Usb Root Hub Error

I have xp home on a laptop (amd 2400 i think). Today i've been receiving a windows error warning of a power surge on the usb hub. This warning continues to pop up (and block document windows) even after removing all usb devices. If i click on the error, i get a dialog box reporting that one usb device is drawing too much power through the hub, and it lists 5 usb ports with one highlighted as
The problem device. It instructs me to remove the device and click the reset button. I have three problems with this error. First, from the dialog box there's little way for me to determine which physical usb port is the problem, so i have to unplug all devices. Second, doing as instructed (disconnecting the devices and clicking reset) doesn't clear up the problem, as i immediately get another warning. Finally, and most importantly, i don't have a 5 port usb hub attached to the computer. The only usb is the three ports supplied by the manufacturer, attached to the motherboard. These ports appear to be working just fine, whether or not i disconnect and reset. The error seems to be related to a hub which i don't have. What could cause this error to pop-up despite my having no hub attached? How can i stop the error?

What's even more odd is that over the last few minutes the error has stopped despite my having done nothing about it (i no longer am getting the power surge on usb hub error).

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Usb Root Hub Problems

I've installed windows vista rc2 5744 x86 on my laptop but i'm having problems with usb ports!

On device manager, all ports are installed and drivers are up to date an working correctly but the main thing is vista won't detect any of my usb devices!

Neither 3 pen drives, neither pocket pc and neither optical mouses!

I've tested on all 3 ports!

The laptop is aopen 1557g and my usb controllers details are:

Intel(r) 82801db/dbm usb 2. 0 enhanced host controller - 24cd - what is this?

Intel(r) 82801db/dbm usb universal host controller - 24c2 - what is this?

Intel(r) 82801db/dbm usb universal host controller - 24c4 - what is this?

Intel(r) 82801db/dbm usb universal host controller - 24c7 - what is this?

Usb root hub - what is this?
Usb root hub - what is this?
Usb root hub . What is this?
Usb root hub - what is this?

The weirdest thing is that i have 3 usb 2. 0 ports, and appears 4 usb root hub. I don't really understand the meaning of these devices!

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Usb Root Hub Driver Problem

I got a pci usb card yesterday and installed it and all the drivers that came with it. I booted up the computer today and when it loads up, none of my usb devices are booting up. It is asking for a usb root hub driver. I have a dell dimension desktop that didnt come with any ps/2 ports, so the only thing i can use is a usb keyboard/mouse. Is there a way that i can get my usb devices to work again.

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How Many Devices Can Connect To Usb Root Hub ?

How many devices can connect to a usb root hub? I think your asking how many device your usb hub can handle. If that is so, then it can handle 127 devices. Though your computer may only have 1, the controller may tell your os to have four or more to enable smoother processing from your north-bridge to your cpu.

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Usb Root Hub Deleted, Now None Of The Usb Devices Work

My son was installing some canon software for his new canon powershot a530 camera. The computer would recognize the camera but couldn't load the drivers for some reason. He then decided he should remove some of the current usb devices using the device manager. He stated he deleted three or four items titled "usb root hub" now none of the usb devices i own work (two hp printers and a maxtor external drive). Also every time i start the computer the new hardware found wizard pops up five times. Each time the hardware is "unknown". When i look at the device manager i see a yellow "?" Next to "other devices" and five yellow "?"S intended to other devices all called "unknown device". Anyone have any ideas?

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Usb Hub To Boost Signal Quality Of Usb Extension Cables

I am thinking of getting an usb hub to boost the signal quality of some usb extension cables and was just wondering, if the hub would introduce lag and how much current the psu must generate to stay within the specs. The current extension cables are 4, 5 m long and the signal is too weak to power mouse and keyboard simultaneously, sometimes. Recommendations are also welcome, as some manufacters dont bother to include the specs on their homepages. I am looking for an 4-port hub around 20 euro.

