Dual Screen Affecting Game Performance

For the past few years i've been running 2 screens on my ti4200. Worked great, andon my new rig, i'm probably going to three screens, but more on that later. I've always had the feeling that the 2nd monitor had an impact on theti4200's performance in games (aside from the fact that it was seriously bottlenecked by my agp 4x bus). My question, does anyone have any experience with this? Is it actually true or is it simply another myth? Reason i'm asking is, that in my new rig there'll be probably be two cards: a 7900gt and this one. My primary screen will obviously go to the 7900gt, my question is what to do with the other two. Since they are both only meant for desktop work, they don't need the 7900 gt's power, and would be served fine by the matrox. And if there's any truth in the earlier mentioned myth, this would improve my performance a bit. Why do i have the feeling i answered my own question?

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Reguarding Performance In A Game

Anyway, was wondering how i would do performance wise with an athlon64 3700+ san diego, dfi lanparty sli-dr mb, and geforce 6800gt running at 1600x1200 in battlefield 2. (High detail, aa, af)

On my current computer, im having a hard time turning details up at all at 1280x1024, but then again, my comp isnt that great. And also, has anyone played the fear beta? I tried it out last night but i have to run at 640x480 (lol!) Just to get rid of the constant skipping. This game has to be a lot more graphic intensive than battlefield. Anyone know what i could push the settings to with my future build (mentioned before)?

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Choppy Game Performance - Ati 5870

I recently finished my computer build and after installing win 7 ultimate and configuring my system i've gotten down to installing some games. On aion it tends to run decently well, and red faction looks good, but for some reason crysis on high and even medium is a literal slideshow!

I've updated the drivers and catalyst controller to make sure it isn't that, and am hoping im missing an easy fix!

My hardware is:

I7 860
Asus ati 5870
Asus p7p55d evo
G. Skill ripjaws series 4gb (2 x 2gb) 240-pin ddr3 sdram ddr3 1600
Corsair tx850
Wd 640 black

As a side note, during my initial setup my bios read my memory wrong so i had to manually set the voltages and timings, although i hope that isn't the issue.

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What Effect Does Hard Drive On Performance In Game ?

I'm in a situation where i might need to replace my hard drive altogether, and if it comes to the point where i buy a completely new one, i was wondering what effect does hard drive on performance in game? Areas i know of are rpm, cache, and actual size, i just don't know what kind of affect it has on playing games/performance.

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Dual Core Intel Performance

Guys any of you have used or have a dual core intel?

If yes, are you happy with its performance?

I know that one core of those chips does not have the same power as a single core processor of same speed, i believe they might have done that to cut prices since amd's dual core are twice as expansive but from what i read x2's single core is equal to the same speed single chip processor. Any info would be awesome.

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Performance With Dual Monitors On Ati 4870

I recently purchased a second 22" dell 2209wa to go with my mac pro. They are both running from the ati radeon 4870 on my mac pro (2009 quad) but the expose performance seems to be really quite poor. Displaying all the windows is very juddery and not smooth at all. Is that what i should be expecting now? I wouldn't have on a 2000 machine.going into spaces is fine, it's just expose thats poor.

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Game Skipping When Played On Dual Monitor Setup

So i recently went dual 22 and one monitor would be the game and the secondary monitor would just show the extended desktop. The problem is, when i am gaming with the dual screen, every game i would play would have this skipping effect. Every 2 seconds my movements in cs source or wc3 frozen throne would skip and it gets quite annoying. I tried gaming on just one single monitor and the problem disappeared. Wondering if anyone ever had similar issues on resolving this problem? Card currently used is evga gtx 260

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Dual Monitor - Watch A Movie And Play Game At Same Time

I was wondering if there was any way for me to be able to play a full screen game like counterstrike source, and watch a movie with an s-video plug on my tv at the same time. I tried it and when the game loads on my main monitor while the movie is running on my tv, the movie re-adjusts itself and doesn't fit onto the tv correctly (a part of the video is cut off). Am i doing something wrong, or is it not even possible to do this?

System specs are:

Athlon xp 3200+
1gb pc 3200 ram
Radeon 9800 pro video card.

