Ps3 Wont Recognise My Portable Hard Drive

My ps3 won't recognize my portable hard drive even though it is fat32 format. The hard drive works perfectly fine on my computer but when i plug it into my ps3 nothing happens. P. S. Also, my folders are organized by ps3-> video, music etc.

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Portable Hard Drive - 2.5"

I have a sandisk usb cruzer micro 8gb flash drive that is nearing it's full capacity. On it, i have documents, music, and family photos (not a great way to backup my crap) and i only have close to 300mb left. I'm looking for a decent-speed, low power, low profile portable hard drive. Basically, this new drive will serve as a portable backup drive for my music, docs, and photos before i throw them on a permanent whs or bigger backup drive (which i have yet to get/build). It'll help free up space on my flash drive so i can use that as my daily portable while only using this new portable drive when needed. Requirements here:

-Must be 2. 5"

-At least 250gb - 320gb. I'm leaning more toward 320gb since the price difference is only like $10. Even though i probably won't use it's full capacity, i like to have that sense that i'll have room for more. -Low power, low profile, decent speed (as mentioned above)

-Usb 2. 0 should be fine. Preferably, 1 usb 2. 0 connection. I've seen some enclosures with a usb y-split with 2 usb ports for power? Something with drives over 250gb?

-Can be a hd + enclosure or a ready in box external drive. Which ever is cheaper and meets criteria. -Let's keep it as cheap as possible - under $75 - $80?

What i've been looking at so far:


- Apparently fastest mobile hd in terms of avg. Latency? - 4. 2ms

+Slim enclosure for ~$15


I'm usually a seagate fanboy but wd has better price/gb ratio for these drives. I'm open to all suggestions though.

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Sync Samsung Portable Hard Drive

How do i connect my samsung portable hard drive to sync in my car after reformatting it? I reformatted my hard drive because it was starting to spaz out a little, but my car doesn't recognize it anymore when i put it in the usb port. I use it for playing mp3's in the car. What do i do? Maybe i reformatted it incorrectly because that is the first time i've reformatted something since the floppy days.

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Portable External Hard Drive Or Huge Flash Usb

I am looking to use either a portable external hdd or a flash usb (32gb or more) to run applications like portable photoshop, illustrator, winrar, vista, etc. I will also store video files, and other folders, etc, on the drive as well. But which one should i buy? Can u please link me to some good items?

- 1st priority is running applicationsd and using it on the go. - 2nd priority is storage space.

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Western Digital Passport - Portable Hard Drive, 60gb

Western digital passport - portable hard drive, 60gb, can these be upgraded? What type of drive is inside?

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Toshiba Canvio Plus 1.0 Tb Usb 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive

Where can i buy toshiba canvio plus 1. 0 tb usb 2. 0 portable external hard drive ? Review?

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Connect Hard Drive To Ps3

How do i connect my hard drive to my ps3? The internal hdd or the hdd that is inside only takes sata, while the external hdd uses the usb ports in front of the device. So when you transfer files use a usb hdd, but if you want more space to store on the ps3 then get a sata drive.

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Ps3 - How To Use External Usb Hard Drive ?

Is there a way i can run movies or transfer the movies from my usb hard drive to watch on the ps3? Im exciting about the dvix addition. Im guessing it has to be formatted a certain way or something.

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Ps3 Usb External Hard Drive Connection

I have a 500 gig seagate free agent pro usb 2. 0 hard drive. I have plugged the hard drive into the ps3 usb port but the ps3 does not recognize it in the menu. Can someone please tell me how i can make the ps3 recognize my external hard drive? I'd like to stream video from it.

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Ps3 Doesn't Recognize My Usb Hard Drive

I have a "lacie" 80 gb external hard drive, that, when i plug in to my ps3, it can't see it at all. Is there something i need to do? Nothing is appearing in any of the menus!

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Ps3 Slim Won't Recognize Wd Usb 3.0 External Hard Drive

I've been trying for the last 3 days to connect my western digital mybook usb 3. 0 1tb external drive to my ps3 slim to no avail. I've went through *** and back so i wonder if it is even possible? Is the ps3 capable of backward compatibility with this drive?

