Starcraft / Warcraft 3 Cursor Lag

I'm experiencing some pretty bad mouse lag in warcraft 3/starcraft that make the games pretty difficult to play. I have an intel 945g integrated graphics card, 1. 5 gb ram and a 1. 3 ghz dual core processor. I also play counter-strike 1. 6 without any laggy mouse issues.

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Huge Mouse Cursor In World Of Warcraft

Since upgrading to a 5870 card, whenever i play wow my mouse cursor increases in size to about double the normal size. If i turn off hardware cursor in wow it goes back to normal. Funny thing is that when i quit to windows 7 it still stays larger than normal. I tried installing wow from scratch. The second that i put the wotlk disk in and started the installer the cursor in windows 7 increased in size just like it did in the game itself !

Has anyone else found this happening to them ? It's bloody annoying me.

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Warcraft 3 - Frozen Throne - Cursor Is Slow

Ever since i got my geforce fx 5500 (256mb), i've been bothered by a relatively slow cursor in wc3:fz. It makes playing the game much less entertaining. Before i got that video card, i had a geforce mx 420 (64mb), and it would play fz beautifully, with no cursor problems whatsoever. Of course that's driving me nuts because the 5500 is supposedly much better. Besides, wc3:fz is not 'that' video power demanding. I've tried to play it on the 'lowest' graphic options, but there was no difference in cursor speed. On any graphic setting, there's no lag or performance issues at all; only the cursor is slow. Is there anyway to work this out?

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Mouse Lag In Warcraft 3 Game

Wondering if theres a way to fix mouse lag in warcraft 3 game. It feels pretty floaty. I was able to somehow fix it before with nhancer by changing the prerender limit to 0, but it doesn't seem to be working now. Any other way of fixing it?

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Mouse Lag In Warcraft 3 / Wow

Since a few days i got problems with a wierd mouse delay in wow / warcraft 3, i still play the mod dota alot. I googled a little, i found some forums where others noticed the same problem. By following some steps by disabling smooth mouse and enabling hardware cursor in wow advanced options i managed to remove my mouse lag in wow, but it is still present in warcraft 3. I got the problem ever since i got my new nvidia 6200 graphic card. Other topics with people with the same problem:

Found several other links with people describing the same problem, not knowing what caused it. As a gamer everyone knows playing with a mouse delay really makes it terrible. Specific details about the mouse delay:

- As soon as the game starts, my mouse acceleration starts to change, which is often the case when you start a game. -But, there is a delay, like if there would be a setting > delay the movement of your mouse by a xx amount of time. -I use a good logitech mouse, and for over 6 years i use mousefix, that removes your "auto" mouse acceleration in windows, since a few months that function is also build in the logitech drivers.

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Should I Get Starcraft 2 For Mac Or Pc?

Okay so ive been hearing great things about starcraft 2 and im gonna get it soon but im wondering if i should get it for my imac or hp dv6? If anyone would be kind enough to tell me what the requirements are for mac, could you please tell me, i don't mind for pc but you may tell me the requirements for pc if you want. I watched a video on youtube by ign showing side by side comparison on the lowest graphics settings and the highest, people say the lowest graphic setting s are good but other people are complaining about them having the lowest. I admit that they don't look very good compared to the highest settings. So if i go to target or some store, will the disc say if its for mac or pc or will the disc work on both? And will windows vista make the graphics better or worse compared to snow leaopard. I wanna get the mac version because my imac is 24 inches and my laptop is 17 inches and im better at playing in desktops.

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Best World Of Warcraft Settings

Ok i been playing wow since beta and video seems to be getting slower and slower with every patch that comes out. What i would like to know is what is the best settings for wow in the nvidia control panel. Back in the day i found settings that worked well i still have those setting in a document but a lot of stuff has changed and been added top the control panel. Please if you have a suggestion for the following settings please let me know.

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World Of Warcraft Freezes

I play world of warcraft. And sometimes. Very rarely, it suddenly freezes on me. The computer freezes completely and the sound sounds like a scratch disk repeating and repeating the last 3 seconds of sound. And the only thing that works is force a restart. No alt+ctrl+del or anything of that kind. I've tried waiting and it doesn't work either. This problem has been going on for around 2 months now. And like i said, it happens rarely. Like twice a week at most. Is this problem related to my ram? Could it be damaged?

