Reguarding Performance In A Game

Anyway, was wondering how i would do performance wise with an athlon64 3700+ san diego, dfi lanparty sli-dr mb, and geforce 6800gt running at 1600x1200 in battlefield 2. (High detail, aa, af)

On my current computer, im having a hard time turning details up at all at 1280x1024, but then again, my comp isnt that great. And also, has anyone played the fear beta? I tried it out last night but i have to run at 640x480 (lol!) Just to get rid of the constant skipping. This game has to be a lot more graphic intensive than battlefield. Anyone know what i could push the settings to with my future build (mentioned before)?

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Choppy Game Performance - Ati 5870

I recently finished my computer build and after installing win 7 ultimate and configuring my system i've gotten down to installing some games. On aion it tends to run decently well, and red faction looks good, but for some reason crysis on high and even medium is a literal slideshow!

I've updated the drivers and catalyst controller to make sure it isn't that, and am hoping im missing an easy fix!

My hardware is:

I7 860
Asus ati 5870
Asus p7p55d evo
G. Skill ripjaws series 4gb (2 x 2gb) 240-pin ddr3 sdram ddr3 1600
Corsair tx850
Wd 640 black

As a side note, during my initial setup my bios read my memory wrong so i had to manually set the voltages and timings, although i hope that isn't the issue.

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Dual Screen Affecting Game Performance

For the past few years i've been running 2 screens on my ti4200. Worked great, andon my new rig, i'm probably going to three screens, but more on that later. I've always had the feeling that the 2nd monitor had an impact on theti4200's performance in games (aside from the fact that it was seriously bottlenecked by my agp 4x bus). My question, does anyone have any experience with this? Is it actually true or is it simply another myth? Reason i'm asking is, that in my new rig there'll be probably be two cards: a 7900gt and this one. My primary screen will obviously go to the 7900gt, my question is what to do with the other two. Since they are both only meant for desktop work, they don't need the 7900 gt's power, and would be served fine by the matrox. And if there's any truth in the earlier mentioned myth, this would improve my performance a bit. Why do i have the feeling i answered my own question?

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What Effect Does Hard Drive On Performance In Game ?

I'm in a situation where i might need to replace my hard drive altogether, and if it comes to the point where i buy a completely new one, i was wondering what effect does hard drive on performance in game? Areas i know of are rpm, cache, and actual size, i just don't know what kind of affect it has on playing games/performance.

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Ram Brand Performance

Im thinking of upgrading my current ram situation, i currently have 512mb ddr 2700 (333) cas 2. 5 mushkin enhanced, now iv got a nf7-s mobo. Im thinking going 1gb dual channel ddr 3200 i need to know the best brand to get. I know that "corsair" is apparently the best. But im not sure of that myself. If anybody has a better brand they know of post it, also if you clould expllain how dual channel works.

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Question About Ram Performance

Right now, i'm running 2x256 pc3200 dual channel ram, and these new games that are coming out are eating it up like crazy. Originally i was just gonna sell off my old ram, and buy 2x512mb dual chan pc3200, but this is gonna be between $200 and $250. That's a lot of money!

So, would this cause a huge hit in performance, having 512mb running in non-dual channel? Would spending the extra money and getting 2x512 be worth it?

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More Ram, Worse Performance

I recently purchased 2 x 1 gb elixir pc2-5300 ram. Both sticks turned out to be faulty so so i returned them for a refund and replaced with kingston memory of the same spec. Anyhow to cut a long story short the replaced elixir ram turned up back on my doorstep. I decided to keep it/try it but whats very odd is when running alongside the kingston ram my pc performance takes a nose dive, everything runs at half the speed almost with 4gb of ram rather than 2gb, why can this be?

Whats really odd is games like bf2 and hl2 graphically drop to pieces i.e 1fps and graphic tearing etc?

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Adding Too Much Memory Vs Performance

At what point does adding more memory, offer no performance gain?

Is 2 x512 in dual channel mode slower than 4 x512 in dual channel mode? Assuming identical sticks . Is 2 x 1024 faster than 4 x 512?

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Stripe Size Positioning Performance

It is said that smaller stripes decreases positioning performance, well what about if the stripe were so small that the positioning was identical?

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Performance Boost - Cpu Or Ram

I play games like bf: vietnam, america's army, joint operations, and farcry. Well i seem to be getting fps drops while playing games and was wondering which would give me the greatest performance boost. 1. ) Switching out the motherboard and buying a amd athlon 64 3200+

2. ) Buying a stick of 1gb of ram, preferably mushkin, or corsair.

