Fujitsu Siemens Laptop Keyboard Dead

I have a fujitsu siemens laptop and as of this morning the keyboard will not work. Absolutely nothing, not even a few keys. The mousepad works fine and i've plugged in a usb keyboard which works under safe mode only. I've checked drivers and done the fn+f9 thing and a few others that i found here but without any luck. Any ideas what this might be? I'm pretty sure it's out of warranty but a little wary of taking the keyboard apart. The only other thing i can think of trying at the moment is getting a can of compressed air on it, but i doubt that's the issue.

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Usb Ports Doesn't Work On Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro V2020

Im having problems with my friends laptop its kind a old but whatever its a fujitsu siemens amilo pro serie v2020 and the usb ports simply doesn't work i don't know what to do i have all the drivers n updates installed i already re-installed the os but the problem remains, any idea or advice?

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Dead Laptop

I have a compaq armada m700. With the battrery in it doesnt work at all, but with the battery out i get some lights, but noothing on the screen. I took it apart and all. All i had in was the mobo cpu and screen, and i got to the bios then it shut down again. Cant get theree again. It seem sthat that one time that i got the bios the cpu fan was on, and now the fan turns on but then dies after 5 sec. The hdd works, and we got all the data off of it, but i think the laptops fried. Anny suggestions?

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Laptop Battery Dead - Ac Adapter Not Working

My laptop battery is dead so there is no way i can do a backup or anything, and it wont charge because something is either wrong with the ac adapter, or the laptop itself, and i think its the latter. Basically im wondering and hoping if there is any possible way for me to get all the files off of my laptop. I have a 3 year accidental coverage warranty from best buy so im thinking they might just send it in, get the ac adapter fixed and send it back, resulting in no data loss ( ) but then also since when i got the laptop the case was a bit messed up and a part is broken, they might send me a new one, which would be a good thing, but then again, all data would be lost.

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How To Pull Data Off Dead Laptop Hard Drive?

I've done it multiple times in the past, but this time i fear the drive itself may be damaged. My laptop just died and i used a sata-to-usb converter to connected the pulled hard drive to an old power mac g4. It shows up in disk utility but doesn't mount. Any help is appreciated, as i foolishly don't have a backup. All i want to is to mount the drive one last time in order to perform a feel backup.

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Fujitsu Stylistic Cpu Upgrade

I'm looking at getting a fujitsu stylistic tablet pc. I'm looking at the mmx/p3 ones. I was wondering, can i buy an mmx and put a p3 cpu in it. Or can i buy a p3 and put a faster p3 in it. I'm wondering because if its upgradable i can save money and buy one with the slowest cpu since i'm going to upgrade it anyway. Will i be able to get this one up to 1. 3 ghz or however fast the p3s went up to? Is the cpu soldered in on both models? Feedback would be appreciated.

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Fujitsu 15k Rpm Hdd

I was considering getting a fujitsu 15, 000rpm hdd, with scsi ultra320 64 pin interface. I just wanted to make sure i was getting everything i need, i believe i'm going to need a pci scsi controller to hook that up, and as far as software i'll need to install the drivers when i install windows? Is there anything else i'm forgetting that could get me in trouble with this? Also any recommendations on good controllers to use. My computer setup atm is:

Amd barton 3200+
Abit an7
Geil golden dragon 2x512 pc3200
X800 pro
400w antec
36gb wd
Cddvd combo drive & burner

I heard fujitsu was very reliable so it would probably last me through computer upgrades in the future. I also am content with a 36 gig hdd for my gaming needs .