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Mounting A Usb 2.0 Mass Storage Into Usb 1.0 Ehci Hub

I have two usb 1. 0 ehci hubs (with 2 channels every one)in my machine. Their speed is 12 mb/s. My os is linux fedora core 1. 0. I connected into it an usb 1. 0 mass storage, so i can mount it (via that command #mount /mnt/flash/). Recently, i connected into it an usb 2. 0 mass storage, but i can't mount it. I typed:

#Mount /mnt/flash/
Mount: you must specify the file system type. I formatted my usb mass storage to fat32, and i taped:

#Mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/flash/
Mount: fs type incorrect, incorrect option, incorrect superbloc in /dev/sda1, or too many file systems are mounted. In /etc/fstab, i found that line when i connect the mass storage:

/Dev/sda1/mnt/flash auto noauto, owner, kudzu 0 0

Do you think there is an incompatibility between usb 1. 0 ehci hubs && usb 2. 0 mass storage? Is there any solution(a driver to install, for example)?

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Does Usb Hub Slowing Down The Usb Port ?

Say if i install usb key (errr. , For vista's ready boost) via usb hub, does it make that port slower than if i install without usb hub. I know, i can put it on empty slot behind my pc, but i like to see it blinking when data access happen on the usb key.

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Usb Hub Using A Usb Y-cable For More Power

I use a laptop that only has 3 usb ports, and i like using a corded mouse and an external hard drive that takes up the other 2 ports. Since a usb y-cable provides more power, could i use that to hook into the hub?

I want to hook one of these:

Into one of these:

Would that provide more power to the hub, without having to use the ac adapter with the hub?

I really wish someone made a simple hub like this with 2 plugs:

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Usb Keyboard Or Usb Hub Not Installing

This started when we switched usb keyboards. We were using a chester creek usb keyboard without any problems. We bought a new chester creek keyboard and plugged it in, the found new hardware wizard opened and looked for a driver but was unable to find one. So we plugged the old keyboard back in and the same thing happened. So now both keyboard don't work in the usb slots. They both work fine using an usb to ps/2 adapter. Also our usb hub is now not installing either. The same thing happens, found new hardware wizard opens, but is unable to find a driver. Everything else works in the usb slots, flash drives, headphones, hard drives. Only the usb keyboards and usb hubs are not working. They show up as other devices in device manager. Both the keyboard and hub work fine on other computers. This computer is about five years old and running xp sp3 with all updates installed.

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What Is Usb Hub For ?

Aren't backups done directly from pc to pen drive? What's this "hub" for?

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Usb Hub Issue

I have a usb hub that won't even power my 2. 5 ext hdd and if it has too many devices plugged in, it just won't work. Would buying a usb hub w/ a power cable like the following this rose-will fix this problem? (Any other recommendations?)

And, wouldn't data transfer be a little slower using a usb hub as opposed to directly plugging the ext hard drive into the mobo?

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Powered Usb Hub

Since using the front usb ports with ich5r fried my mobo, i decided to invest in a powered hub to remove the risk of it happening again. So i went down to maplin (uk electronics store, kind of like radio shack combined with a consumer electronics store. ) And picked up a 7 power, powered, all singing all dancing hub. Nice black look, but that's besides the point. Now i've only just noticed this (with having only re-assembled my rig yesterday and only turned it off twice since then). But because the hub is externally powered, it's force feeding the computer, causing the front power led to remain on (and also the power led on my wireless keyboard receiver dongle). Now i'm no trained technician (yet anyway ) but it really shouldn't be doing this. Worst part is i can't turn back on with the hub plugged for some reason. . Frustrating. Edit: oh yeh, and i found the manufacturer's website. Not much to go on. They have one generic pdf (mine hub 40 btw) that covers the sales pitch for all their hubs, but nothing detailed .

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7 Port Powered Usb Hub

I've been trying to find a good powered usb 2. 0 7 port hub. Everything i find either has some strange shape that looks, for lack of a better word, stupid or has all the ports on the front of the hub. All i'm looking for is a normal shaped hub (square box) with all ports (including power) on the back. The only thing i want on the front are indicator lights or nothing. Years ago i used to see them all the time but now they all have some or all ports on the front or are some funky shape. I need it to be powered since i'll be plugging a few items into it that obtain their power from the usb port (g15, g9, n52te, etc. ). I also have a usb mic but its usb 1. 1 and would need a hub where having a 1. 1 device plugged in won't affect the high speed of the 2. 0 devices (if they even make such a hub). I have a few other items but they are just data or have their own external power source (ups link to the pc etc. ).

