Screen Display Is Odd - Vertical Dotted Lines

When i start up my pc the display is odd like a chess board. Sometimes vertical dotted line's show up. This continues until i reach the login screen for windows. When i reach the login screen for windows all seems ok.initially my hard disk wasn't being detected. I removed the ide cables and than reconnected them did the same with ram also re-inserted my pci slot display card. Now my hard disk is being detected but the initial startup display is as i have described above.

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Horizontal And Vertical Lines On Screen

The other day out of nowhere my screen starts going nuts. It has a bunch of horizontal and vertical lines on the screen and they kind of move when the mouse is over them. When i open a new window, for example an aim window or notepad, parts of the program will display fine, without any lines, and other parts will continue the line pattern on the screen. When my computer starts up, it has weird gray images that almost look like japanese letters on the windows xp splash screen. I checked a different monitor and the picture is still weird, so it isn't monitor, so im guessing its video card. ? Anyone ever heard of a problem like this?

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Red Vertical Lines On Monitor

How can i find out whats wrong with my dell monitor? My dell 17' inch flat screen monitor has red vertical lines in the middle of my screen. I'm wondering if its a bad cable connection problem. After i boot-up the system up its not there, but within a few minutes the red lines appear. I've tried it with my other systems and the same thing happens. I purchases the monitor directly from dell in 2006w my dell dimension e310 system.could it be that the monitor is wore out, or could it be just a bad cable connection? The cable i have attached to the monitor came with the monitor. If i purchase another one of the same kind would that clear out the red lines on the monitor? Need answer asap before i throw this monitor away & purchase another one those red lines are driving me nuts!

Also which monitor would you recommend for a quad system windows 7?

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Lines In Laptop Display

My laptop has been doing this thing recently where horizontal lines appear on the display. It looks like static or interference maybe. I plugged it in to my desktop monitor to see if it was the graphics card or the display, the lines don't show up on the external monitor. Then when i switched back to the laptop display the problem appears to be solved. I thought i'd post this as reference.

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White Lines On Black Display When Connecting Laptop To Tv

I tried connecting my hp pavilion dv6114tx to my tv using a cable (7 pin s-video on one side and rca(yellow for video, red and white for audio), s-video pin on the laptop and yellow rca cable into video input of the tv. I have a nvidia geforce go 7400 256mb graphics card (video bios version =5. 72. 22. 41. Ad). Tried everything including clone, dualview, extending my desktop etc. And see some white lines on a black display on the tv, but could not setup the laptop display onto tv. Moreover now i can't login to normal mode but only vga mode (not even safe mode). Sometimes when im on normal windows boot mode and after the xp logo and startup in progress i see the blue wallpaper with hp logo, and when i quickly press fn+f4 i get the login page, but normally i don't get the login page and fn+f4 only works sometimes, so i have no other option but only to use the vga mode. So help me on the following issues:

1. Log in the normal mode
2.connect my laptop to the tv

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Dell Inspiron 1501 Screen Vertical Line

I recently got a new computer and my old dell inspiron 1501 got a vertical thick line in the left middle of the screen and it's not like it's crashing it's there no matter what i do. I don't know how to fix it but have step by step instructions would be nice. And the line is not opaque you can see through it. And the line always has a remnant of the last screen my computer was on. I don't know what to do!

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Video Card Or Monitor Problem - Vertical Line On Screen

I suddenly have discovered there is a long violet-colored line running from the top to bottom of my lcd screen. It seems to be one pixel wide.could it be the monitor or the video card ? How do i test ?

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His X1650 Pro - Lines On Screen

I just bought a new his 512mb x1650 pro video card from newegg. I installed it and it seems to work fine, however when i move a window around turquoise and red lines show up all over my screen. I have the latest drivers.

