How To Watch Tv With Dual Monitors On Pc?

Okay, i recently updated my pc with dual 10" hp monitors. I added a graphics card with two dvi ports. Now i am wondering how i can watch tv on my dual monitors. I have a conversion box although it only has vga capabilities. And i was told to not use my vga port again with the new graphics card installed. Any ideas?

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Dual Monitor - Watch A Movie And Play Game At Same Time

I was wondering if there was any way for me to be able to play a full screen game like counterstrike source, and watch a movie with an s-video plug on my tv at the same time. I tried it and when the game loads on my main monitor while the movie is running on my tv, the movie re-adjusts itself and doesn't fit onto the tv correctly (a part of the video is cut off). Am i doing something wrong, or is it not even possible to do this?

System specs are:

Athlon xp 3200+
1gb pc 3200 ram
Radeon 9800 pro video card.

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Crossfire And Dual Monitors

I just purchased the westinghouse l2610nw from bb. A beautiful, huge monitor, a big upgrade from my 17". Im in love with it. Anyways when i plug both of my monitors into the primary card it will lock up the pc with a weird tv snow like screen. I read online that two monitors wont work with crossfire and some that say it will. Any help on how to get it to work?

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Dual Vertical Monitors

I just upgraded from dual 19" 1280 x 1024 to dual 22" 1050 x 1680 (vertical). Before i turned them 90 degrees, everything ran very smoothly on my 8800gt. As soon as i put them in portrait mode, things didn't work out so well. When watching videos, there are obvious scan lines and when scrolling down web pages quickly, it can't load the information fast enough. My refresh rate is stuck at 60hz, though i am honestly not all that sure of if that would have any effect. It seems i might need a new video card, but was also thinking there might be a way to rotate the screen 90 degrees by some other means that the gpu might be able to handle better. Since that is probably not an option, i was wondering what would be a good upgrade from an 8800gt that would definitely be able to hand my monitor set up. Specs:

Windows xp pro
Asus p5q pro
E8400 @3. 6ghz
4gb ddr2800 ram

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Dual Monitors And Tv Connected From Pc

I'm having a bit of trouble trying to configure my pc to be able to output to dual monitor display and use my tv as a 3rd monitor just for watching movies. I can configure it so it just has dual monitors no problem and can also set it up to be able to display a desktop on my tv but i don't want to have to faff around with changing connections all the time. I have 2 ati 4870 cards each with 2 dvi ports (total of 4 ports). I've also recently purchased a dvi to hdmi connector to be able to connect my tv to my pc. I would like 2 monitors to display my usual dual display for pc work etc, but also have the capabilities to be able to load a movie on my pc (from my hdd) and watch it on my tv. I would like to do this without having to take out any cables in the process too. I don't want the tv to act as a 3rd desktop monitor though and only need to activate it through software if possible.

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Cheap Card For Dual Monitors

My friend has a dell vostro 200. He wants me to help him upgrade to a dual monitor 1680x1050 setup. I believe the mobo in his system has pci slots. Can someone please suggest a card that would allow him to achieve the setup?

Cam we reuse one of the onboard video ports? I am not sure that it is capable of 1680x1050.

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Dual Monitors Fps Issue

I have two monitors, one running at 1920x1080 and the other at 1280x1024. When i game i just game on the big monitor and let the other one stay on. Does having it stay on (it is actually using aero and everything while on) negatively affect my fps? It is putting pixels on my screen and refreshing every 60th of second, so i'd assume so. If so, is there a way i can have it automatically shut off when a game launches (perhaps through nvidia cp?). My video card is a gtx280.

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Problems With Dual Monitors And 5870

When at factory settings 2d down-clocks are 400/1200 and everything works fine. However when i try to over-clock the gpu in ccc or afterburner the 2d down-clock settings drop to 157/300 and i get tearing/flickering in firefox while browsing. Not to mention the clocks are jumping from 157/300 to 400/1200 constantly. All is fine though if i open a game and it jumps to 3d mode. Any thoughts and suggestions?

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Dual Monitors On A Gtx 260

Im about to buy a new 23'' monitor to run in a ''dual'' config with my 20'', the card obviously had 2x dvi ports, but im not quite sure how it will work. ? Will the monitors have independent desktops. ?, Or will it be a stretched desktop across the two screens. ? (Or is that only possible with sli)

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Dual Monitors And A Gtx 295

I can't live without dual monitors. I've got a gtx 280 that is eligible for stepup so i could step up to a gtx 295 for cheap. Looking here:

It says:

Fullscreen 3d gaming mode
Get maximum sli 3d gaming acceleration on one monitor*. *In fullscreen 3d gaming mode the second monitor may go black when you run a fullscreen 3d application. So i'm curious how often the other monitor is actually black. Often i game in full screen mode on 1 monitor, while leaving a webpage open with a map or something on monitor 2. Especially for games like wow. I'm worried that i won't be able to do this anymore if i get a gtx 295. Thoughts or experiences?