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Can Usb Hub Works As A Splitter ?

I got the assumption that a usb hub would work as a splitter of some sort. I purchased a hub and hooked up my external hdd to my pc and the other end to my x360. I figured i could add files and watch them on the x360 without taking the cord out and keep going back and forth. So am i wrong? Or this ain't possible?

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Usb Hub Causing Pc Crash

I recently bought a berklin in desk usb hub, but when i have it connected to my pc and i reboot or power up my pc my asus p5k-premium board says oc failed hit f1 to change settings. Why is this i wonder, my oc is 100% stable and i have the latest mobo bios. I asked btarunr considering he'd prob have a good scoop on what is gong on off the top of his head, this is what he said:

"Usb hubs tend to load a single usb post beyond 500ma and brings in instability. Usb power is at the expense of the mobo's power phase. It's possible that it affects oc. Set usb as hispeed, disable any power mgmt feature in the bios for starters. " Well here are some of the auto settings that i do not know what values are safe to put in. My usb hub uses a wall outlet for some of its power, ive tried with it unplugged and it didnt fix the problem. I know my oc is orthos stable though @ 2. 8ghz 400fsb x7.

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Internal Usb Splitter / Hub

I am currently looking for something that i don't know if it exists. I am looking for an internal (inside your computer case) usb hub. I am looking for one because my motherboard has 2 ports (supports 4 usb plugs) but i have 6 usb ports. 2 on my case, and 4 one a 3. 5 inch bay. So currently i have the 2 on my case plugged into one of the ports, and 2 ports from the 4 port hub plugged into the other. I am looking for something that will enable me to plug all 3 plugs into the motherboard. (One plugged directly in and then a splitter/hub for the other 2)

Does anyone have any information on this?

On my motherboard the port has 9 pins this is what it looks like. O = one pin


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Xbox 360 Usb Hub

Anyway, the xbox 360:

-Usb ports, hubs, controllers-
-Supports usb keyboards. Just plug your usb keyboard to the xbox 360, and type away (be it to fill in data in the dashboard, to send messages to other players, or to use in psu, any usb keyboard will work with the xbox 360)

-Supports 4 wired controllers. You just need to use a usb hub (all the usb stuff can be connected to usb hubs, including the webcam, wireless adapter, etc)

-Only supports wireless microsoft controllers. That means we won't see wireless guitars for guitar hero ii, or any other similar stuff, other than the ms wireless products (wireless wheel, controller and communicator)

-You can keep charging your controllers with your xbox 360 turned off. Just turn off the console like you would any other time (with your controllers already connected), and after 2 or 3 seconds your controllers should light up, and the charging leds should turn up again (the console will keep making a very low "hum", despite all the leds being turned off). When the controllers are charged the console will totally shut off. -The 360 doesn't read usb hdds that are formatted for ntfs. Which is a bummer if you have hd downloads, as they can typically exceed the 4gb file size limit of fat32. [By bivith]

-You can use your wired xbox 360 controller on your windows xp pc. -Dashboard tricks-
-Supports custom dashboard background images. Go to your media blade, select pictures, select either your pc (with shared pictures via media connect) or a usb device, place the cursor over the picture you wish to put in the background, and press x (do not select the picture, you need to be on the directory screen). You cannot put different pictures in different blades however. -You can turn on the console remotely by pressing the guide button or the start button on the controller for 2 or 3 seconds. You can also turn it off remotely, by pressing the guide button for 5 seconds, where a new menu will pop up, asking you if you want to turn off the console or turn off the wireless controller. -Pressing the guide button when the notification for friend logging on appears will bring up their gamer-card, allowing you to message or invite them to your game. [By tiger_walts] this tip works with any notification pop up btw. Pressing when you win an achievement shows the achievement screen when you receive a message shows you the message, etc. -You can disable communication from anyone who is not on your friends list. It's hidden away in a live options menu accessed by clicking on the gamer-card. It can be found by clicking on your gamer-card in any of the blades that display it. Then click account management > privacy settings > communications - from there you can choose everyone / friends only / blocked. [By bravearse]

-Media streaming-
-Only supports wmv movie streaming from your pc (both in media center, and media connect), and does not support divx, mpeg, mov, xvid, avi, etc. -You can skip your custom soundtracks while playing games by pressing the skip button on the remote (both remotes work, the limited edition, and the media one), no need to go to the guide menu. [Windows mce remotes, or even a universal remote if you find the codes work as well; thanks valver]

-If you have a mac you can still stream content to your 360 (not video) using: [by vroom!]

