Hp Laserjet M1522nf Cannot Scan Photos

Operating system: windows xp. The drivers are properly installed. I scan by going to my computer and clicking on the scanner. Now, when i go to my computer the scanner does not show up. Yes, the scanner is on! It is a scanner, printer, and fax machine. I tried using the scan program at start > all programs > hp > hp laserjet m1522 > scan, however, i receive an internal message error. I constantly have to re-install and re-set up everything using the cd, it is getting on my nerves.

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Epson Nx115 Scan Photos

Whats the easiest way to scan photos on to my dell inspiron 1000 computer from my epson scanner? When i scan photos with my epson nx115 scanner/printer the "my pictures" folder fills up after a few photos and i get a message saying "disk is full". Any suggestions?

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Hp Photosmart C5283 Cannot Scan Photos

I can't scan my photo's 2 my pc even though i downloaded & loaded the drivers -hp photosmart c5283? Please can you help me on what i can do, because when i try to scan to my computer it says there is no connection (even though the usb is plugged in and how would i have printed if there was no connection!). Anyway need help (don't have the cd drivers, just downloaded them).

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Scan Photos From Computer Into Pictures Folder

Why cant i scan photos from my dell computer onto my pictures folder? Usually, it gives me the option of just scanning and downloading it onto my pictures folders. I put a photo in my scanner and hit "my pictures" and it is not giving me that option. It says that i can copy my photos already on there. It's like it's not recognizing my scanner. My scanner was working fine and i just used to it to copy some photos onto paper for an ad. Should i call dell? I just hate to 'cause it takes hours and i can't understand them most of the time and i have to have them repeat themselves a dozen times, lol! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Like i said, all i want to do is scan a photo onto my computer and store it under "my pictures".

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Dell 810 Printer - How To Scan Photos ?

How do you scan photos to a lap top using a dell 810 printer? The printer is not wireless and instead of scanning the photo it just prints a load of blue lines out.

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Scan Images From Hp Laserjet

How do i scan images to my email address from my hp laserjet all in one printer?

Answer:- you cannot scan documents directly to yahoo email, or any other internet/online email, since it's an internet on-line application. You can only do that with email applications that are loaded onto and run from the computer itself like ms outlook. You'll have to scan them into files then attach them to the yahoo emails.

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Scan Document On Hp Laserjet 3050

How can i scan document on hp laserjet 3050 ? We are using the printer hp laserjet 3050 all in one printer, scan, photocopy and fax. I want to scan document but printer is not connected direct to my computer. It is connecting with lan system. So how can i scan the document via my computer and printer?

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Hp Laserjet 3330 Scan Software

I need to scan from my hp laserjet 3330? I need a software for scanning from hp laserjet 3330. I need the software that would let me scan from hp laserjet 3330, give me a link that would give me a software so i could download the software.

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Scan In Color With Hp Laserjet 3015

How can i scan in color with a hp laser jet 3015 printer/scanner?

Answer:- put the picture in the scanner. Make sure its connected to your computer and its turned on. Go to control panel and find where it says printers and scanners. Click on the scanners name, probably hp 3015 or something. Make sure its in the color setting, and just keep clicking next. It should scan and then save the picture in the folder you want.

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Hp Laserjet - Scan Get Black Line Down Right Side

I have a hp laserjet 3015. When i scan i get a black line about 3 inches thick down the right side. ? I have tried to tilt the front forward and clean the scanner but still have that line. Any suggestions?

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Hp Laserjet 3050 Scan Document Into Pdf Format

How can i use the hp3050 and scan document into pdf format. I can see jpeg, png, fpx, tif, gif, bmp but no pdf?

Answer:- u can try foxonic, a powerful image to pdf converter and very easy to use. 2 steps to convert scanned images to pdf with foxonic:

(1) click "settings" -> set building mode to "all to one" and set destination pdf file name, location. (2) select all the image files and right click the selected source files, click "build selected files to pdf", then all the selected files will be converted to destination pdf file automatically. U can download and try it for free from here:

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Getting Back Deleted Photos

How you get back deleted photos? Answer:- you can often successfully recover deleted files from a pc, phone or camera memory card or usb memory stick, it just depends on whats happened since the files were deleted. When you delete files the data itself isnt deleted, just the index entry that says where the data for those files is located. The space containing the deleted files is also now marked as free space so it is available to the system for any new files to be written there instead. If and when that happens, then it becomes too late to recover your deleted files so it is very, very important to not save any new files or data to the device concerned. If the deleted files are on a memory card or usb memory stick, just dont save any new files to it. One of the easiest ways to see if you can recover deleted files is to try some file recovery software. Recommended asoftech recovery as it saved my life many times.

