Vista Not Recognizing Drive Until Power Off Pc Then Back On

I have an iomega 1tb usb drive connect to my vista (x64) ultimate pc. I have to manually power off and then back on for the pc to recognize it. This occurs even after rebooting. It works with xp fine. Any thoughts?

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On Startup Power Goes Down For 2, 3 Sec, Then Comes Back

The problem is just at startup, when i push the power the computer starts for maybe a second (all fans light and start including psu and the mobo lights up), then all power apparently goes down for about 2 or 3 sec, then all power comes back and everything from that time on is normal, the voltages of the psu are well with in tolerance, as matter of fact never seen voltages so close. And the computer is stable from that on, its just on the startup. Im not sure if this is normal o not, im think its not, but if its not i am guessing it could be either psu or mobo. Maybe there is power-saving stuff that i don't know that might be causing this, im really lost here, maybe someone else have experience something similar that can suggest me something.system:-

Intel core i7 920
Gigabyte ga-ex58-ud3r
Corsair dominator 1600 6gb
Noctua nh-u12p se
Evga gtx285
Western digital velociraptor 300 gb
Western digital caviar black 1 tb
Antec twelve hundred
Antec cp-850
Windows vista 64-bit

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Computer Constantly Restarting, Reboot And Power Back Up

My friend has a custom built computer with asus motherboard, and a intel celeron 2. 33ghz processor. It continues to reboot and power back up. I checked the power supply and it is ok, and tried unplugging power to all components, and then plug them back in one at a time. It appeared to be the dvd/cd rom, as that corrected the problem for a day when i left the power to that unplugged, but now this morning it is doing it again. I'm not sure where to look now. Any suggestions?

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Windows 7 Not Recognizing 2nd Drive

Built a system with (2) hard drives. The primary drive is a 30g ssd drive where the win 7 o/s is installed on. The 2nd drive is a wd 1 tb drive that i wanted to install all my games on. Problem is, it's not found in win 7. When i boot up, it's listed in bios. D/loaded a wd utility called "western digital lifeguard diagnostics" and that too does not recognize the wd drive. I'm at a loss, any tips?

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Monitor Stuck In Power Save Mode After Coming Back From Long Idle

Not sure if this is os, display or graphics card trouble; i have my displays set to turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity in windows 7 with a nvidia gtx 260. If i come back to the computer, after it has been idle for a long time (especially when logged out) the secondary display will turn on but the primary display will be stuck in power save mode. When i move the mouse or hit a key, the secondary display (dell 2407wfp) shows the wallpaper image or blank screen if logged out but effectively turns back "on".

The primary display (dell 2408, much newer) flickers for a sec, shows the dvi icon, then goes back to power save mode and turns off as if its not getting a signal from the graphics card. Turning the monitor on or off again does not solve the problem. Restarting the computer (holding down the power button) does solve the problem, but i'd rather not hard-restart it like that every time i come back to my computer. Sometimes by bringing a window to the foreground on the primary display, such as pressing ctrl alt del then opening task manager blind, or right clicking on the secondary display and opening the nvidia control panel, i can get the display to turn back on.

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Xp Tablet 2005, Old Ide Hard Drive, Not Recognizing Hdd

Trying to do a fresh install for someone on his gateway tablet (cx2610). Once the xp setup disc loads, it says it can't find any hard drives to install to. The laptop boots find to the hard drive and loads windows, and the bios detects it too. Do i need to install additional drivers? How can i do it without a floppy drive? Slipstream them into the os disc? Nlite? Never done it before, and i don't know what drivers i need.

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Back Up Hard Drive

I'd like to put a second hdd in my rig for back up. If it was only used to store files and not run programs on, would it be safe from incoming viruses? Or is this wishfull thinking?

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Usb Pen Drive Corrupted - How To Get The Data Back ?

My pen drive will not work whatsoever. I have tried on multiple computers and i can't get it recognized (tried with xp and 98). I think a problem was i tried it on my linux box this weekend and it may have corrupted it. Is there any way to get my data back.

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Windows Not Recognizing Mouse

I'm trying to fix a machine for someone with an old pc. I can't get the machine to pick up the ps/2 mouse that is connet via a serial port. I have tried a different mouse, and have even tried a usb mouse but nothing works. All hardware components are registered in device manager ( ports & usb ports) so i'm sure they're all working. The pc is running win98 if that helps!

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Problem Recognizing Cd Burner

I have two computers and nether of them will accept my magic spin cd burner. I first tried it on an older dell computer with the windows sp2, didnt work, i kinda figured it wouldnt because its a dinosaur. Now i got a 2003 gateway essental with sp1 on it. Its got alot of add ons like vodoo3dfx card and sound blaster. One 52max cd-rom. I have tried to put the burner on slave but i dont get anything. If i take the standard out and put the burner on master it wont do anything. On all settings it powers up but the computer wont read it.

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Rivatuner Not Recognizing Catalyst 9.6 Drivers

For my 4890. I open up rivatuner and can tune not a thing because its not seeing my drivers, apparently? I just recently got the 4890 an formatted my pc so i would have a fresh install. Before i formatted the 9. 6's worked fine with my 4850. Any suggestions?