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Fujitsu Lifebook A6120 Problem

Information about computer:

-Operating system: windows vista home premium

-Model: fujitsu lifebook a6120

Details: the computer worked completely fine saturday, july 10th, 2010. Ever since sunday, july 11th, 2010 until now it's had a problem. My computer would not load mostly anything from the startup. When turning the computer on, it boots up and i sign in as my user. After signing in, problems start happening. Usually i have programs set to run once the computer started and i signed in, but they wouldn't load at all. The desktop loads with all my icons there, but nothing else loads, even if left alone for a long amount of time. The only icons on my toolbar in the lower right corner, next to the time are: network connection, volume adjuster, and battery life. When trying to load other programs or do different tasks (such as deleting, moving files), they wouldn't load or seem to take forever to load (as if it would never finish). Also, i pick up wireless network connections from my home's wireless router, but the computer didn't connect to it. I checked everything: internet modem, wireless router, computer's wireless lan, etc, and they were all on and working fine, other laptops and computers in my house could connect, but my fujitsu couldn't. It wouldn't load it. It would not load anything. Why won't my computer load?

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Desktop Keyboard That Feels Like A Laptop Keyboard

I don't know if it exists or not, but i'm looking for a desktop keyboard that feels like a laptop keyboard. Any recommendations?

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Desktop Keyboard Like / Feel Laptop Keyboard

My logitech g15 is crapping out and i'm looking for a new keyboard. I don't really wanna spend large amounts of money since it seems all keyboards last ~2 years anyway. I would like a keyboard that has a tactile response almost exactly like a laptop. Anyone have any examples?

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Choose Between Hitachi / Toshiba / Fujitsu Hard Drive

If you had to choose between a hitachi/toshiba/fujitsu hard drive, which one would you choose? I would have chosen western digital or seagate but out of hitachi/toshiba/fujitsu hard drive, which one would you personally choose and why? They all have the same rpm and capacity.

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How To Clean Laptop Keyboard ?

I have a old gateway solo were my dumb friend got apple juice in it. Anyways i have the keyboard removed and was looking for a way to clean it, i would rather not replace it since the comp is not worth much.

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Laptop Style Keyboard

I spilled some soup on my logitech ultrax keyboard (ps/2 version no less) this evening and think i may be in the market for a new kb here. Having typed on a logitech wireless standard board for a good 2 hours now, i can definitely say whatever i'm getting needs to have laptop-style keys. I'm already tired of the racket it makes and the huge key travel necessary to get anything done. So, what's out there? I loved my ultrax, but they seem to have even stopped making the usb version now. I wish it had volume controls, but otherwise it was nearly perfect.

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Removing Laptop Keyboard

And so when i was cleaning my dell's inspiron 6000 laptop, i accidentally broke one of the many pins on the motherboard that connects to the zif socket of the keyboard it would not pass the post everytime i turn on my computer. My question is, is there any way that i could use my laptop with the built in keyboard disconnected?

Because under this situation, my laptop will not be used unless i change the whole motherboard. I don't wanna spend so much money on this old laptop. I can use a usb keyboard since i am not taking this laptop anywhere anymore. If anyone knows the solution on bypassing the keyboard test, do let me know.

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Cleaning Laptop Keyboard

I've got a problem with my keyboard of my laptop, some keys don't work properly when i type so i wonder if this could be solved by cleaning it? Also how do i clean it? The buttons are very low, and much harder to clean then usual keyboards. Is it also possible to remove a key from my keyboard and click it back in?

Ps: i own a acer aspire.

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How Can I Block My Inbuilt Keyboard On My Laptop ?

How can i block my inbuilt keyboard on my laptop? I have tried to uninstall it, but then it comes "found new hardware blahblahblah".

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Laptop Keyboard Not Typing Correct

My laptop keyboard does not type right, when i hit letter key a number comes up instead.

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Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Problem

I have a problem with my toshiba laptop keyboard. It starts typing z or / or by itself. Sometimes it is zzzzzz (tens of z) of !~! (Tens of ). For example if i try to type "hello" it will type as "hezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzlzzzzzzzzzlzzzo". Sometimes the up arrow or down arrow or page-down is pressed continuously. I have norton antivirus. I have run 10-20 antivirus, spyware and malware tools. They could not find anything. In a forum they said that this might be a keyboard hardware problem. Can you please let me know what should be done?

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How To Clean Dell Laptop Keyboard ?

