What Would I Need For A Pc With 4 Or 5 Rw-dvd Drives ?

I need some help, i want to know what parts would i need to be able to run a pc with 4 or 5 rw-dvd roms, burning at the same time. If thats at all possible. I won't need a gpu, onboard will do fine. Would i need a quad or would a core 2 work? 4gb ram and i'm thinking a 250gb hdd. I will probably be using nero for all of them, running 4 or 5 instances at once. What do you think?

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Dvd Drives Are Not Working

I have two dvd drives in my computer, a samsung sh-s182m, and an older samsung drive. Recently, the sh-182m will not read disks. If i put a disk in it, the hdd light just stays on, and windows becomes unresponsive. It still burns dvd's and cd's perfectly though, and then autoplays the freshly burnt disks. The other dvd drive is an old samsung drive my roommate had. It's not even a burner, and is only 8x i believe. I've been trying to watch a dvd from that drive, but it stutters every 30 seconds or so and takes a bit to recover. I've tried multiple programs to play the dvd, but the same thing happens. Vlc won't even open the disk. Any idea's what's happening to my dvd drives?

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Sata Dvd Rw Drives

However, i realized i also bought 2 dvd-rw drives, in sata not enough sata ports on the mobo. So a couple of questions follow:

1) is sata really faster for dvd-rw drives than ide?

2) is there anyway to inline/series the (2) sata dvd-rw drives, kinda like you do with ide (master/slave)?

3) are there any sata->ide reverse adaptors (not the opposite, i know those exist)?

4) based on the above answers, should i:

A) get a pci-e sata raid card to handle one of the raid arrays, and keep the dvd-rw drives as sata? (Although those are dang expensive, and i don't know where that pci card is gonna fit - got an 8800gtx, pci slot-cooler, wifi card. An extra slot but no room down there)

B) return the dvd-rw sata drives and get (2) ide dvd-rw drives?
Another option that won't require me spending a lot of money?

Eesh, i'm kinda stuck on my build if i don't have a cd drive to read from for windows install(i don't have any extra ones sittin around - and i want to install my raid 5 storage array right away)


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White Dvd / Rw Drives

I've been having a hard time finding internal dvd rw drives with a white panel. I don't want to overpay either. Black ones on newegg go for 20-30 dollars. I've checked newegg, mwave, directron, and a few other sites. Anyone know of any other sites that may have them or have come across sites that sell white dvd rw drives? It doesn't matter if it is ide or sata.

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Cd And Dvd Drives Are Not Working

On my old computer, a dell, the cd burner will not open but the dvd player will. When i turn on the computer it doesn't find the hdd it says no primary and no secondary drive found, but i hit f1 and continue and it boots up the hard has a driver, but the cd and dvd player do not show up in my computer. I can get online, and i recently d/l a anti virus and i had around 1600 viruses on my computer it deleted most of them, but a few wont delete, and when i try to send in my log it wont let me. One of my friends told me to format the hdd and loose everything on it and run the cds that came with with my computer, will the cd and dvd drive work when i format the hdd so i can install the cds?

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Dvd And Cd Drives Stopped / Not Showing Up

My other computer, which i only use to burn dvds, has gone buggy. For some reason, everytime i try to burn a dvd, it freezes and then when i go to check things out, my dvd and cdrom writers do not show up on my computer. The only thing i did right before this happened was take out a printer cable from my zip drive and printer in order to test out my old scanner on this computer. I don't know why that would cause my dvd and cd rom drives not to function though. Unless someone else messed around with it, but i don't think that is the case. Any ideas how to get my dvd/cd drives stable again?

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Lost Dvd Drives In My Computer

Lost both of my dvd drives after new build. Worked then stopped (seemed like when ever i use asus disk) happen twice both times with that disk. Any ways it would come up code 39 error. Would not start drives could not update drivers nothing. In device manager had yellow triangle. Lost alot of time messing with this. Anyways dont know if anyone else ever had this happen. But it sucks when you want to get your new build up and running. It might of been posted before but just in case here's the fix that worked for me. 1) hit start then type run, 2) then type in regedit & press enter
3) * check plus signs next to the following
*Current control set

4) this folder is the dvd/cd-rom class description in registery. Look for any of the following
Names in the right column. *Upper filters
*Lower filters
*Upper filters.bak
*Lower filter.bak
5) if any of the above keys shown in 4 are listed delete them. 6) close registery editor
7) reboot

When starts back up check my computer and see if drives are now being listed. Now this worked for me. Had to delete lower filters now what caused this i dont know but i'm now able to install drivers games etc. Does any one know why this would happen never seen this before and hopefully never again.

