Display Memory Read / Write Failure - Pc Gives 8 Beeps After Power On

I just installed an athlon 64 system. I kept getting 8 beeps right after i turned the power on and once in a while. According to by motherboard manual it means "display memory read/write failure" i never had this problem before with my old athlon xp system. What's wrong here?

Computer specifications:

Gigabyte ga k8ns ultra-939
Athlon 64 3200+
512 mb ram(had to take out 2 slices because the mb doesn't support 3 slices of ram)
Evga geforce 6800 gt

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Delayed Write Failure Error

Recently, i purchased a western digital premium es 500gb external hard drive. I formatted the hd from fat32 to ntfs, and reinstalled all the original software that shipped with the device. Transfering files from my pc to the my book works fine. However, when i attempt to transfer large files (usually above 2gb) from the my book to my pc, i receive a "delayed write failure" error message. The device stops responding, and i have to power it down and restart it. I am running windows xp sp2, and vista ultimate. I have experienced this problem in both operating systems. The device is connected to a usb 2. 0 pci controller card i purchased two years ago. All the ports have worked fine in the past, and i have never had problems with other peripherals connected to the port. All connections appear to be kb article 908673 discusses this issue and is releasing a hotfix (kb908673) w/xp sp3. I found and installed the hotfix, and continue to have the same problem. Has anyone experienced similar problems with an external hard drive? Does anyone know of a solution for this issue?

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Recommended Read / Write Drives

I was hoping that the forum members could offer some recommendations as to a read/write disk drive. You know for installing software and saving date and on read and writeable disks. I would like one that can do reading, writing, reproducing (burning) etc. I would like a brand that the forum members think is reliable and handles all the different media types that disks come in.

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How Important Is Random Read / Write 4 Kb Speed ?

I've recently bought an ocz agility 120 gb and installed it in my laptop (hp hdx16t). I bought this one over the intel because it offered a better gb/$ ratio and i really wanted the extra space over the 80 gb intel (and the 160 gb intel was out of the question due to price). After a fresh win7 64 bit install, the performance was truly great with some things and not as great as i was expecting with others. Not all things (like firefox, for example) immediately snapped up. So i downloaded and ran crystaldiskmark and checked the data rates. They appear to be not quite as good as they appear in the anandtech recent intel x-25m g2 review. Speed was good for sequential read/write and random read/write 512kb was good too, but random 4kb read/write was about 14mb/sec and 7. 5 mb/sec, respectively. I understand these scores are much better than a hdd, but according to reviews the intel's are getting closer to 50mb/sec read, 35mb/sec write for the random 4kb test. So my question is - how important is the 4kb random test? There are actually some areas where the ocz beats the intel (like sequential write and 512kb random write), so if these areas are just as important, maybe its worth keeping the drive. Should i keep the ocz and just be happy with it, or return it in favor of the smaller drive even though it would make data storage a little uncomfortable?

Any thoughts?

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Benchmark For Read And Write Speed Of A Usb Drive

Whats a good free benchmark for seeing the read and write speed of a usb drive?

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Cdrw - Read / Write Error Or Bad Medium Detected

A friend of mine bought my old hp 7200i 2x2x6 cdrw off me and is getting a burn error with nero and goldenhawk. The error seems to be the same and the drive acts fine otherwise. It worked great and nothing has been changed [ide wise]. Error: write command failed on device 1:1:0
Read/write error or bad medium detected 04h 00h 02h 03h 73h 02h

It happens right at the beginning of the burn-process, just after the lead-in is written.

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Compaq Deskpro Gives Three Beeps And Does Not Display

I have a compaq deskpro that gives three beeps and does not display on the screen i have put in memory but still problem not sorted out can anyone help.

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Random Power Failure

Lately, my pc has been randomly shutting off. I thought it might be a software issue, so i went to reformat my hd when it powered off. Here i am with a box w/ no os that keeps shutting off every 5 minutes. Every other computer in my house works fine, so it isn't an electricity issue. I also replaced the power supply, which cost me $60. What else could possible be causing theis odd phenomenon, because i would like my pc back.

