Not Able To Play Certain Dvds

I haven't had this drive for very long, less than a year, and it plays most of my dvds really quite well, but then some don't play at all on any of my programs, wmp 10, asusdvd(came with the drive), and div x. When i try to play it in wmp 10 it gets to the menu fine but when it starts playing the intro of the movie it get distorted and freezes up and makes my computer crash and restart. In the other programs it just doesn't play at all. I have direct x 9c. This is through an asus dvd rom drive. But i tried getting a patch from the powerdvd site, but that didn't help.

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Video Card To Play Play Left 4 Dead

Hello there, i was wondering what is the best video card? Because i asked a question a while ago on how to play left 4 dead on a net-book. But the gay there said i need a powerful pc to play it. Ok. I have a video card problem. Because. I think it is weak because it cant even enable the 3d acceleration in plants vs zombies! I was wondering if it has something to do with my video card? Or something wasn't installed like direct-x? And i searched here how to know video card brand. But i followed all instructions and i didn't see one! Or maybe i didn't just notice it? I think it's intel because everything i see is intel. So here is what i wanted in my question:

What is the problem of my video card?

What is the best video card brand?

Can someone tell me all the video card products of intel? And which is the best of it?

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Get Choppy Play Back When Play Dvd

I have a mini-itx based small form factor machine that i'd like to make into a multimedia box. The motherboard is ~1ghz with 1gb of ram. The machine can handle audio, and video files without a problem. Whenever i try to play hulu or dvds however i get choppy playback. (Youtube, even on hd, is fine however). If i get a decent pci video card (only 1 pci slot on the board), would that clear up the chop when i'm trying to play?

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Burning Dvds Crashes Computer

Each time i burn a dvd or cd, my computer freezes. If i burn a dvd at 1x, the computer is noticably "laggy" but is still usable. If i burn a dvd at 2x, the computer totally freezes. 30 mins later the dvd is complete and i can use the computer again. The burn progress monitor practically jumps from 0% to 100% after 30 mins. I can barely move the mouse in between. This situation happened suddenly. One day it was fine, the next day it wasnt. I did nothing in between that i can think of. Things i know it isnt:

Ram: my ram is fine. I have plenty of it, and a ram monitoring program also confirms there is plenty free. Ide cables: i have tried switching around the ide setup to no avail. Software: burning with nero/roxio/adaptec/fire burner/dvd decrypter. All freeze computer. Drive: the drive works fine for reading, and ripping. Only burning slows the computer down. It works. Eventually. Just cant use computer whilst i burn. Media: have tried plenty of different types and there is no change. Have tried rebooting etc, reinstalling software. Hard drives: have over 100 gb free, and plenty of space on the hd that contains any buffer files. Certainly isnt the reason. Only thing i havent done yet (no time) is formatted my comp. Any ideas what it could be? I dont like to format all that much.

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Burning Two Dvds On Different Drives Simultaneously

I remember back in '99 i had to live in fear of touching just one mouse button on my pentium ii pc and it would wreck my 4x cd burner. Nowadays, how about burning two dvds at the same time? I'm using a pentium d and a gig-o-ram if that matters.

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Lost The Ability To Burn Dvds

First, nero 6. 6 says i need to install "burnrights" cause i don't have administrator privileges, and so i uninstalled it and tried nero 9 and got the same problem. So i installed two different dvd recording programs, cdburnerxp and infrarecorder, both of which can't detect my dvd burners. And now i just notice that dvd decrypter can't find them either. I have two burners, one sata and one ide which was working fine as of yesterday and now for some unknown reason, i can't burn anything. I can still use them to read data, and still burn a music cd with itunes. Weird huh?

I was recently hit with the trojan. Vundo. H virus but i don't think that's the culprit.

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Lg Dvd Ram Will Not Recognize Dvds

I installed a lg dvd-ram model gh24ns50 and when i put in a dvd+r the label on my computer turns from dvd-ram to cd-rom. When i click on the proprieties it shows zero free space. I also have a dvd-rom/ cd-rw installed on the computer. The drag and drop will not work either. I don't know what to do.could it be in the bios or what. I am running windows xp pro sp3 on a dell xps. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Memorex Dvd Rw Drive Cannot Record Dvds

My external memorex dvd-rw drive wont record dvds. It simply says that it is a cd-rw not dvd. This is weird becasue i have burned dvds before, but now it wont let me. I updated the firmware and everything. To make thing weirder, windows explorer says that it is a dvd-rw drive, but nero wont let me burn onto dvd-rs. Even weirder. When i insert a dvd-r into the drive windows changes its minda, and says that the drive is no longer dvd-rw, but a cd-rw drive.

