New Macbook - Keyboard Freezes

I bought a new 'santa rosa' macbook on 11-2-07 and have been enjoying the process of setting it up and getting familiar with leopard. One thing disturbs me though: periodically as i have used it for the last two days, the keyboard will freeze, allowing no text input. I can still move the mouse, click on windows and start/stop programs, but the keyboard acts as if it's dead. The caps-lock light won't even come on. This condition lasts for a minute or two and then normal operation resumes. It happens every few hours (three times in six hours of use yesterday, two or three times today). I haven't been able to correlate this with any particular thing i'm doing, either when it begins or ends. What's going on?

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Keyboard And Mouse Non Responsive / Freezes When Play Games

When i start playing a game, especially an fps, about every 1-2 mins the mouse becomes non responsive/freezes and sometimes the keyboard "joins in", for about 5 seconds. I haven't updated any drivers before the problem. Its really annoying when playing css i have fixed the crosshair on someones head an not being able to shoot. Looks like it happens randomly. - Vista 32-bit
- Dell keyboard
- Logitech mx518

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Macbook Pro Or Macbook Or Sony Vaio

Which one's better macbook pro, macbook or sony viao? I need to think about i financially as well as feature-beneficially? I just don't wanna waste money on something less worth it. It took me a long time to save up!

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Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Or Imac?

There is a site that i have been using for a while where you can redeem points for prizes. I've been saving for a while and now i can afford almost everything. They have apple products as prizes and i was interested in getting one, but i'm not sure which. Should i go for a 21. 5 inch imac desktop a 13 inch macbook air or a 13 inch macbook pro? My family already has an imac, but my sisters or dad are usually on it, so i can't use it very often. I like the mobility of the macbooks which allows me to use it anywhere around the house, but i would probably be able to put the imac in my room as a private computer which would still be nice. I don't really know the differences between the macbook air or pro, so i'm not sure which one out of those two. The imac and macbook air are both 2500 points while the macbook pro is 1750, but the price doesn't really matter because i have enough for either, and i probably won't use the site after this. Which one is the best?

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Macbook Or Macbook Pro Or Windows Pc?

Im going into year 11 in high school and i want a laptop for my birthday. Here are my options:

1. Get a macbook- because its the cheapest and i like the colour

2. Get a macbook pro 15- because of the bigger screen, better performance, better memory etc. But i'd have to pay the extra £650 from my own money

3. Wait until i go to university to get a macbook (even though i can't wait for 3 years)

4. Forget about the whole macbook idea and get a pc


I really don't know what to do because i have my heart set on getting a macbook but i don't know if i need one and even if i do get one id want the pro which means spending my money (650 is a lot extra to spend on a laptop). I would be using it for schoolwork, internet browsing, music, watching films and general entertainment for holidays/traveling. What do you think i should do?

If you think i should get a pc, can you recommend any that are just like macbooks please?

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Macbook Pro 13.3'' Vs Macbook

Assuming that the specs between each machine are the same (which i will lay out below), which product would you recommend in seeming more sensible to buy? I will only be using this laptop for photo-editing, web surfing, music, and school work. I do not anticipate installing any games on this laptop. Macbook
2. 4 ghz intel core 2 duo
4gb 1066mhz ddr3 sdram - 2x2gb (upgraded)
500gb serial ata drive @ 5400 rpm (upgraded)
Nvidia geforce 320m graphics 256mb ddr3 sdram
$1, 249 subtotal

Macbook pro 13. 3''
2. 4ghz intel core 2 duo
4gb 1066mhz ddr3 sdram - 2x2gb (native)
500gb serial ata drive @ 5400 rpm (upgraded)
Nvidia geforce 320m graphics 256mb ddr3 sdram
$1, 349 subtotal

Same exact specs, but is it worth the extra $100 for the fact that the macbook pro is made of aluminum (not sure what makes that better than plastic) and has a backlit keyboard? Are there any other big features that i am missing? It seems more sensible to just purchase the original macbook. Thoughts?

