Hal.dll Missing Or Corrupt When Copying Hard Drive

I am using windows xp. I used norton ghost to copy a 120gb hd on my laptop to an external 320gb hd. My intent is to swap the two so that the 320gb is in the laptop and then erase the 120gb and use for storage. With norton ghost 14 i used the "copy disk" feature. The original c: drive was 105gb and i copied that and called it the i: and set it to active and copied the master boot record as well as using it to fill up 291gb. There was a recovery partition (d which i also copied and called the h:

When swapping the drives, i tried to boot with the 320gb and got an error saying corrupt or missing hal.dll. How do i fix this? Did i copy the drives improperly or did i simply miss a step?

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Load Needed Dlls For Hal - Ntldr Is Missing

I just installed another 160gb hard drive (6/7/05), had windows running that night, and the next day, booted up my computer on 6/9/05 and it started to boot normally, but when it got past the bios and controller card bios (promise ultra 100tx2), the pc speaker beeped, which is unusual. I think the first time, it tried to load windows, but then restarted. The next time, it went through the same routine, except it gave me the option to boot in safe mode, normal mode, etc. I tried all the options with no luck. I kept getting that screen, but then i started getting "load needed dlls for hal" eventually i got an error that said "ntldr is missing" this means windows is corrupt, right? I didn't want to reinstall windows and/or format the drive, so i tried using an old blank drive and wanted to install windows on that so i could back up data on the first drive. The first couple times i tried installing windows, it didn't even get to the installation, it was just hanging on the same screen for longer than usual. I tried restarting, but now i get a bsod that says my motherboard is not acpi compliant and suggested a few things, which i tried, but didn't work. One being flashing the bios. I flashed the bios close to a year ago to the most recent final version, but there is a beta, which i tried. The flash utility copied the bios off the disk, but when it tried to start erasing the bios chip, it didn't look like it made any progress, for at least 15-20 minutes. I reluctantly restarted my computer, but it still does the same thing, i tried flashing it one more time, but nothing.

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Nvatabus.sys Is Missing Or Corrupt

I did windows updates, and then i restarted when it prompted me to. Then on start-up, it says this: windows cannot start because the following file is missing or corrupt: system32/drivers/vatabus.sys

You can attempt to by inserting the original windows cd blah blah. So i put in the cd, and try to get it to boot off it, and it doesn't work, just keeps going back to this error. All i want to do is reformat my hard-drive and install windows xp again, thats it! I can't boot in safe-mode. I have a dfi nf4 lan party ultra-d, and i set the primary boot device to cd-rom. Also, i have a sata hdd. Anyone know any solutions?

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Error: Windows Could Not Start Because The Following File Is Missing Or Corrupt

I have windows xp, however it wont load and says:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt;
Windows/system32/config/system. File

It says i can repair this file by starting windows set up using the original setup cd rom select r at first screen, i cannot find original disc, so i have bought a new one, but it will not load.

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Corrupt Hard Drive

I have a gateway pc with windows xp home ( 2000 edition) and i believe that my hard drive is faulty and ridden with a virus. My computer will turn on and the screen i get is a huge screen that shows only the close windows icon. I am=ble to click on that but that is it. This happened after i tried to repair xp with the recovery cd. I have researched on line and have found a product called hdd regenerator 1. 51 on a site called abstradrome. It claims that this is a fix for faulty hard drives. I also found a product called ultimate boot cd for windows. I am hoin this will help me get back my files and data. If any one has any information, experience or advice please let me know. I would like to fix this problem soon and hopefully recover my data.

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Copying New Hard Drive Problem With Norton Ghost

I just purchased a hitachi 60 gb hard drive and an external usb hard drive enclosure. I formatted the hard drive and then used norton ghost 2005 to copy the old hard drive i had to the new hard drive. After a successful copy i installed the new hard drive. It booted fine into windows xp and then i came up to the log on screen. I typed my user-name and password then i pressed enter then it logged me out immediately and brought me to the log on screen again. This really annoyed me because i've been trying so hard to copy my hard drive to the new hard drive and get it to boot and finally when it does boot i can't get passed the log on screen. Can anybody help?

