Monitor Keeps Blinking To Black

I'm using fedora 10, nvidia legacy drivers, twinview dual monitor setup. My left monitor keeps blinking to black. My right monitor is behaving 100% perfectly. This just started today (or at least today's the first time i ever noticed it. Sometimes it'll go minutes without blinking and something it'll blink three times in 3 seconds. I swapped out the vga cable and it's still happening. I also dusted out my computer today, so it's not dust on the graphics card. How can i figure out if it's happening because of the drivers? Or some kernel upgrade or something like that. Of course, i still have to try another monitor in its place to see if it's the monitor. To be clear, the power isn't going off, the screen just turns black and my right monitor somewhat blinks as if linux is saying - switch to just using this monitor. Then it goes back to displaying what it should be.

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Black Screen With A Blinking Cursor Line

Trying to uipgrade windows from 95 to 98 i reformatted my hard drive and did other things i didn't know i was doing. Result: when i turn the computer on i get nothing except a black screen with a blinking cursor line. My hard drive recognizes nothing. Is there anything i can do to save the hard drive? If there is, how?

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Screen Blinking - It Goes Black For 5 Secs Then Comes Back On

My laptop started blinking. It goes black screen for about 5 secs or more, then comes back on. My laptop is running on vista. I'm currently playing two online games. Red cliff and celestial destroyer(cd). When i downloaded red cliff in dec 2009 nothing happened. But when i downloaded cd two days ago my com starting blinking and lagging. The blinking takes place almost every 3 secs. I thought it was a problem with cd but its affecting my red cliff game as well. Can anyone help?

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Monitor Green Light Blinking

My computer monitor wont come on and the green light is blinking. I connected it to my laptop and nothing?

Unless your laptop isn't configured to output the video on the vga/dvi ports and if you have already tried the monitor on a known-good (working) desktop computer, then the monitor is probably already busted.

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Monitor Will Randomly Go Black

The problem that is occurring is when i play wow, my monitor will randomly go black, but my computer stay on. All of the sound and background apps such as ventrilo will cease, and i am forced to restart my computer via the restart switch. This started occurring a few months ago, but it went away. Unfortunately it is back again. I've already restarted my computer about 6 times in the past hour, and have tried a lot of things including resetting the cmos, re-seating both my ram and video card, even changing some bios settings, all of which didn't do anything. I haven't tried any other games then wow, but i'll start up bf2142 or cs:s and see if it does it. I'm not certain as to what would be causing this "black screen" to occur. Maybe it could be the power supply? Ram? I've already determined it's not the video card, as i put my old 6800 in, and it still occurred. What's weird is that i just got burning crusade, and i played it all last weekend from friday - sunday with no problems.

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Monitor Goes Black At Random

Ive read sooo many different posts like this one but couldn't get any help. Basically it only happens when im playing games, but only certain games like world of warcraft, warcraft 3, flyff and others. However when i play games like counter strike 1. 6 it works fine i could be on for over 12 hours ( ppl say my comp over heats, so i don't think that the prob. ) I recently bought a new 21" lg monitor and +2g of ram making it 3g. *When it dose go black it makes a loud static noise it comes in may different sounds witch is really weird to me. Also i have head phones and when i take in them witch is what i do when it stops n the middle of something important i can hear myself through my headphones. Also it doesn't always go black it might just stop i cant really explain it more then that.

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Usb Cause Monitor To Go Black

Sometimes, when i plug a usb device into my front usb ports on my case, it will cause my monitor to just go black. The blue power light will stay on, but the screen will just stay black until i reboot. Turning the monitor on and off seems to do nothing. Another interesting point about this is that the usb plug doesn't even need to be fully plugged in to make the monitor go black. All that it needs is for the metal to touch anywhere near the usb port to cause the monitor to go black. My second issue is not really that big of an issue, but still an annoyance. When there is a usb device plugged into my computer during boot-up (normally a wd external hdd), it will usually (if not always) cause the boot-up process to freeze on the motherboard display screen (i can't recall if this is before or after post, but somewhere in this time frame). So i just get stuck looking a big gigabyte n-series screen infinitely until i remove the usb device and try rebooting again. Any tips or suggestions to either of these problems is welcomed.