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Blue Lines Vertically On Screen

Im having a problem where my screen will just freeze, i get tons of blue lines going vertically throughout my screen and my background goes into a purple fuzz color, sorry cant be more specific as i don't know whats going on. I already reinstalled my gpu drivers twice to no avail. Only way to get it functioning again is to reboot, happens every couple of hours.

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5870 Problems, Dashed / Lines On Screen

I got an xfx 5870 recently and am getting some weird dashes on screen in various game menus and ui's ofpdr, dragon age. Arma2 is the only game where it has happened in the world of the game. This doesn't happen in all games, it hasn't happened in torchlight, red orchestra, and some other games. Screenshots. http://i865.


Some things i've tried. - Four drivers 9. 11, 9. 12 beta 5, 9. 12, and 9. 12 hotfix
- Downclocked some
- Vsync onoff
- Hdmi sound not installed
- Win7 up to date
- Checked power cable

Anyone have any ideas? I still have about 15 days to rma to newegg.

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Single Pixel Lines In Dell Inspiron Screen

As a bit of backstory, i've never worked hands-on with a laptop before. Somehow, i ended up with one as my primary computer. Please save the 'lolz get a real computer' comments until after you've given your expert opinions. Recently, some vertical lines have appeared in the screen. It has not been bumped, jostled, thrown, or dampened. It's a very spoilt little machine. I don't have a spare monitor to test for a screen problem, but i might be able to jack a friend's when he gets back from vacation. As far as i can tell from previous experience, i think the video card may be going. To be honest, i'd be much happier if that were the case, since i imagine screens are much more costly. Has anyone else ever had this happen? Does anyone have any idea what's up?

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Flashing / Discolored Lines In Sli Full Screen

Whenever i run a game with sli enabled i get discolored horizontal lines in videos and game screens, they glow really bright. I attempted to take a screen shot however the screen shot does not show the line and discoloration at all. Here is the kicker. This i have only tested with wow, but when i put the game into windowed mode whether maximized or not, this does not happen at all. I have searched and searched and seen this error in other places but no one gave a straight answer on how to fix it. So any ideas you have would be great. Newest possible drivers installed and driver cleaner pro was run on it before re-installation of drivers

850w thermaltake psu
6000+ amd athlon x2
Two evga 8800gtx
Asus m3n72-d mobo nvidia nforce 750a sli
2gb ocz ramm

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Screen Display Too Dark

Screen display too dark, i am facing a problem with my desktop. Every time i boot my system for the first time every day. The brightness is too low. I have tried changing the contrast and the brightness but to no avail. It happens every day and its getting problematic everyday. The brightness would come to normal automatically after 5-10 mins. I don't know whether its the problem with monitor or what.

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Display Macbook Onto Flat Screen Tv

What do i need in order to display my macbook internet connection onto my living room flat screen tv?

Which macbook you have? If you have one of the silver-and-black macbooks, it has a minidisplayport. You will need a minidisplayport-to-dvi adapter and a dvi-to-hdmi cable to connect your macbook to a flat-screen hdtv. If you have one of the all-white or all-black macbooks, it has a minidvi port. You will need a minidvi-to-dvi adapter and a dvi-to-hdmi cable. So find out which macbook you got.

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Computer Wont Boot Display Nothing On The Screen

I have a computer and when i boot it, it wont display anything on the screen, the fans spin and i can hear the hard-drive spinning, but i cannot see anything on the screen. Ive tried a different monitor and ny the way it is on board graphics. I recently took the motherboard out and places it back in its case and then thats when it stops working.

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Display Driver Crashes During Full Screen Web Video

I managed to catch a glimpse of a display driver failure notice, so i can now confirm what exactly the problem is. Basically if i play a web video and make it full screen anywhere other than youtube or (like, kotaku, etc) it will play for 30 seconds or so and then crash. The screen will go black, my mouse will become barely responsive and i'll have to hard boot. I'm running windows 7 rc 7100 and this has happened with both 9. 6 and 9. 7 cats. Am i all alone here or does anyone know if there's a fix? I can't seem to find any info on it at all.

