Pc Wont Boot, Fans Spin For 1 Second Then Shuts Off

I have just finished putting in all of the hardware for my new computer. I thought i did everything correctly, but when i turn it on, the fans spin for about 1 second and then everything shuts off. I know it is kind of hard to tell what the problem is, but maybe someone can. The mobo has a 24 pin atx input, but my psu only has 20 pin, so i plugged the 20 pin into the 24 pin input and the 12v into the 12v. I read that this should work. The only case cord i have plugged in is the power button dord. Maybe my psu isn't strong enough. Got any assistance?

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Pc Wont Boot, Fans Spin Up For A Brief Time Then Quit

I'm hoping someone might have some thoughts on what to do. My system wont boot. I hit the power button, and then the psu, cpu, chipset, and case fans spin up, but a second after spinning up the fans stop and the boot ends. The led power light on the motherboard stays illuminated the whole time. If i unplug the psu or turn the power switch off and then back on then i can press the power button and get the same brief spin up. If i hold down the power button for 10 seconds and then press the power button it will then perform this brief spin up. If i dont do any of these things i can keep pressing the power button and nothing happens. I've unplugged all the drives and nothing changes. I pulled the cmos batter and verified good amps from it. Prior to this boot issue i had some problems with a new (feb 2008) wd caviar drive i was using to store media (not the os drive). Windows reported it as having too many disk errors so it dropped it from sata 3. 0 to 1. 5. Also it had a few ntfs errors that required running checkdisk. And i had some bsods. After one crash on restart bios reported a smart error. I ran wds drive tools on the drive and it reported no errors with the drive and the drive worked fine after that error. Also, my system disk access on both os and media drive have seemed to degraded recently. This is alot of info but i'm hoping it might be of help in diagnosing the problem. My thoughts are motherboard or psu. I think i should get a new psu and see if that works. If that doesn't work i figured i'd replace the motherboard. But i found out that socket 939 is dead. That being the case if it is not the psu i'd build a new pc but have also considered at the same time fixing this pc as a backup (i'm really hurting business wise not having my pc). I dont want to spend alot money if i have to fix this rig and dont need sizzling performance. Any recommendations on a new, relatively inexpensive mobo, cpu, and memory setup to replace my existing components? Again, i'd also be building a new pc for higher performance but i would want decent performance. And i should add i'm not a gamer. I'm a programmer using my pc to run lots of apps, programming and graphic design software .

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Spin Down One Drive In Windows 7

Since getting my intel x25-m, i've really been enjoying how quiet my pc is. I planned on using my older hard drive to store pictures, music, etc. , But i'd prefer that it not be running all the time. Is it possible to somehow set a specific drive to spin down after a period of inactivity?

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Raid Drive Spin Down

So this is my first time using raid. I created a raid 0 array of 2x1. 5 tb drives and so far so good. I didn't see any big jumps in speed but that wasn't what i was looking for, i just wanted a large continuous drive. Anyway, the only thing that i cant figure out is how to get the drives so spin down. They run 24x7 no matter what. All the other drives that aren't raided in any way spin down via win7's hard drive settings and there are no settings to control that in my sata cards bios. Is there something special to do this for raid arrays?

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Dvd Drives - Why Do They Randomly Spin The Disc ?

I've always been wondering why dvd/cd drives randomly spin a disc when it is in the drive. If you click on a folder on your desktop, and it stutters for a second, why does your dvd drive decided to spin the disc in the tray as hard as it can? Or why do they spin the disc as hard as it can during start up, even if the disc isn't being used?

Is there a way to turn if off the "random spinning"? Also, since they randomly spin the discs even when you aren't using them, for long life of the drive, is it better to remove as disc when you are done with it? Or does that cause more wear than just leaving your disc in?

And finally, when the drive makes loud grinding noises, does that mean it is on its way out? My 3rd samsung replacement is already doing this after 4 or so days of having it. I was thinking of buying a monitor from them, but i'll have to buy elsewhere. Only thing worse than $30 pieces of trash are $250 ones.

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Mouse Cursor Occasionally Spin Off And Go To Edge Of Screen

Well, before i overclocked my cpu and gpu, my mouse would occasionally spin off when doing anything, it go to the edge of the screen and for a couple of seconds you have to spin the mouse about the mouse mat until it come away from the edges. Now after overclocking, it seems to be happening a *** of alot more, this is bloody annoying during games. Any help / advice?