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Video Playback Over Dual Monitors

I have had dual monitor setup for a while and always wanted to try to play a video over both screens is this possible or is it video card limited?

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6600gt 4 Ports Are For Dual Monitors

I got 2 6600gt's running in sli and i was wondering why are there 4 ports on the back for output, lik can i possibly hook up 4 monitors?

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Dual Monitors And Kvm Switch

I have an ati 9800xt vid card and would like to start to use a dual monitor setup. I would like to set up my system to use my 19" lcd as my main monitor and my 19" crt as my secondary. Here is my question, is it possible to plug the secondary (19" crt) monitor up to a kvm switch to control another computer?

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Dual Monitors With Diff Background Images In Xp

I'm on my first ati card coming from nvidia and so far i love it. I don't game, i just run dual dvi monitors. I have what is most likely a silly question. I am running xp pro sp3 and i've been struggling to figure out how to assign different background images to each monitor. I was reading through help files and saw mention of hydra and enabling multi desktop and that hydra is only available with vista? Does this mean assigning different background images to each monitor is only available in vista with an ati card?

I've been using nvidia for years and have been able to assign different images to each monitor for just as long. What am i missing with my new ati 4670?

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Run Dual Monitors With An Sli Setup

I'm interested in knowing if one can run dual monitors with an sli setup, one monitor for the game and one for desktop to monitor and manipulate teamspeak/gameserverclient/etc. For some reason i thought one couldn't. About 3 years ago i recall a conversation that an sli rig precluded the use of a second monitor. Maybe that was so back then but is that the case now?

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Radeon Hdmi Audio + Dual Monitors

My girlfriend just purchased a new tv and i'm considering how to get her pc hooked up to it. I'm looking into getting her a new radeon board with hdmi (to go to the tv) and dvi (to go to her monitor. ) She will still be using the pc + monitor + speakers normally but will occasionally want to watch hulu, etc on the tv. The question i have involves audio. I've read that newer radeon boards allow you to pass audio out of their hdmi port. Does anyone know how this works exactly? I've heard people mentioning that your onboard sound will no longer work, or that you should disable it completely. This is not what we want, since she's really looking for 2 monitors and 2 sets of speakers. The ideal setup would be the hdmi port on the card carrying audio and video to the tv, and the dvi port and sound card still working as normal. Is it possible (with the catalyst drivers installed), or should i look at just outputting video over hdmi and splitting the audio coming out of her soundcard?

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Sapphire 5970 Bsod Dual Monitors

I just got the 5970 today and i cant play games with dual monitors, it bsod on me on crysis, and on bfbc2 but not css, but if i dc the second monitor i can play crysis, and bfbc2. I have tried 10. 2, and i think im on 10. 3 all though gpu z and msi afterburner tells me otherwise. I am very disappointed about this. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Can't Overclock 4830 With Dual Monitors

I know this is a general issue and not exclusive to me or the 4830. I run dual monitors (in sig), but if i change the core or memory speed even 1mhz, video gets corrupt, all gray lines and such. I tried rivatuner with limited success using the low lvl over-clocking utility. It still eventually crashed, and it prevented my card from down-clocking when not gaming. The sapphire 4830 clocks down to 160/250 when not gaming, the fan shuts off totally on the heatsink when clocked down, it's a great feature, especially in conjunction with coolnquiet clocking your cpu down to 800mhz. Is there any way to overclock, and keep being able to have my card underclock itself?
Is there a way at all, even if it does prevent down clocking?

I remember back in the day i use a hex editor to flash new speeds on an old nvidia card. Don't really want to do that on this baby, it still has lots of life left (and maybe a sister in crossfire one day). Riva gave some error about using it with the driver version (currently catalyst 9. 5, brand new), maybe thats why it crashed and not just because theres no way to oc with dual screens.

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Run Two 5770 In Crossfire With Dual Monitors

Can i run (2) 5770's in crossfire and run dual monitors? Will cf be enabled? Should i hook up both monitors to the top ati card via dvi? Should i hook up one monitor per card via dvi? Is (2) 5770's enough for (2) monitors @ 1080p each? Or should i go for 1 5850?

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Performance With Dual Monitors On Ati 4870

I recently purchased a second 22" dell 2209wa to go with my mac pro. They are both running from the ati radeon 4870 on my mac pro (2009 quad) but the expose performance seems to be really quite poor. Displaying all the windows is very juddery and not smooth at all. Is that what i should be expecting now? I wouldn't have on a 2000 machine.going into spaces is fine, it's just expose thats poor.

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Use Dual Monitors With Onboard Video Port

Ok i have an on-board video port and a video port on a video card. Can i use dual monitors with this?

