Can't Do Anything Else When Transfer A Large File Using Usb

So i've been running x64 for the better part of a year now on the rig in my specs. Within the last 3 months or so if i transfer a large file to any one of my various brand external hard drives i can't really do anything else on my computer, everything kinda just slows down and the usb transfer takes precedence. The strange part is my cpu usage is only like 5-15% on a single core while this is going on. I know i should most likely nuke my os install and start over but i'm curious as to what caused this. In my many years of pc tech support i have not ran into this particular issue. I have seen similar caused from crappy via usb controllers but not this exact problem. Ideas?

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Best Way To Get Max File Transfer Speed (network, Usb, Etc)

I use a laptop for my main rig (hp dv8300), and i am setting up a nas in the near future and i'm trying to come up with the best way i can get the most speed to dump data to it. It's a 945gm express chipset. I have usb 2. 0, firewire of some flavor (i can't figure out which one it is), pci card slot, express/54 card slot, 100mb nic, intel something b/g mini pci nic. Ideally i would want to get a 1000mbps nic, but since my nic is onboard i can't really swap it out. A 1000mbps usb 2. 0 nic would still limit me to the 300mbps speed of usb 2. 0. 132 mbps for express card. Right now my best idea is just to get a wirless-n mimo mini pci nic and swap it in. Unless someone has a better idea.

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Usb Drive Wont Work After Unplugging It During File Transfer

I gave this usb flash drive to a friend as a gift

Its the 8gb pico usb drive, ive had one for over a year and ive had no problems but my friends wont work after he told me he accidentally unplugged it during a file transfer on his mac. If i plug it in to a mac it wont see the drive, not even the disk utility. If it plug it in to a vista machine, it gets seen but it says "unknown device" and it wont show up under disk management either. Is there any possible way to fix it? This is a first for me since i thought you could not damage usb drives if you unplugged them during a file transfer (except for normal data corruption). Any ideas?

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File Transfer Between Hard Drives Causes Computer Crash

I recently installed a new drive into my storage server (one of wd's 1tb green drives) and transferring files to it sometimes results in a computer crash. There were no issues before this latest drive was installed. Crashes have as of yet only happen when this drive is being written to, though i do not write to the other drives often so i am not sure at this point. Crashes happen much more frequently when there is increased disk activity anywhere else in the system. The system is built as follows:

Amd athlon x2 4050e 2. 1ghz dual core cpu
Jetway jnc62k w/ nvidia geforce 8200 mainboard
Os hard drive: hitachi travelstar 5k160 ata-6
Storage drives: 3x1gb wd10eads sata
Windows xp mce w/ sp3

Any suggestions where i should start troubleshooting? Does this sound like a problem you've heard before? I've run smart diagnostics on all the hard drives running wd's diag tools, and it's all come back just fine.

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Difference In Transfer Rate From Usb To Usb And Hdd To Usb

I have an seagate 160gb external hdd (fat32), and i was wondering if moving the page file to the external disk would garner any extra performance gains. I was also wondering if there is a difference in the transer rate from the usb->usb and hdd->usb. I was thinking about using hdtach on my external drive, so i think i'll give that a try.

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Usb Speed - Same Transfer Rate From Usb 2.0 And Usb 1.1

I have a usb2 1gb thumbdrive. I have 4 usb2. 0 ports on the back of my computer and 2 usb1. 1 ports on the front of my computer. When i plug my thumbdrive into the front or back i get the same transfer rate. Now i'm sure that's not suppose to happen. In my device manager i have, under universal serial bus controllers, intel(r) 82801eb usb universal host controller, have 4 of those, then i have one of, intel(r) 82801eb usb2 enchanced host controller. Any suggestions? I have xppro sp2.

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Very Slow Usb Transfer / Detection

I have asus m3n78-vm mobo and it has some problems in it. I think my usb ports are not running as fast as they can. When starting windows it takes ages to detect my external hdd , buffalo drivestation 500gb usb 2, and transferring like 300 mb file from internal hdd to that external is pain in the ass slow. Transferring from external to internal it has no problems. Files fly from buffalo to my internal sata hdd. But if i try to move file from that internal hdd to external buffalo, windows says it takes about 10 minutes to transfer one 300 mb file and it does also take that long, so what a heck? Im confused. I checked bios and all usb 2 features are on in bios. I also had some weird io shutdown problems. Anyone has any solutions to this? My buffalo also has some turbousb feature but dunno if it works. Oh and i use 32 bit xp pro with sp3 in it. Btw my old mobo dfi lanpary nf3 ultra-d did not have this problem with my external hdds. I have also tried all usb ports, and its the same problem.

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Hdd Transfer Speed Over Usb

I keep on wondering how come my hard drives have such a low transfer speed with usb. I have a mybook and a usb docking station. Both of them cannot transfer past than 20mbs. When i switch back to sata, i get at least 3 times the transfer speed (more for my faster drives). Sata is faster than usb, i can understand that. But usb 2. 0's rated transfer rate is 60mbs, what exactly is throttling the speed?