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Cloning Vista From Old Drive To New

So i just got done getting the drive cloned and ran hdtune a few times. On a couple runs, my min dropped to 10-15mb/s which doesn't seem normal. These are close to the results i typically get though (unless something is loading in the background - this is my os drive by the way). How does it look?

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Tape Drive For Vista

Ok since they toke away out of the box tape drive support for vista what is everyone using for doing backups with their tape drives under vista?

The quantum sdlt tape drive was free along with the adaptec scsi card and 80+ tapes that were only used once so i do not want to hear just use an external hard drive. So far it looks like novabackup is the best bet but i was wondering if there was something better or even something that is free.

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Attempted To Install Os, Error Recognizing Hdds

I set up the raid array and set it to striping and 16k to start. Now i stick in my os disk to install windos xp and it goes to the blue loading screen, and loads a bunch of crap, and then it asks me if i would like to continue and i hit enter, and it goes. Now " setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer. Make sure any hdds are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer supplied diagnostic or setup program. Setup cannot continue, press f3 to exit. Well my bios detected both drives, and has them both listed as master drives, and setting up the raid array worked also, so now im just confused lol.

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Windows 2000 Not Recognizing Proper Hd Size

My previous wd hd failed, and got a replacement from dell today, a 250 gb one. Even though my bios is quite happy to acknowledge that it's 250, my windows 2k isn't, nor is the fdisk from my diagnostics boot cd or my partition magic. They all claim it's 127 gb, and as such i can only create a 127 gb partition of of it. Does anyone know about this kind of problem or even a solution to it?

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My Computer Stopped Recognizing Internal Hardware

I have a dell inspiron 1501 running windows vista, and one day when i tried to turn it on the sound icon showed a little red image circle with a white "x" in it. When i mute it, it just shows a red circle with a slash. My computer then told me my sound device wasn't installed. Then i go to get online to try to figure this out, and a caption came up saying the my wireless card wasn't installed. Then, i go to plug in my itouch and none of my usb ports will work because it won't even charge my ipod. This has never happened before and i'm really frustrated. So i have come to you on my mother's desktop.

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No Floppy Drive Support In Vista

I hooked up my floppy drive last night to flash my vid card and all vista keeps saying is it cannot find a driver for my device. Has anyone here seen or heard of this before and if so is there a fix besides reinstalling o/s?

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Moving Vista To New Hard Drive

I have vista basic on my dell. I am going to install a second hard drive. I found on western digital web page that says i can right click the old drive and use cut and it will remove the whole drive from the old western digital and then select the new drive and copy the entire drive to the new hard drive. This sounds too simple. Will it work?

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Hard Drive Monitoring For Vista

Can anyone recommend a free utility that can actively monitor the health of a hard drive. I would also like it to give some kind of alert if it detect any kind of problem. I did some searching on [h] and the internet but was not able to find much in the way of freeware.

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Lg Dvd Drive Disappeared From Vista

I have an lg 4163b dvd-rom/writer which up until today was working just fine and no problems to report. I was just about to load up a game which requires the disc in the drive and i get a notification that the disc wasn't found. I thought this was odd, and sure enough in "my computer" there is no cd/dvd drives showing. Following this up, i checked the device manager and it seems that my dvd drivers got screwed up somehow (the only major change i've made was installing new nvidia graphics drivers yesterday, which shouldn't have affected the dvd). I've been all over the internet - lg's site, google, etc. - And i cannot find any drivers that want to work for vista. Every time i run the firmware installer's it cannot detect the drive, and won't install. Anyone have any workaround solutions for me to try?

The drive is about 5 years old, but its been working just fine, and i generally don't use the drive for anything anymore, so i'd hate to have to buy a new one just because vista is being stupid!

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Flash Drive To Install Vista

I just installed vista with a flash drive but to my dismay it took just as long as with a dvd so i am wondering if my flash drive is a piece of junk or not? It is a pny optima attache 4gb. What is the best flash drive to use for stuff like this?

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Booting Vista From Flash Drive

I sell laptops new from manufacture which are mainly sony vaio's. I would like to know if i could boot vista from a flash drive either a usb or memory stick without anything being written to the hard drive. This is to save time on restoring laptop to factory state. Is this possible or is there another solution available.

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Asrock Aod790gx Motherboard Is Not Recognizing Video Card

I just purchased a new rig and i'm having an issue getting the motherboard to recognize my graphics card. The issue being that i get no video signal on my monitor when i plug it directly into the card. My question is, is there something technical here that i'm not seeing? Maybe the pci-e slot is broken (a way to verify this?)? I'm almost 100% sure that the card is compatible as i have seen various reviews by people using nvidia cards on this board. Motherboard: asrock aod790gx/128mb
Video card: asus en9800gt 512mb

Note: i know that the card isn't dead as i plugged it in another board and the card worked fine.

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Computer Isnt Recognizing Dell Printer Being Plugged In

My computer isn't recognizing my dell printer being plugged in? I had restored my computer a while back and since then the computer wont recognize my dell v305 printer as being plugged in. The weird thing is that it did not come with an install disk, and is supposed to install itself when plugged in. What do i do?