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Flickering Screen In Game

I initially posted this in the gaming forum but that ended up being the wrong spot. I recently tried loading up knights of the old republic to pass the long nights with my new baby but have been getting a flickering in the game. It happens in the menus and the game, but not during the cut scene videos. Video card is an old, agp, radeon x1950 pro, and the rest of the machine is standard, older stuff - a64 3200. I'm pretty sure i've played the game on this card before but the os is new since i last played it; upgraded xp to win 7 rc. I've tried switching to different resolutions and refresh rates, v-sync on and off, changing the various dvi settings in the catalyst control center; nothing has made any difference. Any ideas would be super.

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Fit A Window Game To Take The Whole Screen

I wanted to ask, since counter-strike 1. 6 disables other monitors in a multi monitor environment, i wanted to know if there is a program, that i can make a game "maximize" on the main screen, so it wont be in full-screen mode, and in windowed mode it'll be taking over the entire screen.

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Battlefield 2 Game Stops And Screen Freezes

This only started yesterday but my battlefield 2 game litterly "stops" while playing while everything else keeps going. Like my screen freezes but when i'm frozen i can be killed or i crash while flying/driving. Now i've repatched the game but i'm might reinstall it if it persists. Possible causes:

- A widescreen patch i tried out (made no difference so i uninstalled it)
- Ram, i recently put in an extra 2gb's of kingston ddr2 667 ram (i now have 4gb's of ram)

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Screen Keeps Flashing When Watch Movie Or Play Game

While trying to watch a movie or play a game at night my screen keeps flashing it seems to only happen when the aircon is on it is kinda hard to click on anything when the screen recovers as once i click on an icon its starts the flashing again the memory and other devices have been checked and fine but the last thing is the graphics card. I have a nvidia fx5200 128mb old i know and before i attempt to change it i would like to know if anyone else has come across the same issue in my past computer i had a nvida fx5500 that also given me problems but in a different manner. So again i am looking to hear if this has happen to anyone else and if they know of a fix because if it turns out to be the card that has had problems i have another 14 computers to sort out.

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Blue Screen - When Watching A Movie, Or Playing A Video Game

Ive had this problem for the past 5 days or so, before then everything was fine. What happens is after 15 minutes of watching a movie, or playing a video game i get a blue screen of death. If i just surf and read text it doesn't seem to happen, or as much. This is incredibly annoying as i pulled my computer apart and back together again, and removed the hard drive and formatted another and installed a fresh copy of windows 7 on it just to try to fix the problem, and it still remains. I tried switching between 2 identical 2 gig ram sticks, and the same problem happens so i doubt it's the ram. The error that comes up changes, sometimes it's " fault_in_nonpaged_area ", sometimes it's fltmgr.sys, or irql_driver_not_less or_equal"

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Artifacting / Crashing When Starting Any Game / Full Screen Video

Really strange problem i've been having for a month. Whenever i run any game or a video in full screen or semi full screen, the computer instantly comes up with a screen full of artifacting for about 10 seconds, then restarts the computer. I've run cpu z, gpu z, and realtemp to see if there was some kind of thermal issue but the gpu core never goes above 58 before a crash, cpu sits at 32-38. All the ram has already been swapped out along with the power supply, hard drive and im in a very large and fan friendly case. At one point if i didn't restart the computer it wouldn't give me any trouble, but now it doesn't matter how many parts i re-seat or how many times i reboot, it happens every time without fail. Nothing appears in the windows event logs, and there are no blue/green screens. This has happened in windows vista 32-bit and windows xp pro so the os has nothing to do with it. I don't want to drop 500 bucks on a new vid card if i don't have to and i don't have a spare board or vid card laying around for further testing. Rig: bfg gtx 280, vista 32-bit home prem, 4*1gig dual chan, 650watt psu, intel core 2 duo e8400 3. 0ghz, systemboard: asus p5q series

Not overclocking, all bios/firmware updates installed, drivers have been updated and down-dated to newer/older versions.

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Expanding To Dual Screen

A client of mine wishes to upgrade 2 of his computers to have 2 screens. They're both dells but one is a slim-line thing, the expansion cards are half the size of normal pc. So i've got 2 questions, should i buy a graphics card with 2 outputs for each pc or a pci card with 1 graphics port and run that along side the integrated graphics. Any my second question is, what do i need to look for a card thats slim-line?

