Is Ata 133 Faster Than Scsi ?

Someone i know says that a 7200 rpm ata133 drive smokes a 15k rpm ultra3 scsi drive. I don't think this is true, but i could be wrong. So what's the deal?

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Ide (ultra Ata) To Serial Ata Adapter - How Will It Work?

I just bought a brand new 120 gb 7200rpm samsung sata hard drive to replace my 80gb maxtor 5400rpm ata hard drive because it was acting up and i decided to get a new one. Anyways, i just got it in the mail and to my dissapointment i have ide connections and a ata interface/motherboard. I looked online to find an adapter and i did find a few but dont know which one/kind to get. I dont want to buy a new motherboard or a 80$ sata card or anything. I have ultra ata and want to connect my serial ata hardrive to it. But these adapters im looking at i think work for serial ata motherboards to hook to ultra ata hardrives. Or can it work the other way around? I think i got the jist of it and can hook it up if i did get one. Can i use my ide cable to hook onto the 40 pin adapter slot then the other end into my motherboard or does it have to go somewhere else. Im just a little confused thats all from a picture i saw on a website that hooked one up. Can anyone help me here?

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Sata Vs. Ata Harddrives

My kid's harddrive crashed and burned yesterday. The damm wdigital 120gig drive i purchased in 2004 apparently only had a 1yr warranty (i swear the damm box said 3yr warranty. I don't buy drives with 1yr). So it's out of warranty. My question. Anyone know of western digital trying to pull a fast one like this (about changing 3yr to 1yr warranties)?

Secondly, i found a 300gig maxtor at office depot for $50bucks (after rebate). No way in *** the kid is gonna use all that. But if i update the kid's system in a couple of years will an ata hard drive work with the new sata motherboards? I know it's only $50bucks, but still!

Or. I have an old seagate 8. 2gig drive i could put into the system. But with winxp taking 1gig and most of these damm kid games using up about 300-500megs each. Well that space would be gone in no time flat.

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Serial Ata And Optical Drives

I was wondering if a motherboard supports serial ata hard drives, then what kind of interface does the dvd and cd (optical) drives use?

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Big Ata-6 Laptop Drives

Was looking for a new drive for this pata laptop but i couldn't find anything big(largest was a 320 that was only 5400rpm), did anyone ever make a 7200rpm drive in pata that was larger than 60 or 80gb?

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Notebook Ata To Sata Adapter

Does such a thing exist? And if so, would i also need a separate adapter for different power plugs? I have an older powerbook g4 that i'd like to update with a new, faster hard drive and there don't seem to be many around that are ata.

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How To Know If Cd Drive Has Sata Or Ata Connection ?

How do i find out if i have an sata or an ata cd drive connection? I've got to buy a new drive and i want to get the right kind. Where would i go to on windows xp home edition to find out what kind of connection my cd drive uses? And do you recommend external cd dvd rw drives?

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Installing With A Serial Ata Hard Drive

A friend recommended i buy a sata hd with my new computer. Now i can't get my operating system floppies and cd to recognize it. In my bios it says my primary master and primary slave ides are blank. My secondary master is my cdrom and my secondary slave is my zip drive. The 120gb sata drive is at third master. It recognizes it in bios as a hard drive when i did a hd detection. I am trying to install like this: i have a win98 boot floppy that i put in first. I run fdisk to create a dos partition and then put in a win98 cd and install win98. After win98 is installed, i put in my win2000 upgrade cd and upgrade the os to win2000. So it seems like it's not creating a dos partition on the right drive but when i ran format c:, it formatted a 120gb hd. And i have no idea what other drive it would be creating a dos partition on. But when i put the win98 cd in the drive and run setup.exe, it says i need at least 735909909 bytes of space to install windows.

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Connecting An Ata-6 Laptop Drive To A Desktop

I'm wondering is there any way to connect an ata-6 laptop hardrive to a desktop computer? This is the drive in question:

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Ata / 100 Harddrives Not Running At Full Speed

Two of my systems at home (one windows, on linux) each have two hard drives installed. The problem being that the secondary hard drive on each machine is only being used in udma mode 2. These drives shold be functioning in udma mode 5. I have been through the hardware device configuration on the windows xp machine. I can only toggle between pio and udma modes, i cannot increase the speed of udma modes. Thus, my second wd harddrive always reports udma mode 2. I am using an asus p4p800 mobo, and according to the specs, both channels will run at udma 5. I want it at 5, dag nabbit!?

