Dual Monitor With Dell Xps 400

I did some searches on the forum and read about dual monitors, dvi vs vga and i have some questions. My plan is to buy a new computer for home (last one is dying) and wish to get dual flat screens (probably 19's) budget wise i want to stay around 1500 all in if thats possible. Any suggestions?

I was looking at dell xps 400. It looks like it will support dual monitors if i buy the dvi-vga adapter. This way i can stay in budget, almost)

But from what i read here, it looks like dvi is the way to go. (No?) Anyways, sorry for the rambling but i need some good advice and suggestions. What would you do? Ps i am going to be using it for viewing/running graphics intensive engineering stuff like i_deas.

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Dell Alienware M11x Better Than Xps 400 For Gaming ?

Is a dell alienware m11x gaming laptop better than a xps 400 desktop for gaming? I want to know if it is worth buying.

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Dell Studio Xps Monitor Not Working

Just bought a new dell studio xps and the computer won't turn on. I can hear all the sounds and everything of it loading up by nothing comes up on the monitor. Is it totally done for and should i sent it back to dell?

I'd try to hook it up to an external monitor but i think i would have to set it up through the xps which obviously isn't possible without a monitor. On an related note, i wish there was another company like dell where you could order customizable quality computers.

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Setup Dell Studio Xps 7100 With Tv Monitor

Cant set up brand new dell with tv monitor. I just got a new dell studio xps 7100. I just took it out the box and used a vga cable to hook it into my vizio tv. It has the vga output in the back so its intended to be used a tv monitor as well as a tv. However, once i hook it up, my tv reads no signal even though tower is running and on. Is there anyway i can make it read it?

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Dell Xps 210 Toggle Between External Monitor

How to toggle between vga external monitor on a dell xps 210 ?

Answer:- try the "fn" (function) key along with the "f8" key. Fn + f8. This is the usual key combination for dell computers to switch between external and internal displays.

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Monitor / Receiver Setup Under $400-$600

I am not knowledgeable when it comes to computer audio equipment. I have a little cash to spend on a decent setup, $1200 (changed budget, was $600). Of course, i'm willing to bump up that budget if needed, based on your recommendations. I really don't know what to get, but i know what i want. I would like some quality monitor speakers (m-audio looks great) and any other audio hardware that will allow me to listen to music at the highest quality possible, based on my budget. I game a bit, listen to tons of music and dabble with sound when editing my videos. One thing that must go away is the hissing and static in the background. I'm used to having mid-level pc speaker setups, but nothing near high-end. I prefer 2 speaker setups, as i am limited on room. I want something that not only sounds great, but also looks classy and clean when displayed on my desk. I don't know if i need a receiver or not. Can i use my onboard audio out? I've seen a lot of folks with large receivers in their computer setups (and they look great), but i am hoping for something a little bit smaller if you do recommend one. Maybe for some future expansion?

Also, do i need any adapter cables to connect to the receiver/speakers from my pc? My new motherboard supports 10 channel audio with 7. 1+2 channel multi-streaming. Here's a pic:

I don't know if it's best to use the optical out or the separate audio out. I leave that to you, the audio pro's. Any input and advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Dell Inspiron Or A Dell Studio Xps

Which is better-a dell inspiron (desktop) or a dell studio xps (desktop)? I'm having trouble deciding which would be better. Inspiron desktops are cheaper, but xps desktops are a little more expensive and i can't tell what the difference is between the two brands.

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Dell Studio Xps 16 Or 15 ?

Which is better? The dell studio xps 16 or the dell studio 15? I am looking to buy a new computer and am trying to decide between the dell studio xps 16 and the studio 15. I have heard mixed reviews about the studio xps 16, about heating problems but in most of these reviews the computer has been overheating while playing games which i really wont be doing a lot of. Although i will be using this computer to edit hd + non-hd film. I have also seen lots of reviews that say that all the hype about the xps 16 are way out of line and that it really doesnt get uncomfortably hot. Right now i am leaning towards the studio xps 16 but im not quite sure. If anybody knows some distinct differences which puts one computer ahead of the other or behind it would be great if you could share that with me.