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Dual Screen Laptop

The thinkpad w700ds appears to be the first laptop ever to sport two lcd screens - a 17-in. Primary and a 10. 6-in. Secondary screen. Lenovo thinkpad w700ds dual-screen laptop.

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Question On Dual Screen And Crossfirex

So i have one 30" dell and a 20" just as a secondary. I just attached the 2nd monitor and it basically cut my fps in half in l4d. I was getting over 200 fps with 2 5850s in crossfire with max settings at 2560 x 1600, now i'm getting 90-100 fps after connecting the second monitor. Any ideas on what i can do to rectify this?

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Dual Screen Setup With 9600

I have an ati 9600xt 128mb vid card with the dvi to vga adapter and two 19" monitors, can anyone help me set it up so i can use the second monitor? All it is right now is blank black. Im guessing there is some software to install or configurations to change, but i don't know where to start.

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5870 Dual Monitor Screen Tear / Flickering

I just got a 5870 from 4870 and immediately noticed that whenever the automatic 2d to 3d clock jumps up to full 850/1200 there is a significant flicker to a tear in the #2 monitor only and when i use extended desktop. It is repeatable and only happens at that point. I graphed it and can see the vccd/vccd1 amp jump is from 2. 6a/4. 2a to 11. 4a/12a>. I am using a msi afterburner/rivatuner instead of the smartdoctor from asus that came with it because i had it with the 4870 and liked it and it also has the low the de-clocking limit at 600mhz/900mz instead of the other 157/300mhz. All the temps are low when this happens 38-40c . No problems at all on single monitor though there is significant throtling up and back for the vccd volt/amp and the clocks. All the time there is not more than 30-40%gpu use. I can reproduce it easily by just scrolling up and down some web pages. When the 2d is flat line (600/900mhz) no problems and when i am in a game or max gpu use no 2nd monitor issue. I have done every switch and combo, hdmi dvi, both dvi ports dont know. It is like a recurring short. Like a lap top i had where the wear on the hinges causes some shorts to the panel but this screen tear or flicker is fast and easy to pin point. Though the vddc amps jump up and down, the gpuz graph looks like a comb or gap tooth smile, the volts are steady flat line during the clocks and amps jumping so the regulator seems ok . I dont know why the amp draw is dropped so low even when the clocks are at 600/900. If everything stayed level there would be no screen tear. Even with the bouncing around there shouldnt be that effect in the 2 monitor for extended desktop. I know there are any number of other people with the issue , i have gotten no response, nor have they , from amd/ati , asus either and have posted at those forums without any corrective experiences. Some suggestions for similar types of problems but nothing for the same . I am using win7 x64 bit home premium. Many other people , not all though, are 7/64 as well though some xp and vista 64 too. I should have enough power i just put a thermaltake xt 750 in and i used a mushkin enhanced 580 with the 4870 and no problem. I had the 580 running this as well till last week and never had a power problem, never had any problem. I built this last nov and have kept up to date with the drivers, put in ccc 10. 2 last week, gigabyte m4a79xtd evo, asus eas5870, phenomii 3. 4 (oc 3. 77 not for testing)965be, gskill ddr3 1600 pc12, 800, 2x samsung f1 750s, xigmatek s1283 cooler, thermaltake xt750, win7 x64 home prem, hp 1270dvd/cd24xsupermulti, liteon 8xbd/dvd combo, cm rc 690 4 scythe s-flex case fans 1sine intake , 3exhaust- top/rear . The card and case are well cooled and heat has not been an issue for this problem, i would appreciate any insights as to what i might do to correct this. I have tried just about all i can think of, some suggestions, remove and reinstall directx with sdk version someone said helped a like situation but heat may have been related to his. Mostly just trying process of elimination. Have taken off or disabled software to check on conflicts. I use the 2nd monitor to keep tool sets or other utilities so i can keep the larger screen in tact or in 2 parts. I tried to make a group but with different size monitors it just isnt right though might be a fix for someone with the issue with twin displays.

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What's The Point Of Dual Dual Lan On Board ?

