Dropped Ps2 Making Scratching Sound When Read Discs

After dropping my ps2 yesterday, it will no longer read dvds. It's making a strange scratchy type noise when it tries to read the dvd and proceeds to go straight into the system browser. I've opened it up to have a look inside - it's well out of warranty - but nothing seems to be loose/broken. Any ideas guys?

Ps: it doesn't display the infamous "disk read error" message.

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Ps2 Scratching Games

My ps2 make perfectly circular scratches to my games so far three of them, what could be the problem?

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Ps2 Has Stopped Reading Discs

Ok i recently took my ps2 apart and re-greased the bars the hold the laser. I also cleaned the lens. Now when i put a cd in the laser moves smoothly on the bars but the laser does not turn on and doesn't bother with even trying to read a disc. It is like i didn't even put a disk in there and just opened and closed the holder.

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Toshiba A200 Satellite Does Not Read Discs

My laptop does not read my discs, it is a toshiba a200 satellite, i tried with a fiber bristle disc. ? I bought the disc from staples and it spun around cleaned the disc area, but it still doesn't work please reply asap need to install something important.

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Ps2 Disk Read Problems

I have just got my ps2 out after a long time in the cupboard and just got it looked at, but some of my disks can't be read. Whenever i try to load a game, the screen loads up but flickers uncontrollably. Some games work, others don't.

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Hard Drive Making Clicking Sound

I installed a 2nd hard drive on my computer about 3 months ago. I have it as the slave drive and i'm just using for storage space. I have it partitioned and formatted. It was working fine for about a month and a half then one time restarting my compuer it started making this clicking sound and now the computer doesn't boot up anymore. The comp will boot up once in a blue moon if i get lucky and the drive doesn't make the clicking sound. One time when the comp was able to boot up, the drive showed up and then another time it didn't. I know i have the ribbon cables connected properly and the jumpers are correct as far as i know. The slave jumpr is on the 2nd from the right, and the master jumper is on the master drive 3rd from the right. I know there is something wrong with the new drive cuz when i unplug the power the comp boots up fine. Any suggestions.

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Computer Is Making An Annoying Whirring Sound

I got my new computer up and running and while i really like it, there's a very annoying "whirr" sound. I can't tell where exactly it's from, i have 3 fans installed, and an arctic cooling freezer pro 7, however could it also be coming from the hd?

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Mouse And Keyboard Problems, Windows Is Making The Sound

For some reason all the sudden tonight my mouse and keyboard are turning off and on and the windows is making the sound like it would if you unplugged the keyboard and mouse from the usb and plug it back in it shuts up ill hit the mouse button a couple times itll make a sound and come back on, any explanations why its doing this while i play games and everything else?

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Hard Drive Making Load High Pitched Sound

This means ts dieing right? This is a 40gb ide hdd thats about 5 years old

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Do Ps2 Compatible Keyboards And Mice Work On All Ps2 Games ?

There are some games for the ps2 out there that are just plain awkward to use a ps2 controller for. *Cough* brothers in arms *cough* so, i'm thinking of buying a keyboard and a mouse to better enjoy these games, do ps2-compatible keyboards and mice work on all ps2 games?

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Why Ps2 Keyboards Are Hot Swappable Ps2 Mouses Are Not ?

Can anyone inform me as to why ps2 keyboards are hot swappable and ps2 mouse's aren't?

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Dropped Laptop

Well it seems i have a bit of a problem with my laptop. A few days ago i had it sitting on the edge of my bed, and it was on. I leaned over a little bit and it fell off the bed onto the floor. It seemed ok at first, but after a few seconds it froze up. I had turned it off and restarted it, and everything seemed ok at first, but when i got to the "windows xp" screen for it to load up it just stuck there, and does nothing. I called up gateway to see if maybe they would know what had happened and they said it could possibly be the motherboard damaged. Since it was "customer induced" it wouldn't be covered under warranty. I guess my main question is would there be a way to determine if it actually is the motherboard or not, and if it is could it be something that myself could replace? Sorry if these questions are stupid. I have a gateway laptop also.

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Get Internet On Ps2 - Hook Ps2 Up To Laptop

Hello, here's my situation. I have a laptop in my room connected to the internet by a wireless card. What i want to do is hook my ps2 up to this laptop so i can get internet on the ps2. My hub is in the basement, so i was wondering if there's a way to change the settings on the laptop to produce a signal to go out one of the network ports on the laptop to the ps2?

I have windows xp. I would do a search on this topic, however, i have no idea what you would call my situation.

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Dropped Monitor Now It Get Dimmer

I got everything put back together. The screen was intact . The lcd lighting wires had come undone from the circuit board. Snapped them back in correctly. Checked all wires and connections. All fine physically (thank god). Before i plug the monitor into the computer, i connected the power cable and got the searching for analog/digital connection that bounces all over the screen. Looked fine to me. Nice and bright and all the colors were there (keep this in mind for later).connected monitor to computer and booted up. No problems. But then slowly through out the day it started to get dimmer and dimmer to the point i could barely see the picture anymore. So. My question is. Why would the "looking for analog/digital signal box bounce around just fine. Bright as day. But then when i turn on my computer all goes dim to dark? It couldn't be the lcd lighting or inverters could it?