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Under Speed Setting For Dvd-rw Drives

I seem to have a problem wiv my dvd-rw drives' writing capabilities. Both of the drives are 16x , and 48x on cd's. But i am only get a maximum value of 40x within nero, and it doesnt seem to go higher. Its also saying my driver can only do 4x on 8x media, and ripping dvd's at 4x

I'm thinking i need some help, otherwise i could have bought used, slower drives and got the same performance.

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What's Wrong With My Cd Rom - Dvd Drives?

Both my dvd-rom & cd-rom drives will not play commercial cd's or cd-rom's anymore. They play previously recorded cd-r's fine and record on them if something is already recorded. If i try a new blank cd-r it won't record. Dvd's play fine in the dvd-rom drive. What i already did:

-I went into "my computer" to double click both these drives manually
And get messages telling me "to insert disc in device" while the discs
Are in there. -I went into "file->properties->autoplay" of both these devices
To make sure they were set on "autoplay". -I disabled in control panel->system->hardware->device manager my cd-
Rom drive and restarted windows, re enabled the cd-rom drive to no
Avail. Do you guys think dust might be an issue? Shall i disconnect my pc, get a can of air, and clean it up ?

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Dvd Drives - Why Do They Randomly Spin The Disc ?

I've always been wondering why dvd/cd drives randomly spin a disc when it is in the drive. If you click on a folder on your desktop, and it stutters for a second, why does your dvd drive decided to spin the disc in the tray as hard as it can? Or why do they spin the disc as hard as it can during start up, even if the disc isn't being used?

Is there a way to turn if off the "random spinning"? Also, since they randomly spin the discs even when you aren't using them, for long life of the drive, is it better to remove as disc when you are done with it? Or does that cause more wear than just leaving your disc in?

And finally, when the drive makes loud grinding noises, does that mean it is on its way out? My 3rd samsung replacement is already doing this after 4 or so days of having it. I was thinking of buying a monitor from them, but i'll have to buy elsewhere. Only thing worse than $30 pieces of trash are $250 ones.

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Whats The Difference Between Ide And Sata Dvd Drives ?

Are there any difference in quality or speed?

For ide, i just need one ide plug to connect 2 drives to the mobo right?

For sata, it would need 2 sata plugs and it would take up 2 sata ports?

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Bios Takes Long Time To Identify Dvd Drives On Ide 2

I recently updated my pc - new ram, new sata hard drive and a new case. I've put everything in the case and after a few issues, i got it running. I do seem to have some troubles with my cd/dvd drives though and i was wondering if anyone could give me some help. First, here's a rough overview of the important bits:

Msi 865pe neo2 pfisr motherboard
120gb ide hd - on ide1 as master
160gb sata hd - on "ide3"
1 dvd-rom drive - on ide2 as master
1 dvd writer - on id2 as slave

The trouble is that when i have the above setup, the bios takes a long time trying to identify my dvd drives on ide2. It must eventually give up and believe nothing is there. The hd's are fine, just no dvd drives. Now if i unplug the slave drive on ide2, the master drive works fine. I haven't tried putting the slave dvd as a master yet but i'll try that as the first thing when i get back. Is it possible to something blow a drive or ground it to my case? Something stupid like that?

Now lets say i get home and both dvd drives work separately but not together. Does anyone have any clue what else it could be? I've just moved the drives from one case to another so the jumpers are correct etc. The cable is also fine (tried it with a spare - same problem).

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Dvd Burner Stuck, Cannot Finish Burning Cd Or Dvd

I have recently transplanted a dvd burner from one computer to another, but now it can't finish burning any cd's or dvd's. It gets stuck at some random percentage, and just sits, and i can't exit the burning app. (Tried nero and roxio), any ideas what's going on? Really strange, and i can't finish any burns. Been wasting lots of discs.