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Das Keyboard / Apple Keyboard With Numeric Keypad

I decided to get a new keyboard, your input would be appreciated. I don't play wow so macro keys are unnecessary. I actually spend most of my time typing up papers, with the occasional fps/rts. These are two keyboards that i'm currently looking at:

Daskeyboard $130

Apple keyboard with numeric keypad $50

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Dell Mini Keyboard Smaller Than Normal-keyboard ?

How much smaller is a dell mini keyboard than a normal keyboard? I recently purchased a dell mini laptop and was wondering-how much smaller is the dell mini keyboard than a normal keyboard? I don't want my fingers to feel cramped. I was also wondering how much smaller the screen is. Are items on the screen actually smaller or do you just have to scroll around the window?

Dell mini user's opinions are very welcome.

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Intermittent Keyboard Problem - Keyboard Is Non Responsive

I bought a compaq presario sr1630nx a few months ago and i've noticed an intermittent keyboard problem for the last month or so. I don't know if it's a hardware or a software problem or how i would tell. The keyboard has a ps/2 connector. I have not changed any of the default hardware. Symptoms: i sometimes try to type and no keys on the keyboard do anything. The mouse works fine. I am not aware of performing any particular action before i notice that the keyboard is non-responsive.

Rebooting makes the keyboard work again. This problem occurs with a frequency of 2 times a day to once a week. I've installed more recent keyboard/mouse drivers for this machine (posted on the compaq site), but that's hasn't helped. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be? Is there a utility that i could run when the problem happens that would give me more information?

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Whats Different From Normal Keyboard To Gaming Keyboard ?

Just wondering what difference are there from a normal keyboard to a gaming keyboard? I was thinking about buying a new keyboard but i was wondering whats the difference between a normal and gaming?

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Desktop Keyboard That Feels Like A Laptop Keyboard

I don't know if it exists or not, but i'm looking for a desktop keyboard that feels like a laptop keyboard. Any recommendations?

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Desktop Keyboard Like / Feel Laptop Keyboard

My logitech g15 is crapping out and i'm looking for a new keyboard. I don't really wanna spend large amounts of money since it seems all keyboards last ~2 years anyway. I would like a keyboard that has a tactile response almost exactly like a laptop. Anyone have any examples?

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Connect Macbook To Tv

How to connect a macbook pro to your tv so you can watch it on tv? My macbook is a macbook pro, and my tv is hdmi.

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Can I Use Hp Printer With Macbook ?

Could you use a hp series printer for a macbook? Does it work?

Answer:- it shouldn't be a problem as long as the printer has compatible mac drivers available & you can install those drivers onto your computer (you'd need to be able to install them from the cd that came with the printer or download them onto your computer from the manufacturer's website. )

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How To Use Hp Scanner With Macbook ?

How to use hp scanner with macbook ?

Answer:- do you have software with it and is it mac compatible? Scanners generally come with an installation disc. You would have to go to the hp site and see if you have no disc. The mac osx generally has most drivers already preloaded for all popular scanners and printers. What happens when you plug it in and turn it on?

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Dell Or Macbook - Which Is Better ?

Which is better: dell or macbook? I am in need of a new laptop, but i don't know what to get. Half the people i talk to say that dell laptops are the best and the other half say i have to go with the macbook.

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Asus Or Macbook

I want to get myself a small light laptop, right now i am looking at the asus u3 series u3s-a1w, right now it is $1400 in newegg. But i found a up to 41% off refurbished macs sale in dealstudio. Just can't decide which should be a better choice?

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How Do I Connect Macbook To Tv?

This might be a stupid question since there's other info out there but i think my setup would be different. So, i've been wanting to connect my macbook to my tv and i'm not exactly sure how to. I know i need an apple mini dvi cable to vga cable. Anyways, i took a photo of the side of my macbook and the back of my tv. http://i400.


Please help me! I'll give more info/pictures if needed.

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How Do I Choose A Macbook?

I currently have a dell inspiron 1520 and, in short, i'm not in love with it. Four of my best friends have a macbook and they absolutely adore them. I want to purchase one before the next semester of college begins. I'm a sophomore majoring in biology/pre-med at the moment, but i may change to architectural engineering. I take lots of pictures and would like to be able to edit them with something along the lines of photoshop but preferably not that expensive. I use the internet a lot as well as microsoft word! I definitely want a aluminum macbook pro!