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Which Video Card To Buy For Dual Monitors ?

I would appreciate if someone could list 2 or 3 good video cards for me to look at in order to run dual monitors. I do not need them for gaming or any high end stuff. Purely low level work related things. There are so many video cards with different features i have no idea where to begin. I am going to purchase a 22inch lcd monitor for my main screen and then use my 17inch crt monitor on the side. Can someone offer me some suggestions to look at?

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Dell Vostro 200 Dual Monitors

Dual monitors on dell vostro 200 slim tower using ati radeon 2400 hd pro? After alot of google searches so many results none are usful, i need to know how to run ual monitors on dell vostro 200 slim tower using ati radeon 2400 hd pro, i think a graphics is a pci card because thats what some people on the net are saying, i dont want to buy any other card like a pci card so just to say can i run dual monitors without buying anything except i will buy a small splitter ok?

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Dual Monitors - View Video Clip As Stretched

Yesterday i got an extra monitor, so i thought why not try dual monitors and extended desktop. Wow, it's working, and it's really cool, but my question to you is now: is it possible to view an video clip (mpeg, avi.etc) in a kind of stretched view, so that the two monitors really work as one?

I can only get a fullscreen at any of the displays, not the two of them working together as a widescreen tv. Does anyone now how to get this work, if it's possible at all. ?

My videocard is radeon x800 pro.

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Dual Monitors With Win 2000 - Trident Cyberblade Ai1

I just bought a new flatscreen (dell 1704 fpt) to be used as an external monitor with my laptop/notebook toshiba satellite s1800-204. The laptop comes with trident video accelerator cyberblade-ai1 agp. As os i'm using windows 2000. My problem: in control panel/display/settings/advanced i can choose lcd+crt. When i do this the desktop shows on both screens (resolution not really optimised though). I want to use the external screen for viewing and my laptop screen for coding. In other words, i want to activate multiple-monitors to expand the desktop to more than one monitor (virtual desktop). I've read that i can adjust the layout of the monitors in control panel/display/settings by clicking different icons. These icons are presented as numbers that represent the monitors. The problem is that there are no such icons in my control panel/display/settings. Maybe there are some other settings that i need to change first, i'm not sure. Question 1:
If i can view the desktop on both screens (exact mirror image), does this also mean that i will be able to expand the desktop to multiple/dual monitors (virtual desktop)?

Question 2:
If your answer to question 1 is yes, do you know how this can be fixed?

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Nvidia 8800 Gts Dual Monitors Timeout Problem

I have an nvidia 8800gts connected to two monitors running in extended display mode with 20 min timeout to turn monitors off. Occasionally, when i move the mouse/press keys on the keyboard to bring it back it only brings back the secondary monitor, leaving the other one off. Turning off and on the primary doesn't help - at first the only thing i could do is change resolution, which was tough because when i went to display properties it would appear on the primary monitor so i had to randomly fish icons/windows from the 'blank' primary to the working secondary. I then found a program called monoff which i could send the monitors to sleep and if i did it enough times (anywhere between 2-5) it would bring both monitors back. It's been annoying, but i've been living with it. Recently my 450w pc power & cooling psu died on me. I went to best buy to get a psu, they only had a this 700w rocket fish psu so i bought it and used it for a week. In the week that i was using the rocketfish, the monitor issue did not happen once - so i thought my old 450 just didn't have enough juice. Out of curiosity i checked out newegg and saw something which looked better and ordered this 850w corsair psu. I've had it installed for about 5 days now and it's just as bad as the old pc power & cooling. Because the only difference between the setups were the psu, i'm tempted to say it's the psu. Any idea what may be going on? Incase it helps, this is only an issue in windows 7 & vista, xp worked perfectly fine - i've had several os reinstalls and dozens of driver revisions with proper installation since then. Mobo:

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Watch Tv On Computer

What kind of tv tuner or capture card would you recommend?

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Watch Temps When Overclocking

I was just wondering how can i watch my temps. When i overcklock. I know that you can see it in the bios, but how do i check what the temperature is, while playing a game or just while running windows, is there a program that lets you watch the temperatures or is there a way i can record it in bios?

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Pink Screen When Watch A Video Clip

After playing css on my pc i get a pink screen when i watch a video clip or something like that. Not all the videos i have do this but some of them do, and to fix the problem i have to reboot the pc then watch the video clips. Its like a pink tinge appears over the video clips and they play fine apart from that. Anyone know how to fix this?


Amd 64 4400+ dual core
1024mb corsair 400mhz ram
600w psu
7600gt xfx g-card pcie

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Set Quintel Lcd Watch Time

How do i set my quintel lcd watch from 24hr time to 12hr? I know how to set everything else, i know it's a certain combination of buttons but i don't remember and kind find the little manual sheet that came with it.

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