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Dvd Drive In Laptop Wont See Certain Dvds

Just want to confirm my thoughts on a laptop dvd drive issue a friend has. The dvd drive in the laptop is a couple of years old. It will read 99. 9% of dvds just fine but certain ones (originals, not copies) it just doesnt see them so they dont even register under the dvd drive icon in my computer. My thought on it is -

The laser in the dvd drive is underpowered and therefore, may have issues reading dvds that might not be mastered properly or have a certain flaw. Hence they will work fine in other drives. I've looked for a firmware update and there isnt one. We could try copying the dvds to see if they then read as a copy, in that case it could confirm my above conclusion. You reckon its time to replace the dvd drive or just ditch the discs that dont work?

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Dvd+ -rw Drive Wont Read Dvds

Ok, so i just bought the game silent hunter 4 and when trying to install it, it showed the drive to be empty. Nothing showed up at all. So i started thinking that maybe it had something to do with the warning on the box about the game containing "technology intended to prevent copying that may conflict with some disc and virtual drives" and decided to wait and get a new drive. But then i started thinking, wait a second, it doesn't even show up. So i put in a dvd movie and got the same result. Anyone know how i can fix this? It's an hp lightscribe drive.

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Pc Keeps Shutting Down When Watch, Burn, Rip Cds Or Dvds

Any ideas to why my pc keeps shutting down when i am trying to watch, burn, rip cds or dvds. I have 2 drives and it happens with them both. I have run avg anti virus and it isnt finding anything, could it be the drives or the powerpack which are faulty.

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Dvd Drive Audio Works For Cds But Not Dvds

I have a dvd drive which i have been using for a long time now but to be honest never used it to play a movie only for software and the occasional cd. I decided to slap in a dvd today and the audio is an ungodly loud static type of sound. Like ready to blow the speakers type of sound. Sound quality is crystal clear with a music cd though. Any ideas what the problem could be?

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Ps2 Plays Audio Cds But Not Games Or Dvds

My kids play station 2 will not play games or dvd's. It has worked fine til one day after playing great, it stopped working. When you select the game to load, it will begin to load but then will reset to where u have to select the game again. It does this over and over. It will play audio cds, but will have a lot of static like noise when it does play. Have tried laser cleaners and the like, with no luck. Also is there a way to upgrade the software inside.console: scph-39001
Browser: 1. 20
Cd player: 1. 20
Ps driver: 1. 10
Dvd player: 2. 12u

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Dvd Rom Drive Wont Read Dvds

I have a hp pavilion with two optical drives - 1 is a dvd writer, the other a reader. Whenever i copy an audio disc on the fly, the burn is fine and everything is normal but for some reason, when i exit the program, the dvd-rom is now unable to recognize dvd discs. It will read audio discs and audio discs (and the writer can read everything; it's apparently unaffected by whatever this is), but it won't read dvds. If i reboot, everything is hunky-dory again (unless i copy an audio cd again. )

I initially thought that this was software related (and it still could be) but the problem occurs no matter what burning software i use. I've used sonic recordnow, nero and roxio. Every time i copy an audio disc, something is turning off the dvd read capabilities of the dvd-rom drive. Does anybody have any idea what's going on here? It's a fairly new system and it's far from a crippling problem.

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Need Solution To Play Tv On The Pc

I'm looking for a way to watch tv on my pc. I'm thinking about purchasing a slingbox to get the job done. What wireless alternative solutions are there?

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Hardware To Play Cs:s

I recently upgraded to a 30" lcd with a resolution of 2560x1600. I used to play cs:s with a 1920x1200 monitor, and it was smooth. However, ever since i upgraded, the game is way too laggy to play. I figure its either cpu or video card. Can anyone advice on which cpu or video card i should get in order to play cs:s with a 2560x1600 monitor? I can even upgrade the whole unit if i have to. My pc is as followed:

Intel pee 840 3. 2ghz
Winfast nvidia 8800gt 512mb

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Play Pc Sound Through The Tv

I have recently connected my pc to my lcd tv using an hdmi cable. I have also got a monitor connected so i can extend my desktop to both. The issue i have (though i don't know if this is actually possible) is can i somehow separate the sound? Can i have whatever is on the tv say a video file play sound through the tv and whatever is on the monitor say media player play through the speakers?

I don't have a spare audio jack to connect to the tv as i was hoping the hdmi cable would do the trick. I assume there must be a way to achieve this.

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Get Dell Laptop To Play Through Tv

How do i get my dell to play through my tv? Ok so got a vga to hdmi cable today but now cant get anything on my hdmi tv just a blue screen? Got a dell inspiron 1545 laptop.

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Pc Freezes When Play Ut2004 Game

I did a clean install of xp32, installed and updated all the drivers fine, avoided installing the swe ide driver for the nvidia chipset, and the comp is running smooth. Whenever the pc reaches 100% cpu usage, it takes a while to drop down, and the pc gets super laggy. The main problem happens when i try to play ut2004, w/ all the settings cranked up. The main menu loads fine, but after about 30 seconds, everything gets laggy. The mouse even lags like ***. If i don't exit out, the pc freezes. I remember when i first upgraded my comp to this setup, i played ut all the way cranked up just fine. Also hl2 all the way. I don't know what happened since then that caused this problem. I defragged my hdd, ran antivirus. I tried testing both sticks of my 512 ram, that's not the problem. I tried switching around the psu cables so there's nothing else attached to the wires that's attached to my gfx cables. I tried using forceware coolbits2 to make the 2d and 3d clockspeeds the same. The only thing i didn't try yet was changing my psu. My 400w antec is 20 pin, but my mobo takes 24 pin. But i plugged in the 4pin ez-plug on my mobo, which is what users of 20pin psu have to do.

