Raid 5 Along With A Single Hard Drive

Is it possible to have vista on a single hard drive, and a raid5 system (3 hdds) on the same sata controller? If so, how do i set one up?

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Single Ssd Drive To Raid 0

I got an extra 60gb vertex ssd for christmas. I am wanting to put them in raid 0 configuration. The issue is i already have a 60gb vertex ssd as my main os drive. Is there an easy way to migrate from a single ssd to raid 0 configuration without having to do a complete reinstall?

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Raid 5 Performance Versus Single Drive

Assuming we have a decent hardware raid controller from areca/3ware. Is the read/write speed in a raid5 setup with 4 or 8 drives is always faster than single drive?

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Moving From Raid 0 To 1tb Sata Ii Single Drive

When i built my current high performance rig last october, i noticed the raid0 performance kinda sucked. The benchmark score on these old 80gig drives are nowhere near up to par with a new sataii drive. So i just ordered a 1tb western digital wd10eads drive. I plan to ghost the the raid0 to this new drive and then remove the raid setup all together. Anyone done something similar recently? The performance advantages now a days with raid0 is questionable. Storage bandwidth with sata ii more than makes up for any performance gain from striping 2 drives. The idea originally was drop frame free video capturing on a pc. But times have changed. Dv capture need sustained 3. 4mb/s throughput. That is a drop in the bucket now! But in the old days it was hard to achieve on a system with out raid0.

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Fastest Single Hard Drive

I have a 1tb caviar black, and i'm happy with the speed, but (believe it or not) i'm running out of space between os and storage of stuff. So i'd like to get another hard drive to run just my os with programs and keep this one for storage. Whats the fastest 7200rpm drive out there? (Raptors are too expensive, and ssd's are waay too expensive).

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Single Bad Block On Hard Drive

Single bad block on hard drive, my wd 1tb 32mb hard drive has a single bad block on it, at least according to hd tune. The drive is 7 months old, and is my main and only hard drive with vista installed on it. Did disc check, and it still shows up in hd tune.considering this, is one bad block extremely bad? Bad enough to send in the hard drive for a replacement? Or is it something common that most hard drives have and not much of an issue?

I'd really hate to have to reinstall all my stuff and vista. It isn't like ram or a video card which you can pop in and be set with a replacement in a hour. But if this just means the drive will flat out die in a few months, then i'll replace it. Of course, i have backed up most of my important data onto dvds. What do you all recommend?

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Raid-0 Current Drives Or Faster Single ?

Been a long time since i've added new hardware to my machine (long for me anyway). Have been getting my modding fix with the car for the past year or so. Anyway, i am looking on upgrading the hd portion of the computer. Current drives are listed in sig, consisting of two wd 320gb (single platter) drives and a wd 500gb. I am debating on either putting the two current wd320gb drives in a raid-0 config, which i prefer, assuming they will be the fastest option. The other choice would be to go with something like a larger single drive such as a samsung f3. For the two drives in raid-0, i am in need of a good cheap hardware controller, which is a piece of hardware i really don't have much knowledge about. So i am stuck at either finding a cheap hardware controller or if the cost it to great then jumping to a single larger drive. What are your thoughts/opinions? Can anyone recommend a controller making these two drives worth staying with?

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Single Ssd With Raid 0 Spinning Drives

I a question concerning a raid (stripe) partition. I have 3 drives in my system. A ssd 30gb vertex (that windows 7 is on). A 640 wd blue and a 1tb wd black

What im wanting to do is create a raid array out of those 2 spinning disks just for data storage. Likely 3 partitons, which would be a total of little over 1100gb. After i install win7 on the ssd. I was thinking maybe like 35gb partition for the docs/temp/page file (i moved all temp, and pagefile off the ssd). 400gb partition for games
And remaining 700 and something for videos/music

If i create this all based on the 640gb drive, that should leave 300ish gb unallocated on the 1tb drive. Will i be able to use that unallocated space for acronis secure zone back up area, even though it will not be a raid, or will i just loose all that space all together. I was going to use the intel matrix storage also if that matters.

