Computer Turns Off After 1-2 Seconds

After putting everything together the comp was ok and it loaded into bios. After 10 mins my computer just shut off and when i tried to turn it on, it turned on for 1-2 seconds then it shut off again. It keeps doing it repeatedly i hear no beeps or anything. Ive assembled everything over again and no solution. The cpu has new paste between itself and heatsink. The only thing i find suspicious is that my motherboard as something that shuts it off if it suspects the system is overheating. I dont know what to do. Please help, any information would be useful!

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Computer Freeze, Screen Turns Black For Few Seconds Before Returning To Normal

The past few days my computer would freeze and then the screen would turn black for a few seconds before returning to normal. This happened whil surfing the web. I noticed that the desktop had a couple red and white and green pixel boxes that would appear after this happened. I reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled windows xp. Got the computer running and the video seemed fine. I then installed my nvidia driver for my video card, and once i did that i started to see even more pixels and fonts became slightly distorted. My computer would then freeze worse that before, and it would not return to normal use. I had to uninstall the video card drivers for the time being. Do i need a new video card or could it possibly be a motherboard issue?

Edit: i downloaded xp service pack 2. And now my computer freezes like it did originally. I never installed the nvidia drivers from the cd. I'm not sure if it was included with service pack 2. But i have noticed some distortion of text. The problem is not as bad as when i had installed the drivers liek i mentioned above.

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Computer Reboots Itself Every 10 Seconds

Whenever i start my computer , after 5-10 seconds it just dies and shuts down. Then 5-10 secs later it reboots by itself, works for 5-10 secs before dying again. Then it reboots itself 10 secs later. I checked inside the antec p182 once and saw that just before it dies, the computer tries to get the cpu-fan going. But it moves an inch and then stops - 1 or 2 seconds later the computer shuts down.could it be my corsair 520w that is malfunctioning? It just feels really bad to finally have a new system and then this happens. I'd really appreciate any help i can get in order to fix this as soon as possible.

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Computer Shuts Itself Off After 10 Seconds

When i turn on the power button the fans, leds, and hard drive turn on, but nothing appears on the screen. Then, 10 seconds later the computer shuts itself off. All this while no beeps come from the speaker. I've tried to reset the cmos with no resolution. My next step was removing all the peripherals, including the video card, but the symptoms remain exactly the same, in that it shuts off after 10 seconds. I removed the cpu and it doesn't smell burnt at all. I should add that there is a 5 month old antec power supply (i believe around 500 watts). So i'm going to assume its not the power supply. My question is weather the problem lies in the cpu or motherboard, or what other suggestions or help you guys may have.

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Switching On Computer, But After Three Seconds It Shuts Down

I press the start button on my computer (from cold) and the computer begins to start up - the hard-drive light comes on and the fans start - but then after just something like three seconds it shuts down again. If i press the start button immediately after the computer remains dead - i seem to need to disconnect the mains supply at the house power-point (i.e. Pull the plug out the wall), wait about 15 seconds or so and then try again. Sometimes the computer will start normally first time, sometimes i have to repeat the above procedure half-a-dozen times. Once running there is no problem - no power shutdowns whatsoever. I'm using debian linux incidentally but am not sure whether the problem is anything as "far in" as the motherboard let alone the software - though something is detecting the power applied to the computer and capable of timing its presence to some extent at least.

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Computer Boots For 5 Seconds, Then Shuts Down

The pc was auto shutting down for a week or so, it would bring up the standby, turn off, restart screen option then shut down. About a week later it completely shut down. You can't boot it anymore. It will act like it's booting up but then shut down after 5 seconds. No activity on the screen either. No option to goto bios. It just shuts down before it gets to the first screen. The next night i go there to change the power supply. I change it with another 250w that i have from home and still, no go. So i start thinking it could be a ram problem. Went get some chips from the car and changed them, still no go. I didn't think it would be hdd, fdd, cd/dvd problem but i unplugged them anyways and still. Boot for 5 seconds then shut down. Nothing connected but a stick of ram and the power supply.

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Computer Boots Up For Three Seconds Before Shutting Off

So i put my pc together (minus the ram and v-card, in shipping) and i tried turning it on to test the fans. The computer boots up and runs for all of three seconds before shutting off. It then proceeds to continually power itself on and off. Is this a shortcircut, a cpu issue, or just the result of there being no ram and vcard? It's amazing how much 7 years of inactivity can do to your pc building ability. Edit: the problem appeared to be poorly applied thermal paste. After re-installing the hsf, it stays powered on with no beeps.

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Computer Freezes A Few Seconds After Start Up

Sometimes a few seconds after start up. Sometimes during games. Happens much more frequently now than it did in sig. All latest drivers. Defragged recently. *** Is going on? Also all of my games stopped working.