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Pc Restarts Instantly When Play Games

When i play games like quake 4 sometimes my pc restarts, just instantly. No warnings or any type of 'blue screen of death', just restarts, literally instantly when i least expect it. Now i've checked my 3500+ and the temps are fine at about 39c idle and my 7600 gt at about 51c idle. The much i can say is my antec 420 watt power supply was making really worrying noises lately and stinks of radiation. Sometimes i hear little sparks. My ram the crucial ballistix dd400 at 2-2-2-5 and i hav'nt really tested them yet for temps. My pc has been running just fine for months until my games started to bust up like this. The motherbard im using is the a8n-e rev2. The crappy power supply is the antec 420 watt. I cant even find its real name on the net so it must be cheap. It orginally came with a case. But if needs be i'm more than happy to buy an enermax liberty 500watt.

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How To Play Xbox 360 And Pc On One Monitor ?

What would i need to use to switch the video inputs for my monitor on the fly? Currently, if i want to switch between viewing my pc and 360, i have to go through the menu on my monitor, and it takes a bunch of presses.

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Windows 7 - Play Audio Over Mic

Is there a way to send the music i'm playing over microphone? I don't have a microphone and want other people to hear music in for example msn or other chat program.

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Vlc Wont Play Second Monitor

Vlc won't play on second monitor. I did a lot of looking around with no success on fixing this issue. Finally after hours of playing around i found my solution to play vlc on my second monitor in full screen. Tools > preferences > show all settings > video > uncheck embedded video

Thought i would post this for anyone else having an issue.

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Can't Play Any Dvd Movies

I can read the dvd on either dvd drive in windows (2k), but i can't play any movie. I had powerdvd installed, but had issues (unrelated) with it so i un-installed it manually since i couldn't do do from add/remove programs (received error message). I searched the drive for all the file names associated with the program (powerdvd & cyberlink). Then i used a registry crawler to do the same. I did check the names to be sure there wasn't anything that shouldn't be removed the best i could (there was a couple of hundred). I installed a older dvd program (that i used before), but it won't play any dvd on either drive. These are original movies, not backups. I can read the dvd on either drive, so it's not a hardware issue. I can read other dvds' and burn dvds' (including movie backups) with no issue. Any ideas? (Btw, i don't want to re-install powerdvd again).

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Router Connected To Play Wow ?

Why do i have to be router-connected to play wow? At low levels, i was able to play wow on my laptop ( dell inspiron) in my room, without being connected to the router. Now, i can only browse web pages and get as far as the opening screen and enter my info, the insta-disconnect! Is it my internet connection, computer, or what?

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Play Ps3 On Dell Monitor

How can i play my ps3 on my dell monitor? Its a flat screen and its like less five years old what do i have to buy?

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Intel Hd Graphics To Play Mw2

Is the intel hd graphics, up to 1696 mb total available graphics memory good enough to play mw2? I might buy the hp dm4 which includes the intel hd graphics. Will it be good enough to play modern games?

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Play Mkv Files On Sony 3d Tv

How to make mkv files play on sony? I just bought a sony 3d tv (kdl-40hx800) and i want to download a 3d movie to watch it on the tv but the movie is in mkv format and i know sony doesn't support mkv format. So is there anyway to make it playable on my tv without losing the 3d ability or much of its original quality?

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Play Windows 95 Game On Vista

It there any way i can get my theme park game for windows 95 working on my laptop that is windows vista? I love this game, and want to play on it again but when i click on the file to start the game it says this system does not support full screen mode. Is there anything i can do?

Answer:- a lot of programs from 95/98 won't work, even with compatibility for the relevant os enabled. In those cases pretty much the only answer is to use a program called dosbox, dos box emulates a dos environment, its a free open source program. It's guaranteed to work for any game or program that will no longer work on nt based windows and above:

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Xbox, Is It Safe To Play On Live?

Ok. I have an xbox 360 pro. It has the harddrive flash mod, i've updated it and everything it'll update and connect to live no problem, it plays burnt games. Even updates burnt games. Im a xbox live silver right now. And i know the mod i have is good. But would the xbox get banned, i mean i've played cod waw nazi zombie online once and nothing happened, but before i spend money on a member ship i wanna know if anyone else has this mod, its the one for the philips and lite on drive. So far. I mean i've downloaded demos game add-ons playing nazi zombie on live. Talked to friends. Installed new updates. And the mod is still on and works fine. So anyone else with this mod. Is it safe to play on live?

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