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Hp Pavillion Dv9925nr Starcraft 2

Can my hp pavillion dv9925nr notebook run starcraft 2?

Here are specs:

Processor- amd turion 64 x2 mobile technology tl-60 / 2. 0 ghz

-4gb of ram

Graphics card- nvidia geforce 7150m shared video memory (uma)

I'm not sure how these components compare with the lowest specs needed. I really don't wanna spend 60 dollars on a game i can play.

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Warcraft Lags On Dell Inspiron

Warcraft lags on my brand new dell inspiron. Has nothing to do with my internet because it does it offline too? Like i said. I just got a brand new dell inspiron and installed warcraft onto it. Whenever i play the game i hit huge spikes and the game freezes for a few seconds then returns to normal. This has nothing to do with my internet because i have the same problem offline. I figure there is something that needs to be fixed on my computer.

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Suggestions For Machine To Play World Of Warcraft

I'm putting this system together to play world of warcraft with. I don't have very much money right now and my general goal is to buy only a few necessary pieces up front and buy the rest later. I have about a 500 dollar budget. This is what i'm thinking about buying. Motherboard: dfi lanparty ut nf4 ultra-d socket 939 nvidia nforce4 ultra atx amd motherboard - retail, cpu: amd athlon 64 3800+ orleans 2. 4ghz 512kb l2 cache socket am2 processor - retail, case: cooler master centurion 5 cac-t05-ub black /blue aluminum bezel , secc chassis atx mid tower computer case - retail

Hdd: western digital caviar se wd800jd 80gb 7200 rpm 8mb cache sata 3. 0gb/s hard drive - oem, ram: corsair valueselect 512mb 184-pin ddr sdram ddr 400 (pc 3200) system memory - retail x1 (i did want to buy 2 to start but i may not be able to afford two), os: windows xp home, what else may i need, and do you have any suggestion for better/cheaper parts? Are there any comptiability issues? Here is what i all ready specifications:

Ati 128 mb radeon 9800 graphics card

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Video Card For World Of Warcraft Game

I just bought a laptop for school (dual core 2. 1ghz, 4gb ram, 300gb hard drive, $800. ) And just for fun i wanted to see if i could run world of warcraft. So i went to the system requirements lab website and it analyzed my computer to see if it met the requirements. It said that my computer could run the game fine except for my video card wasn't good enough. I don't know much about video cards so i don't know how to tell a good video card from bad. It said i needed:

64 mb of video ram - i have 1. 7 gb
3d acceleration - i have that
Hw transform & lighting - i have that
Vertex shader ver. 2. 0 - i have 4. 0
Pixel shader ver. 2. 0 - i have 4. 0

So i meet all of those requirements easily but it still says my video card isn't good enough. It says i need at least a 64mb 3d graphics card with hardware transform and lighting (such as an nvidia geforce 6600 class or better). I have mobile intel(r) 4 series express chipset family (mobile intel(r) 4 series express chipset family)

I am confused. Can someone explain to me what i need to know?

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Dell Latitude D630 To Run Starcraft 2

Will my dell latitude d630 run starcraft 2? It has a 14. 1" screen will the graphics card handle it?

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Dell Dimension 2400 Upgrade For Warcraft 3

How do i upgrade my dell dimension 2400? I need to know how to upgrade my dell dimension 2400 because i had just recently bought warcraft 3 and i would really like 2 play it. My mhz is 400 i have 254mb ram. Answer:-
Well, with the information you've given us, it would take a lot to upgrade your computer to playable warcraft 3 specs. You'd need a new processor and more ram. However, a quick google of the dell dimension 2400 brings up tech specs that are much much better then the ones you have given so you may want to double check your specifications. The easiest way to know if you can run the game or not is to run this website:

It scans your pc and tells you if you have the requirements to play the game.

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Lags When Play Starcraft 2 On Ultra Shaders

How come it lags when i play starcraft 2 on ultra shaders? I have everything besides the shadows lighting and shaders ( which have to be on low for me to get good fps) so i was wondering why cant i run it on ultra?

My specs are:
1tb hdd
6gb ram
Dual quad core
Nvidia 8500gt

And could a power source of 450w hold a new graphics card?

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Radeon Hd 5770 To Play Starcraft 2 On Ultra

Will a single radeon hd 5770 run starcraft 2 on ultra? Will it run on ultra with no lag, also will it be able to handle games released next year? Or should i think about crossfire?