How to clean keyboard on dell studio 1536 laptop? My keyboard keys are disgusting. I want to clean my keyboard without damaging my laptop. Any suggestions on how to do so?

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Shutting Down And Starting Laptop Through Wireless Keyboard

I have toshiba satellite pro a60-140 laptop and logitec dx500 wireless desktop. Is it possible to shutdown and restart laptop through keyboard. It is programmable but i have not succeed it. Shutting down is okey but i can not restart laptop.

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Do You Use The Touch Pad Or Keyboard Joystick On Laptop ?

Just curious as to how many laptop owners use the touchpad over the joystick. I know many are annoyed by the joystick but i found it much easier after switching to using only that. Moving the mouse around the screen requires no effort at all with the joystick imo.

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Laptop Keyboard Keys Stop Working

Has any one come across a problem with laptop leyboards were 4 or 5 keys on different rows just stop working? The laptop in question is a samsung vm8000 series.

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Packard Bell Laptop Keyboard Problem

Some of the keys don't work like they should. The enter and space, key for example don't work unless i almost simultaneously hit another key. Keys: b and n work fine when i hold inn the shift key. But they don't work by themselves. Having a headache trying to type this message. I have same problem with my up, down and right keys. The left key works fine.could this be a fluid problem? May be some water or such has been split on my keyboard?

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How To Replace Keyboard On Micron Transport Zx Laptop?

I have a micron transport zx that i need to open and replace the keyboard and i am having no success searching for the instructions.

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Midi Connection Between Laptop And Casio Keyboard

Midi connection between laptop and casio keyboard works partially when wrong way round or not at all. I have a casio lk 45 keyboard and a laptop running vista. The cable says model no: gcb1 on the back but that's the only identification on it. They are connected by a midi usb cable, the usb part is connected to the laptop the midi parts to the keyboard. With the "in" midi cable attached to the output and "out" to the input midi ports as they are supposed to be. When like this my computer cannot detect when the keys are pressed and the keyboard doesn't follow instructions from the computer. If i swap the midi cables round, the computer can detect keys being pressed on the keyboard but the keyboard still doesn't react to my computers instructions. I've been using the karakeyoke program to make the keyboard do stuff. Can anyone explain this and what i can do to make it work?

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Hp Laptop Keyboard Keys Wont Work

I have a hp laptop which i often used almost every day, then i went on vacation and didn't use it for two weeks. Today i turned it on to find out that some of keys also use an other letter along with it for example when i want to use the letter "h" this happens "nh", for "g" its "bg" and switch it around for "n" and "b".

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Replacing Asus A6f Laptop Keyboard

Problem replacing asus a6f laptop keyboard - can't find any good guide? I've been trying to replace my a6f keyboard but i get stuck when it comes to the part where you're supposed to remove the ribbon. I just can't seem to move the white corners, whether it's up, down, left or right. What i did find on the 'net is: "to unlock it, carefully pull up on the two tabs; one located on each corner of the connector". But i'm not sure if it's regarding the a6f model because my tabs are just static, they look attached to the board. If anyone can advice, or point me to an illustrated guide, that would be great.

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Dell Studio 1735 Laptop Keyboard Not Working

I had to run a virus sweep on a buddie's laptop. Killed something called "personal antivirus. " Cool, right? Well, his keyboard won't work after logging into vista home premium. It works at boot, lets you type in the password, but after logging into no love from the kb. It's a dell studio 1735 if that helps. Any ideas?

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Laptop Keyboard Keys Typing Other Numbers And Letters

Just recently the space key types the letter "p" and some other keys are typing other numbers and letters. Heres the list of keys which are typing other numbers and letters. H=6

It looks like this when i type those letters-6h, 4f, p

Any help will be appreciated.

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Using Dell T6867 Usb Keyboard With Compaq Laptop

Dell t6867 usb keyboard with smart card reader. Will the keyboard work with my compaq laptop? I want to make sure it will work with my compaq presario f700 series laptop. Or if it will only work with dell laptops and desktops.

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