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Computer Is Shutting Down A Few Seconds After Starting

It was working just fine until i took my heat sink/fan off to clean. I put it back on and a tad bit of heat sink paste and now it starts up and runs about 5-8 seconds and shuts down.

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Computer Shuts Off After Couple Seconds

My parents have a compaq computer they got in 2003. They only use it for some internet stuff and email. It just shut down one day and it normally won't start up at all. I looked at it for a while today and i got it going and was on the internet for about 5 minutes and it just shut down. The power light is on but nothing works. I need to hold the power button for about 5 seconds and then the power light shuts off. Then i can try to restart it but normally it runs for a couple seconds then shuts off again. I never got a warning about temp being too high or anything. It just shut down. Any ideas what the problem could be?

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Computer Wont Start - Powers Up For 2-3 Seconds And Then Shuts Off

The other day i woke up and noticed my pc was off. I thought nothing of it and thought maybe the power quickly went out over night or something. A couple days later i went to turn it back on, everything started as normal but then a couple second later it turned off.confused, i hit the power button again, and again, everything powers up normal for 2-3 seconds and then shuts off. I don't know if the super socal heat has fried my mother board or not and need some advice on how to problem solve this. The motherboard light is on, the ps turns on, all case fans turn on, everything turns on, but automatically shuts off. Do you need to know exact hardware or is this enough info to start?

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Computer Boot Up Problem, After Power On It Stays 5 Seconds Then Freezes

Dell dimension 1100. O. S. Windows xp home edition. Problem:

When i power on the computer it stays for about 5 seconds, then there is a click and it freezes. Nothing shows on the screen – no logo etc.completely dead the green light on front of computer tower remains fixed on. I have tried following:

Disconnected memory card and reseated it, disconnected sound card and reseated (no more cards). Disconnected all cables to motherboard and devices and reseated them. Disconnect mouse, keyboard, monitor. But it never gets beyond the first five seconds of booting up. A few days before the problem came i saw the following warning message:

"Power surge on hub port. A usb device has exceeded power limits of its hub port". I have pursued this and downloaded a patch from dell to remedy this problem: but i cannot install the patch as i cannot get my computer going. Any ideas on how to solve this? Second could the problem be related to this ‘power surge on hub port’.

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Computer Turns On Only For A Second

My computer turns on for like 2 seconds, all the fans are spinning, however nothing is on the screen and then it turns off, also the computer restarts itself to follow this pattern again and again. The only way to make it stop is to turn off the psu switch or unplug the computer from the power source. What is the problem? Is it my ram? Is it my power supply?

Help would be very much appreciated.

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Computer Randomly Turns On

My comp is possesed. (You would know if you have seen some of the other problems i have with this comp too)

So my computer more or less randomly turns on during the day or night. Sometimes when i get home from school it is on (nobody uses it, and the screen is like it should be when it first turns on)

Sometimes when i wake up in the morning it is on. The only partial logical explination i came up with is that sometimes when i turn stuff on such as my bedside lamp it will turn on. Im thinking this has somthing to do with. I dunno. A small surg of power going into the comp when turning the lamp off making the comp turn on. Only problem with that is that my comp is plugged into a battery. Also somtimes it will randomly turn on when i walk by it. Is my computer possesed?

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Computer Turns On, But Does Not Boot

I tried crossfire'ing two hd4890s earlier, but was unable to have it start (would not even power up. Would light up for a split second). I figured that my powersupply wasn't good enough, so i called it quits and removed the second video card out. When i tried to boot it afterwards, the computer would turn on (but nothing showed up on the monitor). (The video card had 3 lit led lights, and the fan was going at 100%) apparently this is the video card's own post procedure and the leds should've gone out if everything was okay and the fan would've lowered. I figured that there was something wrong with my video card, so i replaced the 4890 with a geforce 7900 i had lying around. I experienced the same problem (the computer would power on, but i was unable to get any video). To be sure, i brought my 4890 to see whether it was my video card and it worked fine on his computer. I then though that something went wrong with the power supply after we tried to crossfire it (seeing that it couldn't boot up with two of the cards in). My friend brought hist 620w power supply over today, and after installing it, i encountered the same problem. Although it doesn't rule out that my powersupply is the problem (i didn't test my psu in his computer) i guess it isn't likely that power supply is the problem. We tested the ram on his computer, and it worked fine as well. I dismantled my computer, and put it back together but still a no go. I bought a case speaker today (to hear any post beeps) but i was unable to hear any (which indicates that either it doesn't post, or that the speaker is broken or incorrectly placed). I tried booting without ram or a video card to force the post beeps. I've cleared bios (through the jumpers) and through taking out the cmos battery but still nothing. Edit: i removed all non-essential devices that i didn't need (cd drives, fans, hard drive) throughout the testing. Reseated ram, video card multiple times. Tried using one stick of ram. My thoughts is that the problem is the motherboard (with the cpu unlikely being the culprit, but this is just a weak assumption). Any thoughts? Is it time to rma the motherboard?