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Cpu Fan Starts To Spin For A Split Second And Then Cuts Out

I just put together a new workstation, and when i press the power button on the front of the case, the cpu fan starts to spin for a split second and then cuts out and nothing else happens, no beeps, no post, nothing. Bad power supply or is something hooked up incorrectly?

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Hard Drive Spin Down In File Server From Sata Card

I'm putting together a file server/backup server and plan to have between 6-12 sata ii drives in it. All drives will remain single and individually accessed (i.e. No raid). The file server will continue to run vista and the drives will be in two supermicro cse-m35t-1b (5 drive hot-swap enclosure)

I am currently using an intel board with 6-sata ports (ich8dh) for the file server and through vista, am able to set the drives to automatically spin-down after about 20 minutes of no activity. This works great as most of these drives are just used once or twice a day (thus don't need to be spinning 24/7). Are there any sata controller cards that will allow windows to spin-down the attached drives (just like the intel ich8dh does)? Preferably, i am looking for a 4 or 8 port pci express card (it doesn't need to have raid). I've been looking at the marvell based supermicro aoc-saslp-mv8 since it provides 8 sata ii ports in a 4x pci express package. (~$110)

I've also looked into using a simple 2-port sata pci express sil 3132 based card with one or two sil3726 based port multipliers (1 sata connection to 5 drives, addonics ad5sapm). (~$100 for both the controller & 1 port multiplier)

The drives in the file server will probably, at most, be used 1-2 at a time, and be accessed via a single gigabit ethernet port, thus overall drive throughput really isn't a concern here. My main concern is getting the drives to spin-down, so if there is another sata controller/hba out there that costs more and allows spin-down, i'm open to that as well. Cfm

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Why Is My Computer Burning Up Fans ?

I have a 2 yr old gateway with celeron processor. After about 6 months of ownership, the fan burned out. I waited quiete a while to replace it, cause it has been working just fine. I replaced the fan 6 weeks ago and it stopped working again today. It will freeze up while running a music or game cd. Someone recommended i get a new power suppl.

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Cpu Cooling Fans

I'm building a basic lamp box. The cpu is a pentium d 3 ghz, middle of the road sort of chip. I'm wondering about cpu cooling fans. Is it "wise" to buy a premium fan, or will a stock intel fan do fine? There will be *no* overclocking, or similar foolishness going on here. It's a web development server. As it happens, i have a masscool 8wa740 sitting around, but the reviews at newegg are not good for this unit, so i'm giving hard thought to something else. One thing i have noticed are some fans screw down, and some have plastic snaps. I'm not a fan of plastic snaps. Any suggestions?

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Fans Are Running Slow

My cpu is runnin at 50-51 degree celcium - is this normal? (Seems a bit high to me) mb temperature - 33 degrees celcium (seems ok) and the fans - in the case manual it says that they are 2000 rpm, but they're running at 1000 rpms - did i do something wrong connecting them? Power fan is running at 1200 rms - is it ok?

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Computer Fans Acting Up

I have an hp desktop, it's about 2 years old. I don't use it for very intensive purposes, only word, firefox, and dota (war3). A couple weeks ago, i was watching something on hulu and my fans started going crazy. It's never done that before. Fans whirl at uber-high rpms and after about 40 seconds they go back to normal. I'm freaking out because that never happened before. Then, as the weeks go by, this becomes much much more frequent, from once a day to multiple times an hour if i do anything slightly cpu intensive, like use heavy flash within browser or play dota. So, i thought this might be a dust problem, because i experienced deterioration problems like this before. I opened up my desktop, took off the heatsink from my cpu, took apart the cpu fan, and cleaned out the massive amounts of dust in there. 2 years old now, so it was understandable. It seemed to work for a day or so, but then after that, the problem came back again. Everytime i do anything slightly intensive, the fans act up. I deal with it, it's just a nuisance. Fast forward to yesterday. I was dotaing and owning lots of n00bs as usual. Then in big game battles, black artifacts started popping up. In big group battles, i could barely see because there were too many black artifacts. Especially with big spells (like krobelus's ult), my screen went crazy! Couldn't see anything, lines going all over the place, fans acting up, and i am the only one dead in the team battle. And yea, that was the last straw. I come to the internet now to see if anyone has experienced anything like this before or has any theories as to what's going on. Oh, and i'm pretty sure both my outgoing fan in the back of the computer and my cpu fan go "crazy" when they whirl super fast. That points to a mobo issue. However, the gfx artifacts seem to point the problem actually lies in the gfx card fan?

