Printer Printing Pages Light And Dark

Printer ink light not on, pages printing light and dark. Well i have a samsung printer, never have changed ink in a printer before as it is my first printer and new. I am printing off a flyer, the typing is light down the middle of the page which interferes with some of he font. Any setting etc i can use to fix this?

Answer:- this sounds like a laser printer, correct? Try shaking the toner cartridge. The toner may not be evenly distributed. Or your toner cartridge is low - you need to replace it.

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Printer Printing Dark Pages

What can i do about my printer that is printing really dark pages? I can still see the print but the pages are coming out all faded gray. It a hp laser jet 4000 in the library where i work at. Last night i open alot of pdf documents & printed. Would that have caused it? What can i do to try fix the printing of dark pages?

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Lexmark Printer Printing Only Blank Pages

I had to change the printer cartridge - black - a few days ago for the first time. The printer prints out an alignment page which only has the black lines on it, not the colored ones. Says there is a problem with the alignment. I have tried canceling the alignment request, but when i try to print the paper goes through but comes out blank. The printer works as a scanner, but not as a copier, which suggests it's a cartridge problem, but i don't know how to fix it. Anyone got any ideas please?

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How To Get Hp Printer To Stop Printing Test Pages?

How do i get my hp printer to stop printing test pages? I have a mac and installed snow leopard. About a month later i changed the ink in my hp c3180 all-in-one printer. Now every time i turn it on, it prints a test page (big waste of ink). When i put the test page in the scanner to "align" it (thats what apparently stops the needless printing of test pages), it wont scan. I click scan and the light just blinks. I hooked it up to my mac and opened the app that came with hp, called scan pro, and that says 'no scanner detected'. The only conclusion i can come up with is that switching to snow leopard ruined my ability to scan and theres no hp driver in snow leopard? I scanned stuff just fine before i had snow leopard. But my main question is how do i get the printer to stop printing annoying test pages that take 2mn to print and is a waste of ink?

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Hp Officejet J5780 Printer Keeps Printing Blank Pages

I have a hp officejet j5780 all-in-one printer and every time i print something it prints out blank pages. At first i thought it was the ink low but it will not print black and white or color which means its not that?

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Print Out In Light Color On Dark Paper

Just wondering if there is a way to get something to print out in a light color on dark paper? I am working on some wedding invitations and i have run into an issue. The cardstock is a dark brown metallic color and i need to figure out a way i can print in a light color so that i will be able to see the template to cut out. I know i cannot do it from my home printer but maybe there is a company or another option for this problem.

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Ps3 Battlefield Bad Company 2 Dark Light Issue

Why is battlefield bad company 2 for ps3 so dark? I have over 30 ps3 games and i have my hdtv set the same for all the games, and they all look great. Except bc2. When i started up the game it was so dark on the first level, so i went to settings and maxed out the contrast and brightness. It lightened it up a little but still dark. Then when i went to the snow level it to damn bright! What recommendations would you all consider? It really messes the game up for me cuz i can't see anything. And don't tell me that my tv sucks cuz i know it doesn't.

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Hp Color Laserjet Cp1515n Printing Dark

Hp color laserjet cp1515n color printing too dark? I already search all the net about this problem, but seems no solution yet, any of you facing the same problem and got your secret way to solve it? My color printing always darker than my screen which makes my design not accurate always.

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Hp Deskjet F4280 Printing Colored Pictures In Dark Shades

Our hp f4280 3 in 1 printer is printing colored pictures in dark shades, what is wrong? I just started to print out photos of my graduation using our printer hp f4280 3 in 1, but the result is in shades of dark, at first i thought it was just the photo paper, so i test a plain paper but same thing happened. The soft copy of the picture is really bright and clear but the printout is so dark. Anyways i just notice this problem cause i only print text before and this is just the 1st time i use this printer to print photos.

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How Many Pages Hp C4488 Printer Can Print ?

How many pages does one cartridge of an hp c4488 printer print? I know its not possible to get an exact answer, but just tell me the average no. Of pages it can.