What picture editing software do you suggest?

Would you choose microsoft office for mac or iwork?

Would you suggest the applecare plan?

1) what is your budget?

Willing to pay whatever for quality but don't want excess

2) what size notebook would you prefer?

13 inch

5) what tasks will you be performing with the notebook?

Word processing, internet surfing, music, lots of pictures, editing, possibly architecture drafting

6) will you be taking the notebook with you to different places or leaving it on your desk?

I need ultra portability for class and going back-and-forth to my house

7) will you be playing games on it; if so, which games?


8) how many hours of battery life do you need?

As many as possible, i have a packed day of classes

9) do you mind buying online without seeing the notebook in person?

I've looked at and used many macs before so i'm okay with buying online

11) from the choices below, what screen resolutions would you prefer?

No real preference, i might watch the occasional movie

14) when are you buying this laptop and how long do you want this laptop to last?

I want to buy in the next month and i want it to last for all of college

15) how much hard drive space do you want?

I don't know how much i would need. I have many folders full of pictures and save quite a few word documents for class. 16) do you need an optical drive? If yes, a cdrw/dvd-rom, dvd burner or blu-ray drive?

Cd drive for sure, possibly a dvd burner too. 17) how much memory do you need?

I'm not sure how much i need. I like to have several applications open and i like my computer to run swiftly.

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Should I Get A Macbook Pro?

I will be attending college in the fall and will need to bring a laptop. We currently have an hp pavilion and an ibm thinkpad at home, both purchased within the last year. The only reason i am thinking about possibly buying a new laptop (more specifically a mac), is because the hp pavilion is a 17" screen and pretty heavy. The ibm thinkpad we purchased online and purposefully got it configured in a different language that my mom is better accustomed to, and i am not very accustomed to. Internet explorer web pages, etc. Are still all in english but the laptop itself is in a different language. If i get a new laptop, my parents will help me pay $200 of the total price. If i get specifically a mac, the free ipod touch i will give my sister and she'll give me around $200 cause she has been wanting one for a while. In essence, i will be paying around $900 for my macbook pro. What should i do? Take the hp pavilion, the thinkpad, buy a macbook pro, or buy a different laptop?

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Which Macbook Should I Buy?

I'm a student who's main hobbies are photography and graphic design and am looking to buy a mac my budget is 1000 pounds so was wondering which of the following three macbooks i should buy. This years 13" plastic macbook with a 2. 4ghz dual core 160gb hard drive which i can get for 737 with a education discount. http://store.

A late 2008 aluminum macbook (before they introduced the 13" macbook pro) in a 2. 4ghz dual core, 250gb hard drive and 2gb ram this i can get for almost 700 pounds second hand in reasonably good condition and i could then buy an extra 2gb ram and some extras with the rest of my budget.

My other option is to buy this years 13" macbook pro with a 2. 4ghz dual core, 250 gb hard drive and 4gb ram this costs 938 with the student discount. http://store.

I am also considering an older black plastic macbook second hand from ebay. So which one should i get? What are the differences between them? Pros and cons? Etc.

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Should I Purchase A Macbook?

I realize there are already plenty of questions in regard to getting a macbook or a pc, but i figured i'd ask anyway because none of these questions seemed to cover everything i wanted to ask. I really do want a macbook and have so for some time now, but i don't want to let my longing for one cloud my judgment. If i'd be better off with a different sort of computer, really i should get that one. I would mostly be working with photos and occasionally film using the adobe programs such as flash and in particular photoshop. I've already got these on my desktop pc, but have no issue with purchasing them for my mac - if that's what i end up getting. I was only going to get the standard macbook rather than the air or pro and was going to upgrade when i reach uni where i'll actually be requiring one. I figure getting one now might make things easier because i'll understand the interface and programs for when it comes to a macbook being a necessity for me. But ultimately, will a pc or a macbook be more appropriate for me?

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Which Macbook Pro Is Better?