-The 360 recognizes wmp and m3u play-list files, use these to create play-lists quicker and easier than with the 360's interface. [By tiger_walts & nickthegun] this is very handy. Create a play-list of the mp3s on your pc, put the folder with the play-list shared on the media connect, and that play-list should show up under play-lists in your music player screen. -If you're ripping music to your 360 hdd, it does support cddb lookups so you don't have to enter song titles manually. [By furbs]

-Hardware problems-
-Don't use a cheap surge protector/plug strip. It'll underfeed your xbox 360, and it might result in occasional crashes. -Don't ever move your xbox 360 with a disk inside. It might scratch the disk or damage the lens. Don't put it standing or lying down either, with a disk inside, much less while the console is turned on. -Avoid carpets and such fabrics. Lay the console on top of cold materials (a wood desk, stone floor, etc). Never on top of carpets because these will heat up the console considerably. Don't stack the xbox on top of other electronic devices. This goes to every electronic device actually. Avoid carpets and such, and stacking them up is usually not a good idea (specially hot stuff like the xbox 360, or a ps3).

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Usb Hub Works As A Splitter ?

I got the assumption that a usb hub would work as a splitter of some sort. I purchased a hub and hooked up my external hdd to my pc and the other end to my x360. I figured i could add files and watch them on the 360 without taking the cord out and keep going back and forth. So am i wrong? Or this ain't possible?

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How Many Mp3 Players That Could Charge From A Usb Hub ?

I work at a library and we are going to be checking out mp3 players to patrons. When they come back we will need to charge them. I was thinking about getting a usb hub and connecting it to a computer. Would there be a limit to how many mp3 players (creative zen) that could charge from a usb hub? Also, i am looking for a hub with lots of ports. 7 ports seem common but i found a 13 port one. Any larger ones out there?

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Usb Powered Hub For Logitech Keyboard

Can anyone suggest me a good powered usb hub? I think i got low power to mine and i have about 5 devices i use at once and my logitech keyboard takes alot of power (lights, macros, led monitor). Usb 2 and a lot of power.

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Usb Hub For Scanners, External Hard Drives

I've had some bad luck with usb hubs in the past, but haven't used one in quite some time. I just got a new laptop and will be hooking up several usb items - scanners, external hard drives, cell phone, etc. I want something that has a power adapter as things such as the scanner and hard drives are hub-powered. I would prefer a 7-port model, as 4 will not be enough.

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Can A Bad Usb Hub Damage Connected Devices ?

Can a bad, low quality, and/or inexpensive usb hub damage connected devices? Or as long as it works, then it's fine? Since it is supposed to only relay the connection and not send any signals etc. Of its own, so i was just wondering about this.

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Input Stutter Caused By Monitor Usb Hub

I've been playing crysis warhead and left4dead. I have a dell 24" with built-in card reader and usb hub. I hooked the monitor usb to system usb so that i could just plugin my keyboard and mouse into it instead of the system underneath my desk. I have an apple keyboard and a razer deathadder mouse. While playing crysis, everything is fine, smooth as butter, no problems. But, in left4dead, i started noticing that my input (kb/mouse) would start to lag/stutter after playing for about 15-20 mins. Nothing else would stutter, fps never dipped, game itself never lagged. I would just get input lag/stutter for about a second. Then it would return to normal (if i moved the mouse during the stutter, the crosshair would jump to where it was supposed to be). I initially thought it may be overheating, or perhaps an unstable overclock, but it made no sense as crysis was working just fine. Then i thought it may have been a bad hdd, but i ran several test and everything was fine. I came to the conclusion that it could be the monitor's usb hub. So, i plugged the kb/mouse directly into the system, and now everything appears to be fine. No lag, no stutter. The weirdest thing about this is that the latest time that it happened, my audio also started to lag and stutter, and eventually the game crapped out. All is well now, but why would this happen as a result of a usb hub, and why in only one game? I don't understand. Anyone care to shed some light?