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Vista - Inserting Dvd Causes The Drive To Disappear

When i place a burned dvd into my drive, the computer starts to load it for about 10 seconds, and then all of a sudden the entire drive disappears from my drive list. I have to reboot the computer (without the disc in) to get it to recognize the drive again. If i put the original dvd in the tray, it works fine and i'm able to explore the dvd. The dvd drive is an nec nd-2510a. I am using vista premium 32-bit. Oh, and if i place the same burned dvd into my girlfriends computer running on xp, which has the exact same nec drive, it works fine. Any thoughts?

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Installing Windows Vista Via Flash Drive

No tweaking, no fking around, no program installs - put the dvd in the drive, put the flash drive in the usb port and run the command. Thats it. The rest of this post is purely there because people always try and do something differently, or dont bother reading the instructions properly!

This does not work with xp, so dont ask.command for copying vista (or 7) dvd to flash drive

Open a run command - use the "windows key + r" trick to open a run menu, if its not enabled in your start menu

Xcopy x:*. * /S/e/f y:

X: being source (dvd / iso image on virtual drive)
Y: being destination drive (flash drive)

A dos prompt will open and show the files copying - it may appear to have stopped on a file (install. Wim i think), but dont worry - thats a large file so it takes a while. You can use this to install vista off a flash drive, no longer needing a dvd. Above this line is all you need to make a bootable flash drive!

As simple as this is, people always ask a bazillion questions.common ones are answered below. The drive letters x: and y: need to be substituted with whatever letters your system uses. Its obvious, but some people still miss that. I've done this with ntfs and fat32 flash drives heaps of times - havent burned a dvd for an os in years. Your motherboard is going to need to boot from usb for this to install. Many motherboards have a "quick boot" method by pressing escape or f8 while the bios post screen is still loading. Dont always assume it will show as a usb device, often it shows under the hdd menus. Obviously, you're going to need a dvd in the drive, or mount the iso via some virtual drive software, like deamon tools or virtual clone drive. If your flash drive is full, the dos prompt will just close without copying the last files. Make sure you have enough free space to fit the contents of the iso (a 4gb flash drive is not exactly 4gb - mine is 3. 83gb after formatting, and too small for a vista sp2 install). I suggest formatting and starting with a blank flash drive - you can always add your other files back afterwards. You can do this from any windows os - xcopy hasnt changed in a looooong time, so it should even work in os's as old as win95. Since this has to be clarified, i mean you can make the vista/7 bootable usb disk in older os's. That is not the same as making bootable copies of them!

And a picture guide, for those who cant live without them. 1.command line

2. Format flash drive to ntfs (16gb drive)

3. Files copying

4. Open your boot menu in the bios, or change the boot order. My media pc allows me to hit f12 and get this:

(If i had my flash drive plugged in for this photo, it would read as "usb-hdd imation nano" in the '+hard disk' menu)

5. Run the vista/7 installer as normal

Out of niceness, i quote pyeti and naelex's alternate method. This one is rather noob friendly, but requires a third party program. This method works for xp!


Plug in your usb key. Right click on the ultraiso shortcut, and click on run as administrator. Click on file (menu bar) and open. Navigate to your windows 7 iso file and select it and click on the open button. In the bottom local pane, select your usb flash key drive. Click on bootable (menu bar) and wite disk image. Make sure the locations are correct, and check the verify box and click on the write button. Click on yes to confirm writing to the usb drive. When it's done, click on the close button. You now have a windows 7 installation usb flash key.

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Do I Have To Format A New Hard Drive Before Installing Vista 64 ?

I just installed a new wd 1tb black hard drive into a new system. I installed vista 64 without doing any type of format. Was i supposed to format the drive before installing the os?

Or does it automatically use ntfs?

Just want to find out right away so i can redo it if necessary.

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Dvd Drive For Vista 64-bit And Windows 7

I don't need anything fancy or expensive. I primarily use my dvd drive to install/play games and occasionally burn something to a dvd. It should be compatible with vista 64-bit and windows 7. Any recommendations?

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Esata Hard Drive Not Recognized In Vista 64

Esata hard drive not recognized in vista 64, well it does, as long as i do a "scan for hardware changes" in device manager every time i want to use it. But if i just plug it in and turn it on it doesn't get recognized. Any ideas why?

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Hard Drive Not Recognized On Vista 64 Bit

I physically installed the wd1600ys western digital 160gb caviar hd into the computer. Pata and sata cables. However it is not recognizing it. I had the old install disc for xp version which will not work on my vista. Now that being said i am unable to find the drivers needed for my computer to recognize it. I believe it needs western digital tools. I called the tech support at western digital and they stated the drivers are only available for vista 32 bit. My vista reads 32 programs. He couldn't tell me where those drivers were. He was pretty aggravated when he picked up probably because someone called him and complained that their cup holder( disc drive) was broke when it spilled the drink. Please direct me to a website where i may download the driver to recognize my hd.

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