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High Performance Reliable Psu

I am building a high-uptime xeon server, which requires a minimum of 300w to run, however i would be looking for a psu rating of around 350w. The psu is to be installed in a 4u rackmount chassis and needs maximum airflow, so i will want a psu with dual fan's. However, at the moment i will only need the single psu, but later on i will be buying a quad redundant psu (around 460w), but in the mean-time, i will be using the single psu, so i need a high quality psu which will work well under light load and the less likely to damage the motherboard. Are there any out there which you can recommend ? Btw, it would be good to have temperature controlled fans on the psu also.

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Odd Hard Drive Performance

Ok, so i have a 1tb wd black hard drive as storage for misc stuff, like little programs and what not that doesn't require speed. Lately, the drive has seemed very slow response time. For example, i will try to open ventrilo, which is installed on the drive, and it will take about 15 seconds to open. It won't do it all the time, just randomly. Sometimes the drive is very responsive, sometimes the drive isn't. I have disabled all power managent/sleep settings on the hard drives, so they shouldn't be turning off.

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Port Multiplier Performance - External

I just wanted to post this for any of you considering using something like this:

I recently wanted to add more space to my home-server and was out of space in the case. So, i bought an external enclosure with a sata port-multiplier. My logic was that since a single sata link is 3. 0gbps, it should be fast enough to run 5 drives with out much performance loss. In the end, i've come to find out that the controller used makes a very big difference in the resulting performance. My server m/b has a built-in esata port, attached to a j-micron chip. Originally, i plugged the array into here and it seemed to work fine. However, the performance was quite disappointing. ~40mb/sec according to hdparm. I debated what to do with it, since i'd already bought the enclosure and the drives. I decided to try it on a different card. I threw in a spare sil-3132 based pci-ex1 esata controller. Wow, the difference was amazing. Now, it does ~160mb/sec. Moral of all this:
Don't discount esata enclosures with port multipliers due to performance concerns. They're actually pretty speedy. Furthermore, don't assume that your m/b's esata port is anything other then junk. Has anyone else had bad experiences with the jmicron contollers?

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Hard Drive Performance Gain

Im using an older 400gb seagate baracuda in my main rig. Wanted to know if upgrade to a wd black hd give me any noticeable gain in vista. I know vista likes to do alot of hd activity will upgrading help any?

This is the drive i was looking at

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Usb To Ps2 Performance Loss

I was thinking of moving my mouse and keyboard from usb ports to ps2 ports. Would i experience any performance loss from doing so ? I use the logitech g15 keyboard and the razer lachesis mouse if that matters. I was thinking of doing this to save some usb ports.

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How Important Is Hard Drive Performance ?

How important is a fast hard drive to you? I am thinking in terms of 10, 000rpm vs. 7200rpm, or capacity vs. Speed.

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Dual Core Intel Performance

Guys any of you have used or have a dual core intel?

If yes, are you happy with its performance?

I know that one core of those chips does not have the same power as a single core processor of same speed, i believe they might have done that to cut prices since amd's dual core are twice as expansive but from what i read x2's single core is equal to the same speed single chip processor. Any info would be awesome.

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Desktop Performance For Windows Aero

I've searched and found out that this is a problem for a lot of users, on windows experience index(win 7 or vista) "desktop performance for windows aero"is a lot lower than the rest, i have a 9500gt(1gb)graphic card and it scored 6. 3 for gaming stuff but it's low on desktop aero experience(scored 5). I don't need big numbers but i have some problems 1-my mouse pointer doesn't move smoothly and sometimes hangs for 2 or 3 seconds or it jumps pixels(my main problem) 2-my computer window(s) hangs for seconds(this doesn't happen as much) i tried reinstalling windows, that didn't help. This is my desktop :
Cpu:core 2 due 2. 8 ghz
Vga:1gb (9500 gt msi)
Mainboard:asus p5b
Win 7 ultimate 32 bits

I thought the problem was from my mouse but i changed it and didn't solve the issue, so what should i do to make my windows run smoothly?

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How Much Of A Performance Loss By Using Usb Hard Drive ?

Ive lost a important connector on my laptop mobo i was thinking of buying a usb hard drive for it, i have seen you can get a 7200rpm hard drive but i think ill get a 5400rpm as the fact that its usb connected will mean that will be the limit of the speed! Am i right? Also how much of a performance loss will i have? I am only using it for running the internet and utorrents!

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How Does Performance Of 64bit Vista Compare To Xp Pro Sp ?

How does the performance of 64bit vista compare to xp pro sp2? When do you think vista will start to show significant performance increases? I've heard vista checks all your files for pirated tags and will disable them. Is this true? Is there any way to prevent it if so? I would hate the idea of my os checking all my files to see if they're pirated or not. Also couldn't that lag your system?