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Dell Xps Ac Adapter Does Not Work

I have a dell xps m1710 laptop and the battery has died in it, but up until now the ac adapter has worked (that is some 2 years. ) Then all of the sudden, before the laptop boots the os, i get the following message: the ac power adapter cannot be determined. The system can only boot with a 130 w power adapter or greater. I have made sure that the power adapter works using a volt meter, and i have made sure that the power adapter outputs a minimum of 130 watts. I can't seem to figure out what is the problem!

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Dell Xps 420 Problem

I own a dell xps 420 and i currently have an issue were when i boot it up it shows a orange screen for about 5 minutes then it connects but nothing works. I know how to fix it but part of the virus causes the internet to go down and not work. This way i cannot download the files i need. It uses windows vista and i am on a windows xp laptop so i cant get them from here.

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Dell Xps M1210 Problem With Keyboard

I have a dell xps m1210 laptop computer and have been having a big problem with the keyboard. The control key seems to be "stuck". I cant type anything and when i press certain keys it performs the ctrl shortcut (i.e. When i press f in internet explorer, the "find" menu pops up). This is a real nuisance as now i am limited to using the computer to browse the internet only by clicking links. I have tried taking off the keys, dusting the keyboard, reinstalling the drivers, and disabling "sticky keys". Rebooting temporarily fixes it, but after a few minutes it goes back to being "stuck".

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Dell Xps M140 Keyboard Problem

I have a problem with my xps 140. While typing at full speed during email sending, it will delete part of all that i have just finished typing, as a result of hitting the shift key to capitalize a sentence or other capitalization. It seems to quickly highlight and delete several sentences or most sentences, but why, i do not know? If i am typing in word, of course, i can use the back arrow button, but i do not know how to do this in gmail. This is amazingly annoying; do you have any ideas or suggestions? They would be very much appreciated.

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Dell Dimension Xps R450 Issue

I am trying to get an old pc running, it is a dell dimension xps r450 and it has a pentium ii chip. When i turn the pc on it makes a bunch of beeping sounds and eventually turns off, i'm not positive what is happening because none of my monitors (including the one i am using now) will recognize the desktop. The pc came with windows nt / 98, however when i put in my windows xp installation cd, the computer stays on (instead of making those beeping noises and turning off). What i would like to do is figure out why the computer won't hook up to any monitors, so that i can see what is going on in the screen. The monitors i have tried hooking up to it are one hp and one esa, both are 19-inch color monitors. Any suggestions? I really don't know much about hardware at all so i have no clue what to do.

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Dell Xps M1330 Or Asus F6v

I'm choosing a new laptop and i'm torn between the dell xps m1330 and asus f6v-x1. My main concern is actually whether it's worth to pay slightly more for dell because the xps are built really well where as i'm not sure about the asus f6v-x1. The xps is $1497 while the asus f6v is only $1363. And also the asus comes with a p8600 while the xps only with a t8300. However, the xps comes with 3 years accidental damage coverage while the asus is only a year. Would really appreciate your opinions.

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Dell Xps 410 Processor Upgrade

I have a dell xps 410 with a core 2 duo e6400 processor. What can i upgrade my processor to? I am looking for more bang. But i don't want to change anything else.

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Dell Xps M1330 Wifi Driver

How can i install the wifi driver back to my dell xps m1330? I uninstalled my wifi driver when my son wanted to play with the laptop, how can i reinstall it, i tried searching wifi, network in the computer but i seem to have much trouble locating it, any help?

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Dell Xps Laptop Won't Power On

Well i powered my laptop down while heading out fo town for christmas and when i came back the laptop refused to power back on; no flashing lights, fans spinning or any other signs of life. The adapter shows a green light when plugged into the wall and shows a green light still when plugged into the laptop, but nothing happens when teh power button is pressed. The battery has been dead for some time (about a year) and i just never bothered to get a new one since i use it mostly as a desktop pc anyways. Any suggestions?

