How Much Ram To Max Out Crysis ?

After reading this article on vram, and seeing the following chart. I'm wondering how much vram crysis can occupy at 2560x1600 with 4xaa? The graph above is pretty hard to extrapolate, but if i had to guess, at max res and 4xaa, crysis saturates 1 gb of vram. I'd try it myself but don't have the resources to do so. That hypothetical question is related to the higher-end cards with their 1 gb of vram granted, most games aren't as demanding as crysis, but could 1 gb be a performance bottleneck for those 5870s in crossfire (with one gb of usable vram) at higher resolutions? Just something i was wondering about and possibly keep in mind when purchasing my next cards.

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Crysis Ram Requirements

Which out of these two desktop computers should i buy

Wondering do i need 2gb ram or 4gb ram

Or do i really need 2gb if a am only going to play that game at medium settings or lower

1: acer aspire m3201

* Processor - amd phenom 9550 quad core 2. 2ghz

* Operating system - vista home premium

* Ram - 2gb ddr2

* Hard drive - 320gb sata

* Optical drive - super multi dvd rom with label flash

* Graphics card - nvidea geforce 9500gs - 512mb vram

* Lan - 10/100/1000 mb/s

* Other - multi card reader

* Front ports - 5 usb ports

* Rear ports - ps/2 keyboard and mouse port, hdmi, vga, dvi, 4 usb, firewire

* Form factor - desktop mid-tower

Details: Hpe77. U7p/version.asp

2: acer aspire m5201

* Processor - phenom x4 9550 quad core

* Ram - 4gb ddr 2 ram

* Hard drive - 640gb + 640gb sata hd

* Optical drive - super multi dvd

* Graphics card - nvidea geforce 8600gt 256mb

* Operating system - vista home premium

* Warranty - 3 months warranty

* Keyboard & mouse not included

Details: Lprf7. Ubp/version.asp?Pid=495

Is it really worth £20 more for 2 more gb of ram or will crysis play on medium fine with only 2gb

Or does it need 4gb of ram. The system requirements say 2gb ram recommended

Dont worry about the graphics card i am going to buy one.

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4870x2 And 9.6 Catalyst And Crysis - Bsod

I get a bsod on the contact level during the plane cutscene. First time it happened when the camera flew by the first engine, the second right after jumping out of the plane. I get an error related to atikmdag.sys. Running win7 rc1, 4870x2 factory oced to 800/1000, win7 beta drives 9. 6 from ati website

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Play Crysis With High Settings At 1680x1050

Cpuintel core 2 duo e4500 (2. 2ghz)
Motherboardfoxconn 45cm/gm
Memory1gb ddr2 pc2-4200 (2 memory slots. Max 4gb)
Hard drive250gb sata
Cd drivedual layer dvd±rw
Video cardgeforce 7200gs pci-e 128mb (up to 512mb with turbocache)
Sound cardrealtek alc high definition audio

I will be upgrading my computer to:
Graphics card: zotac geforce gtx 260
Ram: kingston kth-mlg4/4g 2x2gb (4gb ram)

Since i will have 4gb ram, should i also get 64bit?

Will i be able to play with high settings at 1680x1050?

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Play Crysis On Dell Studio 15 Laptop

I am gonna get a dell studio 15 laptop, will i be able to play games like crysis?

4 gb ram 1333 mhz ddr 3, 2. 4ghz, 320gb, windows 7, 1gb ati mobility radeon 5470 gpu, intel i3-370 m processor.

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Running Crysis On Dell Vostro 1510

Can i run crysis on my dell vostro 1510 nd i using xp?

Answer:- if you opted for the 8400 gs while buying and you run the game on the lowest settings at 800 by 600, it will be playable.

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Play Crysis On Dell Inspiron 530 Desktop

I just got my new dell inspiron 530 desktop can i play crysis on this? Ok, so it says it has a integrated graphic card i assume its high tech and ive seen some crysis video on youtube. It looks hot and someone said you will need a new computer to play it. So i got the new computer and going to buy the game tomorrow but i want to know will i be able to play crysis at max settings.

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Run Crysis With Ati Radeon Hd 5770 On Ultra High

Can i run crysis with ati radeon hd 5770 on ultra high?

My pc specs:-
Pentium d @ 2. 66 ghz
His ati radeon hd 5770 1gb grdd5
My intended resolution is 1360x768
Anti aliasing i don't need that. So can i run it on 20 - 25 fps?

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Max Memory Amd64

I always thought that s939+s754 could use up to pc3200 and the pc3500+ was only used on newer intel rigs. I have seen reviews (asus a8n-sli deluxe) using pc3500, 3700, 4000 and 4200. Also i just read a review on ocz pc3700 gold rev. 3 and they say that its great for a s939 rig. I know that you can oc pc3200 up to higher memory but i didn't know you could start with higher memory. I know this is a dumb ass question but please humor me very. Bottom line can i use pc3500, 3700, 4000, 4200 on my asus a8n-sli deluxe board?