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Get Power, But No Post And No Beeps

I get power, but no post and no beeps. I am trying the delete key to get into the bios. The cpu fan and rear fan are running on power up. I have double checked:

Running the monitor from the upper video with the "blue" sli slot
All power connectors to the motherboard look good

The dual ez card is flipped in the right direction. I can see some of the gold teeth showing from the side that is inserted - can anyone confirm that this is ok? I did have the sata cable plugged into a raid connection and have since put in in one of the single drive sata connections. When i get home i am going to revert to a single video card for testing purposes as well as pull out the optional usb connections to the motherboard. Basically try to get it down to a bare level so at least i can hear some beeps to try and get into the bios. Please if anyone has run into something similar to this, please tell your story and how you fixed it. I am worried that there is something wrong with my motherboard if i can't get past this.

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Antec Power Supply Failure

I've built quite a few desktop pcs systems, from motherboards, etc. And, i've also repaired quite a few machines (e.g.compaq, hp, gateway, etc). It seems that power-supplies are the failure point much more often than i had expected. Once again, a couple of days ago, on a six-month old machine i own and built, (with good fans, no overclocking, etc), i inserted a 2nd ethernet-pci card into it, and when i brought it up for the first time, it wouldn't boot. (No smoke or noises. )The little activity light seemed to indicate random action, just as though it was seeking the disk and booting, but nothing ever showed up at the console, not even initial bios output. So, i took the case-side off, and hooked up my little power-supply tester-unit. Sure enough, one of the tester's multiple green lights did not light up, and that red 'danger' light on the tester did light up! [It's a fairly nice antec 400-watt supply, which is plenty of wattage for this system. It is an antec model sp-400 'smartpower'. ]

Any advice or comments about how often power-supplies fail, or thoughts about why this one might have?

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Power Supply Failure Rate

According to be hardware these are the power supply failure statistics for the previous year, like all statistics they should be taken with a pinch of salt. They confirm though what most hexites knew already. Fortron: 0. 7%
Hiper: 1. 2%
Seasonic: 1. 4%
Thermaltake: 1. 6%
Tagan: 2. 8%
Enermax: 3. 0%
Antec: 9. 5%

Follow the link for details:-

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Memory Could Not Be Read Error

I am having trouble playing all games. With any source game or hl2 i am getting either "the instruction at 0x# referenced memory at 0x#. The memory could not be 'read" error or the hole system will freeze with looping sounds. Sometimes while just browsing the web the hole system will just freeze. When i am playing bf2 the game will crash to the desktop. When i turned off the vpu recover feature the game would go black screen for a few seconds then go back to the game. While playing diablo 2 my system will freeze with looping sounds. I dont think this is a heat issue (but it could be) because i removed the side panel off my comp and put a little fan. I am using the new catalyst drivers. Any help would be appreciated.

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Referenced Memory Could Not Be Read Errors

It seems like every since i installed sp2 i randomly get referenced memory could not be read errors. I cleaned my ram with a eraser, tested my ram, practically had my whole system checked out. I narrowed it down to sp2 since it all started when i installed sp2(or so i think its caused by sp2). Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions.amd athlon 1700+
768 ddr ram
Nvidia geforce 5200 w128 ddr ram
Elitegroup pro motherboard
Soumdblaster live 5. 1 sound card
Windows xp home wsp2

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Message: Digital Read Memory Is Wrong

Recently i bought a new 80 gig western digital hd (abotu 6 months ago), i get some obscure message about the digital read memory is wrong. Then as if that wasnt enough it says the disk parameters are wrong. Just to add on to my luck of the day, it says that its not formatted and if i would like to format it now. It worked yestorday, what the ***.

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Hp Pavilion Dv6000 - Error - Memory Could Not Be Read

I am currently trying to install a recovery disk into my hp pavilion dv6000 and i got a message stating, (the instruction at 0x8000d030 referenced memory at 0x0012ac60. The memory could not be read. ) I am not really sure what this message really means, so could someone try to inform me on the meaning as simple as possible.