I hate slow computers and viruses. So i decided to buy a macbook pro, but which one? Which is better in your opinion relating to price and how should i put it? Efficiency or power maybe?

Macbook pro 13" upgraded vs. Regular macbook pro 15"

This is the macbook pro upgraded. 4gb 1066mhz ddr3 sdram - 2x2gb <-changed to-> 8gb 1066mhz ddr3 sdram - 2x4gb ($360)

250gb serial ata drive @ 5400 rpm <-changed to-> 500gb serial ata drive @ 5400 rpm


Nvidia geforce 320m graphics
Sd card slot
Built-in battery (10 hours)2
2. 4ghz intel core 2 duo
8gb 1066mhz ddr3 sdram - 2x4gb
500gb serial ata drive @ 5400 rpm
Backlit keyboard (english) / user's guide
Iwork preinstalled
Superdrive 8x (dvd±r dl/dvd±rw/cd-rw)
Apple remote

This costs $1, 654. 00 which is without tax but with the school discount and a free itouch. (Happy birthday little brother. )

This is the macbook pro 15" not upgraded. Built-in battery (8-9 hours)2
Sd card slot
Intel hd graphics
Nvidia geforce gt 330m with 256mb
2. 4ghz intel core i5
4gb 1066mhz ddr3 sdram - 2x2gb

320gb serial ata drive @ 5400 rpm
Superdrive 8x (dvd±r dl/dvd±rw/cd-rw)
Macbook pro 15-inch glossy widescreen display

Backlit keyboard (english) & user's guide
Iwork preinstalled
Apple remote

Which costs $1, 759. 00 with again, no tax but with discount and free itouch. So this leads to the pro's and con's. -
Macbook pro 13"
-More memory
-Bigger hard drive
-More portable
-Longer battery life
-Costs 100 bucks less
-Smaller screen

-Worse graphics (intel hd graphics, does it make a difference?)

-The big reason is it's intel core duo (does it make a difference with the upgraded memory or hard drive?)

Macbook pro 15"
-Bigger screen
-Better graphics
-Intel core i5
-Less memory
-Less hard drive space
-Less battery life
-Costs 100 bucks more

I currently have an imac. The speed is good, the screen is 21. 5 inches, when i measure the screen where it actually displays it is approximately 14 inches(vertically). How tall is the 13 and 15 vertically? How does the apple internet rebate work? Is apple reliable for compensating its rebates because i've lost way too much money on rebates that aren't reliable. What would be a better computer other than a macbook pro in your opinion (for instance, dell, sony, hp, alienware, etc. )?

I also want to record my professor's lesson. How many hours of voice record can the macbooks hold? Also put into consideration that i usually have about 5-10 internet pages, itunes, garageband, a movie, and iwork working at once. I just can't seem to close it and reopen it later. I download alot of programs, too. Lastly, i heard macbook pro's overheat alot, what can i do to prevent it? I heard of cooling pads, hubs, etc. Which is most efficient?

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Which Macbook Pro Is Best For Me?

I really like the 13" macbook pros but they only run with intel core 2 duo processors. Im in university and i don't do alot of gaming on my laptop. Its usually just for browsing the internet (facebook, youtube,, etc. ) And for school, writing up papers and doing research. Can someone please tell me if you think i'd be fine with the core 2 duo rather than an i5 or i7 for what i plan t do on my macbook. I've asked this question a bunch of times on this but everyone just goes off about the speed difference and all that. I know i5/i7 is faster but do you guys think a core 2 duo would effect what i need the macbook for? It's really a "yes" or "no" answer but feel free to provide a little bit of detail. Also, some suggestions on either 2. 4ghz or 2. 53 ghz, or 2. 66 ghz etc. Would be nice aswell.

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Which Macbook Pro Is Right For Me?

I'm planning on getting a macbook pro in the next 2 weeks, and i need some opinions on which ones are best and which ones would work better for me, and the things i do on a laptop. (Also, please don't tell me not to get a mac. I will get one regardless because everyone has a side, and i don't want to be on the windows side anymore. ) So i have a few questions. I have about 1500 songs, and around 10, 000 pictures on my dell inspiron 1520. I don't plan on putting all of these on the macbook pro, but mostly the ones that i need. 1. Is 4gb of memory enough for this?