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Transfer Speed On Usb Is Very Slow - Seagate 160 Gb Hd

I am having couple of problems with my trasnfer speed. I just bought a new enclosure case for my seagate 160gb hd. I am finding the transfer speed is very slow compared to anthoer enclosure case i have containing 20gb hd. My pc has usb 2. 0. On my old case, i get a speed of about 23 mb/sec majority of times. My new case is only giving me about 15 mb/sec. What can i do and how do i make it faster? I even exchanged the two hd to see if it is the hd that is causing it to be slow, but i found out it is the enclourse case. When i put the 160gb hd in the old case, it transfers at 23 mb/sec.

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Usb Transfer Files Won't Read

Everytime i transfer files to my usb like ms word document, pictures, and music. The file won't read! Why is this happening? For instance, if i try to open the picture i saved, all i got is a "mini x" and if i try to play music it won't play either. Next, i created folders with some documents inside it. If i try to open that folder, there is no file displayed. At first, i thought it was a bunch of hidden files. So i tried to change the settings to make invisible files visible. No luck. My files are nowhere to be found! If i try to delete it, i got an error message " cannot delete file. "

Note: i did error checking and also tried reformatting it. Unfortunately, its still not working. It still has a problem with reading/opening files. Worse, some of my files are freaking' hidden( despite making invisible folders visible)

Some additional info about the usb i'm using. 1gb kingston
Type:removable disk
Filesystem: fat32

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What's A Good Transfer Rate For Usb 2.0 External Hdd ?

Just curious what a good transfer rate when transferring from the external drive -> internal drive via usb 2. 0 connection. I was getting 22. 5 mb/s according to vista when transferring from my external 5400rpm laptop hdd to my internal 7200rpm laptop hdd. Is that a good rate?

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Transfer Internet On Usb Wireless Lan Adaptor To Wifi Router

How do i transfer the internet from a usb wireless lan adaptor to a wifi router? I have internet from usb wifi lan adaptor and i will like to transfer via the cable to a d-link router (air plus g+) in order to connect others computers on internet, so any idea how to do it?

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Hp Deskjet F4480 - Save Scanned File As Image File

Using the hp deskjet f4480 printer/scanner, is it possible to set a scanned image to save as an image file? Every time i scan an image using the hp deskjet f4480 printer/scanner, it automatically saves as a .pdf file. Is there a way to set the scanner to save scanned images as image files? (. Jpeg, .png, etc. ).

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Bsod 'blue Screen Of Death' When Transfer Songs Through Usb

I have a sony mini disk recorder and whenever i try to send songs to it through usb, i get the blue screen of death. This usually happens after maybe 6-8 songs. The weird thing is, when i transfer songs to my psp through the same usb, acctually the same wire, i have no problems. Any one have any ideas?

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Usb Memory Disk As Paging File For Virtual Memory On Windows

I want to know your opinion about usb memory disk as a paging file for windows virtual memory. I am trying to set paging file on usb memory disk, but it is looks windows don't like it and simply ignore it and create paging file on my c: drive. It is looks like paging file is created on usb memory disk, but when i check, there is no swap file on usb memory disk. The usb memory disk still empty. Anyone have experience on it?

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Large Size Mouse

I just bought the performance mx and its not as comfortable as i would have liked. The mx 1100 seems to be bigger and would probably be better for my hand. But i dont like the dpi switch near the left click button. To people who own or have used the 1100 extensively: do you accidentally click on the dpi often? And i dont think i would like the revolution because of the thumb scroll thingy getting in my way. Or is there another large size mouse from microsoft or whoever else.

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Why Are Hard Drives Large ?

Why are hard drives so unnecessarily large? I'm the admin for an office of 15 computers and one server. Each station needs *at most* 1 gig of hard drive space, as all important/large docs are stored on the server (as called for by security protocols). One of the hard drives fried this morning, and the cheapest i can find is 50$, 150 gb. *** Soon we won't even need hard drives, it'll all be cloud computing. Is there any place to buy cheap (i mean like cheap, like $10) 1gb hard drives? Same logic applies to 64 bit processors, we don't need em to run openoffice! I just had to watch a client of mine buy this $300 media comp (as it was the cheapest at bestbuy), 4 gb ram, 64bit processor, windows 7 (so far a pain to get networked) just to use quickbooks. Lol any other it guys feeling my frustration?

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Which Mouse Is Better For People With Large Hands ?

Which gaming, wired mouse would you prefer if you have a large hand? Also include the mouse that offers the best benefits in gaming. Sidewinder

I've tried the mx518 and although it's a very nice mouse it's size posses a problem.

