How To Setup Digital Optical Audio ?

I want to hook up my pc to my 50" plasma tv, video works fine but i cant get any sound using analog cables. My tv has digital i/o so i figured i could just buy an optical cable and that would be it. Unfortunately i discovered that the optical cable only plugs into audio out ports. Whats the point of a cable that only works going out on both ends?

Anyway, my question is how would i go about getting digital sound from my computer to my tv? Would i need a digital coaxial cable instead?

I have searched google but all i can find is either information on the individual cables or someone showing off their sweet media center without showing how they hooked any of it up.

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Usb Sound Card With 5.1 Output Via Optical Or Digital Coax

I'm using an older computer as kind of an htpc. It only has stereo 3. 5mm jack output. I'd like to hook it up to my receiver to watch movies in surround sound. Is there a usb "sound card" that will give me 5. 1 digital output using toslink / optical?

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Realtek Hd Audio, Optical Out - Games In 5.1 ?

Recently i hooked up my computer to my ht system so i could stream such things as netflix and pandora, and of course do some gaming on the big screen. One thing i was expecting was being able to get 5. 1 surround when gaming. I'm not

I suspect it's just the realtek on board audio that isn't able to do this. Maybe somebody confirm or possibly shed some light on the mater. Here's my setup and what i've tried so far. My complete computer specs are in my profile. It's an abit ip35-pro motherboard with a realtek 7. 1 hd audio. The hd audio is enable in the bios. I have the latest realtek driver. My os is vista ultimate 64 bit. The game i used was cod4 which has an option to send 5. 1 audio. For the video i have a dvi to hdmi cable going from my 8800gt to my receiver and for the audio i have an optical cable going from the output on the back panel to the input on my receiver. Funny thing is when i play a dvd i get a 5. 1 signal. I just tested it with war of the worlds and my receiver, when set on "auto" was getting an actual dts input and not pcm. Anyone who has watched this movie on a ht system with a decent sub knows what a good lfe signal can do to your room. Anyway, i was surprised to see the dts light up on the receiver. I really didn't think it would decode it. So that's where i get lost. Is is the hardware?

A. The sound card is not compatible with 5. 1 audio and gaming. B. It might do 5. 1 gaming, but not through the optical output. Just the speaker outputs. Or is it the software? The game? Realtek driver issue? Vista issue?

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Optical Audio Multi Port And Hdmi

I currently have an xbox 360, a ps3 and a pc that all have optical audio outputs. However, my logitech z5500's control unit only has one optical audio input. Is there such a thing as a multiple optical audio unit that would support all three devices to plug into one receiver?

Also, can you guys recommend a good multi hdmi unit as well? Nothing too expensive, looking in the $50 range, if possible.

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Optical Disk Drive Audio Cable

What would happen if i did not use the audio cable to hook my cd drive to my motherboard?

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Pci Audio Card Or Onboard Audio, Which Gives Better Benchmark ?

Would i get a better benchmark score if i bought a 2nd party pci audio card opposed to an onboard one. Which one is recommended if so?

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Digital Camcorder

I'm looking for an inexpensive digital camcorder (the ones that record to a sd card). I got an email from on this one (link). Does anybody have experience with these type of camcorders? Quality, etc. Or can recommend a better alternative?

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Software To Use With Digital Camera

I got a digital camera and i got the driver installed but what software should i use to put the videos and pics on my computer?

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Sb Live 5.1 Digital Drivers

I got a sblive value sound card for free. So i went to my computer store and asked if they had somethign just abit better then what i had and they had the sblive 5. 1 digital so they gave it to me even trade. Unfortunatly can t find the drivers for this card anywhere not even on the creative site. When i look elsewhere for them the ones that are for this card supposedly dont work. When i try to install them it says that i dont have a sb card installed.

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Western Digital Hd Problem

Ok so my dad has a dell that came with a 20gb seagate hard drive and he bought a new western digital 80gb hard drive. So after we set it to slave, got it to detect it, and formatted it the stupid thing only says it has like 2gb of space. We tried formatting it over and over but it keeps coming up as 2gb. Anybody have any idea as to what we could do to get it to detect the full 80gb?

