Usb Drive Connector Broke Off

I was wondering if anyone had any data recovery recommendations? Someone at work dropped their laptop on the usb drive and it broke clear off. This is stuff that only exists on the usb drive and is thesis type of material. Just wondering if anyone has any experiences with places like this, and price is not really a huge concern as it is "priceless"

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Harmony 880 Usb Port Broke Off

So my logitech harmony 880 usb port broke off. So since the 5 little pins broke as well can i fix it?

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A Pin Broke Off Of Sata Drive

Before i go into a bit of detail, i already believed i am hosed on this, which sucks because i only had this drive in use for the time it took to make a clone of the drive it was going to replace. I bought a hitachi 1tb drive awhile back, had some rl issues creep up and the drive got lost in my junk and eventually forgotten about. Just this weekend i found it and thought hey i should use this in my desktop. So i opened the desktop, unplugged my 3rd hd into the hitachi so i could format and then clone my old d: drive and then went to bed. Next day after work i tried to swap out these drives but i must of banged the hitachi too hard and broke off the plastic guide on the data cable. I was able to with the broken piece in the cable get it to go back in, yay! When moving the case back it fell out again. Alright, i will just put it back and get some tape to hold it there. Well, the one pin on the end broke right off. That's the long winded version. The tiny pin is lost somewhere, can't see it. I have no soldering skills of any sort. As mentioned i'm probably screwed but it's worth a shot to ask if anybody else had a good solution. Just *** me off that something the size of my pinky fingernail broke and it's now all useless.

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Add Usb Port To An Older Motherboard - Ide To Usb Connector

Have an older motherboard with no usb connectors. Need to add usb port to install newer multi function printer. No pci slots open, have 1 isa slot open, also 1 ide port available. Any prouducts out there that will allow me to add a usb port with above listed available ports.

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Usb And Unknown Orange Connector

I have questions regarding my usb2. 0 connectors and this strange orange connector coming from my front intake fan. I think that this orange connector is a connector that goes to the chassis header right? The other 2 fans dont have this connector. Now the two usb 2. 0 cables, i know where they go, but i dont know which row they go on, whether its top or bottom. I assume top, because both cables have 1 row of 5 pins, and as u can see from the picture, the header has a bottom row of 4 pins, and a top row of 5 pins. Which row do i connect the cable to?

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Where To Get Usb Wifi Connector For Nintendo Ds ?

Where can i get a usb wifi connector for my nintendo ds? Nintendo has discontinued theirs, where can i get a reasonably priced wifi usb connector for my ds?

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Universal Bluetooth Usb Connector

Is there a universal bluetooth usb connector? I lost the usb that came with my logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. Do i have to replace it with another logitech bluetooth usb or is there another bluetooth wireless usb that will work. If so, where do i get this?

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Does Nintendo Wifi Usb Connector Work With Dsi ?

Does the nintendo wi-fi usb connector work with dsi and dsixl?

Answer:- yes. It is advertised as working for ds products and what not, but in actuality it is just a cheap, generic usb wifi transmitter/receiver (i use it on my xbox 360 and laptop constantly)

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Sata Drive Connector Question

I'm building a rig from scratch. First time. I got everything installed alright, but i'm used to ata drives with ribbon data cables and molex connectors. Never installed a sata drive. The model i got is:

Wd caviar blue 500gb serial ata hd 7200/16mb/sata-3g. There is a connection via sata cable to the mb, and a connection from the psu with a sata connection. On the far right side of the drive there is an 8 pin connector. I don't know what this could be for. Is this for a different type of connection? I though i only needed the data connection to the mb and power. What am i missing here.

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Connecting Slave Drive Without Spare Connector

How to connect a slave drive when there's no spare connector on the hard drive cable? My motherboard has 3 ide channel/ports. One is for the floppy disk, the other for the cd drive and the 3rd one is for the hard drive. I plan on upgrading my hard disk, and i plan on cloning my old drive. For this i need to install the new drive as a slave drive. However on recent inspection i've noticed that the cable connecting my hard drive cable to the ide port has no extra connector where the slave hard drive can be connected. However on the cd drive cable there is a spare connector. Am i supposed to get a new cable with a spare connector for my hard drive cable, or can i place the slave hard drive on the spare connector for the cd cable. Random q: can the ide cable experience esd damage?