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Dell Xps 420 With Windows 7 Sleep Problem

For the past few months i have been unable to put my computer to sleep. The monitor connection would go off but the desktop itself wont go off. And then i would have to manually turn off the computer because it won't turn back on on my monitor. My desktop is a dell xps 420 w/ the windows 7 beta 7000 build. (It did this when i had vista as well).

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Will Radeon 4870 Fit In Dell Xps 420 ?

Will a radeon 4870 non xxx edition fit inside a dell xps 420? I want to get a xfx radeon 4870 and i was wondering if it would fit inside a dell xps 420. I cannot get the xxx edition i have to get the bulky-front one. If i won't fit, are there any alternatives?

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Will Radeon Hd 5670 Work With Dell Xps 200 ?

Will a radeon hd 5670 graphics card work with a dell xps 200? I am aware of the power supply issue, so i will be buying a better one. But i'm worried about the pci-e interface stuff.

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Dell Xps 16 Won't Connect To Internet

Advanced troubleshooting - my dell xps 16 wont connect to the internet. I took my new dell xps 1645 out of the box today, and for some reason it fails to connect to my verizon fios internet. After 8 hours of tech support and various methods of my own design, i have completely failed to get my dell online. When i check the status of my network connection the ipv4 alternates between 'internet' and 'no internet', while the ipv6 alternatives between 'no internet' and 'no network'. A few of the things i've done:
Reinstalled the network adapter drivers
Power cycle the modem
Ensure my laptop is set to automatically detect ipv6 and ipv4 settings
Ensure my router/modem automatically assigns ip addresses
Manually create ip and mac address exceptions in my router/modem
Restore to factory defaults
Verizon network and internet diagnostic tools
Internet explorer diagnostic tools
Use wired and wireless connection
Calling dell and verizon tech support and remote assistance
Etc. Etc. Etc. A few things about my connection:
As i've said, it's verizon fios, i have two desktops, a laptop, a ps3, and two xbox 360's fully connected to my network. The pc's use windows xp. My router/modem is an actiontec mi424-wr rev. D

I think the problem might have something to do with the tcp/ip protocol, but i'm not quite sure. I've read multiple posts on other forums about how verizon and the actiontec modem i use do not support ipv6 protocol. I've tried disabling the ipv6 protocol from the network properties, but that didn't work. If anyone can figure this out, i will be eternally grateful. You will also be an official tech god for figuring this out; nothing short of divine intervention is necessary to solve this problem. I have also tried ping localhost and pinging my gateway, and it confirmed that i have tcp/ip installed and that i can access the gateway. But when i try to ping google, here's what happens:

Ping request could not find Please check the name and try again. So obviously there's a problem between my modem and the internet. The only thing i can think of between there is my isp. So why would my isp not let this computer access the internet?

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Amd Phenom Ii X6 Or Intel I5 On A Dell Xps Desktop

What do you suggest, amd phenom ll x6 or intel i5 on a dell xps desktop im personalizing on their website? I don't play crazy huge games or do anything way fantastic with my computer so i don't need alienware like stuff, but for the same price, which one is better, faster, more reliable? I have amd anthon x2 right now on my current inspiron 531s, can't complain with it at all, but i can't help hearing a lot about the new intel i3s, i5s, and i7 processors. $1, 000 is the budget that includes a $200 monitor, and i'm definitely going to get a pretty good graphics card!

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What Laptop Is Better For Gaming - Dell Xps M1710 Or M1330 ?

What laptop is better overall for gaming: a dell xps m1710 or a dell xps m1330? I wanted to purchase one of these laptops, but im not sure which one is better for gaming or just overall better for normal usage?

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Dell Xps With Geforce 9800gt Sli 1gb

I have a dell xps and i want to install a geforce 9800gt sli 1gb, is this graphics card suitable for my pc? The graphics card i was going to buy is a novatech geforce 9800gt sli 1gb, i also want to know if does this graphics card have to be externally powered, i really wish i knew more about pc's, but all i want to do is play some games on my pc without having to buy another one.