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Digital Camera Not Connecting

I've purchased a nikon coolpix 5400 camera off ebay. It came with a usb cord and everything. My problem is: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I can't find a usb driver for it, but if winxp detects it [sometimes] then i dont see a real need to continue to look for a driver. Although, when it does detect my camera, it will detect it as a harddrive [like it would with a jumpdrive or whatnot]. I just wanna get the camera working all the time.

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No Signal To Monitor Digital

Well what a headache this has been today, i went to reboot my system. During the post boot the monitor went into standby and displayed the message: (no signal - digital). The monitor is connected to my video card through a dvi to dvi cable and has been working for a number of months. I switched cables to a vga to vga-dvi adaptor resulting in vga to dvi. The monitor detected the signal and flashed up with "analog" in the top right of the screen.system then booted into windows. I can see in my monitor's options there is an "input" option where i can select either digital or analog. However if i select digital the screen turns black and then immediately switches back to analog (i assume because the analog signal is the only active one).could my dvi-dvi cable of died or am i missing something really simple here. How do i get my monitor back onto a dvi signal?


Monitor : viewsonic vx2255wm series
Video card: nvidia geforce 285
Any help or advice would be greatly received! Thank you!

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Western Digital Is Not Recognized

My western digital works on my pc, but when i tried it on my acer notebook it said " drive :/f is not recognized. ".configuration: windows vista firefox 3. 0. 8

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Secure Digital Memory Cards

I don't know what forum this really belongs in, so mod's please move this if i'm way off. Anyway, i'm looking into getting a new secure digital card (256mb) for my kodak dx6440. I'm trying to get recomendations for a card that has good write/read speed. I've looked at the lexar 32x and the sandisk ultraii. Any other ideas or personal experiences? Or does anyone know of any good camera sites that have reviews?

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Western Digital Elements Vs Passport

I'm looking on newegg and there's a $10 difference between a 500gb passport and their element hard drive. There's an insignificant difference in size and both are usb powered. The only difference i can see from wd's website is the passport might have backup software. Anyone else notice a big difference between the two before i buy one?

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250gb Western Digital Hd Issues

My problem is as follows:

1. I bought a 1st gen. Serial ata western digital caviar (7200rpm) with a capacity of 250gb to home into my system build [i won't bore with the rest of the set-up, unless anybody needs the extra information?>

2. The bios shows the drive as 250gb. 3. Windows xp professional only recognises 127gb of the hard drive, even with sp1 installed. 4. Diskmgmt. Msc shows a healthy system of 127. 99 gb with no available unpartitioned spaces. 5. Western digital provide a partitioning tool together with a knowledge base article [ http://wdc. Cfg/ph. Ba%2a%2a&p_li=# ]. As i can understand, this can only be used on an unformatted drive. This would not be a huge problem were it not for the fact that it is the only hd in my system and i would prefer not to have to reformat. The other worry for me is that in step 7 of the western digital knowledge base article, the following question is asked: "[are you] certain system supports drives larger than 137 gb?". I'm not sure whether by 'system' they are referring to the bios [in which case good, as i know the bios is happy with the drive] or the operating system [in which case i would imagine to be bad since my operating system would not yet be installed and so neither would sp1 - would this not cause an issue?>

6. I have looked at microsoft knowledge base article 303013 [how to enable 48-bit logical block addressing support for atapi disk drives in windows xp], but as i have been awake for the past three days, my brain will just not work [please excuse any stray typos i may have made], so i do not want to attempt anything until i know for sure i have understood their advice correctly. _6. 1 so this is how my caffeine fuelled brain understands microsoft knowledge base article 303013:


_6. 1. 1 atapi.sys needs to be version 5. 1. 2600. 1135, so i have downloaded the hotfix provided in microsoft knowledge base article 331958. _6. 1. 2 a 48-bit lba-compatible bios - am i to assume that since my hard drive is recognised as 250gb in the bios that this is the case?

