass as result! What tests?

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Random Freezes, Crashes

Turned pc on tonight after work, and after a few minutes i got a windows error saying superfecth had stopped working, then svchost was closing and my wireless network lost its connection. I rebooted and ran spybot s+d, only came up with the usual (tracking cookies etc, no real threats) installed and ran avg and half way through the scan my pc froze, i had to hard reboot to fix it, upon doing so i went into bios and undone my oc just incase it was hardware related, rebooted once more. Tried to run avg again and halfway through i got a bsod, somthing about "irq less or not equal"

Anyways i cant figure out what the *** is going on so i posted a hijackthis log in the hopes someone might be able to tell me wether theres anything there that might be causing this weird behaviour.

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Constant Computer Crashes

The issue started about a week ago, every now and then the computer will lock up to the point i must hard restart it. I have exhausted every effort i know to find the issue. I have ran a hard drive test, memtest (56 tests with no failures, i don't know how many tests there are but it was still going and ive heard 49 was enough tests). I have dusted the computer out and such. The problem started whenever i was playing games but eventually migrated toward just surfing the internet. As far as i can tell it is completely random.system:-

Os: windows vista home premium 64bit
Processor: intel core 2 duo cpu 3. 16ghz
Ram: 4 gigs
Video cards: nvidia geforce 9800m gtx sli enabled

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