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Max Hdd Size For Hp 8756c

I have an old hp 8756c that i'd like to put 2 200+gb ide drives in but wanted to be sure it can support big drives. I can't see any info relating to it on the hp site. Where could i find this out or do you think i should be ok? I'll be running ubuntu 7. 10 as the os.

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Setting Max Memory For Games

I have many gigs of ram (8 of the high speed stuff) in my pc. The problem i'm having is that the game arma 2 won't load textures properly with more than 2 gigs. The game runs great when i take 3 sticks out and run the game like that. Instead of doing that i would like to know how to set max mem for the game at 2048 mb. I tried a relentless internet search on how to do it and all i found was what to do. If anyone can direct me to a site that explains how to do it or just explain shortly on this post it would be greatly appreciated.

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Cannot Run Screen At Max Resolution

The max resolution of my acer 22' is 1680 x 1050, but instead it only lets me choose from: 1440x900 to 1600x1200. Does this mean the panel can actually run at 1600x1200 (which it seems to be doing), or i should try to figure out why its not running at its native max res. Its running on a 8800gt

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Computer For Rendering 3d Studio Max

I want to buy a computer to be really good at making rendering with a program like 3d studio max. What is more important, ram, processor speed, processor cache, number of cores, gpu, etc?

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Dell Studio 15 Max Specs

I am buying a new laptop(bye-bye old dell inspiron) and have decide to buy a new dell studio 1558. I was on the customization screen when i decide to ask what ''would be good for me?. It might help figure out what hardware to get if i told you what i do on my pc. I do everything from average web surfing like facebook or youtube, typing documents, editing video. Online game-playing, play games like gta4, cod mw and mw2, and recording music. I can put all of the programs that i want on this, but the games and stuff need the hardware to play. This is where everyone on yahoo answers comes in.

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Software, Which Can Tell Max Memory Supported By A Computer

Just wondering if there's a software out there that'll tell what type of memory my computer can support. I have one of those prebuild insignia computers (2. 8ghz). I am using a program called siw (system info for windows). For memory, it says that the memory i have right now is pc2700 (166mhz) sdram ddr. There is 1x512 stick right now. In another computer i have, there are 2x512 mb sticks of pc3200. So trying to see if those will work in this computer. Edit: alright. Went ahead and changed them out. Now the problem is that it's not detecting a 2nd stick of ram in bios. Through siw, it detects 2 slots each with 512 mb. But in bios it says slot #1 512 mb, slot #2 not available, do i need to upgrade bios, or is there a way to get bios to detect? Even through windows, it only shows 512 mb.

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Is There A Max Capacity For A Hard Drive On P3 Computer ?

I have a 600mhz pentium iii computer sitting here at home, with a 40 gb hard drive that failed in it. I was thinking about getting a new hard drive for it, but i was wondering if there's a limit to the capacity the computer could handle. I remember that older systems had limits to the size of their hd's, but i'm not sure about "newer" systems.

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Monitor Supports Higher Than Max Resolution

My monitor supports a max res of 1280x1024 but i went into the advanced timing section and managed 1500x1100 and it looks just fine is it safe to run the monitor like this or will it cause issues?

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Max Operating Temp For A Hard Drive

I have a hm500li and its running at 48c-57c all the time, gets to 57c when i do things like scan the whole hard drive for bad sectors and stuff. It says its max operating temperature is 55c but i got this from a chick who had it in her laptop since she bought it, only reason she left me with it was she got a ssd. So is this safe? Its in my 1000he, is there any way to help cool it?

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Best Way To Get Max File Transfer Speed (network, Usb, Etc)

I use a laptop for my main rig (hp dv8300), and i am setting up a nas in the near future and i'm trying to come up with the best way i can get the most speed to dump data to it. It's a 945gm express chipset. I have usb 2. 0, firewire of some flavor (i can't figure out which one it is), pci card slot, express/54 card slot, 100mb nic, intel something b/g mini pci nic. Ideally i would want to get a 1000mbps nic, but since my nic is onboard i can't really swap it out. A 1000mbps usb 2. 0 nic would still limit me to the 300mbps speed of usb 2. 0. 132 mbps for express card. Right now my best idea is just to get a wirless-n mimo mini pci nic and swap it in. Unless someone has a better idea.

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Dvi Kvm Switch Max Resolution Support

I need to purchase a new kvm that will support dual dvi connectors. I have been looking at a couple of startech switches. It seems that the max resolution that is supported is only 1280x1024. Since i am using my 22in flat panel at 1680x1050, is there a kvm that will support that resolution? Or can i get away with what i've been looking at? Any thoughts?

Here's one of the switches:

I should also mention that i'd like to get a 4 port switch.

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Seagate 200gb Sata Max Space Capacity

Seagate 200gb sata max space capacity. Where's the rest of my space? It displays the max capacity as 186. I know windows takes up some space but not 14 gigs right?