I'm 99% sure it's not a software problem, since i don't do much with my computer, didn't change anything, upgrade anything; i just watch movies and play video games. But i run vista. Possible theories i've come up with that i will try out in the next couple days:

1) something (more dust?) Is messing with a sensor. Im going to pick up a compressed air canister and clean out my rig more thoroughly. 2) motor problems on the fan? After 2 years, fan might need some grease? Does this happen? Lol, dunno. What else?

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Computer Power / Fans Will Not Shut Off

I have a computer that a customer gave me. The problem is that the fans/power on the computer will not shut off. Windows xp shuts down and the computer gets to the point where the monitor shuts off, but the hdd, cpu fan, psu fan, and power on led all continue to run. I have tried a different psu and that did not fix the problem. I have looked for bios settings, but didn't find anything pertinent. I reconnected the power case cords to the mb to make sure they weren't mixed up. The only way to get the fans to shut off is to turn the black rocker switch off or unplug the cord. However, as soon as you turn it back on or plug the cord in the fans start right back up.

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No Display , No Beebs, Just Fans And Lights

I put the entire system together, power on, the lights, fans etc all come on , but no display and no beeb or anything. Next i remove everything from case, try on mobo box, with notthing accept cpu and hs/f and theres no beebs. (There is nomobo speaker but if i plug in speakers shuddnt it come out of that? If tried with a differnt psu same issue. Im using a amd x4 950 be with a asus m3n78-em.

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Fans With Good Cfm And Little Dba

Lately ive been getting a bit tired of using my vantec tornado fans. The overall noise is fine but its the whining that is driving me nuts. So what im looking for is some quieter fans, that still push a good amount of air. I know that sort of contradicts itself but im just curious if there are fans out there like that. I don't need the fan to be super quiet. I think i could take listening to a hum or sucking sound all day, just not whining or high pitched. Any ideas would be appreciated. Ps: the case i am using is a raidmax storm case. I am also planning on cutting out the grills both front and back.

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Are Macbook Pro Fans Noisy?

I'm 99% sure that i will be buying a macbook pro in the next 2-3 weeks. The hp i have now is

1- slow at startup

2- the fan constantly comes on. Even if i'm just watching 1 youtube video it will come on and remain on until i shut the laptop down

3- the laptop is constantly "loading" or freezing.

4- my charger stopped connecting and charging after about 6 months. Do you have these problems with mac? From what i've read they have quick start up but i don't know about the fan. Also, i am really interested in music. I want to do pr for a small label or something along those lines and i am constantly downloading music. Have any of you mac users ever gotten a virus?

I do buy music from itunes but i also download free mixtapes and stuff. I don't use limewire or anything like that though but i have gotten the blue screen once already. Also, what are the speakers like on the laptop? And about how much music or files did you have on it before your laptop started slowing down?

Basically, with the money i've paid to fix the problems with the hp and the cost of it new i could have purchased (or almost purchased) the 13 in macbook so i'm wondering if you guys have experienced these problems with macs or if it's worth it to splurge and get it. I am definitely no computer genius and don't claim to be. I use my computer for schoolwork (college student), listen to music, browse the internet and watch tv/movies.

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Magnetic Bearing Fans And Hard Drives

Is there any danger in putting magnetic bearing fans near a hd? (~6 inches away). Maybe i'm being silly but i know magnets kill hard drives and wanted to be sure.

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Stacking Multiple Fans On Cpu Cooler

Ok, i have quite a few 60 and 80mm case fans lying around, so im wondering if stacking multiple fans on the cpu cooler would have much of an effect? For example, my 55 cfm cpu cooler fan+35cfm case fan i have= 90cfm?

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Pc Randomly Runs Fans @ Full Rpm, Then Bsods

As the title says, my gateway gt5628 would be running, for minutes, hours, or days, then randomly it would run all its fans on full speed and then bsod a few seconds later. Does anyone know what the exact cause of this is? I have a hunch this is a heat problem. The stock cooler master hsf keeps the q6600 at ~50-60c idle and 70+c under load. This problem has not occurred since i've installed a thermalright hr-01 and super tower case months back, but i've recently restored the gateway to make room for an i5 build, and now the fan/bsod issue surfaces again. Is anyone familiar with this/has had this happen before?