I reopened it to recheck everything and all seems physically fine. I'm using an analog signal as thats what my computer came with. Do you think testing it on a computer with a dvi out would make any difference?

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Dropped Internet Connection

I have charter internet, a linksys cm-100 modem, and an airport extreme simultaneous dual band wireless base station. Whether i am playing xbox, watching hulu on my macbook pro, playing an online game on my ipad, or browsing the web on my imac, the internet just randomly stops working, but i don't lose connection to the router and the router doesn't go from a green light to an amber light to signal a problem. If i leave it long enough, it will fix itself, but when i am mid game or video and i lose my connection it really aggravates me. To try and troubleshoot the problem i tried out a linksys wrt54gs v7. 2 to see if that would have similar problems, and it has. The modem lights all stay lit up as usual as if there is no problem there. It cannot be that 3 routers (i bought a new airport extreme when my old one was having this same problem thinking it was that router) have the exact same problem. What is my next troubleshooting step? Plug something straight into the modem and see if it happens?

On any given day i lose my connection at least 20 times, if not 50 or more. It is not wireless interference as i have tried turning wireless off and plugging straight into the router via ethernet cable. My thoughts were to try plugging directly into the modem to see if the problem persists, and if it does, try a different modem, and if it still persists have charter test the lines in my house. Any feedback or anyone had similar problems?

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Wd 1tb Drive Dropped On The Floor

I bought one about a year ago and i have found it very useful. Unfortunately, my idiot friend dropped it on the floor. Over the past few days it has gradually started to disappear (songs that were stored on the hard drive were skipping, entire folder trees disappeared, wanting to reformat the disk and then just completely disappearing). I don't want to send it back for warranty because they might end up deleting all the data and i don't particularly want people seeing things on there. *Coughs*

I thought about trying to hook it up via sata but i can't even get the case off! Can anyone offer me any advice?

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Print On Printable Discs

Can i use my hp psc 2210 all-in-1 printer scanner fax copier to print on to printable disks?


Sorry. Printers print to paper. You would need to place the disk in a disk drive & "burn" the disk.

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Blank Discs In Drives Not Recognized

I am trying to use windows media to burn audio cd's. I have done this hundreds of times before w/o a problem. Recently, i had to reload windows onto my system. Since then i have not been able to burn audio cd's using windows media. Wm seems to be working fine in most repects. I can rip cd's onto my hard drive and can set up playlists as i always have. I can set up a list of songs to burn in the wm task pane however, when i push the "burn" button at the bottom of the task pane my cd drive opens (expelling the blank cd) and a comment box opens up. The comment box asks me to load a blank cd and that wm will start the burn when it recognises that the blank cd is loaded. I close the disc tray with the cd still in it and it still won't recognise the disc. I have two burners and this happens with both and yes, i have changed the pane option to select the proper drive location for the burning. I am sure the cd's i am using are writeable as they are the same cds i was using before i had to reload windows xp and it all worked fine then. The only thing i can figure is that during the set up of w/m, after i loaded xp, i failed to set the proper buttons and whistles. The drives appear to be running properly as i can view dvds and yes, burn from cd to cd using roxio however, roxio puts up the same comment box when trying to burn the w/m playlist thru the roxio software. I have searched for a qualified site referencing the trouble shooting of w/m and i have seen that others have similar if not the exact troubles that i am having however, there are never any answers to solve the problem.

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Cd/dvd Drive Stopped Reading Discs

I was in the middle of burning a cd when i got an unknown error say something happened. Now, my drive won't read or wright any discs, cds or dvds. Was working fine before that, and now it wont even read a cd. It still recognized by my computer and the tray opens and closes, just wont read ***. Any thoughts on *** is wrong with it?

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Compaq Presario Sr5450f Recovery Discs

I have a compaq presario sr5450f which was bought with windows vista home premium service pack 1 preinstalled on it. But one day it crashed and i had to shut it down. I then turn it back on and it just shows the presario startup screen and just stays there and never loads into windows. I turned it off and on again and again and still it never loads into windows. And it was only after this happened i realized i don't have the recovery discs because you had to make them in windows itself. I couldn't find anywhere to buy the recovery discs online, not even at the compaq website. So i eventually erased the entire disc and actually put ubuntu linux on it for the time being and all the hardware works fine although i'm not as impressed with the video card performance plus i want to use windows software and games and i really just prefer windows. Now i want to know if i can install a fresh copy of either windows vista or windows 7 that i could buy at the store and have all the hardware detected and working(like video card, sound, etc) on a compaq presario sr5450f? I want everything to work properly because this was a pc bought at a store like best buy.

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Dropped Laptop, Will Turn On But Won't Load Desktop

I recently dropped my laptop when it was on and it landed face down. I turned it off and back on and it turns on fine, but it wont load my desktop. My background will load and the curser, but it wont load my icons or start menu. I try going into task manager (ctrl+alt+delete) but that wont work either. If it sits for a couple minutes my screensaver works too. Is my hard drive broken, or the motherboard? Or is there something i can do? The laptop is a toshiba portege m100.