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Monitor Goes In Black And White

I was in the ati catalyst control center and was changing how the screens are aligned. http://i50. and all of a sudden my secondary monitor goes black and white and now i cant get it back. Ive tried a different hdmi port on the monitor, changing resolutions, restarting the computer and nothing will work. My primary monitor is still in color. Btw, ive got a 5770 video card. Also if it matters the monitor is a 19 inch vizio widescreen lcd tv.

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Monitor Goes Black With The Power Light On

Here my prob i got a xerox 900p monitor so every time i start up my comp the monitor works fine but in about one hour or around that the screen just goes black but the power light is still on so i turn the power off and back on and only for about 5 secs it works and suddenly goes black again. So if i turn it off and wait it out for about another hour and turn it on again ot works for another hour until it goes black again. I have tried a different monitor it worked fine so i guess its something with this monitor for sure but what it can be i have no idea so if someone has a clue what this might be please tell me.

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Booting Up Error - Monitor Remains Black

My computer unable to boot up. Turned on my computer and then after a while my screen got distorted so i reset it then the monitor remains black, restarted it still nothing. There are no beeps at all. Took out the ram, on again still nothing and no beeps. Took out harddisk, floppy, cdrom, on again still nothing and no beeps. Even when i click restart on my computer, there is nothing on my screen. I'm using a amd. Anyone know what may be the problem?

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Connect Black Macbook To External Monitor

What do i need to connect a black macbook to a external monitor? I have a vga cord and the mac and monitor but i know i need more and i need to know how to do it.

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Monitor Black Out When Start To Play Game

Why does my hp 19" w1907 widescreen lcd monitor blacks out whenever i start to play a pc game? -Any pc game for that matter (from red alert to first person shooting game to nba2k10). And whenever it gets in that situation, i turn the monitor on and off repeatedly until it runs normally again. I'm not sure if this is because of a virus because i've got a microsoft security essentials as my anti-virus. Please help me fix this problem.

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Pc Monitor Without A Video Signal - Black Screen Bios

Upon starting my computer, it doesn't always start, it just sits with a black screen not loading the bios and the monitor claims there's no video signal. It's been like this for less than a week now consistantly. So, i'll reboot and everything is suddenly fine and the bios loads up and windows is good to go. Last week i added a gigabyte wireless card to my pc which i believe might have caused some some problems. I took the card out yesterday and i haven't seen the problem comeback so far. I'm really baffled as to why something like this would happen whether it's just the card or if something relating to my motherboard is bad, like the pci slot. The wireless card worked fine and everything. What should my next step be to figuring this out, should i put the wireless card back in? Any tests i can run to see if a component is going bad?

Computer specifications:

Msi k8ngm-v board
Athlon 64 3000+
Xfx 6600gt
2 512mb gskillz ram sticks
Audigy se soundcard
Gigabyte gn-wp01gs wireless card
Seasonic 330watt psu
80gig seagate hd

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Monitor Goes Black But Led For Power Stays Green

I have a dell 17in monitor that will show a pic for a second then goes black but the led for power stays green and doesn't change to amber. This means it still thinks it is getting information but will not show anything. The back-light is going off so it looks as if the monitor is off but the green light begs to differ, anyone have any input on how to fix it ? It does this on multiple computers.

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Black Dots On Corner Of Dell Monitor Screen

Black dots on the corner of my dell monitor screen. What i must do? There are few black dots on my dell monitor screen corner. Its not dust, first i thought like that but when i tried to clean it, it did not go. What are those dots? Is their any problem inside the monitor. It has gone 1 year and 1 month from when i bought it. Can those dots go off? What i must do?