I play sims 3 (with the 2 expansion packs that have been released) on this dell, and with the graphic settings on medium or low, it runs pretty fast. 2. What can i expect with the macbook pro while playing sims 3? Will the graphics be better?

(Other than those things, i mostly just surf the internet, and use facebook, myspace and my yahoo mail. )

3. Can you set-up the yahoo mail on the mail client on the macbook pro? Or will i just have to go on the browser to check my mail? I saw videos about this, it looked pretty awesome. 4. Would the 13 inch 2. 4ghz macbook pro, with 4gb memory run pretty smoothly & fast for what i need?

5. Is a 250gb hard drive enough? Or should i get 320gb or 500gb?

6. Some people said it doesn't need virus protection. Is this true?

What else can i expect from a macbook pro? I've never had a mac before, they seem to be awesome computers. If you have any other tips, let me know.

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Questions About Macbook

So i'm interested in buying a mac (my first) but because i've never used one before i have some questions i would be very grateful if you could answer:

1. Iwork or microsoft office 2008 - which is better for a student like me?

2. How's the imovie? Are the movies you can make good? I'm interested in film making and editing so this is quite important

3. If i save something onto a memory stick from my mac (for example a word document) will it be able to open on a normal non-mac computer? Or will it not work because of the different software? (And visa versa)

4. What's the support like with macs? Do they come with good well priced support, or is it bellow standard? Do macs have a long life, or do they start crashing after a certain time period?

5. What additional features do you think are important to buy if you're getting a mac and if you're a student?

6. How easy is it to convert my folders and my itunes music from a normal computer onto a mac? Will it work okay?

8. Where can i get the best deal for a macbook?

7. What's a mac laptop like in general? Is it good? Better than other laptops? Worth the price?

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New Macbook Pro

So im 12 and i want a new macbook pro, i have the old macbook white and its like 3 years old i got it when i was nine so now i want to upgrade and my dad says i have to make up 10 reasons so he accepted 4 of them and i need six more. Here they are and if some of them r not true, i didn't care, he believes it. Accepted:

Cheaper in the long run 
The mac comes with a ipod touch, which daddy can use for business and a bunch of other stuff totaling up to $140 which we spent on the previous mac! We also get $150 off! All this but there is a deadline¦ sept. 7 2010 and threes more to offer rather than windows¦. Which is generally cheaper than mac. Powerful, stable operating system, this new mac will almost never crash! So i can keep it for more years. Best software and stuff
Apple's applications are useful, enjoyable, and innovative, i can even make my own app and make a lot of money! And i meet all the requirements, i have an ipad, an ipod, pretty soon an iphone 4 in 2 days. So threes another way to make extra money!

Buy a new mac now and get help for free
You get free genius bar help! You have the choice to buy a windows, going all across town trying to find a cheap place to fix your pc, but if you buy a new mac around now, you get free genius bar services wherever you are. Especially since the closest place they have an awesome genius bar is apple on old orchard, which mom knows like the back of her hand, since she goes there everyday to return stuff :)

Didn't accept:

Easy to use
Macs are generally so easy to use and kid friendly. It also has pages, which is so much easier to use. Also, im sorry but its gonna take me hours just to find word and type a 250 word essay on martin luther king jr. ! ;)

Easy to use
Macs are generally so easy to use and kid friendly. It also has pages, which is so much easier to use. Also, im sorry but its gonna take me hours just to find word and type a 250 word essay on martin luther jr king! ;)