_6. 1. 3 hard disk exceeding 137gb - hmm, yes the root of my problems [i should've just bought 2x100gb drives instead]. _6. 1. 4 windoes xp sp1 - installed 21/03/2006. _6. 2 then, the instructions on microsoft knowledge base article 303013 advise that to enable 48-bit lba support by using an unattended installation with the microsoft system preparation (sysprep) tool, i have to follow certain steps [i'm sure i'll follow these when awake - although if any additional advice could be provided i would be most grateful]. _6. 3 if i follow the microsoft procedure, will i have 2 partitions to the drive [i would much prefer to have just the one]. My question is, considering the problems i outlined above, should i follow procedure in microsoft knowledge base article 303013 or should i reformat my hard drive and use the manufacturer provided partitioning utility?

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Barcode Scanner And Digital Camera

I am looking for hardware device which can be plug into a laptop which enable scanning barcodes and taking digital photos. Main purpose is to scan the bar code and save product image as bar code name.

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Connecting Computer Using Digital Output

Ok so you know how hp computers now come with this port that is called "digital output" and looks like a rca cable input/output? Well so far here is how i have my comp set up.comp (digital output) > hdtv (digital output) > stereo aux. (Rca cable input)

So now why am i not having sound if my cable tv sound comes through my stereo?

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Western Digital Hdd - Windows Does Not Recognize It

Ive had this wd (western digital) 120 hdd for about 3 months now and it never seemed to work correctly, now it says that windows does not recognize it. It says that no drivers are installed for this device. I reinstall the drivers but nothing, any idea?

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Message: Digital Read Memory Is Wrong

Recently i bought a new 80 gig western digital hd (abotu 6 months ago), i get some obscure message about the digital read memory is wrong. Then as if that wasnt enough it says the disk parameters are wrong. Just to add on to my luck of the day, it says that its not formatted and if i would like to format it now. It worked yestorday, what the ***.

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Computer For Graphic Design / Digital Media

I used to be a lot more knowledgeable about computers, and then i bought one and now, 5 years later, my knowledge is far outdated. Anyways, i am getting in to graphic design and digital media and considering possibly getting into the field as a long term career. With the release of vista and adobe cs3 (4 coming soon!) My old computer simply does not do the trick anymore. So i need to get a new computer. I would both consider building my own and buying from a corporation. Right now i am torn in between a laptop or desktop. 1. I know that desktops are much more powerful for the price. But 2. Laptops are much more convenient for work/school. Basically what i would be doing is this:

1. Using adobe cs applications, sometimes simultaneously (mostly photoshop, illustrator, flash, and dreamweaver). 2. Using visual studio for programming (, c+, c, c#). 3. Light video editing. 4. Light 3d rendering. 5. Heavy internet use / downloading. 6. Watching movies. 7. Listening to music. I won't be playing games, so i don't need a gaming rig. I like my computers fast, and i realize this can often be a task with large applications running on vista. So basically i am in search of some opinions / advice on:

- Will a laptop of today's specs be sufficient?
- What are some laptops you would recommend?
- Should i build my own?
- How much memory would be a good amount for these tasks?

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Noisy Western Digital Black Drive

I own 1tb wd black and 1tb wd green drive and both very silent with my v351b case with the panels off. However building my cousin's computer with 1tb and 750gb black drives, they are quite very noisy. I can hear the clicks and seeking from the next room. I ran hdtune pro test and it all seem to come out fine. The case is also a lian li that uses rubber mounts. But the sound difference from my black drive to his really concerns me. What would you guys do? Should i try to do an rma? Drives were bought from amazon.

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Format Western Digital Caviar Re Wd1600yd

I am building my first system. I have two new wd hard drives, and when installing xp it says the drives are not compatible. I didn't knew i had to first format them. A friend told me to go to western digital site, download the utilities for my particular model, and create a bootable "utilities" cd (i would use my laptop for this) and use it to start up the new pc and format the drives. Then i should be able to install wxp. Problem is i can not find the exact model i have in wd site, and have not been able to find "utilities" there. What to do? My hdd is western digital caviar re wd1600yd

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Western Digital 40gb Only Shows 20gb

I have 3 western digital "wd400bb" hard drives that all having the same problem where they show up as only 20gb drives in windows. I've tried them in two machines, one dell piii, (win2k server), and one gateway piii (win2k3 server). The bios in both machines displays the model number "wd400", but then windows disk management just shows a single block of 18. 64gb. I've tried deleting and recreating this partition, but 18. 64gb is the max that windows will let me create. I tried downloading the western digital "data lifeguard" utilities, but that didn't help. Any suggestions?