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Hp P1007 Laserjet Printer - How Many Pages Can Be Print ?

I am interested in buying hp p1007 laserjet printer. Can anybody tell me whether it right decision?How many times refilling of cartridge is possible in p1007 model? What is the cost of refilling and how many pages can be print? Pl. Suggest any other printer if you think better?

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Hp Photosmart C4680 Printer - Double Sided Pages

Is there a unit i can attach to my hp photosmart c4680 printer to make it be able to double side pages? Can i add an attachment to the back of the printer which allows it to double-side pages?

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Hp Printer Orange Light Flashing

Ive just changed the color ink cartridge on my printer but when i try to print i have an orange light flashing next to what looks like a page icon with a teardrop on it. The page number selection has what looks like a reverse e. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried taking out the cartridge and putting it back in and switching on/off but it comes up the same.

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Hp Laserjet Printer Light Is Always Blinking

I have printer hp laserjet 1300, the light is always blinking once it says that the cartridge is missing when i off and then on the printer i had print only two pages, after that is says that the cartridge is missing and it starts blinking, i check it out the cartridge and power cable and data cable so, but still i have the same problem i dont know what to do?

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Hp Deskjet 895cxi Printer Ink Light Flashing

I've been using the printer for a while now with no problems. The black and colored ink both ran out and i've tried to replace them with brand new ones but, once i change the cartridges, the printer's ink light starts flashing, and the printer does not work at all. Any help?

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Hp Deskjet F4185 Printer Red Light Is Blinking

I've got hp deskjet f4185 printer, start /copy light has an e and black/photo red light is blinking, why? My printer isn't working right now.

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Printer Keeps Printing

My printer keeps printing without command when its on.

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Hp Printer Keeps Printing

Hp printer problem - keeps printing when i don't want it to. I have an hp vivera printer and whenever i turn it on it automatically prints out an ink sample sheet. (Where whenever you put in a new ink cartridge it prints out a "tester" paper). The thing is, i haven't even put in a new ink cartridge, it's just doing it on it's own whenever it's turned on. How can i stop this from happening?

P. S i've tried the steps on the "ink tester sheet" and it doesn't work, it still keeps on doing it.

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Hp Printer Not Printing

I have a hp desktop d2660, that continues to have problems. There seems to be a problem with the communication between the printer and the computer. The computer detects the printer, and everything is connected properly, but nothing would print. I have noticed a pattern though. If i were to uninstall the drivers and re-install again, it prints just fine. Then i would restart the computer, and try printing again, i would hear it start up then stop and the power button light would start blinking, and an "error-printing" status would pop up in my notification bar. The printer is connected to the computer through a usb, and it is connected correctly, including the power cord. I have installed the drivers also.

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Print "white" On Dark Background Using Inkjet Printer

Is it possible to print "white" on a dark background using an inkjet printer. Newspapers used to print on pink. ? Anyway of adjusting the settings to create the image of white?

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Printer That Does Clothes Printing

Is there like a well known printer/brand e.g. Hp, epson, samsung etc that does clothes printing?


Most printing on clothing is done using via silk screen which is a form of manual printing. None on of your at home inkjet printers can print on fabric - none. You need a digital textile printer to print on clothes.

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Lexmark Printer Not Printing

So when ever i want to print something my laptop says stuff like the printer cannot communicate with the computer. Try these solution

- Ensure the printer is powered on
- Disconnect and reconnect the printer's power cable
- Disconnect and reconnect the usb or network cable
- Check your firewall settings to ensure printer communications is not blocked
- Restart your computer

And then it says windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup. But apparently my dad can print stuff from his laptop without any troubles and i cant. So what should i do? I have a lexmark printer and a laptop, i went on devices and printers and it says my printers offline. But when i click it to un check mark it; it just doesn't change.

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Printer Printing So Small

Why is my printer printing so small?