Better protects laptops
When im using my new mac, it will be much better because most likely, ill be all over the internet trying to find the eating habits of a monarch butterfly. So if possibly one site has a virus, my mac will inform me of it or not let me visit this site at all. Details count
You can buy a perfectly pleasing windows pc that matches a mac's cpu speed, ram, hard-drive space, and other specs for a lot less money. But it won't have an ac adapter with hooks that let you wrap up the cord for travel, or a magsafe connector that won't get damaged if it's accidentally yanked out of the computer. It won't have an over sized touchpad with multitouch gestures that help you navigate through documents and around the web. And it will likely be heavier and bulkier than a comparable mac. You can use windows on a mac but not mac on a windows
If i ever decided i wanted to learn how to work with windows in my free time, i can download windows application one by one. Its perfect for school
My school uses macs, so if i forget my typed up homework, i can just go on the servers and select it, print it out in the computer lab and not get a bad grade for forgetting it!. Why cant you use the mac you already have. Macs update a lot
Macs update every week, but if i wanted to update my p. C. , Ill just have to get a new one! Imagine, spending $500 a week for new updates!

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Macbook Seems To Have A Virus

When i go into my email (gmail) after a minute or as soon as i open an email my screen goes gray and a black box appears, in the background is a grey power symbol. The message reads '' you need to restart your computer. Hold down the power button until it turns off, then press the power button again''. The message appears in 5 languages (eng, french, spanish, german and chinese. I had no choice but to do this and iv'e done it 6 times already. I tried logging into another gmail account and the same thing happens. When i turn back on the laptop this is the error message:

Interval since last panic report: 1195834 sec

Panics since last report: 6

Anonymous uuid: 9dfb0acf-1c3d-4130-94eb-d7bc018aac53

Mon aug 30 21:51:33 2010

Panic(cpu 1 caller 0x2a8ab2): kernel trap at 0x00000000, type 14=page fault, registers:

Cr0: 0x8001003b, cr2: 0x00000000, cr3: 0x00100000, cr4: 0x00000660

Eax: 0x0b77c800, ebx: 0x05791000, ecx: 0x09000000, edx: 0x05a7fa00

Cr2: 0x00000000, ebp: 0x2bc73b08, esi: 0x05791000, edi: 0x05a7f800

Efl: 0x00010206, eip: 0x00000000, cs: 0x00000008, ds: 0x05a70010

Error code: 0x00000010

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Is Macbook Really Worth Its Value?

Which do you value more?

I would opt for a laptop with windows os installed simply because i feel comfortable around a windows environment. To me, purchasing an apple product would be either because of trend, ego, popularity or for its design. Thats only me, for you it may be functionality or the software it offers. But what i'm trying to say is that macbook or not, it will serve is purpose what ever you wish to do. I personally don't think it is worth the $999 value simply because you can achieve the same specifications on a laptop for half the price. So that only leads me to think that the price is reflected on because it has the brand name attached to it. Here is a very interesting quote i heard in regards to the fanless dyson machine. I hope you know about it. It basically has no blades and uses technology to to suck in air and blow it back out creating a current of air. It works on the same principle of a standard fan but due to its quirky "no-fans" feature, people are more inclined to buy it. "If you want to look cool, buy the dyson. If you want to stay cool, buy the regular fan"

I hope that helps when you decide on any other purchases in future.

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Why I Should Get A Macbook Pro?

So im gonna be a sophmore in high school next year and i think i should get a macbook pro (13")

Here are my reasons:

No more fighting- my bro and i always argue over who uses the imac

Better quality- the only laptop i have access to is an ancient toshiba that has trouble running simple things like firefox and word

Good battery- the toshiba dies literally a minute or two after i unplug it, so i could move around and work where ever i want with a macbook pro

Good for running apps- im taking video production and computer graphics classes which involve photoshop, dreamweever, and a lot of video editing

My own storage space- my mom gets *** when i do imovie and photobooth on her macbook because of how much room it takes up (i love editing footage and pics)

No interruptions- when im on the imac or the toshiba, i always get interrupted because others want to use it. I need a computer that no one can kick me off of

Good time to get a laptop- my mom says i should get a laptop jr year, but that would be after i take my classes that involve computers a lot. I think i need it more now. We have the money- my dad (who is a computer geek :-p) constantly buys my mom expensive techy things even though she was fine with her ancient sony linux also, i would pay $400 which even my mom couldn't do because only my dad works

So are these good points?
Any i should leave out? Add?

Ps. I want the pro because it is more durable and has a better video card.

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