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Have To Reboot The System, When Playing Games With Max Graphical Settings

Whenever i play these hot games with killer graphics (f. E. A. R. And oblivion) with maxed out graphical settings and i quit the game i have to reboot the system. I tried using the benchmark from futuremark (3dmark 06) and when i came to the pixel shader 3. 0 tests i was able to see the same problems happening again. So what happens. When i quit fear/oblivion or the ps 3. 0 test is done and i return to windows the screen refreshes very slowly. It's hard for me to explain what happens. For example i press the start button:

1. I press start button
2. Screen turns black
3. Start menu appears
4. I select programs (or any other thingie from the menu)
5. Screen turns black
6. The selected thingie appears

And so on. Also this happens at a very low speed so it takes a while for me to open something i want. After a reboot everything is fine. I also experienced random blue screens of death while playing fear and oblivion, i do not know if the problems are related. So, in my oppinion it's something either wrong with my graphics card or the psu cannot handle it because this happens only when playing the most challenging games graphics wise (and with max settings). I tried playing call of duty 2 with max settings and nothing happened so far. The system is brand new and fear and oblivion are the first games i played on my specifications:

Amd athlon fx 57
Dfi lanparty ut nf4 sli-dr expert
Creative x-fi fatal1ty
Asus 7900 gtx
2x 1gb of kingston memory (khx3200a)
Psu antec truepower 550w

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Unable To Play Max Payne Game - System Hangs

No accelerator card, although the graphics card is sis (inbuilt) and so is the sound card. I used to play max payne earlier and have completed both the parts, but, now whenever i try starting it or any other game for that matter, my systems hangs, it is not able to run any games. Actually, i had left my system in my flat for sometime and when i took it back, i discovered that the ram was broken and the socket was also a bit faulty, due to which (once i changed the ram), whenever i used boot. I would not get the post beep and when i would re-start my pc, then i would get it, (sometimes it used to happen that i would have to re-boot my system 2-3 times to hear the post beep!). Sometimes it also happens that, on switching on my system the post beep would come, but there would be no display on the screen. I know the game can run without a 3d acclelerator specifications:

Amd athlon 1700+
Mercury kob 740fx motherboard
120 gb samsung hdd (80+40)
Sony floppy drive
Sony combo drive 52x/32x/52x/16x
512mb ram

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Max Eye Candy And Frame Rate Vs. High Resolution

I like a single video card that can max out every game (even crysis) on a resolution of 1680 x1050 and with frame rate of over 60. People often get high end cards (or even do sli/crossfire) for high resolution monitor but for me what is important is being able to turn every features on max (max aa, etc. ) But getting excellent frame rate at only a resolution of 1680 x 1050. When the high resolution is taken out of the equation, what would be the quietest, single, smallest form factor card that i can get?

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How Close Does Ati Overdrive Auto Tune Get To Max Stable Oc ?

What are your experiences with the ati overdrive auto-tune feature? Does it get pretty close to max stable over-clocks, or does it typically over-predict or under-predict?

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Laptop For 3d Design 3d Studio Max, Autocad, Adobe Photoshop

I am an architect who specializes in 3d design using packages such as 3d studio max, autocad, adopbe photoshop and generally any sort of multimedia software. I have very little knowledge of laptops and would welcome any advice on purchasing one. My tower system is a dual processor pulling 6. 2ghz processing power when rendering with 2gb ram and i also use a 256 mb graphics card for smooth real time orientation in my models. I need a laptop that can match or come close to the graphics card performance of my tower but i don't necessarily need the processing power as this will be done on the tower system. The down side is i need to keep the cost under £1000. 00 so i may need to buy second hand?

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Should I Disable Virtual Ram With 2gb Ram In Winxp ?

For gaming (bf2, hl2, doom3, fear, etc), surfing, chatting, office, etc should i disable my virtual memory in windows xp?

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Ddr Ram - Does The Ram Need To Be Installed In Pairs ?

I am going to be upgrading the ram in a family members computer. I was told it was a hp with ddr ram. The computer has a 128 in it now. I was hoping to buy the ram before i traveled to their house. Can i buy any brand of ddr ram? Or should it match whats in the computer already. Does the ram need to be installed in pairs? Or can i buy a 512 and have 640 or buy a 256 and have a total of 384?

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640 Mb Ram Showing 610 Mb Ram

I have an 8800gts oc2 640mb ram card. Is there a piece of software that will tell me if the card actually has 640mb of ram?

I ran 3dmark06 and everytime it tells me i only have 610mb of ram. However, it did report 612mb ram when i started playing doom3. I know that some programs will only report the amount of ram as 640mb because those programs are reading the id tag off the card itself. But it would be good to have a program to tell me the amount of ram on the card after doing a scan or something like that.

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Using A 100mhz Ram With 133mhz Ram

Would i be better off not adding a 100mhz ram chip to my existing set of ram chips which are 133mhz?
I heard before that the difference in speed will cause some trouble in the system. But does it really?

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