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Trying To Share Printer On A Large Network

My friend and i are roommates here at ucf. He has a printer and i dont. We agreed on sharing it but the problem is we do not want anyone else to access it. I came up with the bright idea of making a new workgroup then sharing it. He made one and then shared the printer. I then joined the workgroup with no problem. Now, when i click view workgroup computers it says that it cannot be accessed. When he does it, it works fine. I then tried to connect to his ip address but again nothing. I just finished trying sharing a folder and made him copy a shortcut to printer but when i double click it, it says the printer is unreachable and probably offline.

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What Would You Do With A Pair Of Large Sas Drives ?

I have a pair of 300gb cheetahs i was going to use for a vm server but have changed directions and no longer need them. I mean if worse comes to worse i could just sacrifice them on ebay but i would prefer to use them from something useful. But i'm out of ideas. - I don't see any use for them in a whs environment
- I have raided ssds in my main rig
- They have been up for sale for a few weeks with interest or bites
- Maybe build an exchange server? No real need for it though.

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Ambidextrous Mouse For Large Hands

Does anyone know of any ambidextrous wireless mice that fit comfortably with large hands? I can't really find one that fits both, either it's a good fit for large hands, but only for righties, vice versa. Normally i'd go lefty (since i'm ambidextrous) but my girlfriend is righty so i'm leaning towards one that can handle both lefties and righties decently.

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Large Wireless Network Project

I am trying to implement a large wireless network in one of my clients condo buildings. The building is 4 stories high and is about half a city block wide. I have tried just using consumer wireless routers like linksys and boosters and what not but it seems like there should be a better solution. There are still cold spots all through the build and the placement of the hardware is getting tricky. If anybody has any experience with this kinda thing can you let me know a better way to set this kinda thing up.

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Make Large Partition Size

Okay so i just bought a new 250gb hard drive for the computer i built and when i have it in as my only hd and pop in the the windows installation disk it tells me that the max it can partition is 131gb which is the same problem i had when i bought a 160 gb in the past but i didn't care back then. But now i do. I would really really like to not have to partition it like my cousin 100 100 50 i hate partitioning i read that updating bios could fix this but i did and still no luck. I'll take any suggestions i can get. Also my bios is award bios i have an amd 3800 processor and and my mobo is an asus a8n sli.

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Installed Ramdisk, Cannot Download Large Files

I installed ramdisk from superspeed and use it for my temp internet files but i won't able to download larger files. The ramdisk drive is "s" and i set it to about 20 mb and it works fine, except that when i dl large files i always get a corrupted files, so i switched the temp internet files to the main drive again and it all my dls are fine. Why is this? I use xp and 2000 and both have same problem.

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Secure Erase Of Large Hard Drives

Is there anyone who has some experience with securely erasing data on large capacity hd's. Like with this method:

http://cmrr. Ucsd. Edu/people/hughes/secureerase. Shtml

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Computer Freezes And Unfreezes During Large Installs

I have windows 7, and never had this problem with windows xp. Basically everything else seems to run normal, games and software already installed run fine. The problem is only when i'm installing software or like when a large download is finished and it copies to my hard drive. I just installed fallout3, and it would freeze at points during install and then unfreeze. The freezing would take maybe a few minutes before it will unfreeze and copy at normal speed. Every time it freezes it will always unfreeze and continue. Seems like there is no data corruption or anything, the programs always run fine after install. I'm trying to troubleshoot this problem. What do you think i should look at?

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Computer Freeze When Saving Large Size Files

I have problems with my computer, when i save a large item it freezes. (Large size files / items noramly take 3+ hours to save. Have been doing alot of video editing recently and when it comes it save the overall work (render it), the whole computer freezes, managed to copy the file though the home network and do it on my bro's pc, but i can't save to dvd as it's doing the same. Thought it could be power supply, or processor over heating but if i shut down and restart it, it still has the same problems but it will freeze in a different point, getting to be a very annoying problem.

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Carrying A Large Case To A Lan Party, Suggestions

As the title says i have a rather large (check that, friggin huge) case that i need to transport to a lan this coming weekend. It's a thermaltake armor (the one in my sig). Does anyone know of a carry strap or case system that will fit this behemoth? I looked at the xbags ctssl and it looks like it would work, but it's sold out everywhere. I also looked at the sunbeam strap system, but i am not sure about the dimesions on that one. Any help would be appreicated.

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Large Hard Drive Transfers Bring The System To A Crawl

I've got all the proper/latest drivers for the system installed. Using pata drives, dma on, high performance mode on. What could it be, an awful pata controller on the cheap motherboard? The single core a64 3800+ didn't behave like this when large file copy operations were underway.

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Sata2 Transfer Time

Does one need some sort of sata2 drive to take advantage of it? Or do existing sata drives recieve the transfer rate boost as well? Furthermore, is it even necessary? Do even the 10, 000 sata drives have a low enough seek time that requires a quicker transfer time?

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