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Connect Power To Hard Drive With 7 Pin Connector

The hard drive in my desktop took a nosedive. A friend gave me an hp tower with a bad motherboard. The data and power sockets on the hard drive have the flat blade type connectors. So i swapped out the power supplies too. My tower has a gigabyte motherboard. Now, i can connect everything except for the power to the hard drive. It has a flat ribbon connector that goes from the flat power socket to a small 7 pin connector. My gigabyte doesn't have the 7 pin. How can i power the drive? Is there an adapter made for this kind of connection or am i just out of luck?

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Processor Overheated And Broke

I think my processor has had it, the pc loaded up as normal, i went away for while leaving it doing a task. On my return the the screen was blank and the hard disk light was on permanently, a restart did not solve the problem. The fan was cluttered with dust and also was the gills, after a hover out, i restarted the machine and still the same problem, hard disk light permanently on, no boot up, fan spinning, no action. I have taken the memory out, harddisk and tried in a working machine and they are fine. I have also tried another power supply in the broken machine to no avail, everything points to the processor. What ya reckon folks? This machine was fine before.

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Broke Sata Port

Was having pc problems, and my hd stopped being detected in bios after a small knock, so i think he's broke. I went to remove the sata cable from the motherboard, it was in really tight and when i puled it out, the actual connector on the motherboard came out leaving just the pins, the pins go through some little holes on the connector then you plug the cable into it. The pins are now skewed and theres no way i can get that bent back to put the connector back on, so that sata port is now useless. There are three sata ports on the motherboard:

Sata 1 - now useless
Sata 2 - works

Sata raid 1 - works

As i said i think the hd has gone anyway, so i need to get another but i am wondering. Will plugging the hd into one of the two other working sata ports be ok, or does the hd have to connect to the sata 1 port? If only that port will work for the hd then i guess i have to buy a whole new motherboard.could i also get a sata pci card and could i plugg the hd into one of the ports on the card. I just don't know if you can boot from any sata port and also is there any order of connections thats needs to be followed if you also have sata dvd drives?

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Cpu Hsf Support Broke

So i have a thermaltake maxorb fan for my amd. This morning i heard the fan shifted. I opened the side panel and notice the fan was leaning. I unscrewed the bottom screw and heard two piece of plastic fall. Long story short. Is the replacement piece part of the fan or the motherboard? The computer was purchased and built by ibuypower on 3/08.

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Laptop Broke, Now Shows Black Screen

Its a compaq presario v5000 when i turn it on i get the compaq screen very briefly and then the black screen, nothing else happens. Ive tried rebooting with a disc in the drive but i still get the black screen. Any suggestions?

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Broke Lga 1156 Cpu Pin

I got a new motherboard, h55m-ud2h and i-core3 cpu. This processor is lga-1156 type, which means the pins are not on the cpu, but on the motherboard. They are really tiny, flexible, and i broke one of them, so it's separated. Is there any possibility i can fix it in home environment with some basic tools and experience?

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What Devices Use Dc 3v Connector ?

On what devices would i find a dc 3v connector? Any common devices around the house or possibly at a local store?

Answer:- any device that uses 2 aa or aaa batteries, wireless phones, walkie talkies etc.

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Usb External Hard Drive Front Panel Usb Connection Problem

I have a usb connection external hard drive. It works perfectly and is detected in computer 2 and 3 starts to detect it but stops and says there it might have problems working perfectly. And no drive letter shows in computer 2 & 3. But computer 1 reads it shows it. All 3 computers have win xp pro and all 3 computers detect and show all other usb devices with no problems. This issue here is with the front panel usb connection on all cases. Not the back. Anyone here have a solution?

It's a 2. 5 travelstar hitachi ide hard drive in an enclosure case.