I know many people have connected a 2. 0 usb external to a ps3 but i've googled and asked tech friends, game owners, sony ps3, wd, seagate, buffalo, adata. You name it. Yes of course i formatted the whole drive(partition)935gb into fat32 using various software programs; swissknife, acronis, partition wizard. They all show after completion that the drive was formatted to fat32. I even tried making folders; video, pictures, music and still no go. Is there something i'm missing? Is it a chipset issue or a host controller defecit on ps3's end? The funny thing is it will read my fat32 supertalent usb 3. 0 16gb flash drive so i dont know if the flash turns into a 2. 0 usb read that ps3 recognizes but it can't do that with the build of an external drive, maybe bc it's just a wd black or blue cavier sata with a controller laned into 3. 0 usb ports inserted into a tower. If anyone has had success with any of the usb 3. 0 external drives please let me know the amazing fix. I even thought there may be a difference with the usb 2. 0 and 3. 0 cables and iwould have to switch to a 2. 0 to connect to ps3. I'm not leaving any stone unturned. I contacted sony ps3 and they escalated it for the next meeting, so they say. Wd has no clue and will look into it. Seagate tech support told me right away it isn't supported but didn't say why bc i had to convey questions to the girl on the phone. Buffalo didn't know, so i contacted various retailers in canada that sell the drives to see if there was any feedback from customers or tech savvy employees. No one seems to know. Yet this could be a simple fix or it might be impossible with ps3's current setup and may be fixed if/when ps4 is released. I doubt a patch or firmware can fix this but you never know. It would be interesting to see if the ps3 will recognize a ssd in a usb 3. 0 enclosure. I have a ocz agility 2 ssd new and may try this b4 i install it with my original intention as internal for windows 7 64 bit os and media. I also bought an asus u3s6 card that comes with 2 usb 3. 0 ports. I have many people working on this even the main manager at canada computers as he is a ps3 fan and is very interested himself which is good because the more brains that inquire and trouble shoot the better the chance of a solution either soon or in the future. So once again, thanks for anyone that has had success with these drives and i'll be sure to post any information i receive.

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Toshiba Portable Hard Disk Error Could Not Recognize Device

I have a toshiba portable hard disk of 500 gb, i connected it to my computer running on windows 7, a message appears "error could not recognize the device" i unplugged it n plugged it back and also restarted the computer but it still does not work. Does any 1 know the problem and solutions for this ?

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2.5 Pata Laptop Drive To Portable Drive

I have two 40gb 2. 5" laptop drives, 1 from a dell(fujitsu) and 1 from a hp(hitachi) and i want to use them as additional portable storage since each ones respective laptops are now just doorstops. So, being i wanted to make them portable, i bought a usb case to use, ultra ult31738 to be exact, and no matter what i do, neither one of these hard drives will run when used in this case. They both spin when just connected via usb to usb, and spin even faster when connected via usb to usb along with the additional usb to power in connector that comes with the kit. The only way i have been able to get these drives to load in windows is by way of an adapter card attached to my 3. 5" usb enclosure. Any ideas as to why this is occurring, or how i might make the drives work in the case i bought for them?

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Mb Won't Recognise Drives

My mb won't recognize my drives(2 hd and 2 writers dvdrw & cdrw)> stupidly had forced a ide cable on wrong and forced a pin back into another. Did i fry all my drives. They are all recognized individually , but not as master and slave, i even changed mb.

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Ps2 Unable To Recognise Disk

On turning on my ps2 it didn't recognize the cd, i have bought a new lens/laser unit and installed it but with nil effect. When i turn it on it just goes to the browser.

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Usb Will Not Recognise An Mp3 Player Or Bluetooth Dongle

Can anyone tell me why my usb will not recognise an mp3 player or bluetooth dongle. I have tried using all my usb's but it won't work. I've tried reloading the software and still it does'nt recognise either of them.

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Wireless Trouble - Didn't Recognise Wep Key

I have a edimax wireless stick in my pc and i connect from router to wireless, everything was fine and dandy until a few days ago, all the settings are the same in services. Msc, i checked everything in there, and everything in network properties under my wireless connection, its all as it should be really, but i cannot connect to my own router, sometimes it will pop up for less then three seconds saying 0% strength, but on my laptop its 100% nearly all the time, i tried to reinstall the driver for my wireless stick, it said it didn't recognize my wep key !