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Single Intel X-25m Vs Ocz Vertex Drives In Raid 0

I'm trying to decide whether or not to purchase a single intel x-25m 80gb gen. 2 drive or two ocz vertex 60gb ssd drives that i'd configure in raid 0. One of the primary selling points of the intel x-25m is it's random read/write speed, which tends to be what your os does most of the time in its daily activities. I know the ocz vertex along with pretty much every other non-intel drive can't compare to the intel in this area. However, i'm wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of how much random read/write performance of the vertex would improve as a result of a raid 0 configuration. Would it bring it up to speed of a single intel x-25m drive, or would it still not compare. Does raid even help in this area, or does it primarily boost sequential read/writes?

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Which Hard Drive For Raid ?

I'm looking to add another hard drive and wanted to raid the drives. However, my current drive is discontinued. What is the best 320gb hard drive? Would raid be faster than a single drive of a higher storage space?

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Understanding Hard Drive Rpm, Raid

I want to buy a new hard drive to put in my computer, probably around 200gb. A few questions, obviously the higher the rpm better right? But is 72, 000rpm sufficient?

Now onto the main questions, what does the term "raid" mean and what are jumpers, im looking for a good in depth reply that will tell me what they are and maybe a link or self answer to how to set them and such.

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Raid 0 Hard Drive Performance For Gaming Pc

I was reading that hard drive performance such as raid 0 or even 10k rpm drives make no difference when you are gaming. Is this true? Is it better just to use a single 7, 200 rpm?

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What Hard Drive To Buy For Raid Storage Setup ?

What hard drive would you guys recommend for a raid setup that i'm using only for storage? Right now i have a velociraptor 300gb and a 1tb wd green. I want to buy two new 1tb drives for plenty more storage, because my 1tb is full. Do yo think i should get another green for 99? I thought the best option was two hitachi deskstars . B 1tb. Or maybe for only a little more i could get two caviar blacks. What do you think is the best option for purely storage raid? Also, in the future i was planning on buying another velociraptor 300 for another raid. Are there any disadvantages of having two raid setups on one computer? And can any raid controller use two?

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Why Does Raid Make The Hard Drive Run Faster ?

I am a newbie at this and have never set my hard drives to raid. I have two 150 gb wd velociraptors but i have them set up as two separate drives. Why does raid make the hard drive run faster? I thought that the purpose of raid is to have data stored in the drives in an identical manner so that if one of the drive stop working, then you still have the other drive as a back up and all of the informations will not be lost. It kinds of counter-intuitive to think that running two drives and accessing data and writing data on the "two" drives would be faster. I thought that it would slower to "do things" on two drives because you have to work twice as hard.

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Hardware Raid The Solution For Hard Drive Speed Woes ?

Cpus get faster and faster. Memory gets cheaper and cheaper. Hard drives. Well, they still suck. 99% of the time when something is slowing down my machine at work or at home, it's because something is thrashing the hard drive. I don't want that to be the limiting factor anymore. Ssds are still too unreliable and too expensive for me right now - there's still way too many unknowns in how they work in real-world situations for me to be dropping 600 bucks on a 500 gb drive. Would a raid 5 array (or some other configuration) with a hardware controller and speedy sata drives be a very noticeable jump? I'm looking at boot times and hard drive intensive tasks, like converting photos or virus scanning. I'm thinking 4-ish wd black 500 or 640gb drives in raid 5, using some lower end ($250-ish) pci express hardware raid controllers. The drives are cheap enough that i can afford to buy a bunch. Can anyone give me an idea if this sort of setup is going to be stupid fast, or am i still going to sit there watching my hard drive light flicker? Presume the rest of my rig is brand new (core i7, lots of ram, 64 bit os). If there's another setup that would be faster (without breaking the bank), please let me know.

