Dell Computers Made In Which Country ?

Which country produces dell computers? My dell says made in china on it.

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Is Usb Technology Country Dependent ?

A friend of mine has just bought a digital camera from japan, and the shop assisstant has told her it is set up for japanese usb ports only. As far as i knew, usb is not country dependent.could there be any truth in this?

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Are Wd Drives Cheaply Made ?

Are wd drives cheaply made? Today i was told they're cheaply made from hong kong.

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What Purposes A Software Driver Is Made ?

I just wanted to know : how a software works with and uses a device through its driver installed on the os? First please let me know for what purposes a driver is made and does it contain any libraries to use for programming ?

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Why Can't A Keyboard Be Made With A Built-in Microphone ?

Why can't a keyboard be made with a built-in microphone? Honestly. All of these gaming keyboards come with microphone ports, why not just have the damn keyboard be the microphone? Im tired of trying to find space on my desk or where-ever i may be to put the stick and the skin on my ears is way too sensitive for headsets. Honestly. The microphones on cellphones are less than a mm in diameter. Why can't they be incorporated with the keyboard?

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Power Supply Made A Loud Pop Noise

Silverstone st75f power supply. I went to sleep, woke up, the computer was off. I tried to turn it back on, unplugged the psu, power button, etc, nothing worked. Then the power supply made a loud pop noise with a giant spark. I pulled it out and its dripping a whitish liquid. Anyone ever seen anything like this?

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Ram - Laptop Made A Rapid Clicking Noise

I have an ibm 600e series thinkpad and i put in 256mb of ram (originally it was only 128). This ram is brand new, out of the package, only that when i put it in, my laptop made a rapid clicking noise and it just stays on the turn on screen saying ibm thinkpad and the kb of ram in the upper lefthand corner. It never gets past this stage and i don't know why. I looked up my ram and it's compatible with my laptop. Is there a button i need to push or something i need to do in order for this to work?

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Has High Speed Connections Made People Impatient ?

Has high-speed connections made people impatient? I used to play quite a few games online, warcraft 3, for example. I played on dial up, my connection was stable with little lag and minimal delay, but when i was waiting downloading the game maps, people would damn near always kick me from their games, as if they cant wait the extra 2 minutes for me to download the map, i can't get high speed where i live, so when it comes to gaming im left with very little. Has anyone else had similar problems? I believe high speed internet is making people extremely impatient, and its incredibly annoying.

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Selling Old Computers

Me and a friend has access to a good amount of old computers. If they are ours, or other friends that have them tacked up in their basements. If i could fix them, wipe the hdds clean, and sell them. How much do you think i would get on ebay? Pretty old computers i would say, ranging from 150mhz to 600mhz, around 128mb of ram a piece. But each computer varies. I realize that they could be good for web browsing, instant messaging, coding html, or other mildly intensive tasks. So i figure at least someone would want them. We were hoping around $100 a piece. Some have old 15" crt monitors, some don't. I suppose that we could throw in a crappy keyboard and mouse that we have lieing around. Think $100 is a good expectation?

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How Do Computers Work ?

I'm looking for a good article or explanation on how computers work. I've always wondered how a big box of silicone, plastic, and wires plugged into a wall socket can produce. Well. Anything. For example: what happens when i hit a letter on my keyboard? How do the letters i press create images of those letters on the screen? Its such a fascinating field i know so little about.

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Freezing Computers

Well, i dont know whats wrong but my brother keeps on complaining about his computer freezing. Yesterday he said it froze 10 times and it won't resolve even if you wait all day. Until you restart it. It occurs completly randomly, sometimes during a screen saver, sometimes when he mixing songs, sometimes when its just idling, sometimes with itunes. Any idea of what it could be? Someone suggested heat but all fans are going.

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How Much Electricity Do Computers Use ?

I have a $60 allowance for electricity in my new apartment. Anything over, i pay extra. How much more would leaving my computer on 24/7 cost as opposed to turning it on just when i need it? Do they draw enough current to make a difference? How much difference $ wise do you think it makes?

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Whats Your Computers Name ?