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Printer That Print Photos 9 X 12

What are some good quality printers that print 9 x 12 photos, for a like a modeling portfolio. I want one at home so that i can build my own portfolio. Its not so much of me making a portfolio to get a modeling job, but because i just love the way models look in their portfolios, and since i get told i look like a model [downfall: im only 5'4], so i just want to have fun in making one, kinda like having a professional album of myself. No i do not want to go to a photographer. Well maybe one day, but for now i dont want to get too excited about modeling because what i really want to be is a fashion designer. [P. S. , Do you know of any quality digital cameras? I have one which is 8 mega-pixels, but the photos still come out looking old and dull, and doesnt have that many settings. Any digital cameras that come out clear, sharp and vivid? And can change the scheme[like black&white, sepia, etc]?]

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Watermark Photos Free Software

I am looking for a free software to add my watermark to my photos, any suggestions? I would like something with a little "wow" to it as far as looks instead of just the plain old text. Maybe some design with it as well. Know of a good software?

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Cannot Locate Scanned Photos Using Hp Scanner

I have scanned two photos using hp j 6480-ided as scan 0001 and 0002 i cannot locate them on my computer-help? If you selected "scan and save" you will have the browse option of where you would like them to be saved. Scan another photo and check this browse setting to locate the previous photos. However, if you only selected scan they may not have been saved.

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Lexmark Scanner - Crop And Join 2 Photos To 1

My printer scanner is lexmark x190, i use windows xp, can i crop and join 2 photos to get everyone into one?

Answer:- it's unlikely that any 'packaged' editing software will be capable of that. You'd need a 'paid for' application like paint shop pro etc. Try a low-tech solution - print a copy of each photo and (assuming they are of similar sizes) use a skill/craft knife or scissors to 'crop' them. Then join with scotch tape on the back and scan. Use your editing suite to erase any join marks and re- print.

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Photos Imported From Usb Drives Are Corrupted, Fragmented

A lot of things are fine on my pc usb drives, such as my ipod, printer, mouse, keyboard etc. But they have issues with some of my devices such as my finepix s1000fd camera - operation is fine except any photos imported from it are strangely corrupted, all fragmented, in shades of dodgy colours. The camera is fine on any other pc. Also giving me problems are my psp, usually freezing windows explorer when i try to access it. Similarly, 2 different card readers i've tried usually do the same thing. I tried renaming the drive assigned to s: then l:; this enabled access but the drive simply appeared as empty so i assigned it back to g:. Again, these are all fine on other computers. The common problem that can be traced here is that usually peripherals work fine like mouse and keyboard, and hard drive based devices like my ipod, but devices using flash memory - sd and sony memory stick - do not. Because of this i presume (i hope) the problem is software not hardware based. Would be very, very grateful if anyone has any idea of a fix.

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Print File Names On Photos With Hp 6500 Printer

Is it possible to print file names on photos with an hp 6500? Now i know i could take each picture and throw it into microsoft paint and then add text to it but i work for a home improvement company and we want to be able to match photos with their file names(which is something like img#) because we have written those file names down on the folders associated with the houses that we've taken pictures of. Here's the process: our production guy goes to a house where we'll be working and gets specific information for the installation crew. He takes pictures of the house, which are used as before pictures. He writes down the picture numbers/file names on the folder associated with that house. He brings the camera in after several days of taking pictures of 3-5 houses with 3-5 pictures of each house. So we're talking 9-25 pictures a day for however many days. And puts his memory card in the printer to print the photos to put with the houses and we want a way to match the photos up without him having to get on the computer and look at each individual photo to get its number. I hope that makes sense and i look forward to your answers.