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Medusa 5.1 Surround Sound Headsets With Onboard Sound

Im considering buying a set of the medusa 5. 1 surround sound headsets, but i was wondering if they were worth the cost due to my lack of an expensive sound card. The headset: medusa 5. 1 surround sound headset

My motherboard: dfi lanparty nfii ultra

I do currently use the onboard sound, which i understand is the nforce2 chipset used for audio. Will this audio chipset be sufficient enough to warrant me purchasing this headset or should i wait until i upgrade my motherboard? I do plan on purchasing a new motherboard before the year's end, to upgrade to amd 64, but until then, will i get the same clarity that these sets boast? Any and all help is welcome! Thanks for taking the time to check out my post.

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Making Printer Wireless

I want to make my pinter wireless, i have a hp lazerjet printer which has usb support, i was wondering if i could achieve wireless printing if i buy 2 regular usb -> bluetooth connectors, attach 1 to my printer and one to my computer. If it is possible how should i go about it? I mean what softwares etc would i require for printing? Has anyone here tried such a thing?

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Problem Making Driver Disk

When i oced the gfx it just shut down after an hour and didnt start up and now i have to reinstall windows. Ive done everything from reseting cmos to windows repair. I just need to be able to make a drivers disk. I used the cd that ive always used to make one. Heres the problem. I put the cd in my dads comp which ive used to do this before and it doesnt say make driver disk. It says usb driver and thats it. Then it says brows cd for files. So i choose the ones that i think were on there before and it doesnt work. So i go to the site and download the bios driver that doesnt work. Do i need to do hdd driver? Thats what cannot be found when i start up. Also with the floppys i use their kinda old like maybe 5 or so years and it keeps telling me its not formated and ***. And i format it and it doesnt work. Do i need new floppys? And can i do this from usb? I have some 512 mb sticks that i could put the files on if i can use usb. Is that why it says usb driver on the driver cd?

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Formatting And Making A Slave Of A Second Hand Hd

At work the boss is kind of cheap. Thanks to this forum, and a little electrical, mechanical and soldering work by myself, i was able to to build a network on 2 comps off a cat 6 ethernet cable, direct connect. My question now is: i want to put an hd in a comp with 10 gig capacity, while the master is 3 gig. I want to format the slave, for it has win 98 on it, and i want it as slave, not as second os. Is there a way i can format the hd (the slave), before i install it, and if not, when i install it, how can i format it without killing the master?

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Pc Making High Pitched Noise

Theres a really anoying high pitched noise coming from my pc, i think its from my psu, i recently got a new case and psu exactly the same as my old one, and my old one didnt make this type of noise!

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Hard Drive Making Noise

One of my hard drives (a samsung 160gb sata) started to make a constant noise, like if something got stuck in a fan, and it keeps getting louder the more time the pc is running. I have disconnected the drive for now, what should i do with it, its not under warranty any more.

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Computer Is Making Weird Noises

The noise is like "da nuh. Da nuh", like the first "da nuh" is lower pitched and the second "da nuh" is higher pitched. If that doesn't help its the noise it makes when it has a usb plugged in and then taken out. It's an hp laptop with vista.

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Hard Drive Making Clicking Noise

I recently got a new 500gb seagate sata drive. I installed windows xp 64 no problem. Then i used gparted live cd to create a small 16gb partition at the end so i could install vista 64. The installation took forever, i've installed vista 32 on another computer before so i thought maybe it was because it was 64bit and not 32. So after it finally finished i couldn't help but notice that vista was running slow and taking forever to boot up. I have a q6600, 8800gtx2, 4gb or ram (but only had a 2gb strip in for installation since i read 4gb screws it up) so my system can easily handle it. What i did notice though is that my hard drive was making a certain clicking noise when it was in action. I rebooted into xp 64 and everything was working fine with no clicking, went back to vista and clicking began. Oh yea, when i went to install vista it said that my drive was about to fail soon. I then used the seagate dos utility to check my entire drive, it passed, but i couldn't help but notice that the last 11% took 2 hours while the 89% took an hour. But it said it passed so now i don't know what to do. I'll probably end up installing vista 64 on my older 250gb ide drive i have on my computer also but would rather have it on the new drive. Any suggestions? Oh and sorry for the short story!

Edit: what i've done since is reformat the new partition and run an error check on it, still clicking and working slow.

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Monitor Shaking And Making Screeching Noise

Ok this problem happened about a month ago. All of a sudden my computer monitor started shaking and making a screeching noise. I just turned it off and on, and it worked fine. It didn't do this again until like 2 weeks later. Then the screen got all warped and i couldn't even see anything anymore. No matter how much i unplugged it, checked to see if appliances were effecting it, nothing worked and now it smells of burnt rubber and is dead. I got a new monitor yesterday from my friend. No its not exactly new but i needed a monitor regardless and so i took what i could get. I have only had this monitor for a day and its starting to shake and make odd noises like my old monitor. Seriously *** is wrong with my monitors? What could be causing this?

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