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Added Memory No Display

I added memory to the computer a sony pcvr538ds system. When i apply power to the system, the fans come on, the led lights blink on the dvd rom drive and the cd-rw drive and the main hard drive sounds like it makes a short attempt at starting up and or accessing something. After that there is no more activity. There is no display at all (the monitor behaves as though it was not connected to a computer). The power button on the front of the case has no affect. The fans and leds come on as soon as external power is applied to the system. Pressing the power button does not reset or shut down the power. The hard drive access light comes on when power is applied and stays on all of the time. The computer does not emit any beeps and so there are no post beep codes that can be interpreted. I removed the added memory stick. I have tried to boot from a floppy and from a cdrom but it makes no difference. The results are the same. I have checked all of the external connections. I have checked all of the connections between the power supply and each of the devices. What do i do next to try to troubleshoot this problem?

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Hp Photosmart 7350 Printer Won't Read Memory Card

Ok i have a hp photosmart 7350 printer and it won't read my sd impact 1gb memory card. What should i do? Every time i try to put it in it says reading error on my printer. I've tried restarting my computer and unplugging and replugging it in but that doesn't help. Please, any advice?

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Computer Restarts On Bootup After It Display The Memory

When i start the machine, i see the fx 5500 on the screen. Then when it goes the the post window. Than it beeps once, (i know what one beep is), and starts to go through the list, but when it hits the processor, it shows amd athlon 64 3000 (what it is suppose to be), but right before it starts to display the memory, it restarts. Does the same thing over and over again. I opened up the computer, replaced the psu, thinking it might have been that. But, to no avail, i can seem to get the computer to boot past the cpu. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Btw, i have already check for more standoffs, than normal, and have check all connections to the motherboard, i have also check all the connectors to the computer to make sure that it wasn't that. The only thing that is different, is that i put it on a battery backup, but i didn't think that that would do this. I also, used the none battery backup parts of it.

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Hard Drive Beeps, 2 Beeps Then Repeats

Trying to add a second harddrive, which is wd 120gb. But when i plug it in (in same place where my other 80gb hd works) the hard drive beeps, (2 beeps) and then repeats. Depending on jumper settings somtimes it will continue to load, (with beeps) havnt let it go to far, bcoz i figure beeps are tellin me somthing is wrong, and somtimes shuts down after 15 or so seconds. What shall i do? On primary socket i have os hd, and cd-rom, on secondary ide i did have 80gb, set to master i believe, which worked fine. My goal would be to have all 3 working, as i need to copy data from one to other, however i would settle for just having new 120gb working and 80gb not there install.

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Backup: Can Not Write To Disk, Disk Write Error

I was saving the backup file in quickbooks & have done this thousands of times. During the backup it said can not write to disk, disk write error. Than the error started popping up for tons of folders on the same drive. This drive is my secondary drive, not the main drive. So i restarted my computer. & Chkdsk ran so i let it do its thing. It got to step 3 & said insufficient disk space to fix the bad clusters file. Chkdsk aborted. Which did not make any sense because this drive has over 200gb open. So now the computer is running ridiculously slow & my f & g drives (same hard drive partitioned) is now not being recognized. So i tried to run chkdsk on those drives & it said the drives are raw. The drive can not be raw because it has over 250 gb of files on it. So did my hard drive crash? I have had a crash in the past, but this seems different. When i go to my computer i see local disk f & g but that is not the names they used to be called & the drives dont open if clicked on them. Luckily i have everything backed up pretty regularly on 2 other drives. However it has not been backed up for a week or two so that part sucks. Does anyone have any ideas?

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5 Beeps, 1 Beep, 2 Beeps, And Then 3 Beeps

When i turn my computer on, i hear 5 beeps, 1 beep, 2 beeps, and then 3 beeps. What does this mean?

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Second Display In Dual Display Setup Has Stopped Working

I have a pc with dual monitors. Both monitors worked fine for a year, but one day the second display stopped working, and the second monitor. Itís an intel based system with pci-e ati hd2600 video card with dual dvi out. Monitors are both identical acer 22 inch lcds. The issue is that monitor a shows a proper display, but monitor b is blank and goes into power save mode. If i switch monitor a with monitor b, same result. Hence, both monitors are in working condition. If i swap dvi cable a with dvi cable b, same result. Hence, both dvi cable are in working condition. Iíve tried replacing the video card with a new pci-e card of a different brand. Same result. Hence the video card is not broke. If i only plug one monitor into the video cardís dvi output a, itíll work. If i only plug one monitor into the video cardís dvi output b, itíll work. Hence, both dvi outputs on the video card work, just not at the same time. Issue occurs the same during post, as well as in windows and ubuntu. Itís not a driver issue. Iíve tried updating the drivers. Iím not sure what this could be.