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Connect Cooler Master Cpu Heatsink Fans

Where to connect cooler master cpu heat sink fans? I'm building my 1st computer, everything is pretty straightforward except for this issue. My aftermarket heatsink (cooler master), has a three (3-pin) connector to the motherboard. The supplied intel heatsink had a four (4-pin). On my asus p6t motherboard, there is a 4-pin fan connector labeled ''cpu fan'' and a 3-pin ''power fan''. Where is my cooler master cpu heat sink supposed to be connected?

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All Fans, Cpu, Hdd Power Up. No Video, No Post = Dead What ?

When i turn on the power, everything boots up. The cpu fan, gpu fan, case fans, hdd (i believe), yet there is no post and no video output, no diagnostic lights coming on on the mobo. I tried a new cpu that i knew was working as well. So it's not that. When i hold down the power button, it still takes the 5 seconds to power off (like the bios setting says to). Anyone have any idea what this could be? I thought maybe a corrupt bios, but i haven't flashed it in over a year. I powered it down, took out the battery over night as well. Cleared the cmos a ton of times too. I don't think a bad gpu would cause a non post? Maybe it's a bad board? But i really don't know.

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Power Issue On Shutdown, Fans Do Not Stop, Led Flicker

Just put together a new machine, but using an old antec case and 350w psu (antec sl350s) and some other old hardware. First i started just plugging in the mobo with ram and heatsink (so, no peripherals connected, not even hd or the video card) and i notice that when i power down by holding down the front power button, the cpu fan stops, but the case and psu fans keep going! I have to switch off using the psu switch to shut everything down. Well, that's weird, but i still move on. However, with all the new hardware plugged in, the problem gets worse. Now when i switch off using the front power button:the case and psu fan are still onthe power led is off, but the hd led starts flickering very rapidlythe floppy drive starts grinding loudly and angrily; leave the system in this state, and the grinding dies down (but never goes away), then comes back after a few minutes, although i haven't done anything (the box is just sitting there)

The real problem is, the system does not boot after that! If i turn off the psu switch, then turn it back on, the clicking/flickering comes back. Pushing the front power button makes the cpu fan jerk, but it does not start on and the system does not start booting. But if i wait a few minutes with the psu switched off, i can boot up after that. This need to wait for a while is bothering me. What could be going wrong? Are these symptoms of a faulty power supply? How should i proceed diagnosing this?

So to conclude, my system goes into this weird twisted state where hd led flickers and floppy clicks at about the same rate and the power/reset button do nothing. The state is reachable if i power down using the front power button, or if i flip the psu switch off and back on after that (but if i wait for a few minutes before switching it back on, then fans do not come back on and i can boot just fine). My system (items marked "new" are the stuff i just bought, the rest is components that have been working for at least a few months):

Cpu: amd athlon 64 x2 5000+ 2. 60ghz dual-core (new)
Cpu heatsink/fan: noctua nh-c12p cpu cooler (new)
Motherboard: asus m2n-sli (new)
Ram: 2 x 1024mb ocz platinum revision-2 pc6400 ddr2 800mhz dual channel (new)
Video card: evga geforce 6200 256mb ddr2 pci video card (only bought it because mobo doesn't have on-board video, dang) (new)
Psu: 350w antec sl350s
Hard drive: 160gb sata 3. 0gb/s samsung spinpoint
Other peripherals: promise 2-port sata 3. 0gb/s raid controller card
Case: antec slk3700-bqe
Case fan: some 120mm antec fan that came with the case

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Screen Goes Blank, Fans Slow Down, Hard Cd Drive Makes Strange Noises

My custom built pc recently started to act strangely. Sometimes when in normal use, the screen goes blank; fans slow down; hard cd drive makes strange noises. This usually happens then when i try to restart, the computer does even start up, just does it again. Because this happens almost instantly when i turn it on, i don't think its the ram, drives or graphics card. I suspect its my motherboard that causing specifications:

Msi k7n2 delta-l
Athlon 2700 t/bred b
Geforcefx 5900
Seagate barracuda 7200. 7
Lg gce

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Message: Reboot & Select Boot Device Or Insert Boot Media

I built my first computer about 2 weeks ago but have noticed a problem. When i turn the computer on it shows the motherboard screen and stays there for approx 15-20 seconds. Then it goes into a black screen stating that i need to "reboot & select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key. "

I am a bit confused on what this means. If i restart the computer while it shows the message it starts up with no problems. What can i do to have this message no appear as i power on my computer? Also during the shift from one screen to another, the screen blinks in green and other colors. What can this be? Can it be that i have my lcd tv connected to my computer with a dvi to hdmi cable?Besides these issues, everything seems to run great, no overheating at all.