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Dvd Burner Seen As Dvd Rom Drive Only In Vista 64

I've just upgraded to vista home premium 64 and my sony dw-q28a dvd-rw drive is not seen as a burner for cds or dvds. So if i right click on it with a re-writable disk in i do not get an 'erase' option, when i right click on a file there's no 'send to>cd' option and in media player when i click onto the burn tab, it tells me to connect a burner and restart!

This drive worked just fine in xp, then i upraded my motherboard to an asus p5e3 and installed vista and now it doesn't! I seem to have everything setup ok in the bios, i've tried re-plugging the ide & power cables and the drive name is read as sony dvd-rw but it won't function at all as a writer. Any ideas?

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Liteon Dvd Drive Can't Read Dvd-rw

Pata liteon atapi dvd a dh20a3p can't read dvd-rw yet it can burn data on to them. It can read dvd-r fine and burn on to them. Is there some software missing needed to read dvd-rw or is my drive just not able to read dvd-rw. Edit:-just updated the firmware and it is still unable to read cd-rw discs.

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My Dvd Drive Does Not Read Dvd's Anymore

I just bought hitman on dvd and like half way through the movie it got really skippy and eventually froze to where i had to ctrl alt del media player classic. Now it wont even read game discs and i dont see it under my computer. Is it dead or what?

Btw nothing was overheating while watching it and my cpu was at like 3% load.

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Dvd Rom Drive Will Not Read Dvd Copies

I have an ibm thinkpad a31 with a dvd rom using win 2000/sp4. The drive will not read dvd copies. It will only acknowledge the original dvd. It does this with memorex, sony and other name brand dvd's. How do i get the dvd rom to read the copies so that i don't have to keep using my originals?

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Dvd Drive Wont Play Dvd Movies

I have a dell latitude laptop with a dvd drive. I'd like to play dvd movies on it, but they won't play. Does media player not support dvd movies? Do i need some sort of encoder or driver to make the drive play them? If so, where can i download them? The thing had win2k on it, but i removed that and installed xp.

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Laptop Dvd Rom Reads Cds But Not Dvd

I have toshiba sattelite 350 laptop, the dvd rom reads cds but not dvd. How i can resolve this?


Turn off pc/laptop. Disconnect cd/dvd drive*, turn pc/laptop on, allow to boot fully, then turn off again. Re-connect cd/dvd drive and turn on. Windows will re-build the drivers or start the 'found new hardware wizard'. If that doesn't work, log on as an administrator. ***Always back up the registry before making changes (make a restore point)***

For vista/windows 7, use the following steps to solve the issue. Click start, and then click all programs. Click accessories, and then click run. Type regedit, and then click ok. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click allow. In the navigation pane, locate and then click the following registry subkey:





Ensure that the right pane has cd/dvd drive in it. In the right pane, click upperfilters. You may also see an upperfilters.bak registry entry. You do not have to remove that entry. Click upperfilters only. If you do not see the upperfilters registry entry, you still might have to remove the lowerfilters registry entry. To do this, see 'note'. On the edit menu, click delete. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click yes. 'note'

In the right pane, click lowerfilters. On the edit menu, click delete. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click yes. Exit registry editor. Restart the computer. If you do not see the lowerfilters registry entry, this can't help you any further. *Most laptops will have either a sliding switch or 1-2 screws holding the drive in. Sliding the switch or removing these screw/s will enable the drive to be pulled from the machine.

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Ide Sony Dvd Drive Not Reading Some Dvd

I switched off the power and switch and connected my new ide lg and it got connected and i switched on the power and a screen came saying"reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device" i pressed the button on the lg drive and it opened but whats the use, it is working but windows doesn't start, so i restarted the pc and went into bios and my master drive which was set to samsung 80 gb hdd was not detected and my slave drive lg dvd drive was not detected either. So to get access to windows i removed the cables connecting the lg drive and now the computer is working fine but plz help me abt my disk drive.

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Dvd Drive Shows Dvd Disc As Cd

Everything working fine until yesterday when after visiting a site that threw up a page that started trying to load viruses (which i stopped asap and ran adaware after to clean), the dvd drive suddenly started switching to a cd one when i put in a dvd - and nothings thus getting recognized at all. I've tried sys restore but it says it can't do it (least not the time frame i desire), and i've run all the utilities i can think of but not succeeding easily. Can't find better drivers than what's already loaded to install although no doubt could do so online if i knew what i needed. Running xp sp2, with a liteon dvd/rw drive. Although i'm blaming this possible 'virus' just wondering if it could be down to anything else?