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Western Digital 180gb Memory Issue

I'm in high school and my dell isn't exactly the fastest piece of tech around. So to compensate, i went and bought a wd 180gb passport for 100$ to store all my media on. Well, that was at the end of the summer in september. I had a weird problem with it, because it said i "had insufficient memory". Even though i had filled less than half of it, yet i couldn't add any more files. Stupid. So i assumed it was broken and sent it back in for a new one. Now, i have a new one i got back a couple weeks ago, and it's giving me the same problem. Here are the specs:

Device size: 152588 mb
Current profile data size: 951 mb
Device available space: 151552 mb

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Rescue Files From Western Digital 20gb

My old computer died and the power supply burned out; i replaced it but the c: drive has a "short" in it, i think some diodes look burnt. Western digital 20gb hard drive, i think all i need is the printed circuit board that has the power connector and the ide cable pins all it has printed on the board is: topsearch ts-m-8vdc 94v-o. It also has a barcode sticker: 0000 001068-000 b x w 0x 14 kj9t 5 00 67 17 0 1173
Underneath there's a sticker that reads: v7354. I would like to find place that could sell me this particular board or maybe a used wd disk that shares the same printed circuit board, so i can rescue some files on this one.

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Connect Digital Camera To Laptop To Use It As A Webcam

If i connect my digital camera to my laptop, is it possible to use it as a webcam? And if so how?


Im not sure what kind of camera you have or the type of laptop your running? But i have never had my camera work like that before. It only lets me upload photos. So im thinking no it wouldn't work. But you can buy some very good web cams cheap. Logitech is one of the best . They are sold at most stores , wal-mart , best buy , walgreen's , cvs , target etc. You should be able to get one for under 25 us dollars.

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Hp Digital Imaging Monitor Has Encountered A Problem

My hp digital imaging monitor is not working correctly, and it hasn't been for a long time now. I need it so that i can scan drawings up onto my computer. My dad and i have tried everything, re-installing the printer, and it still won't work. Whenever i try to open it up so that i can scan something, it says "hp digital imaging monitor has encountered a problem and needs to close. " Can anyone give me advice on how to fix this problem?

Here is the error, if it can help any:

Appname: hpqtra08.exe
Modver: 7. 0. 2600. 5512
Appver: 70. 0. 170. 0
Modname: msvcrt.dll
Offset: 000378c0

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Connecting Digital Photo Camera To Computer

Can you please tell the name of a software with which you can take photos on computer while the digital photo camera is connected by usb? And is it possible to use it as a web camera?

Answer:- it totally depends on the camera model. Not all cameras can be controlled by usb, though many of the better brands can. Webcam capability is probably more common on compact cameras (non-dslr), and maybe for those dslrs with movie modes or "live view".

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Fix Lcd Screen On A Digital Camera

How do you fix lcd screen on a digital camera? Answer:- replacing a cameras lcd is very easy to do. You can usually buy the lcd cheap on auction sites. It might be better to purchase a broken camera with an intact screen. Make sure you get the same model. Take apart the camera and simply pull the connectors out from the end that is attached to the camera and push the connectors back in (might take some force) with the new screen. Although i have had no experience in this exact area, i would hazard a guess that the expense of replacing the lcd panel would outweigh the cost of a new camera of equivalent capability. Nonetheless, the camera, if it has an optical viewfinder is still capable of providing great pictures. You do not need an lcd viewfinder. If you doubt the picture came out, then snap another. The world didn't have lcd panels before and they certainly don't need them now. See the related link below for examples on how to replace a digital camera's lcd screen.

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