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Write Protection

I have been trying to save files from my c drive to a 128 mb usb flash disk and i get an error that the usb has write protection and i should remove it before trying to save or use another disk. How do i remove "write-protection" and what has cuased this so that i can avoid encountering this problem in future?

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Xp Write To 4.7gb Dvd

Usually i can drag a file onto a cd and windows can then write the file. But i have bought some 4. 7gb dvd+rw disks and when i try and copy a file to them i get an error. Also, sometimes when i first put the disk in, an alert box says its not file formatted. I can write to one of these disks using nti cd/dvd maker so basically my question is why can xp not work with these disks directly?

If these disks just require formatting, why do older style cds not require formatting and why don't the disks come pre-formatted?

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How To Write Video In Dvd?

Answer:- write video in dvd, first you must have a dvd burner drive(hardware) on your computer, most dvd burner drives have a text "dvd rw" on drive panel, you should check your computer to validate there is a right dvd burner drive on your computer, then you need to use a right dvd burner software. Oh, if you just want to write/burn your video onto a dvd disk as as a data dvd for backup, you can use a right software to directly burn your video into any dvd disk, you can try rz free dvd burner, it's free and easy to use, it can directly burn any files or folders to any dvd disk as data dvd, but you should note, the burned data dvd only play on computer, can't play on dvd player. So if you want to watch the burned dvd on your dvd player, you need to use a right software to convetr and burn your video to a video dvd that can be played well on dvd players, you can try rz dvd creator, it can convert any videos to video dvd and write/burn to any dvd disk(dvd+r, dvd-r, dvd-rw, dvd+rw, dvd-r dl, dvd+r dl, etc. ), And the burned video dvd can be played well on your dvd players. You can yahoo or google search and download rz free dvd burner or rz dvd creator, both easy to use, hope them can help you.

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Write Delay Errors In Window Xp

I started getting write delay errors in window xp mce 2005 and bsods. Now the bsods i think were coming from the video drivers (i was using v91. 37 at the time) but the write delay errors i can't explain. I currently have the 300gb sata ii drive partitioned into an 80gb drive (which is my main c drive) and the other 200gb partition as my main data drive (music, files, downloads, personal projects, etc. ) I also have windows xp x64 on a different physical hard drive but i never experience these write delay errors in xp64. These write delay errors will happen when i'm just surfing the web, getting ready to load a game, copying files, etc. What is odd though is that it doesn't happen all the time but is instead kind of sporadic. I even did a full reformat last night thinking it would maybe solve the problem, but it didn't.

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Hynix Usb Drives Write Problem

I bought these 4 gig usb flash drives and we need to write to them and cannot do. We have read the chip it is a hynix. Chip number hy27uh084g2m. Tcb-535a-m8sa7058. Can anyone please help with this problem.

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External Esata Drive Write Protected

I have an external drive i am using for backups with acronis home and the damn thing keeps getting write protected. I can remove the write protection with diskpart only if the drive is open in explorer and in a day or two it goes back to write protected and acronis can't save to it.

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Usb Drive Disappearing / Reappearing On Write

Recently purchased a hdd dock, the type where you push the bare drive into the top. Everything appears normal after inserting a disk until i try to write to the drive. When i try this the drive will disappear from 'my computer' and an error message appears informing me the disk is not available and a moment later the auto-play prompt will appear informing me the drive has been added. It's worth noting however a few small mp3's managed to copy over fine. What i've tried

1. Tried different hdd's
2. Different usb port and different usb cable
3. Tested on another computer
4. Changed the drive settings i.e. Write caching on/off

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Whs Error - Delayed Write Failed

Getting the following error on my whs: delayed write failed "windows was unable to save all the data for the file c:fs11$mft. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere. " It's popping up about every 2 to 3 minutes. Dead drive, something else? Any ideas?

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