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Best Price / Performance For Noise Cancelling Headphones ?

I have the distinct impression that i'm making myself deaf playing my ipod mini's headphones loud enough to hear over the city busses i ride often. I'd like to buy a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that'll hopefully let me get the same signal-noise ratio without ruining my hearing. I've used a friend's bose quietcomfort 2 cans, and they were excellent, but they also cost far more than i can really afford. Another friend has a sony set, but i don't remember them being so good, but that was a number of years ago. What brand/model do you guys reccomend for that kind of portable use? I'd like to stay under $200, if at all possible.

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Computer / System Performance Tweak Guide

Most of the time people have problems, such as "my computer used to be fast, now it's slow!" Or "help! I can't seem to do things i used to" etc. Etc. It can be attributed to spyware adware (from p2p programs such as kazaa, and even legitamte programs like divx (they mean it when they say gain adware supported bundle) ) and, of course, the fact that over time, the windows os just gets cluttered. Period. So, what can you do? Well here are a few general tips, and then very specific tweak guides (linked and summarized) for your aid. This guide will, hopefully, help increase system performance, reduce your lag, and make your computer happily tweaked out.

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Raid 0 Hard Drive Performance For Gaming Pc

I was reading that hard drive performance such as raid 0 or even 10k rpm drives make no difference when you are gaming. Is this true? Is it better just to use a single 7, 200 rpm?

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Raid 5 Performance Versus Single Drive

Assuming we have a decent hardware raid controller from areca/3ware. Is the read/write speed in a raid5 setup with 4 or 8 drives is always faster than single drive?

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How To Maximize Performance With Multiple Cards Monitors ?

I have a dual 5770 1gb setup. No crossfire. Just 2 cards. I have 3 monitors. Do not want eyefinity. Just an extended desktop. The goal is to run 2 different games at the same time on monitor 1 and 2 while leaving monitor 3 for surfing etc. How should i set this up? Which monitors should be plugged into card 1? What monitors plugged into card 2? What is ideal is game 1 to run on card 1, and game 2 to run on card 2. Can i tell windows to do that?

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Performance With Dual Monitors On Ati 4870

I recently purchased a second 22" dell 2209wa to go with my mac pro. They are both running from the ati radeon 4870 on my mac pro (2009 quad) but the expose performance seems to be really quite poor. Displaying all the windows is very juddery and not smooth at all. Is that what i should be expecting now? I wouldn't have on a 2000 machine.going into spaces is fine, it's just expose thats poor.

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Toshiba 2400 S251 Performance Issue

I've got a toshiba 2400 s251 laptop with decent specs. Brand new 60gb hd, 512mb ram, 1. 6ghz p4 processor with a 512 cache, and a brand spankin' new install of xp sp2. However, the computer, even during the os install is slower than molasses running uphill. It's ridiculous. I reinstalled windows. I replaced the hard drive (it used to be a paltry 20gb of indeterminate age, so i kicked it out of bed for something with more surefire measurements). I ran windows memory tester and both sticks checked out fine. My friend even disc-booted gentoo to look at the cpu health and it processed 3, 000 (or was it 3 million?) Instructions per second-decent. The only thing that's wrong is the fan doesn't work (i've already ordered a replacement), but surely that would only affect performance until it overheated and started cooking, right?

For the life of myself and my friend, the hardware geek, we can not figure what in the heck is slowing this laptop down.

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Slow Computer Performance When Playing Cs Source

My pc is not performing as well as i expected it to when playing half-life 2 (cs:source): low frame rates/graphics performance especially when playing in servers with many people (lets say 32 and above). I'm currently using:
Amd 64 3200 processor (socket 754)
Dfi lanparty ut nf3 250gb motherboard
Kingston memory: ddr 1gb 3200 hyper x (2x512mb)
All-in-wonder x800 xt agp video card
Dell p991 19" crt monitor
Seagate 160gb ultra ata/100 7200rpm hd
Enermax eg651p-ve fm 24p 550w psu

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Twinx2048-3200c2pt Memory Performance Issue

I just installed new corsair twin2048-3200c2pt modules in my system, upgraded from twin1024-3200llpt, and was hoping for better performance, but i haven't noticed any. I haven't run memtest yet because i'd like some help going over my settings. I'm not overclocking my cpu, just looking for better overall performance. First, when i start my computer, before my usual asus start screen, i now get a black screen (that wasn't there before) that says: "scanning ide drives. No drive attached to fasttrack controller, the bios is not installed", (what is this?), Then my computer boots.

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Will A 10,000 Rpm Drive Really Improve Gaming Performance ?

It seems that most people say that it barely improves gaming performance and drives like the velociraptor, arent really worth the extra money. Any ideas?

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