I was just curious, as im looking around at newer motherboards im seeing a lot of boards with dual on board 10/100/1000 lan. Just curious, why? Whats the point of dual? I remember using two lan cards once so my buddies and i could share cable modem with a hub and using the computer with dual lan as a dhcp server, thats the only use i could think of. Just wondering why theres a lot of dual lan on board now.

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Dual Monitor, Dual Gpu Questions

I have been looking around for info about running two monitors on either sli or crossfirex and found conflicting opinions + old sources and i need a little bit of clarification. You must be able to run two monitors on either technology, it would be ridiculous if you couldn't. But does it matter where you plug the screens in? Do they assign a primary card and you plug only into that one?

Also what happens when you enter a 3d full-screen application on either setup, does the second screen go black or does it stay on?

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Dual Monitor, Dual Sound Cards

Dual monitor, dual sound cards?

I'm going to setup dual monitor with geforce 8500 t or 8600 gt card. Both support two dvis. 1. How does the audio output work when i have 2 monitors?
2. Can i assign which audio goes to whichever sound card/speaker?
3. Do i need to get two speakers (one for each monitor)?
4. Do i need to get two sound cards (one for each ld monitor)?

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Ram Brand Performance

Im thinking of upgrading my current ram situation, i currently have 512mb ddr 2700 (333) cas 2. 5 mushkin enhanced, now iv got a nf7-s mobo. Im thinking going 1gb dual channel ddr 3200 i need to know the best brand to get. I know that "corsair" is apparently the best. But im not sure of that myself. If anybody has a better brand they know of post it, also if you clould expllain how dual channel works.

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Question About Ram Performance

Right now, i'm running 2x256 pc3200 dual channel ram, and these new games that are coming out are eating it up like crazy. Originally i was just gonna sell off my old ram, and buy 2x512mb dual chan pc3200, but this is gonna be between $200 and $250. That's a lot of money!

So, would this cause a huge hit in performance, having 512mb running in non-dual channel? Would spending the extra money and getting 2x512 be worth it?

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More Ram, Worse Performance

I recently purchased 2 x 1 gb elixir pc2-5300 ram. Both sticks turned out to be faulty so so i returned them for a refund and replaced with kingston memory of the same spec. Anyhow to cut a long story short the replaced elixir ram turned up back on my doorstep. I decided to keep it/try it but whats very odd is when running alongside the kingston ram my pc performance takes a nose dive, everything runs at half the speed almost with 4gb of ram rather than 2gb, why can this be?

Whats really odd is games like bf2 and hl2 graphically drop to pieces i.e 1fps and graphic tearing etc?

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Adding Too Much Memory Vs Performance

At what point does adding more memory, offer no performance gain?

Is 2 x512 in dual channel mode slower than 4 x512 in dual channel mode? Assuming identical sticks . Is 2 x 1024 faster than 4 x 512?

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Stripe Size Positioning Performance

It is said that smaller stripes decreases positioning performance, well what about if the stripe were so small that the positioning was identical?

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Performance Boost - Cpu Or Ram

I play games like bf: vietnam, america's army, joint operations, and farcry. Well i seem to be getting fps drops while playing games and was wondering which would give me the greatest performance boost. 1. ) Switching out the motherboard and buying a amd athlon 64 3200+

2. ) Buying a stick of 1gb of ram, preferably mushkin, or corsair.

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High Performance Reliable Psu

I am building a high-uptime xeon server, which requires a minimum of 300w to run, however i would be looking for a psu rating of around 350w. The psu is to be installed in a 4u rackmount chassis and needs maximum airflow, so i will want a psu with dual fan's. However, at the moment i will only need the single psu, but later on i will be buying a quad redundant psu (around 460w), but in the mean-time, i will be using the single psu, so i need a high quality psu which will work well under light load and the less likely to damage the motherboard. Are there any out there which you can recommend ? Btw, it would be good to have temperature controlled fans on the psu also.

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Odd Hard Drive Performance

Ok, so i have a 1tb wd black hard drive as storage for misc stuff, like little programs and what not that doesn't require speed. Lately, the drive has seemed very slow response time. For example, i will try to open ventrilo, which is installed on the drive, and it will take about 15 seconds to open. It won't do it all the time, just randomly. Sometimes the drive is very responsive, sometimes the drive isn't. I have disabled all power managent/sleep settings on the hard drives, so they shouldn't be turning off.

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