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Raid Configuration Problems On Esata External Hard Drive

I have an external sata hard drive. I installed the internal sata to esata adapter card and booted to windows xp. The instructions said to first connect the esata cable, then both usb connectors of the double ended usb cable (the 2nd connector provides additional drive power for low powered laptop usb ports) and then connect the small usb connector to the drive. At this point the drive is supposed to be recognized, the drivers installed, and the drive should be enabled. Nothing happened. I thought my sata ports may be configured wrong in the bios and the sata mode was set to combination. The other options are raid autodetect/ahci, raid autodetect/ata, and raid on. It seemed to me combination would be the best since i was not using raid. When i looked for sata drive 0, it was listed of course, but the other sata ports were said to be disabled in combination mode. I set the mode to raid autodetect/ahci (this is the default in the bios), shutdown, connected the esata and usb cables before booting, and the drive was recognized in the bios but right after i got the bsod with a stop error. I finally set the mode to raid autodetect/ata, saved, powered down, connected all my cables before booting, the drive was recognized in the bios, and after startup in windows xp, the drive was recognized and usable. Just to test, i shutdown again and unplugged all cables, rebooted and after startup i connected the esata cable, and then the usb cable and nothing happened once again. So i can't get plug-n-play to function properly. Any ideas?

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Use Laptop Hard Drives In Raid 5 Array For Whs System Drive

One thing i don't like about whs is the lack of failure protection for the system drive. If the system drive dies the whs is toast. I have an adaptec 3805 hardware raid card ( 8 x internal sas/sata ), and am considering putting the os on a raid 5 array. Doesn't need to be be particularly big in capacity, but small in physical volume occupied by the drives and low power consumption. To this end i am considering a super-micro 8 2. 5inch drives into 2 5. 25inch bay module, and a set of seagate 7200. 3 laptop hard-drives, probably 4 500gb in a raid 5. The 7200 drives don't use much more power than the 5400 drives. I checked the data sheets. Data is currently on 3. 5inch seagate drives

How crazy is the idea of using laptop hard-drives ( 7200rpm or otherwise ) in a raid array?

The raid array would be transparent to whs as it would be done in hardware.

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500gb Single Platter Drive

I know that hitachi, wd and samsung have 500gb platters in there bigger drives but does anyone offer a 500gb drive with a single platter yet?

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Multiple Drive On Single Sata Port

Can we use multiple drive on single sata port? Is there such a thing as a sata splitter?

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Slow Hard Drives, Raid 0

I have 2 wd800jd (or soemthing like that) and one's an se and one's not, but there's no difference except for the fact that one's older, but they're still the same thing and later they renamed the drive. So why is my raid 0 slower than a standard 5, 400rpm hard drive? Is it the model thing, because this is unbelievable. Startups are like a normal computer (but mine's high-end, it should be faster) and i've recreated the raid array 3 times so far, but it's always slow in sisoftware sandra. It's really annoying.

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Transferring Os Onto New Hard Drives Then Raid

I bought two caviar 640gb and i intend to use them in raid0 for my vista 64. This would be transferring out my old wd3200aaks and setting it aside. Can someone please instruct me the first steps i would need to do this. Logically, i assume i need to clone the old drive onto one of the new ones. Then i should setup up raid. If someone can direct me the proper tools to do so, that'll be most helpful. Also, i'm curious about short stroking since someone people brought it up in larger storage media. My plan if all goes well is 2x640gb os raid0 plus 1x1tb archive which hasn't arrived yet.

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Two 1tb Hard Drives With Raid 1

I am looking for an external hard drive that contains two 1tb hard drives that i can put in raid 1 and has at least one usb connection and one esata connection. I have looked on newegg and found one thing that may be of help but i'm not sure because the description is very vague and there is only one review.

Is that what i'm looking for and if not can you guys please suggest a product.