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External Usb Drive Message Says, It Can Perform Faster On A Usb 2.0 Port

When i hook it up, it recognizes, then says it can perform faster on a usb 2. 0 port then goes away, and repeats this process over and over. I can never actually access it or see it in my computer. I also constantly hear the noise of a usb device being turned on and off.

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Usb Drive To Play Downloaded Movies On Xbox Via Usb Connection

Could i use a one terabyte usb drive to play downloaded movies on my xbox via a usb connection? I've used my 320 gb external drive on my xbox 360. I don't know if 1tb drives work, you can try. Edit: make sure the drive is fat32, the xbox cannot read ntfs (ironically).

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Power Connector For Sata Hd

I purchased a 750gb wd hd (model: wd7500aaks) from newegg. I plugged it into the computer, and went to connect a power connector to it, and realized it had a different type of power connector. This one had a connector going straight from the motherboard to the hd. Now, my question is: does anyone know where i can find a connector that has 2 power connectors coming off of it?

The computer i want to place this in, already has 1 hd with this connector, and didnt see another slot on the motherboard, so need to know how to connect this hd to the machine.

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Molex Connector Alternative

Can u suggest any alternate for molex 533751210 connector? Without locking holes?


How about a sata power connector? Seriously, that's the only current and viable alternative to molex unless you want to use 80-pin sca scsi drives.

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Dual Connector Network Card

Due to a lack of free expansion slots, and the slight need for a second network connector, i'm currently looking for a network adapter card with two rj-45 connectors. I've found this one but it's 64 bit pci, and i need 32 bit. Does anyone know of 32 bit cards with this functionality, preferably 3com or intel?

I don't need gigabit, 100 basetx will do.

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Replacing Keyboard Cable Connector

It seems some pins have gone slack. Otherwise keyboard is fine. How do i change connector cable, i asked repair shops around, the said i'll have to buy new kb.connector cables are not sold separately

Suggest a simple solution.

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Ide Power Connector Not Working

Just had my power box in my acer aspire sa80 pc replaced as the original hard drive was burnt out. The motherboard & the rest is fine. I am using now using a 160gig drive for the main drive & 1tb for a slave with just sata plugins. My problem is on the 160 gig hard drive, it has both ide & sata power plug-ins. When i plug the sata connection, the hard drive powers up but when i take out the sata connection & plug in the ide power connection the hard drive don't power up? I only have one sata power connector for one drive only.

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4-pin Cpu Power Connector Mismatch

I'm looking at building a computer with a ocz ocz500mxsp psu and an asus m4a78 plus motherboard. I've spent the night trying to make sure all my components will work together, but i noticed this and am not sure if it will work. It's been a while since i've built one, and i looked in the faqs but they were horribly outdated.

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6 Pin Pci-e To Sata Connector Adapters

I am trying to put my 8800gt into my brothers computer. It fits in the pci-e slot perfectly, but his power supply unit doesn't have the 6 pin pci-e , and all it has is sata connectors. Do they make a adapter for 6pin pci-e to sata connectors? If so can you give me a link?

(To clear , the sata connector im talking about are the thin typically black ones)

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8 Pin Pci Express Power Connector

Anyone know where i can get a 6-pin pci express to 8-pin pci express 2 adapter cable from. I have the though power 750w cable management psu but as i brought this a while ago it did not include an 8pin pci-e cable as it does now. So i was wondering does anyone know where i can get one from the uk. Also do i really need it as i intend to get a 3870x2 card?

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Sata / Ide Connector Caps / Covers

I am looking to purchase caps/covers for unused sata/ide power connectors in my pc case. Does anyone know where i may be able to purchase these?

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Connect 9dbi And 5dbi Antenna With T Connector

If i connect a 9dbi and a 5dbi antenna with a t connector, will i have 14dbi? I just purchased a 2 watt wifi router and a rp-sma "t" connector. I have a 9dbi antenna and it comes with a 5dbi antenna. If i decide to use the connector, how will it affect the antennas? Will it average them? Add them? Explode?

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