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Recover Corrupt Hard Drive

I have a western digital 1tb hard drive which i accidentally dropped yesterday. Since then, at first it would keep connecting and disconnecting. The sound effect that windows plays when something connects or disconnects would keep repeating. Now, it says location not found, w: is not accessible, and parameter is incorrect. It says i can't access the disk without formatting it. Which i haven't done. If it matters, it remembers that it's w:, and it remembers that it's a my book (the name of it from western digital). That's about it though, it doesn't remember what i named it (what it said in my computer) or anything else. It just says local disk. I don't know if i should do error-checking or something like that. I'm just not touching anything without advice. There are a lot of programs suggested online that recover drives, but i don't know where to start. I don't want to risk what was on the drive, which is *possibly* replaceable stuff, but i want to recover it if i can. If anybody could help my situation, please do! I was in immediate shock when i saw that it wasn't reading. I also don't have much money to spare on this, so if there are any solutions, preferably free, that would be great. Lots of thumbs up and down please so i know who has good words of advice.

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Copying Files From Internal Hard Drive To External Usb 2.0

About to start new build. Since present eide hd will not be available for transferring files to new eide hd, i'm thinking about copying files to external usb2. 0 hard drive, and then copying them to new eide hard drive when new build is up and running. The external usb drive will be used in the new build. I need to know if this is feasible and, if so, how do i do it? Do i just copy a file at a time?

Or do i need to establish folder for groups of files? The files are a mix of photos, music, and doc files. I do not want to foul this up and lose everything i have in the process. I tried this once before when i had to reinstall xp home and found subsequently that i could not access the files i had sent to floppies.

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Copying Live Image To Hard Drive Takes Too Long

I lost gnome desktop of fc13beta so i have to re-install it on my desktop pc. Did all partitioning and formatting in advance via gparted live cd. I set up a 500 mb boot partition (ext3) for grub, a 14 gb root partition (ext4) and a 15 gb home partition (ext4). During installation, copying live image to the hard drive initially was fast but then the installation seems to stop 3/4 of the way through and everything is now frozen. I am waiting for installation to complete. By the way, i just saw an orange icon on the top bar but i cannot know what it says because the mouse is frozen at the moment. Please help me! Installation of fc used to be easy. This is the third time this evening i am having to re-install fc13 beta.

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Hard Drive Corrupt ? Random Blue Screens Of Death

Earlier today i started getting random blue screens of death. After reboots and check disk i uninstalled windows 7 and installed windows vista. I left everything on my storage drive untouched. After installing vista everything seemed back to normal until i tried to move some stuff from my storage drive over to the main os drive. The blue screens of death starting popping out again and random errors. It's very frustrating since i have a lot of important stuff in this storage drive and it seems like i have to reformat. But before i do i am wondering if anyone knows the exact problem.

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Missing Hard Drive Space

I have a ssd hard drive for my main c: drive on windows 7. I have another regular 500gb drive attached as a d: drive. My main drive only has 30gb of space, which has been plenty. Until recently i have been moving a large file back and forth between the two drives. I move it over to the c: drive to apply updates or changes and the back to my other drive to store and use it there. Today when i booted up, i noticed that my c: drive is missing close to 9gb of space. The view from my computer says that about 26gb is taken up, but when i selected everything on the c: drive, it reads as having used about 21gb. The file i mentioned above is not on the c: drive. The 21 gb of space is about what it is when i do not have that file on the drive, so that right. But i do not understand where the missing space is. I have tried to clean it up, but there is really nothing on there except the windows installation and a few programs. I also took a look at the disk management software and there are not missing or unused partitions or anything like that.

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New Hard Drive Missing A Metal Plate On The Bottom

Just got a new hard drive in from new egg, and it was missing a metal plate on the bottom? Does this matter and should i worry about it. The side the plat is missing on is the chip of the harddrive.

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Copying One Drive To Another In Dos

How do i copy all the info off my old hdd onto the new one in dos? I could do it one file at a time but there has to be a way of giving one command.

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Saving A Corrupt Usb Drive

I got a 512mb drive a while ago and it was working nicely until i screwed up yesterday and pulled it from my desktop without clicking the "safely remove this drive" button. I inserted it earlier to get some pictures off of it and shuttle some music to my ps3, but everything was corrupted. Kudos to "recuva" for saving some files for me. So i tried to delete the corrupted data and it says "disk is write-protected". So i figure: "i have all of the data i want, screw the rest, i'll reformat it. ". It gave me the same [disk is write-protected] error. I tried "killdisk" only to find the drive will not allow access. I boot to my xp install disk to delete the partition and create a new one, but i get another error to the same effect as the earlier one "disk is write-protected". I downloaded ubuntu 8. 04 bootable iso(so far i am liking the os and now plan to install it on my ps3). I was following some more instructions i got off google which didn't pan out. I was trying to access it to prepare to format it and i get an "unable to open" error. Nothing i have tried works. Anyone have any idea about how to fix this drive? It's a "no-name" generic usb 2. 0 drive.