I thought this was a bit srange. I was over a friends house the other day and he started to refer to his computer by name. !?! Has he crosed the line of insanity? Or are there others out there that also have a name for thier computer. Besides the usual @^%#*!$

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Connect Four Computers

I just order a dsl line and i would like to connect four computers to my dsl line. How can i do this? Two of the computers are running windows xp professional, one is running windows me, and the other one is running windows 98 sec. Edt. All four computer have a working nic card. Can any one help me out and tell me what i need to do and what do i need to get as far as hardware to get all four computers conected to the internet using a dsl line?

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Lenovo Computers

Could someone provide some feedback on lenovo computers please? Are they in the same level as dell and hp?

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Linking Two Computers

How would i go about linking two computers together? I don't have a shared network, but both computers share the same connection from a usb four port hub. I just want to be able to move/copy large files from one pc to the other.

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How Computers Know What Time Is ?

How do computers know what the time is even when theres no internet connection? I'm talking about when you first install the operating system?

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2 Computers, 1 Cable Modem

Ok, since i brought that new case, i"m gonna put all my parts in there. As for the old case, i still have my 5 yr old k-6 2 parts, so i"m just gonna transfer those into my old case and put that computer in my room. So now, i have 2 fully functional computers in 2 different rooms. Is it possible to make the 2 computers share a cable modem? I don't need to buy another modem do i? What do i need to do to get this thing to work?

P. S, will 2 computers using 1 cable modem decrease it's speed significantly

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Cheap Small Computers

They don't have to be tiny, but looking at either building or buying 6 small computers for here at work. We are looking to have 6 monitors flat mounted into a 'desk' or sorts, and wanting 6 machines to run very basic programs(mostly reading pdf files, or word documents)

Any suggestions? Was looking at the dell hybrid studio, but these run $500 new, was looking at something cheaper if possible. Also, doesn't have to be quite that small.

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Two Similar Computers But Different Fps

I built my computer a few years back. It's one of the typical used-to-run-world of warcraft-well types and i've accepted that i simply won't be getting nice fps until i upgrade. My main concern is this. About two years ago i bought my girlfriend a "cheap" ~$600 dell for simple wow questing and internet use. The catch is is that now we have them set up side by side and the dell is blowing my computer's graphics away in wow. We raided 25m naxx last night and i was averaging about 10fps while the dell got 30fps. I just had our two characters stand side-by-side in dalaran and i was looking at about 15 while it idled at 40. The general specs are as follows:

Core 2 duo 6400 2. 13ghz
2gig ram
Geforce 7600 gt (ddr. )

Core 2 duo 4000 2. 00ghz
1gig ram
Geforce 8600 gt (ddr3. )

So mine has a better cpu and more ram and what seems to be an equal or better than gfx card besides the card's ram type. Both have the same versions of directx and i've tinkered with numerous gfx drivers on mine, including the one that the other is currently using. Furthermore, this was done with wow settings completely bottomed out on both computers so it was an apples to apples comparison. Furthermore, i poked around with cpu-z on both. My computer seems to be better all around except in that the gfx memory types are different and the other show's 1188mhz "shaders" in the gfx clocks area. Also, the other's fsbram in general ram is 3:5 and mine is 2:3 and the cycle time is 15 clocks on the other's while mine is 5. (Not sure what all this means, just figured i should include it!)

Any thoughts? What could it be that's causing such better fps and overall beauty in wow on the other machine? Is there any optimization that i need to manually do on my machine that might have already been done out of the factory on the other, perhaps in bios? Also, my hdd only has about 10gigs of free space if this could somehow affect it.

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3 / 4 Computers On One Set Of Headphones

I have 3 computers and would like them all to share the same headphones. Not too sure what i would need. A mixer? I want to be able to hear them all at the same time. A few extra inputs would be nice.

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Networking Multiple Computers

Here's my particular situation. This is for work. We have 6 "all-in-one" computers (these *** gateway things which have the whole computer in one unit-causes bad overheats) which have an ethernet connection built in. That problems solved. I know how to do file sharing/printer sharing etc. My question is how do i connect them? In ancient days i'd use two ethernet cards in each and daisy-chain them. How do i do it now? Do i get a router? A switch? I'm clueless here. Btw, the intent is to have one main computer containing the needed programs and the others are "slaves" which run the shared programs on them. This may seem a little silly to some so i'll explain it this way. It's for a classified network. You have a removable hdd in the main computer and that's it. The other computers access the info but never save any on their hdd so you can leave the slave computers out and just secure the classified hdd. Saves time and space. So, who can help me out?