So i nearly died, i tried going through ipconfig /all for an ip address ( btw im a nube at this and i have no freaking idea what an ip address is _ ) i was doing this through a tutorial on youtube for wireless help but that didn't work because my ip address didn't show and neither did my subnet mask or default gateway, i literally got a tiny paragraph that told me zilch, so for all you pc wizz's out there, theres 10 points going and a whole life of gratitude if you can fix this pain in my rear end. Please help or i may go outside with a shovel, start digging, and find a pistol.

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Usb Backup Drive Not Recognized By Ps3

I formated a backup drive to fat32 from windows vista. My vista computer and xp computer recognized the drive but my ps3 will not, does nor show up anywhere. My usb 8g flash drive works fine.

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Usb Flash Drive Won't Work With Ps3

I am trying to get some of my mp3's and some cool pictures onto my ps3, but every time i plug my usb flash drive into it i get nothing. I just got my ps3 this past weekend, i read the quick help guide and can't figure out why it won't recognize my drive the book says that it should. When i plug it in, the drive lights up but does not show up on my menu anywhere.

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40gb Ps3 Wont Recognize Sony Usb Flash Drive

I tested out my sony usb flash drive by putting music in mp3 and wma and put it in the usb slot, the ps3 recognizes the usb as a storage media but when i click triangle and display all, it saids it has no media in it. I also plug a old keyboard into the ps3 using a ps/2 to usb adapter and it won't display anything. Is it a defect in the ps3 or is this common?

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Is Usb Hard Drive Safer Than Normal Hard Drive ?

At the moment i have about 2t of data over 5hard drives, most of then films i have converted to avi from home as i live in uni halls the rooms are small, i am worried that leaving my pc on all the time will lower the life of my hard drives with data on, do you think it would be a good choice to put them into a usb drive and that way i only use them when i need? Is usb hard drive safer than normal hard drive ? Or am i just being silly?

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Portable Usb Hd

I was about to buy wd passport 500g when i noticed that they released a new edition and accordingly to the majority of the reviews on

It is a disaster. They built s/w into hd's rom, so you cannot get rid of it by formatting hd (it is loading a virtual cd-rom every time you plug the hd in. Just like scan u3 usb stick, although i think you can get red of this one (didn't try it b/c i like it)). Also it has nonstandard small usb connector/cable. So, i will have to buy either previous edition while stock lasts or i found another hd that looks ok but i don't know anything about it.

Do you know anything about this samsung hd? I found more or less good review on tom's h/w but i would like to hear from "real" people

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Portable Monitor

Are there any portable lcd monitors available to buy? Looking just for a small lcd that i can take with me to connect to systems/servers. I do know about remote desktop and other remote utils, but that won't work if i need to reboot to image a server for backup purposes or something else.

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Portable Headphones

I'm trying to find a good pair of headphones that i can take with me and use with my new laptop. I'm having a hard time finding something quite like what i'm looking for unfortunately. Price range: <$110
Connector: 3. 5mm
Noise canceling: no, less energy used the better

Should also note that i don't yet have a sound card, but i intend on getting that shortly. I came across a few things that i liked for the most part.

These bose look nice, but that price is a little too high for me, but something similar to those would be good. I came across

Next, which also seemed good, and that price is fine by me, but the one negative about that is that they are "open" and according to the reviews, people around you will easily hear everything you hear. This was sort of a turn off as some privacy is nice, i plan on using the headphones in public places, and want to have at least a certain level of privacy. Additionally, i just now looked in more than just newegg's 3. 5mm category (i wish i could view all that have 3. 5mm connectors, not 3. 5mm only, or 3. 5mm/6. 3mm, don't like how they split them into 2 categories).

Does anyone have any suggestions? Remember, i want them to be durable seeing as i don't want to be replacing them all the time, i will be taking them with me.

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Portable Scanner

Does anyone know where i can find a portable scanner? I need a scanner that does not require a pc to operate, but that i can later connect to a computer (via usb, firewire, etc) and copy any previously scanned pictures. Basically, a scanner with a (preferably) internal hard drive. (Rechargeable)battery-power is also preferable, but not a necessity. I'm not looking for one of those business card or receipt scanners. The perfect image of what i'm lookin' for would be a typical flatbed scanner, that does not require a pc to operate, and includes an internal hard drive, preferably 1 gb+, with a usb or firewire port.