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Corrupt Data From Drive Recovery

I have a big problem. I accidentally formatted and reinstalled windows vista on my wife's laptop and lost all of her data. I was able to get the most important data back (55gb), using getdataback, however, when i go to open any of the files, they are all corrupt. Is there any program i can use to fix these files?

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Drive Failure In Raid 5, Now Corrupt C: Drive

I had a hard drive die in my raid 5 configuration. I replaced the drive and rebuilt it. Now when i click on the c: drive it says: "the file or directory c: is corrupt and unreadable, please run chkdsk"

From what i am reading, chkdsk is not raid aware which probably won't help with my situation. Can anyone recommend any tools available (paid or otherwise) to try and fix this error?

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Copying Data Off A Mac Sata Drive (gpt Protective Partition)

Essentially, mac crashed, but the hard drive is physically fine. I'm trying to get the data off of it by slaving it to my windows 7 gaming machine. The only problem is that i cannot assign it a drive letter or access it in any way, as it seems to be a "gpt protected partition. " I want to pull the data from the drive. Windows will let me delete the volume and reformat it, but i want to remove the gpt protection and copy my data first. Any suggestions?

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Hard Disk Missing 30gb

Previously, my hdd had a total of 164 gb (180gb promoted). It was divided into c: (21. 9 gb) and e: (127 gb). I had the rest of the space as unused partition space. I converted my hdd to a dynamic drive to give more space to my c: drive. Unfortunatly on realising that i could not extend or span a partition->dynamic (simple) drive, i tried converting it back to basic but the option was disabled. So searching google for answers, i found a solution and i used dskprobe.exe to alter the address at 00c0, third bit from 42 to 07. It worked fine but e: drive disappeared! I paniced and backed up my remaining files (luckily, my c: drive was the one i stored important files on). I changed the address back from 07 to 42, but that completely blew my computer. Last time i ever do anything i don't understand. I used the windows xp cd and the partition tool found on it to delete e: partition, and i was planning to also delete c: and convert the entire 160gb into one space. But upon deleting the e: drive, i found that diskpart.exe only displayed 127gb of unpartitioned space!

Help would be appreciated, as 30 gb is alot of space for me (30/160=18% of my hdd space). Is this caused by bad sectors or simply that the programs are unable to detect the remaining 30gb?

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Drive Missing

I was trying out a small raid card i had. Hoping to simply add more drives. I had no interest in raiding anything really. So i have a wd 500gb drive with some data on it. So i plug it into the raid card, boot up the computer and the drive comes up as inactive. The card never had time to format. At least not well. So i know the data is there still. I put it back on a mobo plug and restarted. Same issue. The drive waits to be initialized and then of course i must format a new partition. Does anyone know a program i can use to simple reinitialize the original letter to see the data. Or recover it?

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D Drive Missing After Using Partition Magic

I wanted to make more space on my c drive so i could defrag my c. Used partition magic to transfer 10 gig to the c from d, but after a few min partition magic stopped responding. And now i cant get back to the d drive. Is there a way to get the data on my d back?

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After Win7 Install One Drive Is Missing

Ok after i did a reinstall of my w7/64 one of my internal drives isn't showing up. How do i find it.

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Raid 0 (striping) Missing An Entire Drive


Evga 780i sli mobo
2x seagate 1tb drive, model# st31000528as
1x seagate 1tb drive, model# st31000333as
Intel q6600 @ 3ghz

Os: win7 ultimate x64

Okay, essentially what i'm seeing here is that while the bios / raid utility in bios sees all three drives and assigns the array to have 2. 7 tb of space. The os sees a total of roughly 2tb of space. What's going on here?

My only guesses are either the nvidia drivers don't like the different model # drives or that win7 can't deal with >2tb of space on a single hd. Neither seems extremely likely.

