Hp Printer Software Problem

The model of the printer is hp psc 1410 all in one series. Well actually i brought my printer when i had computer with the os xp. So i even upgraded my computer to vista but it worked real fine. Recently i bought a hp computer with the os windows 7. But when i installed the program there was some kind of error which i didn't notice that well. When i finished installing the software for the printer. I noticed in print dialog box in word that there was no name of the printer i had. Well now i can only take scan from my printer but i couldn't print. The program i installed was the latest one.could my printer be outdated. Please help me solve the problem.

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Hp Printer Scan Software

My brother gave me his old hp printer/scanner/copier. I can copy and print just fine, but apparently, to scan something, i must have some software installed on my computer. It is trying to link to "hp image viewer" when i hit scan, but of course it does not find it. Can this be downloaded off the net somewhere? I've found a few places online that may be it, but i'm afraid to download it until i know for sure i'm downloading the right thing, and that it is from a safe site.

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How Long Does It Take To Install Software For Hp Printer ?

How long does it take to install the software on the hp b109n-z printer? Its been installing for over an hour!?


I had that model just last week. It is very quick to install. Un-install it and start again. Something has gone wrong somewhere.

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Difference Between Software And Drivers For Printer

Whats the difference between software and drivers for hp printers? I lost the cd for my hp photosmart c7250 and so im looking for the driver online. There are two different types of downloads, drivers and software. The drivers require mac osx 10. 6 and the software is for mac 10. 5, i have a 10. 5. 8 so i cannot use the drivers and i was wondering what the difference between the two were. Oh and when you click on software its full title is full feature software and drivers.

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Lexmark 1200 Printer Software

Where can i download the lexmark 1200 all-in-one series printer software? The disc got scratched and will not work. Answer:- download lexmark 1200 software from the following link: http://bit. Ly/9wbelp

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Hp Photosmart 8450 Printer Software

How do i connect my printer to my laptop without my original software? I have an hp photosmart 8450 that was connected to my pc and since i can't get my pc to work i would like to use it on my laptop. The problem is that i can't find my original hp software to install on my laptop. Is there a way to download this off the hp website without having to buy it all again? The printer works fine. I am just lacking computer talents!

Answer:- go to the following hp site link, select the operating system for your printer, and download the drivers and software for hp photosmart 8450: http://bit. Ly/cuf2vy

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Hp Deskjet F4400 Printer Software Cd Into More Computers

I have a hp deskjet f4400 series printer, will the software cd download into more than one computer? I have 2 computers that both need to be able to print things, can i download the cd software into both of them and have them both print to the same printer?

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Lexmark X2600 Printer Install Without Software

How to install my lexmark x2600 printer without software? I borrowed a lexmark x2600 printer, but the person has lost the disc used to install it. I would like to know how to install without the software.

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Dell 720 Inkjet Printer Software

I have a dell 720 inkjet printer and i don't have the cd any more to connect it to the computer(i have a windows xp). If you can find a download that's free or a store we can buy the cd at that would be helpful.

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Hp Psc 1210 Printer Software Installation

I have purchased old dell inspiron 510 m. I have got hp psc 1210 all in one printer. When ever i put hp printer installation cd in the pc, after few minutes it ask me to put original microsoft windows xp cd which came with the laptop to complete the installation. As i have purchased an old laptop, the seller didn't had the original windows xp cd which came with the laptop. What should i do so that my printer installation is complete. I will like to tell you when ever i log into pc, i have to write 'admin' and then it allows me to log into pc. Please tell me if i have to change certain setting so that i can install hp printer cd without laptop asking for original windows xp cd.

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Free Software For Hp Deskjet D2400 Printer

Where can i find free software for my hp deskjet d2400 series printer? I lost my cd and i don't want to use a driver.

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How To Download Lexmark Z33 Software For Printer ?

Can somebody show me how to download lexmark lemarks z33 z33 software for my printer?

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Dell Aio 924 Printer Ocr Software

I bought a dell 924 all in one printer and i can't find the ocr cd for my scanner. I'm trying to edit the documents that i've scanned, but it says i need the ocr software. Can i download it?

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Printer Error - Required Software Component Was Not Found

I have a hp f4400 series printer/scanner/copier. How do i get it to scan without the error message? Bought this a couple of weeks ago, haven't had much time to play with it. Uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times to no avail. Error message reads: "a required software component was not found or was improperly installed. Reinstall the hp photosmart software that came with the device, and try scanning again. "

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Install Hp Software For Hp Deskjet D1500 Series Printer

How to install the hp softwares came with my printer 'hp deskjet 1500 series' driver cd? I have a basic hp deskjet 1500 series printer. My printer is working 100% properly. But i could not able to install the hp softwares came with its driver cd. When i go to start the installation process from that cd, hp shows that all the softwares are installed in machine. But in practical, this is not. I have already checked my c:program files section. There is no item present for 'hp'.

