Ati 5850 Vs Ati 5870

I'm looking at buying a new video card, and i was looking at either a 5850, or a 5870. I have chosen that i want an xfx card, so i limited it down to here:



The 5850 is $280-$325, and the 5870 is $390-$500. (The $500 is the 2gb card). I was looking at some benchmark results, and i was wondering, it it really worth the difference? I'm interested in some pretty heavy gaming (crysis, gtaiv, etc. ), And i'm coming from a 5770, so either of these will be a great improvement, but i am hoping to not have to upgrade this for a while, and i was just wondering what you guys think. Also, cross-firing is not an option for me, so please don't suggest it. My specs:
Gpu: xfx 5770 1gb
Cpu: amd phenom ii x6 1055t
Mobo: asus m4a77td
Psu: xion 700w

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Ati 5770 Vs 5830 Vs 5850

Firstly, no nvidia answers, i am looking for a dx11 card and nvidia's dx11 cards are crap. Have been looking at buying one of these cards to keep my pc going until the 6000 series comes out. Currently using a 9800gt which is starting to go and isn't really great at keeping up with the latest games (bad company 2, all points bulletin, sc:conviction, etc). Have been putting a lot of thought into getting a 5770, 2 reasons. My current psu is only 450w and the 5770 requires a 450w psu, any higher and i would need to spend an extra 50 on a new one; and secondly i play at 1440x900 and from what i have read a 5770 will be all i need. 5830 is in the high end of my budget (around 180 average) and it seems pointless to buy the card when the 5850 is only a little more. Currently using an e7300 @ 3. 20ghz but i am upgrading to a q6600 and probably oc it to around 3. 6ghz. The main card i am looking to get is the sapphire 5770 vapor-x edition and with my q6600 i will mainly be playing apb and bfbc2. Some dx11 fps ratings would be useful, mainly at 60fps constant

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Will New Drivers Make The Ati Radeon 5850 Better ?

Will new drivers make the ati radeon 5850 better ? How?

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Ati 5850, What Kind Of Displayport Adapter Is Needed ?

Ati 5850, what kind of displayport adapter is needed ? But i'm looking to get the ati 5850 with 3 samsung 2343bwx and wondered what dp adapter i could get away with. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Ati 5870 6 Port

Is this for real?


I guess if you have 2000 bucks, you can find out.

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Ati 5870 Driver Issues

This problem has been recreated on 10. 1, 10. 2 (& using a hotfix), 10. 3 release candidate drivers
As well as 2 separate sapphire hd 5870 graphic cards. Needless to say i'm struggling with my patience and need some help. Some of you may remember my graphical issue with my mouse cursor doing some crazy things. Its very consistent, happening more often than not anymore. Other items of interest. This happens when in eyefinity across 3 monitors (2xdell 2408 &1 dell 2405)

Also it happens when not in eyefinity but each monitor being separate

It also happened when i was only using 2 monitors (samsung t260hd & dell 2405)

The cursor issues will only happen on one monitor and not the other 2. It is random which monitor it will happen on, mostly its the left, but sometimes the center. Never more than one monitor at a time. I've noticed at times the cursor becomes distorted only after moving the cursor to the very bottom of the screen and bringing it back into view if you will, again random. Keep in mind since prtscrn does not take a pic of the mouse i have to use my dslr





This one is fun :|


Difference between the monitor on the left with the problem, but the middle monitor not so much. Bad




This has just been a really rough experience and i appreciate any insight you guys may have. I am going to copy paste this into an ati support ticket once i figure out the right place to send this. Let me know if you guys want any further info like a dxdiag or something.