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Odd Sound Coming From Within Computer

Just recently a high pitched sound - thin piercing variety - has begun to emit from somewhere inside the computer. It lasts for ten minutes or so on bootup before disappearing. Iím unable to detect whether itís coming from the h/drive or not as iíve heard that that may be a sign that the drive is on its way out.

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Odd Cd / Dvd Rom Problem

When i extract data from a dvd or cd my computer becomes extremely slow, as in the desktop feels like its going at 10fps. This just started happening today after i installed dotnetfx 3. 5 dotnetfx 2. 0 dotnetfx1. 1 back to back. I uninstalled it and the issue is still here. I have no idea what to do. I turned off the computer and turned it back on. I unplugged the computer from its power source and plugged it back in. Also after im done extracting the files from the dvd the desktop becomes as quick as it was before and it runs perfectly fine.

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Odd Hard Drive Performance

Ok, so i have a 1tb wd black hard drive as storage for misc stuff, like little programs and what not that doesn't require speed. Lately, the drive has seemed very slow response time. For example, i will try to open ventrilo, which is installed on the drive, and it will take about 15 seconds to open. It won't do it all the time, just randomly. Sometimes the drive is very responsive, sometimes the drive isn't. I have disabled all power managent/sleep settings on the hard drives, so they shouldn't be turning off.

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Optical Mouse Pointer Doesn't Stop By Edge Of The Screen Display

I just bought a new microsoft wireless / optical mouse ver 2. 0a. I liked it a lot over my previous a4tech mouse. The problem is that when i move it to the full left side of the screen the pointer doesn't stop by the edge of the screen display, it disappears. It seem that the mouse is sensing a wider display on the left side only. Moving it to the top, bottom and right side it stops by the edge exactly. Does the mouse have a hardware defect?

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Second Display In Dual Display Setup Has Stopped Working

I have a pc with dual monitors. Both monitors worked fine for a year, but one day the second display stopped working, and the second monitor. Itís an intel based system with pci-e ati hd2600 video card with dual dvi out. Monitors are both identical acer 22 inch lcds. The issue is that monitor a shows a proper display, but monitor b is blank and goes into power save mode. If i switch monitor a with monitor b, same result. Hence, both monitors are in working condition. If i swap dvi cable a with dvi cable b, same result. Hence, both dvi cable are in working condition. Iíve tried replacing the video card with a new pci-e card of a different brand. Same result. Hence the video card is not broke. If i only plug one monitor into the video cardís dvi output a, itíll work. If i only plug one monitor into the video cardís dvi output b, itíll work. Hence, both dvi outputs on the video card work, just not at the same time. Issue occurs the same during post, as well as in windows and ubuntu. Itís not a driver issue. Iíve tried updating the drivers. Iím not sure what this could be.

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Dual Vertical Monitors

I just upgraded from dual 19" 1280 x 1024 to dual 22" 1050 x 1680 (vertical). Before i turned them 90 degrees, everything ran very smoothly on my 8800gt. As soon as i put them in portrait mode, things didn't work out so well. When watching videos, there are obvious scan lines and when scrolling down web pages quickly, it can't load the information fast enough. My refresh rate is stuck at 60hz, though i am honestly not all that sure of if that would have any effect. It seems i might need a new video card, but was also thinking there might be a way to rotate the screen 90 degrees by some other means that the gpu might be able to handle better. Since that is probably not an option, i was wondering what would be a good upgrade from an 8800gt that would definitely be able to hand my monitor set up. Specs:

Windows xp pro
Asus p5q pro
E8400 @3. 6ghz
4gb ddr2800 ram

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Blue Vertical Line Across A Lcd

I have a buddies laptop and the screen has a vertical blue line in it that won't go away. I'm pretty sure its not software related. Its there as soon as the screen turns on . It has onboard graphics. It shares the system memory. Any idea what it might be and what i might have to replace on it? When it comes to hardware i'm somewhat weak. Any idea how i can even start to trouble shoot this? As its onboard graphics i can't even check the vid card.