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Acer Flat Screen Monitor Goes Black After 10 Sec

I tried to install an acer flat screen monitor to my dell laptop. Flat screen work for 10s then black. I have a dell inspiron e1405 with xp. When i hit fn key plus f8 flat screen shows for 10sec then goes black. My laptop screen is fine just trying to add the flat screen. Any ideas why the flat screen only shows my laptop screen mirror for 10sec? How can i make it work normally and have the flat screen on for all time instead of 10sec?

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Dell Lcd Monitor With Black Screen Problem

19" dell lcd monitor with black screen - what is the electronic cause of this monitor problem?

Answer:- usually, it's the backlight, which can be confirmed by shining a torchlight into the darkened dell monitor screen. You might see a dim silhouette of the desktop area if the computer has booted up. Replacing the backlight should solve the problem. The other reason (electronics) could be dry joints on the monitor's inverter board. This can be the case if your dell monitor has a bright & blank screen. Dry joints cause voltage drops, which can result in a black screen.

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Radeon Hd 5670 Problem Black Borders On Monitor

Why does my new radeon hd 5670 card make black borders on my monitor? I just installed a new xfx radeon hd 5670 1gb video card into my old shuttle pc, and it's awesome, but, when i set the screen resolution to 1080p, it has a 1 inch black border all around the edge of the screen! Please, someone help me figure out why this is. So far, xfx has been no help. I uninstalled the old xfx nvidia geforce 8600gts 256mb card and removed it. I restarted my machine with the new card, and installed it using the ati catalyst driver installer i downloaded from xfx. It's working awesome except for the black borders, which are driving me nuts. Here's current specs:

Shuttle small form factor sn27p2 box with standard motherboard that comes with the kit

400 w shuttle power supply
Athlon 64 3 ghz dual core processor
4 gb ddr2 ram
400 gb 7200 rpm hd
Xfx radeon hd 5670 1gb
Asus 22" 1080p lcd monitor with hdmi input
Windows xp x64

The monitor came with a dvi to hdmi cable, and that's what i'm using. My old nvidia card worked perfectly that way, just much lower frame rates.

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Hdd Blinking Once Per Second

This is a new build, p5k / 6550 with 4 g memory running vista 64. When the machine is idle, the hdd light blinks once per second. And it just keeps doing it. Any idea what's going on?

Seems like i could get a premature hd failure if this goes on for a few years!

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How Can I Use Only Black Ink And Not Both Color And Black ?

How can i use only black ink and not both color and black when printing with my hp printer? When i only want to print all black and not use color too. How do i go into the print part to select only black for printing.

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Screen Blinking For No Reason

All of a sudden for no reason (no matter what am i doing surfing, watching movies, or just idle) the screen blinks (like when installing the display drivers for the first time) for about a second or two and then comes back up. At times it may not even occur. At first i thought the cable was at fault. I replaced the vga cable yet it resurfaced. There is no such behavior from the onboard display, hence i thought the card was at fault i rma'ed it twice. Later i upgraded my card from xfx 9800 gt to xfx 4850 xxx edition. Yet even after using two different chipsets the problem remains. Now for the sake of troubleshooting what else could be faulty here:

1)gpu is overheating, thats not the case, it idles at 45c and goes upto 65 max

1) the monitor. But it works fine from onboard display. So can't really say that's the culprit

2) the psu, assuming the psu was faulty, it would have been much severe case coz there is no bsod, freezing, restarts which could suggest its at fault. 3) i have changed 3 gfx cards. So can't really say this third one is faulty. Now the only doubt remains that

All this while i am using a pci 2. 0 card on a 1. 0 motherboard. But i have seen many using it flawlessly and that shouldn't really be a problem. I am using an antec ea 430 whereas the recommended psu is 450 but in reality my system is never using more than 315 watts ( as per antec's psu calculator with 30% capacitor ageing)the psu is 10 months old. Other than the above said issue. Everything works fine, so i can't really figure whats causing the screen to go blank for a few seconds and come back up.

