Connect Ps3 To Wireless Connection With Netgear Wireless Router

How do i connect my ps3 to my wireless connection with a netgear wireless router? We have tried password, we have tried the security pin on the back of the router and still cant figure it out.

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Connect Psp 3000 To Netgear Wireless Router

How do connect a psp 3000 to a netgear wireless router? I have a psp and when i try to setup my wireless connection, it tells me my router is not supported. I have a rangemax wireless n dual band router. Model wndr3300.

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Adsl Modem / Router With Wireless Netgear Router

I have a problem and do not know where else to go. I currently have an adsl+2 modem/router and recently bought a netgear wireless rangemax 240 router for wireless capabilities. I cannot get the two to work together. It doesn't help that im very in-experienced with networking either. My connection is pppoe and i need a sign in. Is there a way to bridge the 2 routers together?

I plug my netgear into the modem and it receives no internet signal. Ive tried numerous ways of doing it. Nothing works. I don't know if im suppose to use port forwarding or what. Any information would help and please, if you could. Bust it down 2 y/o style so i understand

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Netgear Dg834g Can't Find Wireless Connection

I have a netgear dg834g router and i can't find the wireless connection! The setup is correct but i cant find it on my laptop.

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Connect Wireless Modem Router To Wireless Router

How to connect wireless modem router to a wireless router? I have a philips modem router on the above floor, i am intending on buying a wireless router due to a weak signal on the lower floor to connect them, how do i do that?Should i connect an ethernet cable to one of the lan ports of the modem router to one port of the router?Will that work?Or they can also communicate on wireless mode?

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Connect Wireless Router To Another Wireless Router

I was wondering if there was a way to connect one wireless router to another. I have two wireless/wired routers, and i do not feel like buying a wireless stick for my desktop. I'd rather just connect the routers somehow. Attaching one long cable to the router is not an option. I would have used a cable , but my modem is in a corner where my couches are and other furniture in the way. That's why i say connect the two some how. I do not have any other places to put them since the cable company only opened a select amount of ports. The routers are both netgears, which as i stated are wireles/wired. Links or detailed information will be appreciated.

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Wireless Router Connection With Computer And Laptop

I bought a wireless router linksys. I was supposed to connect it to the modem via an ethernet connection but of course i only have a usb. So i want to try and network it?. I have set up the ethernet from my computer.connected the router to this. So far i can communicate with the router from my pc. Next i have set up the laptop. I can also communicate with the router. How can i access the internet. Is it possible.

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Nokia N95 & Wireless Router Connection

I've bought myself a nokia n95 (please don't comment about how bad this phone is - i know that anyway - i've tried to connect it to my wireless router (linksys wrt54gs) based on 4 meg cable internet. The security settings are wpa personal tkip, and everything was all right until two weeks ago n95 while connecting to the router showed "no gateway reply" message. I've checked everything, and with all laptops and my pc is all right, i've got internet connection. I know it's not a regular computer networking problem, but maybe someone will know something about this.

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Is Wired Connection Faster Than Wireless Using Router ?

When using a router, is a wired connection faster and better than wireless? I play my ps3 online on my computer monitor so my router is 3 ft away from my ps3 console. In order to get a faster internet connection, is it better to connect my ps3 to the router using an ethernet cable?

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Connect Wireless Router To Wired Router

My current internet connection is setup with a wired router. My ip address on the current computer is like 192. 168. 2. X. Is it possible to connect my new wireless router to one of the outgoing cables of the wired router. Something like this :

Modem -> to the wan port of the wired router -> outgoing cable from the lan port -> to the wan or lan port of the wireless router -> wireless stick from the computer = internet

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Connect Wired Router To Wireless Router

Can i connect a wired router to a wireless router? Just had verizon dsl installed with a wireless router they provided. They connected two pcs(wired) to it and a laptop with the wireless. I would like to connect a tv, blu ray player, xbox 360 and my wii to it with a wired connection and am not sure what i need. I know i need to run a ethernet cable from one of the unused lan connections on the wireless router in my basement up to the livingroom but not sure what i need after that, a hub, wired router or something else?