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Bad Drives Newegg - Post Rma Bare Drives

I love newegg, tip-top service and great deals. But i've had an uncharacteristic set of bad drives from them recently. I'm not sure if the issue is the drives i'm choosing to buy (bare drives), the shipping method (maybe? I dunno), or if there is a industry standard problem with bad drives. First drive; seagate 7200. 12 1tb. Drive detects in bios properly. Unable to format the drive out of the box with boot-able winxp install disk. I boot up mhdd and scan it to find that it's got more than 100 >500ms sectors some 400 <500ms sectors and scads of ~120ms blocks. This drive is clearly worthless, but like everyone i've heard of seagates recent issues with some series of drives and chalk it up to that. Rma it and ordered two smaller wd drives. Second drive; wd 640gb caviar black.

Drive does not detect in bios, drive does not detect in xp install cd (of course), in mhdd drive is detecting as 'not ready'. This drive is also clearly worthless. I had ordered two of these so i threw in the second and viola, it works fine, i'm currently running on it fine. One thing i've noticed about both of these orders is that they both were shipped ups ground (probably not an issue) and that they both came from the newegg rma center! Were these drives previously rma'ed? Were they already shipped back to newegg's rma center with issues? Is the drive i'm currently running going to give me trouble later on?

I'm not sure what to think, and i'll continue shopping with newegg for sure but i wanted to let you guys know that i'm considering avoiding the 'bare' drives in my future orders. Anyone else having issues with these drives from newegg? Anyone having issues with ether of these series of drives? Maybe check what shipping you had on your last hard drive order?

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Smaller Non Raptor Performance Drives Vs 1tb + Drives

I am considering a smaller performance drive like the aaks for my os and apps, i wanted to know if the performance boost is worth it for a gaming rig when for a little more i can get a 1tb drive
(I'm not obsessed over benchmarks, just want to be among the first to load into the next online game map and such).

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Dvd Drive Freezing When I Put Cd/dvd's In The Drive

About a week ago, i built my new computer. When i was all done and finished, i turned on the computer and it was taking forever to get onto windows and also i noticed my dvd drive not reading cd/dvd. My computer would freeze and nothing would happen. I seriously don't know what's causing this.

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Notebook Drives Vs 2.5 Portable Drives

Notebook drives vs 2. 5 portable drives. I'd like to get an external drive and swap the drive for my laptop's internal drive (dell 1505), giving me 250 in the laptop and a portable 80. How can i tell if the drives are the same? I see that my internal is sata 150, but i don't see any info on what exactly the wd drive is. Will this work?

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Dvd+ / Dvd- Format

It says it can write dvd+ format dvd's, thats great! But when i look at the read speed section on the link, it doesn't say it can read dvd+ but only dvd- which is the worser format. Can it read dvd+ formats either though its not listing it?

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Dvd Burner - Dvd +/- R/rw , Cd -r/rw

Just purchased the plextor px-712a dvd burner, and i have a few general questions. What exactly is the differece between dvd-r and dvd+r? Does it really matter? I am assuming that each different format requires different type of media . Or will any blank dvd do. Whats the best format for making compilation dvd's? Is it player specific? Or media specific?

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Advantage Dvd+r Vs Dvd-r

Other than being able to continue recording in another session, is there any advantage in using dvd+r against dvd-r? What about errors, data corruption, other problems that may be eliminated or minimized when using one technology or the other?

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Dvd Drive Is Not Reading Any Cd's Or Dvd's

Ok guys for some reason my dvd drive is not reading any cd's or dvd's. This happend right after i installed nero and atempted to burn a dvd, after it stoped responding and i forced shut down the app and then when i started it again and tryed to burn a dvd it kept saying that there was no dvd in the dvd drive when their was. So i'm *** clue less. I have unistalled nero, disabled and enabled the drive, unistalled and reinstalled the drive, check the bios (which detects it as well) and still can not slove this problem. Anyone have any idea of what could be wrong and how to fix it, this is the last place i am turning too to get this fixed. Please.

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Dvd -r Or +r

I just got my first dvd drive. It is a dual layer nec that does +r and -r i think for r and rw's. What is the most popular? What dvd players play more of them. Price differences?

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