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4870 Screen Blinking In Vista 64

I know this is an old issue, but i assumed it was resolved at this point or maybe pointing to another issue. It seems that since moving to vista 64, whatever ati gpu i use, the screen would intermittently start to blink. When i used a gtx260, i had no such problem. I have used 2 different 3870s, a 4850 and now a 4870. Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm sure this is more than a driver issue. Should i just go back to nvidia?

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Pc Error - Hangs On Blinking Cursor

Pc with windows xp installed. When i boot up the pc the bios selection pops up (which is the only way to get to the boot menu as f8 alone wont work) after the short routine (hardware check?) It hangs on a black screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner of the screen. I can hit "del" to enter set-up at which point pressing f8 will load the boot menu with the available options being:

Floppy, cdrom and hdd. None of these options work. I tried putting in the xp cd and booting the cd, it loads all the necessary components and just before starting up windows it blue screens (and says that a hardware error has occured and that it has shut down to prevent damage). On startup it reads "hard disk is not detected", but this has not prevented my computer from working in the past. I haven't ventured much into the bios for fear of destroying everything (but i did change the boot priority menu from floppy/hdd/cd to floppy/cd/hdd). This has changed nothing and running the xp cd still has the same effect.

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Hp Deskjet 3745 Light Keeps Blinking

My hp deskjet 3745 light keeps blinking. I tried removing the cartridges, but they're stuck. I tried unplugging the machine. No good.

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Hp Deskjet Printer Arrow Blinking

Why wont my hp deskjet 5150 printer wont print? I don't know what little orange down arrow means. But now it won't print and there is paper still in there! And i don't think i'm out of ink cause only the arrow is blinking. Answer:- if the printer arrow orange light blinks, that may be for the following reasons:
- A paper jam
- The printer will not print
- Printing stopped unexpectedly

See the link for more details to solve the issue: http://bit. Ly/cm62d8

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Hp Laserjet Printer Light Is Always Blinking

I have printer hp laserjet 1300, the light is always blinking once it says that the cartridge is missing when i off and then on the printer i had print only two pages, after that is says that the cartridge is missing and it starts blinking, i check it out the cartridge and power cable and data cable so, but still i have the same problem i dont know what to do?

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Hp Photosmart Will Print In Black Ink But Won't Copy In Black Ink

Hp photosmart c7180 will print in black ink but won't copy in black ink? I was copying some work yesterday and then the printer just would not copy in black ink, when copying in colour it copies all the colour but not black. But it will still print in black ink? I've reinstalled the driver but it still has the same problem. Any recommendations?

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Blinking Cursor In The Upper Left Corner

I have a c840 dell laptop and when i turn it on the screen lights up and there a blinking cursor in the upper left corner. It never gets to the dell screen and doesn't seem to do much. It does check the dvd drive a few times, but then it just sits there. If i hold down the f12 key and press the power button, it flashes the battery light like the battery is dead, and does nothing else. But when i let go of the f12 key all of the systems fans spin up for a second then the laptop goes quiet. I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas where to start. I'm hopeing the laptop is not dead (the fact that it comes up at all is encouraging). I am free to take the system apart if need be. I have tried pulling the battery out and letting it sit for a while. No change. Any and all ideas are welcome. I see this is in the wrong section at the moment.

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On Case Battery Shape Is Blinking As Red

I bought yesterday another motherboard p4s800 and it is okey. It works. By the way i just installed new motherboard instead of old one. On case battery shape under reset button is blinking as red. Can it be older motherboard's battery empty or related?Wyh my new motherboard is blinking red buttery shape?

Do you have any idea? Can it be cmos battery charge? It is still blinking as red.

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Keyboard Led Lights Started Blinking In Sequence

My keyboard and mouse quit working, and the led lights on the board started blinking in sequence: num-cap-scr and back. I tried another keyboard and the same thing happened. Of course, i can't shut down or type, or anything. Has the port gone bad? Is this a motherboard issue?

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