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Computers To Run Simulations

Please help me design a system. I like to perform numerical simulations that study long-term behavior of the solar system. I have written a program in c+ that propagates orbits forward in time based upon newton's laws. Lots of interesting simulations are only useful if they are run for several days or weeks straight. And there are lots of them to run. As a result, my single desktop computer that i also use for e-mail, web surfing, ect. Is insufficient. So i'd like to have a bank of computers to run solar system and exo-solar system simulations uninterrupted. Although i need a collection of computers, i do not need a collection of mouses, monitors, keyboards. I do not even need cd burners, audio cards, "a :drives" or even a hard drive per system. The computers in this computer bank don't need internet access either. So no need for browsers, firewalls, virus protection, etc. Each computer will do one thing, and one thing only: run a windows based executable written in c+, continuously, 24/7. Speed is most important for a number-crunching program. Intuitively, i would equate this to processor speed. But i've heard that the combo processor/bus speed is critical. For pure number-crunching in a windows based environment, what is the best processor?

If i had to build it without the advice of comp-techies, i'd go to compusa and buy a few of the compaq 3. 3 ghz machines (~$350), and throw away all but one of the keyboard & mouses. And i'd buy a kvm switch (keyboard, video, mouse). I'm guessing that there is a better alternative.going this route means that i am going to have to purchase extra mouses, extra keyboards, extra cd burners. I do need a way to export my data to other computers, so maybe a network card is critical. Should i be considering building something so i can have as many processors for the buck as possible? Or should i be considering over-the-counter stuff to keep it simple? (Simple is good!) Also, energy consumption is important.

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Connecting Two Computers Monitors

Well i have 2 computers in my room currently, 2 towers, 2 monitors, 2 etc. Well i want to be able to connect them so i can control both from my main computer, i have a gateway p4ht running xp home, and a compaq celeron running xp pro but it has 64. 0 mb so its not like i can run crap on it yet, anyhow i don't know what that has to do with any thing but moving right along, if you cant seem to give me a answer to that question, then please tell me how i can connect 2 monitors to one computer at least, i have a monitor adapter i guess cause it fits the plug, and it came with my gfx card so, any ways.

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Connecting Two Computers To Adsl

I'm using an adsl service on my g3 powermac at the moment. Thing is we're going to buy an intel imac and want to connect these two together so we can both use adsl. We wish to use a wireless modem(or router?) Which will hopefully linked the two together allowing us to both use the adsl service. Or, would we need to buy use the airport base station, but would the airport card still be available for use to be installed into the g3 powermac? Please get back soon.

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Connecting Two Computers Via Wifi

I need to connect two computers (later on more comps) via wifi to play counter strike amd stuff like that. How can i do that? Currently the comps are connecting via same wifi network(hotspot). Can that be of any use?

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Switch Processors Between Two Hp Computers

Can you switch processors with two hp computers? My old computer is an hp pavilion a1410y. It runs xp. I currently use hp pavilion slimline s5210t (kind of regretting' it), with windows 7. The slimline has a 2. 4ghz processor, and my old one has a 3. 2 ghz processor. I really want to play cod: mw2, but the slimline is not going to be able to do that without a new processor or video card. I don't really want to buy a whole new computer since this is only a half a year old or so, but maybe thats what i'll have to do for the games i play. But would it be possible to switch these two processors around? I wouldn't do it myself.

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Connect Two Computers Wirelessly

What do i need to connect my two computers wirelessly? I know i need a wireless router. Do i need a wireless adapter for each computer as well? How can i check for this? These are the computers i have:

1)hp desktop, network adapter = realtek pcie fe family controller
2) power mac g4, mac os x version 10. 4. 6

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Connect Two Computers To One Printer

How do you connect two computers to one printer? I have two dell desk top computers and one hp printer that has a ethernet port but cannot print.

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Hookup 2 Computers To Same Monitor

Can i hook up 2 computers to the same monitor? I have a dell 1905f lcd monitor. Since i'm buying a new computer, i was wondering if i could use the new computer and old one with the same monitor. Using one's dvi cable and the other's vga cable. I was thinking of getting a kvm switch but they are quite expensive with dvi ports. So, somebody told me that the monitor will detect both computers and let me switch between them. Since i don't have both computers here yet, i can't try this.

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