Now for the linux machine. You'll notice i have both drives on the same channel for this one, but i still have the same issue. The primary drive is working at udma mode 5, while the secondary drive is only at udma mode 2. Shouldn't they both be in mode 5? I've been using hdparm to try and force the drive, but it will always fall back to udma mode 2. I can't figure it out. At first, i thought the hdd cables weren't capable of reaching ata/100, but they indeed are the right cables in both machines. I've even switched the drives around in each machine to see if anything would change. No matter what i do on either machine, the secondary drive is always defaulting to udma mode 2.

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Scsi Server

Alright i just recieved an old scsi server. I mean this thing was top of the line. A long time ago. It uses dual x86 family 5 model 2 stepping 11 cpu's. And it has 97, 460kb of ram. It also includes an old ati video card and a 352watt psu. I was wondering if i still used the psu. Video card. And hdd's would it be worth upgrading. And how much would that cost. I'm alos wondering if i could get an ide controller card and if that would work so i could put a faster cd-rom in.

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How Many Scsi Drives Can I Use ?

I have 4 15k scsi's in r0 right now. How many more can i add?

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Ultra Ata 100 Harddrive, Ultra Dma 33 Mobo

I read in another thread that ultra ata and ultra dma are the same thing. So i know that part. My question is this. Will an ultra ata 100 harddrive work on a motherboard that only supports ultra dma 33?

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How Faster Firewire Than Usb ?

I know that firewire is faster but how is it faster than usb? I upload my minidv tapes using windows encoder at 1280*720 and at 20mbps and then i do my editing. Does firewire collect more information or something?

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Scsi Parity Usefulness

When is using scsi parity a good idea, and not a good idea. I assume that parity will constrain throughput, and like in ram, the parity really isn't needed most of the time. Would parity for scsi hard drives and tape drives make sense, or is it not needed?

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Which Is Faster ? Ram Vs Processor

If i bought a desktop that had 3. 0ghz and 512mb ddr ram or a laptop that had 1. 5ghz and 1gb ddr ram, which would be more solid for running large applications such as photoshop, dreamweaver, and flash (at the same time) while being connected to the internet and listening to streaming music?

What i'm trying to ask is, what is more important to a system? Will i be expecting too much of a laptop trying to run such demanding tasks?

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Scsi Raid Questions

Ok. Here is the plan: im thinking about getting a raid card with maybe 3-4 scsi or ide hard drives to raid0, i want to boot to raid using only windows98se, i also want to be able to add ide drives to the regular motherboard slots. So, 1. Are there any problems with this?
2. Can i put one drive on the raid card seperate from the combined drives?
3. It sounds like a raid0 is real antsy. Is it more prone to data loss than a regular hard drive?
4. Do i need to have exactly the same drives to raid?- What about different size, model or brand?
5. And anything else you feel like contributing, im researching it, but its always nice to hear any tips u might have.

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Scsi To Usb Adapter

A few times now i've been stuck wishing that i had a scsi to usb adapter so i could image or pull data from a scsi drive. Currently, i just throw an old hba in my pc and hook up the drive that way. The drives are always 68 or 80 brings up a few hits and it looks like these were popular years ago, but even then they were very slow and most of the time only had 50 pin connections on them. They seemed to be often used with the old iomega zip and jazz drives and only supported usb 1. 1. I'd like to add one to my recovery kit if possible, but i can't find much info. Thoughts?

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Print Faster With Hp Printer

How can i get my hp printer to print faster than it does?

Answer:- the speed of the printer is based on many things that make up it's capability. The print "engine" is software that was created based on the hardware limitations of the machine. Most people should not mess with hacking the printers firmware. The only thing that us consumers can do to change speed is to either get a newer printer or lower the resolution of your printer. The lower the resolution, the faster the print job. It also has the benefit of being cheaper because it uses lass ink. You can print a job in b&w instead of color that will also lower the print speed but i kinda call that a change in resolution because color and b&w are kinda like a resolution change. It will also be cheaper too.

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How Do You Make Download Faster?

Answer:- downloading faster is based on three main factors:


Your internet speed is an obvious and big factor in just how fast you can get that directors cut of avatar. Unless you can afford to fork out the extra redies to upgrade your broadband, there's not much you can do here. Server side connection:

If you're downloading something that's sitting on a server in the next town, chances are you're gonna get a fast connection. Download something that has to pass through many servers around the planet, and watch the download speed drop off!

In short, you can only download something as fast as the hosting server can upload it. Bandwidth:

If you're already downloading the entire "best of queen" album, while playing counterstrike with 11 mates, talking on teamspeak and running msn, chances are good you downloads will crawl along at speeds reminiscent of the eighties, when dialup was king!

If you're downloading somethign and want it to be as fast as possible, close as many programs as you can that will simultaneously use your internet. This includes, but isn't limited to, msn, skype, teamspeak, any mmorpg, other downloading programs like limewire, bittorrent etc. Also, other computers that share the internet connection through a common router will also put a drain on the available bandwidth if these computers are also downloading data.