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Cannot Connect Wireless Router With Ipod

My wireless router was working fine but out of nowhere decided to crap out on me. It only lets me connect with my laptop and ps3, but i cannot connect with my ipod touch or any other wireless devices.

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Manually Connect To Wireless Router

Windows vista home premium wireless question no manually connect to a wireless option? I have been trying to connect my windows vista home premium desktop computer to my linksys wireless router. I understand that there is something where the router will not appear in the list of wireless routers. This happened to me. I checked different forums and posts online and they all say i should manually connect to the wireless. However, when i get to the page that says different ways of connecting to the internet, i have only 4 options and none of them include manually connect to a wireless. Can someone please help me or tell me how to get this option?

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Connect Ds Lite To Wifi Without Wireless Router

Need to connect my dslite to wi-fi, without buying wireless router? I have wired wi-fi connection for my wii system, but i want to connect my dslite without buying a wireless router, what do you recommend that i buy? (Wired or wireless and what price?)

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Connect Second Computer With Belkin Wireless Router

How do i connect a second desktop computer with a belkin wireless router? I just got a belkin wireless router today and setting up the connections to the internet and the first computer was really easy. When i was finished a message came up on the screen that said to use the cd that came with the router to add other computers to the network. So i tried to add my second computer. But when i put the cd in it said the second computer had to be connected to the router with an ethernet cable. I know i'm probably missing something completely obvious here but i was wondering, why do i need to connect the computer to the router when the router says it's wireless?

Also, if i don't need to connect it, why would it say that? And, like i said, i know i'm probably missing something really obvious or completely misunderstanding something, but i really need to understand what's going on with it because i can't afford to hire someone to do it for me and since one computer is upstairs and the other is downstairs it would be incredibly inconvenient to try to run an ethernet cable that far.

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Connect Sprint Wireless Aircard With Router

How do you connect a sprint wireless air card with a wireless router? I have sprint wireless and i have a wireless router. I am wondering what do i need(other items that need to be bought) and how do i set it up. I am just trying to connect the laptop to the desktop while in the house together so both can be on.

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How Do I Connect My Wireless Router To My Brighthouse Modem?

Iam at my cousin's house for the weekend down in alabama, and i brought my wireless router so that we could play our online game together via desktop and laptop. Unfortunately, its not connecting well, i connect the cable from the modem to the wireless router and then into the desktop. It won't aquire the ip address from the modem iam guessing and it won't let us get onto the internet unless we direct connect back from the modem to the desktop. (P. S. I also called the brighthouse service people and they told me that it would be a $50 charge to get wireless internet o_0, and iam like wdf? Because we already have a wireless router so why are you charging us for wireless internet when we all ready have a working modem and working wireless router!

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Laptop Wont Connect To Wireless Router

Why wont my laptop connect to me wireless router? I've just got a new d-link wireless router but my laptop will not connect to. On the "connect to a network" screen i can see my wireless router connection and it even has an excellent strength but for some reason my laptop won't connect to the router. I type in my network key & it shows that it is trying to connect but then just returns back to the same screen & isn't connected. I can connect to the router on my mobile but my laptop isn't being let in to the network. Any suggestions as to why and how i can fix this?

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Connect Ethernet Cable To Wireless Router

Can i connect an ethernet cable from my dorm to a wireless router to get wireless? In my dorm, there is only one ethernet cable (which i'm guessing relocates back to a modem somewhere in the building, which i don't have access to) that my roommate and i have to share.could i connect the cable to the router so we can have wireless in our room?

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Connect To Wireless Router With Ip Address And Login Info

Is it possible to connect to a wireless router if i no the ip address and all the login info of the router?