Answer:- i'm guessing you're printing stuff from e-mail or the internet. This is a common problem that is associated with the monitor screen resolution and has nothing to do with the printer, it's setup or software. If you're using a specific software program, then you need to adjust your font size accordingly to print larger. Otherwise read the following. The following is for use with internet explorer 7, but may be the same or similar for other versions or web browsers. One way is to go to your menu bar at the top of your web browser, click on "file" then "print preview". At the top of the window there should be a small window with "shrink to fit" in it. Click the arrow on that box for a drop down list and choose something, like 90% (there is a custom option at the bottom of the list if you need to set something unique in between what's listed to set it to something that works best) and see how it changes the print size of what is to be printed out and choose the one that looks and works best for you without cutting off text somewhere. This will make it larger when printed out. Another way that usually works to make the print larger when printing internet stuff & emails is by changing the print view size on the screen to a larger size in your web browser (this is separate from your other setting you've already setup). Go to the menu bar at the top (i.e. Internet explorer), click on "view, " then "text size" then select a size like "larger" or "largest" (something higher than what you're currently set to. )

Sometimes adjusting the current window's magnification (lower right corner of screen or ctrl button + scroll wheel on mouse) can have an affect on print size. The only other method is to copy & paste the text into a text editing software like word and adjust the text size there. If you're using a text program, then you simply adjust the size of the text to a 12 or 14 point, or larger, font size (adjust depending on the font and size you need) and that should do the trick.

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Hp C5180 Printer Printing Issue

Hp c5180 printer is printing everything green. My hp c5180 all in one printer is printing everything with a green glow. I've changed all the inks, done loads of print head cleans, but it still prints everything green. Any idea?

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Computer Connected To Printer But Is Not Printing

My computer is connected to my printer but is not printing?

Do you have it set as your default printer? By following the steps, first go to:
Control panel
Left click the printer icon
Make sure there is a check above your printer
If not, left click the printer icon
Click the word printer
Add a check to set as default printer.

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Printing From Laptop Through Printer Connected To Pc

I am trying to print from my laptop through the printer connected to my pc. I have wireless internet. So far i tried this after searching around in the internet. Both printer and pc are vista and printer is canon. I did "start" then "printers and faxes". Select the printer and right click, click "sharing" then "share this printer" then "ok". Now go to your laptop and click "start", "printers and faxes", on the far left click "add printer", click "next" then "network printer", click "browse", i tried doing this and the printer isnt showing up.

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Dell 922 Printer Not Printing

I have the gateway one (touchscreen) computer and i installed the dell aio 922 printer. I used the installation cd which was successful, though when i go to print anything, such as on the internet or a word document, it doesn't print. The icon at the bottom says there are zero documents pending when i just clicked to print something. The copier and scanner work but whats wrong? Is it the computer or printer? It used to print on my old computer, i just reinstalled it to my new computer. What do i do to get it to respond and print?

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Hp Officejet 5610 Printer Not Printing

After i reinstall the hp 5610 program, and i got a message "ok" and verified that my default printer is hp 5600 series, the printer is still doing nothing whenever i tried to print something. Why?

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Hp Printer Always Printing Test Print

When i start my desktop pc my printer (hp) is always printing test print, how to stop test print?

Answer:- you didn't mention the exact model of the printer you have, so it will be difficult to say for sure what needs to be done. If your printer is an all-in-one or multi-function printer that has a scanner, you probably need to take that test print and scan it immediately after it prints out. This is a common way for printers to perform and finalize a printhead alignment needed for the best print quality. This is common and needs to be done when the printer is new or printhead cartridges are replaced. Otherwise there is probably an option in the printer's control panel menu that allows you to turn off initializing test prints. Check your user's manual for any more info or supply the exact model number of your printer.

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Hp Officejet L7780 Printer Not Printing

Why is my hp l7780 all in one printer not printing? I have installed the wireless and i can scan wireless. ? I had to wipe out my computer so i reinstalled the printer drivers. For some reason it is not printing. It is connected wireless and the installation completed okay. I used the scan function and was able to do that but still not print. Any suggestions? Before i had no problem printing wireless.

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