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How To Get Usb Ports To Activate Faster ?

I hope this is simple, i have an external fingerprint scanner that i use for password security. Is there anyway to get the usb ports to activate quicker when the system is booting up (xp home), cause it gets to the sign in page and is waiting for my fingerprint but the usb ports are not hot yet so the scanner won't work yet, it takes another 15 or 20 sec till it is ready. I hate waiting.

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Cannot Boot Scsi From Ami (p4c800-e)

Problem: cannot find any bootable devices. I just upgraded from a p3 (p3v4x / phoenix bios) to a p4 (p4c800-e / ami), but apparently i do not see there is a choice of "boot from other devices (eg. Scsi)" in ami as it appared in phoenix (ami does not have it). I was just wondering if its just ami not supporting 3rd party scsi raid, my raid problem, or do i just not know how to configure it

If you have a working raid using ami or using p4c800, could you kindly tell me how did you configure your boot priority (the two boot choices you only have).

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Scsi: Clarification Cable Availability

This is my first scsi / raid experience . I have 11 or 12 (haven't decided) scsi hdds that i need to connect to my raid controller card. It's my understanding that i can connect all of these drives on one channel of the controller with one cable as long the drives/controller are wide scsi (but only seven if it is narrow scsi). Is this correct?

If yes, does anybody know where i can get a cable to do this? I need one connector for the card, 11 device connectors (one for each drive), and one for an active terminator. I can't seem to find a cable with connectors for more than seven devices. Hdds have 80-pin connectors (i know i'll need 80-pin to o68-pin adaptors), and i can connect to either the internal or external 68-pin connector on the raid card.

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Physical Difference Between Ide, Scsi

I am currently studying tech support in computing and have to determine the difference between ide, sata, scsi - im searching the net but finding mostly "sellers" comparisons - can anyone guide me on this issue or where to go. I know the physical difference between ide & sata & i know scsi is dearer & used more in servers but need to know compatibility, pros & cons for each & brands - can anyone help. I can't help you right now but i will find out what ya need to know at school. I need to know the physical difference between ide & scsi before 12:00 tomorrow. Can ya help me?

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Scsi Vs. Sata 150 On Raid

I was looking for hard drives on the next computer i am building and was wondering which is better: a single scsi or two sata 150 hdd on raid. I'm looking at anything about 80 gb up to 200 gb and mostly for performance drives versus storage. The motherboard in the system will be a msi k8n neo 4 platinum and the cpu will be a 3700+.

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Scsi Cd Rom Drivers For Dos

I need to find some drivers for a scsi cdrom in a compaq prosignia 300 so i can install windows 95 on it. I cant find any that work anywhere. Can anyone point me in the right direction. The windows 98 boot disk doesnt recognise it. Where's your god now?

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Scsi To Ide Or Sata Adapter

I just picked up some computers up last night and i have a couple hard drives are scsi and i wanted to know if there was some kind of a adapter that can go from scsi to ide or sata or not?

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Does Scsi Drive Model Matter ?

I need add a couple new scsi drives to my hp at work. The problem is the drives have been discontinued. I have never worked with scsi before but do the drives all have to be the same size and model?

I could always go with 1 147gb drive instead of the 73gbs but i don't know if they will work. Right now the hp has two of the 73gb 15k rpm drives.

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Disable This Device Can Perform Faster

I have a laptop with a usb 1. 1 sockets only running windows xp sp2. Whenever i plug-in my usb flash drive or wireless card (both of which are usb 2. 0 devices), i get the annoying balloon/message pop up stating "this device can perform faster" (if plugged into a usb 2. 0 port etc). Both devices work fine at 1. 1 speeds, and i don't want to be reminded of the fact that i only have a 1. 1 socket every time i plug the bl**dy thing in!

Is there any way of making a registry entry/edit or some other way to stop this popping up? I've found plenty of info on how to turn pop-up balloons/messages off altogether, but i only really want to stop this one.

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This Device Can Perform Faster Vista

I am running vista premium on my laptop and frequently use a wireless usb mouse and flash drives. My laptop has developed a habit of popping a balloon up saying "this device can perform faster" however, this happens quite frequently (every 10 minutes or so) even when there isn't anything plugged into any of the ports. Today i ensured that all of the usb drivers were up-to-date and restarted thinking that the problem would be resolved but the balloons continue to appear. I have not plugged in any usb devices since the restart and driver update. Also, my laptop makes the sound as if something is connecting and disconnecting then the balloon message appears. If someone could help me out that would be great - the noises and balloons are starting to get very annoying!

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