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Combining Two Hard Drives Into One Raid

Kinda experienced with computers in most ways (built the machine i'm currently using, 8 gb ram, qx9650, water-cooled gts 8800 vid). Now for my server i've got an old dell xps gen 4 computer running windows server 2008. It has an ssd drive to boot off of and a media volume to hold my movies. The movies get streamed to my 73" hdtv using a spiffy dvico media player over my network. The problem is i filled my 1 tb with movies so i bought a 2 tb. I saw an option to mount the volume inside another volume so i did that. However it just created a folder inside my 1 tb instead of giving me what i thought would be a 3 tb combined set up. Clearly i oversimplified this. Is the answer raid? I don't know much about it and i don't have a raid card or anything. I just want to either a) combine both volumes to reflect a single 3 tb partition or b) get the dvico to read from two separate drives, which i don't think it supports. At least at once, anyway. Any help?

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How Many Hard Drives Can You Put On A Raid 0 ?

How many hard drives can you put on a raid 0 ? I was thinking on buying 4 drives and make a raid 0!

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Sata Hard Drives For Raid On A Perc 6/i

I've been working on a server build for awhile and decided that the poweredge t610 that i've configured on dell's site should fit the bill, and then some. I'll be loading windows 2003 standard onto it. I have some questions and would appreciate any input. Please see the attached image for details of this build. The server will be used primarily as a file server. My questions mainly involve hard drives. 1. I was thinking i'd just make a simple mirror for the system drive out of the two sata drives included in the attached build. Should i use the onboard raid for this, or should i use two ports on the perc. 2. I'd like to create a 1tb (or larger) raid 5 or 6 array using the perc to serve network folders. What sata drives should i purchase for this purpose?

3. I'd like to have a nightly backup to one of eight 500gb sata drives that i already own. 7 are maxtor quickview 500 (model: 3h500f0) and 1 (warranty replacement for a dead maxtor) is a seagate barracuda es (p/n: 9bl146-303). Can the nightly backup go onto one of these and can it be hot swappable? Would i need to use a port on the perc or could it be onboard? Do i need to buy special "drawer" attachments for each of these drives so they can slide in and out easily?

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Raid 0 With A Desktop And Notebook Hard Drives

Can i set up raid 0 with a desktop hard drive and a notebook hard drive? I've gotten varied responses on this question in the past. Both are 320gb, sata-300, 16mb, 7200rpm drives. Desktop: seagate 7200. 10
Notebook: seagate momentus 7200. 3

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Computer Wont Detect Hard Drives When Raid Enabled

I've gotten them to work before in raid, recently i formatted my drives and i had set the bios to 'defaults'. Well, the drives are formatted. I can go to bios and my hds appear, i go to enable raid and save the settings only to return to bios and see they're gone. And when i hit f10 to go into the raid setup, it shows both of them but they are in red highlight. Ive been messing around in the settings see if i turned anything on last time but have had no luck. I've got a feeling its something simple i'm just not seeing. Edit: 680sli mobo|2x wd250 hd|geforce 8800gtx|2 gb corsair|core2 duo e6600

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Drive Failure In Raid 5, Now Corrupt C: Drive

I had a hard drive die in my raid 5 configuration. I replaced the drive and rebuilt it. Now when i click on the c: drive it says: "the file or directory c: is corrupt and unreadable, please run chkdsk"

From what i am reading, chkdsk is not raid aware which probably won't help with my situation. Can anyone recommend any tools available (paid or otherwise) to try and fix this error?

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How To Tell If A Drive Is Being Used In Raid ?

At work we have a server that was setup before i started working here. My dad claims that it is using raid (whichever one is mirroring, gah, can't remember right now). It has two 160 gb drives. He believes that it was setup by whoever he had set it up to mirror the drives. I am not so sure. The second drive does not show up in the operating system at all. When i go into compmgmt. Msc and the storage management, it looks just like a plain, new, blank drive. Nothing on it, not even a partition. I don't have any experience with raid arrays, so i just need to know if this drive could actually be being used, or am i correct in thinking that it's just a blank drive just sitting there doing nothing? I'm pretty sure it's not being used. But i'd rather ask someone knowledgeable than mess something up. Yes, it's probably a stupid question, but i'm just covering my own ass.

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Different Drive Models In Raid

I scanned for some post concerning this question but would it be bad to raid a few 1tb hard drives that are not the same model? They are all wd brand drives just different models. I would like them in a raid 5 so performance isn't an issue.

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