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Ati Radeon Hd 5870 Manufacturers

I have been searching for a decently priced 5870 card and found that xfx did the cheapest (on However after reviewing my future purchase i found that many people have had a problem with xfx cards and that their rmd leaves much to be desired. I also found that visiontek were the most preferred manufacturer and so set out to find how much they priced them at in the uk. And so this is were i got stuck. I cannot find a visiontek radeon hd 5870 card anywhere on online uk computer hardware stores like scan and lambdatek and started to wonder if you could get them in the uk at all. So i opted to get a sapphire one instead, however i then found two sapphire 5870 cards existed (not including the eyefinity 6 ones) and that one of them hasn't been released yet. I am wondering if i should wait for the soon-to-be released sapphire card, get the current sapphire one or is there in fact a store that sells a visiontek card. (Also if there are other recommended manufacturers other than these two i should consider that are priced around 300 to 350, or cheaper if possible, although that goes into xfx territory). Thanks in advance for any help and the sapphire cards are: Pl?Prodid=b277054&viewspec=y&showold=#producttop Pl?Prodid=b273998&viewspec=y&showold=#producttop

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Choppy Game Performance - Ati 5870

I recently finished my computer build and after installing win 7 ultimate and configuring my system i've gotten down to installing some games. On aion it tends to run decently well, and red faction looks good, but for some reason crysis on high and even medium is a literal slideshow!

I've updated the drivers and catalyst controller to make sure it isn't that, and am hoping im missing an easy fix!

My hardware is:

I7 860
Asus ati 5870
Asus p7p55d evo
G. Skill ripjaws series 4gb (2 x 2gb) 240-pin ddr3 sdram ddr3 1600
Corsair tx850
Wd 640 black

As a side note, during my initial setup my bios read my memory wrong so i had to manually set the voltages and timings, although i hope that isn't the issue.

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What Cable To Connect Aw2210 Monitor With Ati Hd 5870 ?

I have an aw2210 monitor and i have a dual ati hd5870. What cable to use to connect them? I can't find the right cable on the internet. You can send me some links to websites or explain what i need to look for.

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Ati Radeon Hd 5870 Crossfirex With 1600x900 Monitor Display

Do you recommend ati radeon hd 5870 crossfirex to a 1600x900 monitor display? Well, only one thing matters when you're wondering whether or not this graphics card will work with that monitor is the amount of ram (known as vram) in the graphics card. But trust me, two 5870's will have more than enough vram on your graphics card. Just make sure you're are getting a very high end amd processors at least. But i would recommend a mid-range to high-end i7 processor so there is no bottle-necking the graphics (that's where a certain part isn't able to use its full potential because of another part. An example of a bottleneck is the two 5870's paired up with a sempron processor, idk any idiot who would do that, but that an example of extreme bottle-necking). I'm not sure what graphics card you have but theoretically, with to radeon hd 5870's, you could run up to 6 monitors with the 5xxx series eyefinity feature. It would be pretty awesome to run 6 monitors at a time!

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5850 Vs 5870

Just wondering what would be the way to go. 2 x 5850's in crossfire or one 5870? I do a fair bit of gaming and multimedia production. Any pros and cons of each setup? Im looking at a new machine and the mobo im looking at supports crossfire.

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Flashed 5850 To A 5870 Bios

This is really odd. Is it possible that i flashed my 5850 to a 5870 bios? I'm thinking maybe i accidentally flashed to some custom bios, or possibly a 5870 bios? For some reason ever since the flash my default clocks are 850/1200. The same clocks you would find on a asus 5870. I've been running the card this way all this time though posting benches etc. On these forums, so i doubt it's a 5870 bios. I'm thinking maybe i picked the wrong link accidentally in a thread which was for the asus 5870 - but perhaps more likely it's just a custom bios. ? Is this even possible to flash a 5850 to a 5870 bios?

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Ati Graphics Card Conflict With Ati Tuner Card

I purchased an ati tv wonder elite (it's a pci tv tuner card) when i install the card in my computer, and press the power on button, the computer makes a "triple beep" noise and my monitor (which is hooked up to the x850 card) will not display, as if there is no signal going to it. If i remove the tv tuner card and reboot, all is fine. I was in the abit forums on abit's site, and someone suggested that maybe the computer was confused, and that it looked at the pci card as the display card and that was causing the error. They suggested i go into the bios (scary for someone of my technical ability; re: not too good) and check to see if the computer was set to look at the agp slot or pci slot as the display default. I poked around and found that the computer was set to look at the agp slot first, so that wasn't the problem. Question is 2-fold:
1) what are those 3-beeps trying to say to me?
2) it can't be a driver issue, becuase the 3-beep error happens, literally, right after
I hit the power button. Fan starts warring, then "beep, beep beep"

What does this mean?