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Slow Computer Startup After Install Printer Hp F4200 Software

Why is my computer so slow in startup after i installed printer hp f4200 software? My computer is performing a very slow startup after i installed hp f4200 solution center software. Just 10min before it was starting up very fast without taking any time. Can anyone plz help me with it? It just cant be said that its because of too many programs installed, as its newly installed winxp sp2.

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Samsung Software

I bought my samsung gt-c3510 but it was from another company as my old cellphone, i went to a store to make it my company, but still has the icons and images of the other company when i turn it on or when i blocked it. These guys at the store told me that they could fix it but it was expensive, also they mentioned that a samsung flash could solve the problem. I have downloaded the original software from, but i don't know if it the correct one, its name is new pc studio, and i don't know how to use it or if i use it its gonna erase something of my cellphone.

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Slots Checking Software

I have a new agp card which won't work. I suspect the slot to be the culprit. Is there any software that check whether the slot is working proper?

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Screen Recorder Software

Does anyone know about any good screen recorder software similar to snagit and either cheap or free?

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Software To Use With Digital Camera

I got a digital camera and i got the driver installed but what software should i use to put the videos and pics on my computer?

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Webcam Ocr Software

I am looking from some ocr software, which im hoping some people can recommend. I want to take the output of a webcam trained on a textbox on a screen. I want to then use ocr to get the text. Getting the image off the webcam is not a problem. Im looking for some ocr software which you can run from a command line, really we want the ability to train and teach the ocr to increase the reliability. Is anyone able to suggest some ocr software. We have found simpleocr which fits the teaching aspect but not the automatation aspect. Is there anything else at there at a reasonable price or free.

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Can A Computer Run Without Software ?

Me and my friend got into an argument about wither or not a computer can run without software, i say it can, he says it can't. I say it can because how else was the first software ever made. So my question is: can a computer run stand alone? Someone help us settle this argument.

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Do You Run The Software For Your Mouse ?

I was just reading a logitech g9x review and the reviewer was talking about how nice the software was for it. And i though to myself that i haven't been running the software for my g5. So do you run the software for your mouse?

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Hp Officejet 5510 Software

My scanner says i need to run or install hp software in order to scan something. Whats wrong? Well, other than the fact that apparently i'm not running or installing the proper software, at least according to my scanner. I installed the driver software from the website. I also went to the device manager on my computer and selected the option for my computer to update the driver software, and apparently it's all up to date. I've even turned the printer/scanner on and off a bunch of times as a last resort, but nothing's working. Oh, and i have an all-in-one hp officejet 5510 and windows xp. I can print and make copies of stuff just fine, too.

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Software For Graphic 3d Animation

Which software is best for graphic 3d animation for newbie?


I think "maya" is the best for the 3d graphic animation.

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Lexmark X1250 Software

Lost software disc for a lexmark x1250, printer/scanner. ? I have downloaded the software several times but i only get the solutions center.

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Hp Photosmart 2710 Software

Where can i find (possibly free) software for an older model of hp photosmart 2710 printer/scanner/fax/copier ?

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Network Monitoring Software

Im looking for a software program or something that will monitor my network, im running a linksys wireless g router. My computer is directly connected to it, my dads computer is connected to it wirelessly and my psp connects to it sometimes. When my friends come over they jump on it, one connects his ps2 direct and one wirelessly onto it. I want something that will tell me what computer/ps2 is on it and what they are doing like how much bandwidth they are pulling, or even just a monitor just to show who is pulling from it.

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3d Modelling Software For Mac

I'm studying graphic design at college, and have hit a road block with my ideas. Basically, i need to create some space-ships and stuff for my work, but have no idea what, or now to use 3d modeling software. I need something simple, and easy to use for the mac. I really would like to make some awesome space-ships to go along with my space-art, but really do not know how.

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Hp Photosmart C4180 Software

I need software for a hp photosmart c4180 printer and scanner, thats my printer and scanner, and i hooked it up to my computer , but i cant find the cd to install the software and it wont work without me downloading it. Where can i find it?

Answer:- check the following hp site link, select operating system from the given menu, to download software & driver for hp photosmart c4180: http://bit. Ly/a7qqyx

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