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Usb Device Has Exceeded The Power Limits Of Its Hub Port

Okay! So, i never had a problem with this before but now i do! I got a new camera and everytime i plug it in to the usb port to download my pictures to my computer, it takes a couple tries before the program opens! And i had some stuff on my old camera that i wanted to put on, and everytime i plug it into the usb port i get this message!

"A usb device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port" what exactly does that mean? And then it tells me to unplug everything and press reset! I do, but it still does the same thing! It worked fine before so i don't know what's wrong! The camera is an olympus and my new one is a kodak! I did accidentally plug the kodak cable into the olympus, because they look the same! And it kind of fit actually! It might have caused some damage, but i don't know if that has anything to do with it or not! I even tried unplugging everything, and plugging it back in! Should i get a new usb port, or is there a different problem! Because i don't wanna waist any money if this is a simple problem that can be fixed!

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Error: ' Not Enough Usb Bandwidth ' Sagem Fast 800 Usb Modem

I have a new 8mb adsl connection and received a sagem fast800 usb adsl modem with it, the modem works fine but i cannot plug any other usb devices in at the same time. I keep getting an error message stating there is not enough usb bandwidth, i read on bt's site that if you plug your other devices in first and then the modem the modem will only take what bandwidth thats left instead of using up most of it. I try to plug my other devices in first (cyborg rumble joypad) and then my modem and the pad is recognised along with the modem but the modem no longer connects and gives a " remote computer did not respond" msg which sounds like an isp issue but only happens when i have done the above. Also if i plug my joypad in first and then the modem, once i remove the modem the computer restarts str8 to bios. Ive also tried my front header usbs and nothing, so as long as im not on the internet i can use any other usb devices (leaving me with a pointless 8mb connection), motherboard is ga-k8nmf-9 with nvidia nforce 4 chipset and latest drivers.

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I O Error Usb Drive

I recently bought a sandisk cruzer micro 1gb flash drive. It refuses to work on my computer. I've dealt with sandisk's tech support - absolutely no help. I've lost the receipt and packaging (i just moved in to a new apartment), so i have no chance of being able to return it. Here's the scoop:

I plug it in, winxp detects it just fine and that blasted u3 software (which i've since removed) loads up. I go to copy a file.system hang. I wait. And wait. And wait. Eventually, the light on the drive goes out with my pc still holding it's ****. I unplug the drive. Screen goes blank (except for bg pic) and after a few seconds my desktop comes just as it would after a typical xp explorer crash - most of the open windows are now closed and there aren't too many icons in the tray. Here's the kicker (well, a few actually), i have a sandisk 256mb cruzer mini which works fine. I had a 1gb cruzer mini earlier this year (which i returned) which did the same thing the cruzer micro does now. I tried the thing on my gf's (who has a 2gb cruzer micro) computer and it works fine. Recently, i've been getting an error when i try to transfer files stating "the request could not be processed because of an i/o device error. " However, i am able to transfer files that are smaller than 1 mb. I've tried this plastic perturbation in fat and fat32. No luck. Just to avoid confusion, i have a 1gb sd card for my camera. Works fine. I even went out and bought one of those adapters that turns the card into a usb drive. Still works fine.amd athlon 3200+, msi mb kt6 delta series, via kt600 chipset. Bios and drivers are all most recent.

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Usb Drive Full Error

So i have a brand new 8gb flash drive and when i try to copy a 4gb file to it is says disk full. When i tried copying a 7gb file it said the same. I have copied large files on it before but now i can't. I have ran the disk check/repair and formated it twice using fat32 and it still doesn't work.

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Error: 0x000000b8, Connect Dongle To Usb

I have a new dongle and when i connect it to the usb, become a blue screen and the computer do restart, the number of the problem then showed in the blue screen is: 0x000000b8

And when i connect the dongle to my computer it works, and when i connect a disk on key to the problematic computer it works and work great.

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Error: Unmountable Boot Partition - Usb 2.0 Hd

I backed up windows to a usb 2. 0 drive and am trying to boot up from it. Is this even possible? Because i keep getting an "unmountable boot partition" error.

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