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Cannot Install Hp Laserjet 5p

Can't install hp laserjet 5p, os is windows xp, im using a parallel port to usb adapter to make the connection? I recently acquired a hp laserjet 5p with a new toner cartridge. I know its works cause i turn it on a print a specifications page if you press the blue button on the front. The page comes out quite fast and looks impeccable. When i connect the printer to my laptop the via the "parallel port to usb adapter" windows installs a printer support. It does not recognize that it is a laserjet printer or even install a new printer at all. I have tried to install the printer via the control panel by plug and play (windows does not even see a printer to install) and have manually tried telling windows what it is connected to and it still will not send anything to the printer. Please help, i really need a printer and hate going to the library to print off homework.

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Printer Laserjet Around $200

Just yesterday my inkjet printer ran out of black ink, and it's been out of color for quite awhile. The thing is as old as the dinosaurs, and i'm looking into getting something better. 99. 9% of the time, i only print black and white, so i'm in the market for a new laserjet i suppose as i understand they're much better overall for just black/white stuff. The printer would be just for me and speed isn't of the essence, so i don't need something that cranks out a thousand pages per minute. I'm mainly looking for something solid and reliable that'll last me awhile. Budget is probably < $200.

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Hp Laserjet P2015dn Password

Hp laserjet p2015dn, default web password? I did a cold reset (hold down the go button for at least 5 seconds when the printer is power on). I tried these default password with no user name : "blank", password, password. Nothing works!

I can 't find any official hp document that mention it. Any idea?

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How To Open Up Hp Laserjet Printer ?

How do i open up an hp laserjet 4000 to repair a broken on off button? How to remove panel? My hp laserjet 4000 power button is stuck in the off position, i think the spring is jammed. How do i remove the side panel to inspect or repair? I am not a computer expert.

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Hp Laserjet M1319 - How To Connect ?

How do i connect my hp laserjet m1319f mfp to my computer? I just bought a new hp laserjet and i have no idea how to connect it with my desktop?

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Hp Laserjet 1100 - How To Connect ?

How do i connect my hp laserjet 1100? I got the printer but it did not come with any cords how do i i connect it.

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Hp Laserjet 5p Printer Problem

I have a very old hp laser jet 5p printer here at work. I cannot get an upgrade printer. I recently had to replace the ink toner. When i printed out the page it would print blurry and would double print. I did a print test page. It was blurry and the paper has turned grey and on the back of the paper is grey also. The page also has white lines that run up and down the page. So my question is how do i fix this printer issue? I must have the printer to perform my job. There is nobody at my office except for me.

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How To Use Copy On Hp Laserjet 1100 ?

I need to copy some checks. How to use the copy part of the hp laserjet 1100 a? Anybody know how to use the copy part of the machine? I need to copy some checks. Where do i put the check to be copied? I cannot find a manual.

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Hp Laserjet Multifunction Printer

Hp laserjet m1522nf multifunction printer - control panel not working? Printer was working fine yesterday, today it does not work.control panel buttons all do not work, no beeps, or menu change. Just have a hp printer and a <<<< just under it. Power cycled the printer. No change.

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Hp Laserjet Paper Jam

I am at work, i am contracted to do phlebotomy for a doctors office- leaving the office is not a feasible option. I came into work this morning and there was a jam in the printer, someone tried to pull the paper out but as i was out on friday i'm not positive the details. Anyway the paper is all torn up and i can barely see the tail end of it, i have reached in several times and torn my hands all up trying to get to it but i just can't reach. Its amazing to think at a dr. 's office we have no tweezers. The printer keeps telling me to open and close the top cover, which i have done about 5000 times with no results. Anyone know what to do?

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Hp Laserjet Cp1210 Printer Issue

Hp laserjet cp1210 printer will not respond to commands. It won't delete job in query. I can't delete the printer. Printer won't print. It won't do anything. How do i get it to respond and clear the print job?

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Hp Laserjet 1300 Stopped Printing

Hp laserjet stopped printing all of a sudden, paper still trapped in. Whats the matter? I have hp laserjet 1300 which i bought a few months ago. Today i was printing an assignment, i printed 2 3 pages and when i inserted the forth one the printer stopped printing all of a sudden. The paper is trapped in and the printer isn't responding at all exept the orange light is blinking continuously. Can anyone tell what problem is it?

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