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Run Starcraft 2 With Intel Hd Graphics Card

Will my intel hd graphics card run starcraft 2? I have all the specs needed to run starcraft 2, except that my graphics card is an intel hd graphics card. I know that if i want to seriously game on my computer that i need an upgrade the card, but i just want to know if it'll run it and ill be able to play it.

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Play Starcraft 2 With Geforce Gtx 260

Can i play starcraft 2 with a geforce gtx 260 and a i7 core intel processor and a hp pavilion elite hpe pc? I am running it with all the graphics maxed out on an older core2 quad processor and a gtx275 with flawless frame rates. So, i would say absolutely your machine should be able to handle it.

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Galaxy Geforce 8400gs 512mb Settings On Starcraft 2

Does a galaxy geforce 8400gs 512mb graphics card enable high-ultra settings on starcraft 2? I have recently bought a new graphics card as in the title above, and i bought it to improve my quality experience on this game called starcraft 2. I've installed my graphics card, and i have seen a better quality improvement out of my desktop and some other apps that i've run. But as soon as i play starcraft 2, i try to change to settings to medium, it still lagged, and it wasn't even at high! I tried high and ultra settings after wards and it lagged like ***, and felt exactly like my old ati radeon 3200 default piece of crap gpu. Is my new graphics card unable to increase the quality on starcraft 2? Or am i missing some additional setups to make it happen? (Some sc2 players that have good quality graphics should be able to understand this question a little better. ) I believe that my graphics card is able to do better than my old piece of crap gpu for the least.

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World Of Warcraft With Intel Integrated Hd Graphics On I3 530

Will intels intergrated hd graphics on the i3 530 run world of warcraft will a decent fps?


Yes, that shouldn't be a problem. Wow is a low demanding game and will run with most onboard and integrated graphics controllers and being a online based game the performance is also dependable on other factors such as:

1) connection speed ( e.g 4m/bit )

2) ping ( 30ms/millisecond )

3) hardware . (Network card/router )

I have included hardware as a factor because a superior network card (n. I. C ) would significantly improve your ping times thus allowing you to experience a far smoother world of warcraft game and nic, s such as the " killer nic "( ) this network card actually uses a processor /npu (network processing unit ) that operates at 400mhz in tests improved ping times transfer to superior frame rates in games. However this wont improve ping times on a already poor broadband connection !

As i always state in answers regarding game performance its a balancing game. One superior piece of hardware does not make a gaming system, its better having a broad selection of mediocre hardware than one powerful component. You should have no problems. Enjoy world of warcraft .

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Asus Essentio Cm5570-ap006 To Run Starcraft 2

Will i be able to run star craft 2 on this computer with out any type of upgrades?

Here's the info on the computer

&Mdash;¦intel® core, ¢2 quad processor q8200

Features 4 processing cores, 1333mhz front side l2 cache and 2. 33ghz processor speed per core. &Mdash;¦6gb ddr2 memory

For multitasking power, expandable to 16gb. &Mdash;¦multiformat dvd±rw/cd-rw drive with double-layer support

Records up to 8. 5gb of data or 4 hours of video using compatible dvd+r dl and dvd-r dl media. &Mdash;¦750gb serial ata hard drive (7200 rpm)

Provides plenty of storage space and fast read/write times. &Mdash;¦nvidia geforce g100 graphics

Features up to 512mb of video memory for lush images. Supports 7. 1-channel high-definition audio. Hdmi port and dvi port for connecting hd components. &Mdash;¦see the benefits of an nvidia graphics processor in your desktop. &Mdash;¦built-in media reader

Supports secure digital, memory stick, memory stick pro and multimediacard formats for easy image transfer. &Mdash;¦8 high-speed usb 2. 0 ports

For fast digital data transfer and easy peripheral connectivity. &Mdash;¦built-in wireless connectivity (802. 11b/g/n)

For easy connection to the internet without wires. &Mdash;¦built-in 10/100/1000 ethernet lan

With rj-45 connector for quick and easy wired web connection. &Mdash;¦microsoft windows vista home premium edition 64-bit operating system with service pack 1 (sp1) pre-installed

For a stable operating platform. &Mdash;¦software package included

With adobe acrobat reader 8, microsoft works 9. 0, nero 8 essentials and more

So far ive been reading the reviews on this computer and noticed most of the common problems is the graphics card what would be a good one to upgrade it to? I will have it connected it thru hdmi to my tv.