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Ehiwmp.dll File Download

Anyone have this file? I need it! Please hook me up with a place to download it from.

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Prime95 Bsod With Ati2cqag.dll

When running prime95, i'm sometimes getting bsods with error in ati2cqag.dll

I assume this is the videocard, why would the videocard be having an error when running a prime small fft test (cpu mainly, little memory tested)? Any ideas?

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Ram Problems - Nv4_disp.dll

After having rma'd what i took to be defective ram back to newegg, i finally got my replacement kit here today. However, i am now having stability issues. Primarily when i go to play a game (so far world of warcraft, haven't tested others yet), after a period of time i get a blue screen with one of the following errors. Stop: 0x0000008e (0x00000005, 0xbfabb8a8, 0xb6fb1b00, 0x00000000)
***Nv4_disp.dll address bfabb8a8 base at bf9d3000



Now, i was getting the former error once in a while (maybe every couple of weeks) before i put in the new ram. Now, however, its happened 3 times in a half-hour period. I'm reluctant to believe it is bad ram again. But is there anything else it could be? I'm using the latest video drivers. I suppose i could try checking abit's site and flashing my bios. But i'm reluctant to do that, having heard horror stories of that having gone wrong. I could also try a reinstall of windows. It has been about 6 months since my last install. Any suggesstions?

My board is abit nf7-s, and the ram i am using is ocz platinum enhanced latency 1gig (x2) sticks of ram.

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Error Loading P17.dll

This is the message i get when i startup. "Error loading p17.dll
The module could not be found"

Now it occurs to me that this happened when i uninstalled my creative sound card. I unistalled it correctly, and didn't just delete anything. Anyone know how to fix this? Googling it just brings up an answer "it said it was broken and i reinstalled creative and it worked!"

Which i really don't want to do. Maybe i should try putting my sound card back in.

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Error Loading Calc.dll

I have an older dell laptop and it's been a little while since i've used it so when i went to start up the laptop recently an error message pops up saying the application or dll globalrootsystem32skynetttpuwsww.dll is not a valid windows image please check against diskette. Pops up and once i close the message it pops up every few seconds and i have to keep closing it, eventually it boots up and then a message saying error loading c: windowssystem32calc.dll the specific module could not be found pops up once then when i close it down everything seems fine and the desktop icons appear. And i attempt to go online with my laptop and the page always says internet explorer cannot display the webpage and asks if i wanna try to diagnose connection problems or get more information, i have tried troubleshooting the connection problems step by step, and i even followed all of the directions under the more information section but i am still not able to get anything done as far as getting online!

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Wininet.dll Problem In Windows Xp

How to solve wininet.dll problem in windows xp? I get the error message "this application failed to start because wininet.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem" whenever i log in, and nothing shows up; the icons all vanished except for the background. It's the same for safe mode. I can't use the internet, there is no system restore points, sfc /scannow doesn't work, and the antivirus program doesn't work at well. However, i have suspicion that it's the antivirus program that caused all of this. It's chinese, and one day, by itself, it decided to download this "rising personal firewall". So, i uninstalled it and it prompted me to restart the computer, which i did. However, when i did, that's when the problem occurred. When i tried to uninstalled it, it wouldn't let me. I would keep clicking the "change/remove" button but it wouldn't do anything, while curiously, i'm able to attempt to uninstall the other programs. Hmm. I also can't delete its program file since a .dll file of its own is in the way. Warranty expired, running out of options; how do i go about fixing this?

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How To Fix Bsod With Ati2vag.dll Error?

How to fix bsod with ati2vag.dll error? Okay so i updated my graphics driver because i wanted to play runescape in hd and my driver didn't work for the hd version. Now i get bsod at random times and sometimes my computer won't even turn on right. The blue screen has all those 0x00000 blah codes and then ati2vag.dll in the technical information. So it's probably the new driver, it doesn't want to corporate. So how do i get back to my previous driver? I don't have the right cd, because the one i do have went to my old monitor thing, and i got a new one and needed a new driver because the other one didn't fit my new monitors resolution. Anyways, how do i fix this? It won't even do a stinking system restore without bsod. Bleh! I don't feel like typing the 0x0000blah codes because i'm on my ipod touch. But if you must have them i wrote them down.

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Copying Cd And Printing Labels

If i want to copy hundreds of cds and printing labels on it, what is the best way or hardware. Is there anybody to advise.

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