Computer specs:

Os: windows media 2005
Manufacturer: monarch computers
Motherboard: av8-3rdeye via k8t800 939

Processor: amd 64 fx-55
Memory: 2gb corsair 3200
Graphics: ati x850 xt plantium e

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Vista 64 Driver For Ati Tv Wonder

I have an ati tv wonder remote control edition that is a tuner/video capture device. Now that i have built a new rig and placed the card in i cannot find a driver that will work with this. Can anyone help me with this or let me know if i have to just get another card. I would hate to do so.

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Ati Catalyst 10.3 Drivers

Anyone where i can get the beta 10. 3 drivers. So cant wait for the eyefinty stuff there putting in there. Was wondering if there was a beta drivers out yet.

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Ati Screensavers For Dx11

Does ati have any demos/screen-savers for the 5800 and 5970s utilizing dx11?

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Ati Driver 10.1 Problem

I installed the latest 10. 1 ati driver software version on my system and within 2 to 3 hours, i had a bsod. This followed with intermittent video and audio corruption, needed a reset button action, and sudden restarts and more bsods. These were an hour to hours between incidents. Along with this other programs were apparently getting damaged, my xfi audio and kaspersky internet 2010, av, firewall. My system prior to the 10. 1 drivers was in fine shape and rarely had a bsod or anything else. I used the driver for two, three days, because of the long periods between incidents, but the last bsod noted an ati file and it was clear to me today, that none of this was happening before the new driver and ccc software install. I have gone back to the ati 9. 12 driver and software, which worked fine. Anyone else having such issues with 10. 1?

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Ati And Nvidia In Same Computer

I currently have a wc'd 8800gt in my system, and i'm getting a 4890 tomorrow. Problem is, i don't want to watercool this card, and i don't want to take my wc setup apart until i replace the cpu next month. Can you have both the ati and nvidia running in the same system, or do i have to take the nvidia out and just leave it in the case till i take the loop apart?

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Message To Ati And Nvidia

As we embark on nvidia's next generation of cards. I remain an optimist, but i am pretty sure that fermi isn't going to be revolutionary or exciting. What we will see is just a fps improvement, we are not going to see avatar-like graphics any time soon. Whatever fps improvement, whether it be 10fps, 5fps etc. More than the competing ati card, i am certain none of their offering will offer better power savings, better reliability, and a better warranty than an xfx 5870. Also i find it hard to believe that nvidia's solution will some how be better than the revolutionary eyeinfinity that must be praised by consumers, regardless of the bezel management issue. Eyeinfinity raised the bar and ati will be known for bringing multi-monitor gaming to the masses, so i give ati kudos for that. But that said, i am pretty certain that i won't be upgrading in 3 years or until something is released that will absolutely blow my mind, because the performance increase generation after generation has been quite sub-par and disappointing the last decade. These incremental performance increases which seem to be a 5-10 fps gain is just pathetic by both of these companies. Basically what these companies are telling us is that they can't do better. Lack of competition? Probably a factor. It's surprising that a 3rd graphics card company hasn't propped up yet. I have a message for both of these companies. Stop these slow incremental performance increases in graphics cards and gouging the consumer with these horiffic prices. And stop categorizing video cards by price by low, mid, and high end, and then marketing them as 'revolutionary' graphics, especially when the low-end provides a horriffic experience. We are tired of what seems like simple refreshes, and we desire ground breaking products in which performance will blow our mind. Not some 5-10fps average performance increase. That may of been fine and dandy before, but not in this age. We know there is technology out there that is far better than what me might consider 'high end. ' look at the movie 'avatar' for example. We want access to those kind of graphics and technology, and we want them soon, other wise we know that you guys are just severely holding the consumer back for your own gain. People are catching on and will no longer buy your products especially with these small incremental performance increases that show no innovation and are simply a way for you to sell a repackaged product with slightly better performance, regardless if the 'architecture' is different, or not. We are tired of this and we won't stand for it much longer. You both will fail if you continue on this path of smoke screen competition. Do not let us down. The world is on to both of you just to let you know, and we will bring both your companies down if you keep these deceitful practices up.