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Ntune & Dell Xps 700 Profile Problem

I am a bit new at this. I have an alienware and it overclocked very easily with the ntune tool. I bought a new xps 700 from dell in nov 2006. It has the intel core 2 extreme x6800 processor, sli 7950's, 4 gig memory ddr2 sdram at 667 mhz, ageia physics processor and a bunch of other stuff i don't think matters. I am running xp. Again. My move to vista ultimate was a mess. It really was not a cheap machine. When i set the bios to overclock and then run version 5. 0. 25 ntune it lets me overclock just fine when i hit "apply". The problem is that it will not reload saved profiles. I keep getting a error message that says " there has been problem loading c;program filesnvidiacorporation
Vsutil. Ns u". Tried saving it as many different names march5. Nsu etc. It just will not load. It does work on the graphic boards which are 7950's sli. On nvidia web site in the ntune section it says that you may need the "vendor specific set up files". Dell is a fine company and i do not want to say anything against them but there is really no one at dell xps support that has any experience with overclocking. I am really on my own here and i guess i should have just bought another alien. Does anyone have any advice, or can point me in a direction where i might begin to get to the bottom of this. It has become a bit of an obsession eating up all my nights. I have done all the obvious stuff, new bios rolled back to old bios, reloaded ntune, uninstalled and reloaded a million times. Shut down services, turned on services etc. I did see on the nvidia forum that this profile load problem is one at least 10-20 other people have and it is not dell systems they have it on. No solution on the nvidia site. I thought having read some of the posts here that this is a more advanced group of folks and thought i would give it a try. Thank you in advance for replying to this post. Best regards gene

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Dual Monitor, Dual Gpu Questions

I have been looking around for info about running two monitors on either sli or crossfirex and found conflicting opinions + old sources and i need a little bit of clarification. You must be able to run two monitors on either technology, it would be ridiculous if you couldn't. But does it matter where you plug the screens in? Do they assign a primary card and you plug only into that one?

Also what happens when you enter a 3d full-screen application on either setup, does the second screen go black or does it stay on?

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Dual Monitor, Dual Sound Cards

Dual monitor, dual sound cards?

I'm going to setup dual monitor with geforce 8500 t or 8600 gt card. Both support two dvis. 1. How does the audio output work when i have 2 monitors?
2. Can i assign which audio goes to whichever sound card/speaker?
3. Do i need to get two speakers (one for each monitor)?
4. Do i need to get two sound cards (one for each ld monitor)?

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Dell Xps M140 Laptop Power Adapter Issue

I have a dell xps m140 (about 3. 5 years old) that has been having power issues. The jack was loose and the computer wouldn't recognize the power adapter, which led to the unfortunate circumstance of the battery being unable to charge and thus requiring constant power. From what i read on the webz this isn't really at all uncommon w/ the dells, and the most apparent problem was the dc power jack. So i went ahead and replaced that and although now at least the plug is a secure fit and thus i don't have to worry about it coming loose all the time. It still won't recognize or charge the battery. This is still the stock dell power adapter. I'm now thinking maybe the power adapter or battery being the issue, but both really seem rather strange for the symptoms (i am greeted upon post by a message indicating the power adapter is not recognized). Any similar experiences or ideas?

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Usb Driver 2.0 For New Dell Xps 410 (vista Blasted)

I recently uninstalled vista from my new dell xps 410 and installed xp. The device manager is showing standard usb 1. 1 when i have 2. 0. Since my dell resource cd is for vista, and there seems to be some restricition on usb 2. 0 drivers available for download, i'm looking for any help i can get. Dell support is so bad it is almost useless.

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Dell Xps 435 Mt Mini Tower In Thermaltake Armor Case

I have a dell xps 435 mt mini tower and just bought a thermaltake armor case because the cooling in the dell case sucks. I have almost everything together but am stuck at one part. On the front case power button and led connections in the dell it has its own 9 pin connector. Well on the thermal take case it has 4 individual connectors. I need to know if anyone knows what is what pin? I have power led, power sw, hdd led, and reset sw on the thermaltake armor case. Any help would be appreciated. Also the power led is a 3 pin connector instead of a 2 pin connector so i need to know where that would go. I have contacted dell and they are useless as usual.

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