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Hard Drive And Enclosure For External Hard Drive

I'll be buying a western digital caviar black sata hard drive and i have a question about the enclosure. These are the enclosures i'm thinking of:

1. Nexstar 3 onyx black
2. Antec mx-100, or a
3. Rosewill rx-358-s blk (black) 3. 5" sata to usb & esata

Can anyone recommend one or the other? Or one not listed?

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Transferring Data From Old Hard Drive To New Hard Drive

I have a dell dimension 2400, and according to the dell disk monitoring system, the drive 0 on the primary ide channel is operating outside of normal specifications, and it advises me to back up my data and get a new hard drive. I currently have a maxtor diamondmax plus 8 (6e040l0) which is the failing one. I plan on getting a hitachi deskstar p7k500 250gb ide hard drive. However i don't really know how to transfer all my data and my system files including my windows xp system files to the new hard drive. I've burnt my whole hard drive on to dvd's (about 24gb -> 6 dvd's). However i've also heard of disk imaging, although i don't really know much. If i install my new hard drive, and turn the computer on, how far will the computer boot?, Since there is no system and os files on the new hard drive. Will the opening dell page load, and will i be able to get into setup?

And if the computer won't boot far enough for me to get into the user accounts, how do i transfer my dvd data and system files to the new hard drive?

Then there's disk imaging. If i create a disk image of my entire hard drive, where do i store it, and will it be as big as all my files i.e. 24gb, and is the only way of storing it on a external hard drive?

Finally i was wondering how am i supposed to restore the files in my disk image if my computer won't boot far enough for me to actually do anything. I'm sooooo sorry that i've asked a zillion questions, but i really have to know before i make the purchase.

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My Computer Does Not See Portable Devices

I recently had a new asus k8v-mx motherboard fitted, since which time, no portable devices are seen in my computer. They are picked up and correctly identified on the taskbar, but each time i want to use any flash drive or portable device i have to assign it a drive letter through windows xp (home edition) disk management. Even then it is only visible in windows explorer where i can actually see and access my files. No portable device ever shows up in my computer. If i unplug the device and plug it in again a little later, without having rebooted, although the letter still appears in the list of drives, if i click on it then it cannot see it and i have to add a new letter to the same device in order to be able to see the files on it once more. Rebooting the pc then flushes out any assigned drives, so it means i have to assign a drive letter each time i want to use any device. Leaving a device in the usb port without rebooting is obviously the only way i'll get continuous access to the material on it. Is it perhaps something strange in the registry that may be causing this? All devices work, the usb port settings are fine, but it just does not quite make it so that it can automatically be seen.

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Portable Air Conditioners

I am sorts stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to getting cool air to my basement which is where i have all of my computers setup. Obvously there is no where to put a window ac unit in the basement so i am leaning toward getting a portable air conditioner and vent it out of one of the small ground-level windows. I am sure some of you have these and any advice would be great. I have not really looked many places other than lowes, home depot, and walmart. Some features that i like in some of the units i am seeing are:auto-evaporation function (no manually empting water) dehumidification function (always a plus in a basement)

One question i have is, how do the window exhaust kits function? I have been reading and a lot of the units that are auto-evaporators/dehumidifiers use the exhaust hose to get the water/condensation out of the house. With that said, how well do these work if the ac unit is going to be setting on the floor and the exhaust hose has to rise up about 6 feet to get out the window? Is that acceptable? Will water backup in the unit? Does the unit have to be level with the window?

What are some other things i should consider or look our for?

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Portable Usb Audio

I'm looking for a good set of ear-buds ~60-70 usd that have some bass, or at least some bass without the lack theof. I'm also looking for a portable audio solution for my laptop, as the on-board audio is terrible (so much noise) and the turtle beach aamicro usb i bought still has some noise/issues. My budget for the usb audio is ~100 usd, i can be a more lenient if someone has personal experience/anecdotes. I'd like them so i can stroll around campus and use them in the library. My current shure scl2s have literally no bass, and i've been using a fiio e5 amp, but the nuisance of that with my ipod/phone is annoying (and also, dun dun, adds a little, but still noticeable, noise).

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