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Physx On Ati Hardware

I haven't tried it yet, but for those that like testing various things, here's the link to the drivers/sdk to run physx on ati. Yes it's in early development, but seems to be targeting a lot of the ati cards, not just the newest ones. Scroll to the bottom to see available downloads as it currently doesn't work with the normal publicly released drivers.

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Ati Drivers No Adaptive Aa

I can't force adaptive aa into some games, most notably oblivion, with either the 9. 9 or 9. 10 drivers. Anything above those (9. 11 and 9. 12) don't allow me to force af in some games. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Ati 1gb 4870
6 gb ram
2. 6ghz pentium dual core
Vista business 64-bit

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Ati - How Do I Know If I Have The Latest Drivers ?

When i go to the ati website, they say they're latest driver is version 5. 6 or something, yet when i check my device profile, my driver version reads 6. 14. 10. 6542. How do i know if i have the latest drivers?

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Overclock Ati X1950 Gt

I'm currently waiting for my 4870 to arrive. I thought i would oc this old card, i heard they were extremely good for overclocking is this true?, Has anyone here ocd one of these and if so what kind of speeds did you push it to?

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Crossfire Two Ati Hd3870s

Looking for the best option to crossfire two ati hd3870s. According to benchmarks they outperform 8800gt in sli, so i went ati! Booyah. Anyways, my question is kind of awkward. Can i crossfire on a asus m2n-e nforce 500 mobo or should/or be forced to buy a crossfire compatible mobo? New to ati and crossfire so need some advice.

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Upgrade From Ati 9600xt

I currently run off of a amd 64 3200+, 1 gig ram, and an ati 9600xt. Thinking of replacing my video card cus it's really starting to get outdated along with the fact that the 9600 gave me a lot of headaches regarding video lockups and general computer crashing. I'm thinking of getting an x800, x800pro, or x800xl. Not really sure which yet. I've heard you can flash the pro bios and oc it to compete nicely with an x800xt. Willing to spend around $200-300 us. Any ideas, advice? P. S. Was wondering, all those ebays and sales of oem cards, do they have coolers on them? Because they all show cards with coolers however from previous experience oem cpu's do not come with coolers and require you to get your own.

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Ati X800 Problem

I am not sure if this problem pertains to my video card(s) or my monitor alone so hopefully someone can help me out. When playing games, or viewing videos for long periods of time my monitor stops displaying and my computer seems to go into hibernation mode. I'm very confident this isn't due to my monitor but i just wanna cover all grounds. I have an ati x800 in my system with the regular motherboard graphics. I tried once switching to the motherboard graphics while the computer was on and the image came back, but after not too long even that image gave out and my system seemed to die. The monitor light remains on and the system remains on but almost in a hibernation mode. Can anyone help me?

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Ati Drivers 7.10 Error

I recently bought a 2900 pro and when i install the 7. 10 drivers it wont install the display drivers. It says "inf not found".

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What Does Cto Mean On Ati Radeon ?

What does cto mean in computer specs? Im looking at imac i7 with specs 2. 93 quad core, 8gb, 2tb, ati radeon hd 5750 1gb / cto. Please is anybody able to help me with the cto? What is that?

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Are There Any Glitches With Directx 9.0c Or Ati Drivers ?

Anyone know if there are any glitches with the new directx 9. 0c or the new ati drivers? I ask because bf2 demo will not load to the game if i have any kind of dynamic lighting on? But i can turn it off and turn the graphics up slow to decent levels.

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Ati Catalyst Control Center

Just got a question on ccc and overdrive. There is suppose to be overdrive in ccc when you set the menu to advanced view, correct me if i am wrong. But i don't have it. I don't really need it cause i have atitool, but its bugging me. Anyone know how get overdrive to show? Do you have to unlock it or something?

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