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Windows Boot Error - Unmountable Boot Volume

I have had my new system up and running for about 5 weeks now with now problems. So today i was on my computer and all of a sudden it freezes. Nothing is responding so i just reset the power. Once i reset the power i get to the logon screen, i logon and then i get a blue screen saying windows has detected a problem and has been shut down to prevent any damage to your computer the under it, it says, unmountable_boot_volume. So i thought my grphix card might have overheated so i try rebooting again about several times with no luck. I try booting with safe mode but still freezes. After about 2 hrs i come back and nothing has changed. Any 1 know any solutions?

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Can't Boot With Cd Rom / Fix Boot.ini

I have a toshiba satelite laptop with windows xp on it. While copying files over the network onto it i got the blue screen with white letters. I had to do a "hard shut down" to turn it off. When i tried to turn it back on it would start to boot and as it begins to load i get the option to boot in normal or safe mode (both give the same result). After the windows xp logo shows i get another screen that says invalid boot.ini, i searched the error on google and i found this:

Ok great! I have the cd i put it in the drive, but it won't boot on the cd, also i tried pressing f everything, delete, esc yadah to get into the bios to make sure its set to boot up on a cd before the hard drive. But nothing seems to work. Does anyone know something else i might be able to try to get the boot.ini reset / uncorrupt or get it to boot up by the cd?

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Pc Freezes Or Shuts Down

The initial problem was that the computer freezes like it would when the cpu shuts down. I have had this problem for ages. However, it happens so rarely that it really didn't bother me. Nowadays the problem occurs extremely frequently. 20+ times a day. Another thing that started happening at the same time those freezes started getting more frequent, is the system shutting down whenever it wants. Rather violently. These two last problems happen anytime.could be while i let my computer idling or could be while im playing a game. Can even happen anytime during boot up, which is frustrating as sometimes i start my computer 5 times in a row before i can use it.

Windows only sees and uses a single cpu. Can't set processor affinity. And single thread programs use the whole cpu. I don't have that problem under linux. Strangely enough it seems its not hyper-threaded? I thought my cpu was. At first i blamed overheating. But the computer freezes with the cpu at about 50 degrees. Tried reseting the bios to factory default. It didn't help. (That just made windows complain). So now i'm thinking a hardware component might be dying. I'm thinking either the cpu or mother board. I'm rather unsure as to what to do next to try to find the source of this problem?

Computer specifications:

Cpu: amd athlon 64 x2 4400+
Mobo: msi k9n platinum
Ram: 2x 1024mb corsair
Gpu: nvidia geforce 8800 gts
Psu: assus 550w

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Computer Just Shuts Off

A couple hours ago, i tap the front of the case with my foot, and everything just shuts off. I tried turning it back on and nothing happened. So i turned the power supply off and back on and tried again. This time, it tried to start and then immediately shutoff again. The power supply has a blue light in it and that goes out immediately as well. I can see 2 yellow lights on the motherboard are lit when the power supply is turned on. Do you think my power supply blew or is it something else? Any way i can test?

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Comptuer Just Shuts Off

I usually leave my computer on 24/7, but as of late my computer will always for some reason just turn off on its own at like 6 in the morning. Its connected to a apc 1000 power backup, and at one of the times the computer shutdown it overloaded the apc and i woke up to that annoying noise it makes. Any ideas? Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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Laptop Shuts Off

Alright, so i'm assuming this is a hardware related problem. Someone brought me a laptop thinking it had viruses or whatnot on it. She mentioned that she was doing scans with norton antivirus 2005, and somewhere during the scan, the computer shuts off. I received the computer, and tried running a spybot scan within safe mode. Again, the computer shuts off. So now i'm thinking possibly the computer overheating. The bottom of the laptop (in the vicinity of the psu), is extremely hot. Is there a good program to see what temperatures are reading? I've heard of cpu-z, but not sure if that checks temperatures as well. Haven't used it much. Seeing what you all would recommend to do in figuring out what the problem is. Whether, in fact, it is the psu, or another hardware/software issue.

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