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Connect Trendnet Wireless Router To Virgin Modem

Got a trendnet wireless router for my virgin modem. Cant connect to 192. 168. 0. 1/ . Answer:- not all wireless routers use . 0. 1 as their ip. Secondly, you might not be associated (connected) to the router wirelessly, even though it shows "connected". Try to plug in an ethernet (aka network or cat5) cable to the back (not the wan port) and see if you can access the page. Make sure you open ie and type in http://ip_address_of_router and not just 192. 168. 0. 1/

To find the ip of the router, while connected to it, access the command prompt and type in ipconfig /all and look at the entry for "default gateway". Use that ip address when you open ie and type in http://192. 168. X. X (could be 0. 1, . 1. 1, 0. 254 or . 1. 254)

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Can't Connect To Wireless Router Administration Interface

I can't connect to my wireless router administration interface? I have accessed the section where it asks you username and password but nothing works i have tried username: admin password: password/ my wep key but none work. What do i do?

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Connect Printer To G Wireless Router With Rj45 Connectors

How do you connect db37 printer to g wireless router with only rj45 connectors? I take it that you're talking about a 37 pin centronics parallel connector on your printer. There are a couple of ways to do it. 1) like a previous answer stated, you can connect it to a computer and then share it through that computer to the router. -Or-

2) you can get a parallel to network or wireless print server for around $50 to attach to the printer which allows connection and sharing directly to the router itself for the printer. You can choose a wireless version or a wired rj45 network version, depending on what would work best for you, but you don't need to buy a new printer just to hook up to a network. A new printer with network capability is one way to go, but while they may be cheap, the newer printers seem to have more maintenance issues and problems than the older printers which seem to last forever with minimal problems, unlike today's printers. As long as you can keep and use your existing printer, it will be cheaper and last longer in the long run.

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Can Wireless Keyboard Disrupt A Wireless Router Signal ?

Does anyone know if a wireless keyboard or mouse can disrupt a wireless router signal or vice-versa?
If it could, how can this problem be avoided?

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Connect A Linksys Adapter To A Netgear Router

How do you connect a linksys adapter to a netgear router ?


You don't. You connect the adapter to your computer. The brands of adapters and routers don't matter as networks are standards based, not proprietary to any particular manufacturer. Edit: once you've installed the adapter just run the wireless management app and select your wireless network. It does not matter what brand the router is.

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Connect Using 2wire Modem Router Combo Gateway At&t Wireless

I have an imac. Can i connect to the internet using 2wire modem router combo gateway at&t wireless? Or do i have to buy an airport extreme or airport express?

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At&t Dsl Modem And Netgear Router Cant Connect To Internet

I have at&t dsl, and yesterday i replaced my ailing linksys wireless router with a new netgear n150 wireless router. After installing the router, and getting everything (seemingly) running, i tried to access the internet. I was redirected to an at&t "password update" page that told my there was a discrepancy between my network password and the password i was using to access the internet. It sent me through a "self-solve" application that didn't solve anything, and then told me to call tech support. I've called at&t tech support (a few times), and they have told me that they can't troubleshoot third party routers, but they have reset my password so that i can access the internet without using my router, just using the modem. This isn't very helpful, since the majority of internet usage in my house is done wirelessly. After researching this issue and trying many remedies i find myself still ending up on this stupid password update page. The only thing i can guess is that this might have something to do with the "dsl password decoupling" thing that at&t put into effect in june. Is there any help out there for me?

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Connect To Wireless Connection With Tp-link Tl-wr740n

Tp-link tl-wr740n how to connect to wireless connection? My boarding house is a wifi area, the router is already set and connected, but i can't access to it. What should i do? The router is newly setup.

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Connect To Wireless Printer From Wired Connection

Can i connect to my wireless printer from my wired connection? My canon mp620 is discoverable by all 4 laptops in my house but the one wired connection cannot detect it. The wired connection is to the same router that supplies the wireless network. I have the option to set the printer up via usb but i cannot move the desktop computer to the printer nor can i easily move the printer to the desktop.

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Setup Wireless Network From Wireless Connection

Can i set up a wireless network from a wireless connection? To detail it a little moe, im connected to my parents wireless network which is encrypted with wpa security. While i was away at college, i bought my own router to use wep encryption so that i could play on my ds while taking my laptop about, but now i can no longer play on my ds. Is there a way i could use the connection im using atm and kind of use my laptop as a gateway of sorts to connect my own router but instead wep. If that makes any sense.

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