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Can Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P8400 Run Starcraft 2 ?

Can intel core 2 duo processor p8400 run starcraft ii?

Can it run sc2? Here's the stats about it: http://ark.

And here's stats about sc2:


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Dell Inspiron 530 Video Card To Run Starcraft 2

Whats a decent, cheap video card for my inspiron 530 dell to run starcraft ii on? I'm running on a glorified. 4500 duo 2. 20 ghz processors, 2 gigabytes of ram, and my computer's stock video card, which is 101. 16% useless for gaming. I'll easily be able to afford some more ram, but the price for a new, decent video card is what's scaring me. I'd like to get the most bang for my buck, so any help would really be appreciated at this point! I have star-craft ii installed, and it's just sitting there.

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Radeon 5850 Or 5770 For Ultra Settings In World Of Warcraft

Radeon 5850 or radeon 5770 for ultra settings in world of warcraft: cataclysm? I want to be able to play good games later on in the future, but my main game is wow (maybe darkfall later) would you think this is a good computer for that? I am trying to make it a little bit future-proof, because pc gaming is my main concern and every year they release a game with higher and higher requirements. As for the video card; do you think 5770 is a bit overkill for wow? But as i said i am trying to make it future-proof, and i would like to be able to run things smoothly on ultra settings for wow and maybe some other games. My friend suggested that i buy the 5770 for now and then switch to 5850 later when its a bit cheaper (in 8 months or so) is that how it works? Can i play wow in ultra with the 5770? And finally, do you think that the motherboard/cpu can handle the radeon 5850. Cpu: amd athlon ii x4 630 propus 2. 8ghz quad-core am3 95w
Motherboard: gigabyte ga-770ta-ud3 am3 770 sata 6gb/s usb3. 0 atx
Video card: radeon hd 5770 1gb 128-bit gddr5 directx 11 or radeon 5850
Hard drive: western digital 500gb 7200 rpm 8mb cache sata 3. 0gb/s
Power supply: silverstone st60ef 600w 80 plus bronze certified
Cooler: arctic cooling mx-2 thermal compound
And the sound card is what comes with the motherboard, and the internet as well.

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Will Starcraft 2 Run On Intel Core I3 With Integrated Hd Gpu Core ?

Will starcraft 2 run on a brand new laptop with an intel core i3 with integrated intel hd gpu core? I have a brand new dell vostro laptop with an intel core i3 with an integrated "intel hd" graphics core and 3gb of ram. Does anyone know is this will be enough to power starcaft 2? Does anyone out there have any experience playing starcraft 2 on a laptop with a similar set-up? If so, could you please chime in with details about your experience and the quality settings you play with?

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Mouse Cursor Skips

So i put a new one on the system and guess what? It skips. What's with that? Win 98se

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Huge Mouse Cursor

Anyone else have the issue with a 5850 where the mouse cursor blows up to an abnormally large size? Usually after running a 3d application. It's weird it only does it on 1 of my monitors (i use 2)

Any thoughts?

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Mouse Cursor Scrolls Down On It's Own

Once in a while my mouse, ms intellimouse exporer 3. 0 mouse cursor will just scroll down on it's own one "click" it sucks for games where all of a sudden i am now using the wrong weapon! I just reformated my system and it's still doing this, any ideas?

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Mouse Cursor Moves Automatically From Up To Down

Whenever i connect my pc to internet (dialup, gprs) my mouse pointer starts messing up with me. It automatically starts moving from up to down from left to right randomly. I think i should specify here that it only happens when i connect my pc to net. Whenever i try to click on some link it just slips down. I think there is no problem with the mouse or there is no hardware related problem, i have tried replacing the mouse but of no use. The only thing in my mind is a virus or some stupid trojan tryin to hijack my mouse pointer. Any body having any idea what's wrong?

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Mouse Pointer ( Cursor ) Not Responding

My friend is having a problem with his mouse not working. He is able to move the mouse cursor around but then it doesn't respond when clicking on an icon, taskbar, or anything. Can anyone help diagnose the problem we are are having?

He is running windows xp 32bit and his comp is really old (his mouse still uses the track ball and is not via usb port) and i think his pc has some other problems of it's own that could be related to this, but i don't know.

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