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Vertical Stripe When Use Printer As Copier

Why do i get a dark vertical stripe when i use my printer as a "copier, " but not as a "printer?"?

Answer:- you most likely have something blocking the scanner from seeing the paper that's scanned. You didn't say what make and model it is, so can't be very specific about what to look for, but if your printer/scanner pulls the paper in to scan it in a continuous motion, you should open up the scanner and look for anything that shouldn't be there around the scanner window glass or feed area just above it. It could be paper, plastic, tape, junk of some kind etc. Try cleaning the glass with some alcohol on a cloth or paper towel. If you have a flat bed scanner, where you place the paper on the glass then close the lid, there could be something wrong on, or under, the glass, or more than likely something on the scanner bar that moves from end to end that is blocking the light or sensor or the light in that area is out. If you can't find the problem, or figure out how to fix it, you can have it checked out by a tech to see if they can give an estimate, but it may not be worth it depending on what you have, and may be cheaper to buy a new one if you want the scan capability without the line.

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Hp Officejet 6500 Vertical Line Problem

When i scan a document it ends up with a vertical line running down the center of the page. The same thing happens if i copy and use the document feeder. If i just put the document on the glass there is no line. Any idea what may be causing the problem? I have cleaned the "rollers", but still have the problem. If it were a hardware problem, wouldn't the line show up even when i put the document on the glass?

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Laptop Monitor - Permanent Vertical Green Line

The monitor on my dell latitude d505 is currently displaying a vertical green line from the top to the bottom of the screen, about 1/3 of a screen width from the right hand side. This line fades in during the dell splash screen and persists whether i boot into linux or windows. I'm assuming this is a hardware problem, but does anyone have any definitive advice on what may cause this?

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Hp Deskjet F340 Scan Vertical Black Stripe

Hp deskjet f340 all in 1 scanner problem. No matter what i scan or copy i get a vertical black stripe about 1 inch wide from top to bottom, on the right side. The glass is clean, and i can see no loose or broken belts inside the glass.

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Black Lines While Gaming

I have an nvidia geforce 7800gt and an hp mx70 monitor. I just recently encountered this problem where when there's heavy action in the game, black lines kind of flash in and out while playing. Not really so much to cause me not to be able to see anything, but enough to be a nuisance. Also, occasionally my display will kind of flicker and lines will come across the screen when there isn't anything intense happening.

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Horizontal Lines All Over A Monitor

My friend is having a problem with jagged, horizontal lines covering his monitor. This obviously sounds like a video card issue and he fixed it for the time being by removing his graphics card and is running through onboard support at the moment. Does this mean his graphics card is fried/ruined or is it reparable?

We were trying to figure out why this happened to his 8800gt since it was purchased in the last year. I asked him what his power supply wattage was and it turns out he was running a amd x2 4800+ and a 8800gt system on only 300w. So i'd assume the psu is the culprit. Is it not uncommon for inadequate power supplies to make video cards or other components fail like his did? Also i don't know if this has anything to do with anything, but he mentioned his heatsink fan dislodged from its sockets for a period of time. His cpu is fine though and suffered no damage. I'd like to make sure he gets this fixed because we spend a lot of time playing online games together. Do you think he'll need a new graphics card and psu? Hopefully the gfx card warranty is still valid if this is the case.

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Hp Printer Skipping Lines

My hp office-jet pro 8500, will print however it prints every other line. It's skipping, i recently changed the the blue and pink ink cartridges, and instead of it going through the process of cleaning the print heads like it usually does after you replace the ink. It just said press ok, however when i went to print something it says cleaning printer heads, i was impatient and turned it off. Then turned it back on and now the problem of it printing every other line or only printing one thing.

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