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Computer Powers Up Then Turns Off

Made what turns out to be the mistake (though rather obvious in hindsight) of turning of my computer in mid restart, only to find that ever after it is getting so far as to power everything up and then turn itself off before booting up. The monitor recieves nothing, though is working. One beep is heard after the power is on, then machine dies. Have tried taking out all components and replacing them, have tried boot with barebones, same result. Had a similar problem when building it, was resolved by plugging one of the power cables into the motherboard. Cannot see anything like that this time.

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Computer Turns On Mysteriously

Today for some unknown reason, my kids computer keeps turn on all by itself. It will turn off and a few minutes later it will be on again. It's done it about 4times already since this afternoon!

It's running winxp home sp2 soyo dragonplus motherboard w/amd 2. 5ghz

Set to turn on w/moving of the mouse or power button

Nothing has been added in terms of software or hardware

What's going on here all of a sudden

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Computer Turns Off Before Post

My friend told me his usb slots weren't working, and wanted me to take a look, so i did, his dad said he wanted to see what processor it was to see if it wanted upgrading, while i had the lid off, so i took it out, then i put it back, and then this problem occurred where the pc powers off after about 2 seconds. Help?

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Computer Turns On When Move Mouse

My mouse turns on when i move it. Just have to slide it across the table any my computer boots. I know it's suppose to do that when the computer is sleeping or hibernating. But my computer is completely turned off. I have changed my power button to shut down in vista. So the computer is completely off and still it boots when i just move the mouse or even the table a little bit, going to the bathroom at night and bumps the table, when i come back the computer is on and i have to wait to startup so i can turn it off. Any idea on what settings to change to fix it. I have tried to unchecked the wake up computer box.

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Computer Randomly Turns Off, Wont Turn Back On

My computer randomly turns off. It can run prime95 for 15 min without incident, and it can bit-torrent all night long, but it randomly turns off. Generally this happens while doing a non-cpu intensive activity like watching tv shows. After it turns off (as if it was unplugged, no windows shutdown procedure), pressing the power button does not do anything. Upon further inspection, the psu will not jump-start for a few minutes. After that, the psu will jump-start and the machine will boot up. To me, this sounds like a psu problem. I have a corsair tx750. Is this the likely culprit?

(Edit: i probably should give some more information)

Q9550 (stock speeds)
Gigabyte ga-x48-ds4
2 x g. Skill 2gb ddr2 1000
Corsair cmpsu-tx750
Radeon hd4850
Wd 640gb aaks + 1tb wd green power

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Computer Turns On, But Monitor Shows Nothing And Mobo Doesn't Beep

Last night i got on my comp and it loaded just fine. After about 20 minutes of use it turned off. I've had random restarts before, but it just shut off, so i turned it back on and here i am now. The cd rom lights came on, all the fans in the computer spin (as well as the graphics card fan), and the mobo power light turns on. The monitor shows nothing at all (no load screen, no bios, nothing), the mobo does not beep, the restart button does not work, and when i power down the system and press any key on the keyboard the system will power back up (but once again, not load at all). I've tried switching the ram in every possible slot combination, but i'm just stuck now.

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Pc Goes Off In About 2 Seconds

Right so i put together my second machine (for a friend this time), plugged everything in to the best of my ability, and pressed the power button. The lights come on, the fans start spinning, then it all goes off in a matter of about 2 seconds. Can anyone evaluate what this problem could be caused by?

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Power Shuts Off After Just 3 Seconds

I have just put together a new computer, the second one i have ever built, and when i go to start it up for the first time the power stays on for about 3-4 seconds and then suddenly cuts out, like it got unplugged. I flipped the power switch a few times and got no response. If i count ten seconds, flip the switch again, it will turn on but again only for 3-4 seconds. There are no beeps either. Everything in it is new, a new amd mobo from ecs "kt600-a", a new 1. 6ghz amd duron processor, new radeon 9200 256mb video card, new powermax 400watt power supply. I tried clearing the cmos, but still no change. I have all the jumpers set right as far as the cpu frequency goes, but i have no idea what it could be. I hope its not a bad mobo, because i got it from and i can only return it for the same make and model. Any ideas?

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Video Lags Every 20-30 Seconds

I am having a small problem with video playback. I noticed it for the first time last week. I don't remember exactly, but i think it was after installing a windows update for directx 9b. But i was also having some adware problems for the first time in months (which i recently took care of). The basic problem is that when i'm playing a movie, the video lags every 20 to 30 seconds. It'll suddenly slow down and then skip to quickly catch up with the audio. It's only a second long glitch but its quite annoying, quite often, and it just bothers me that its happening when it shouldn't be. It happens with no matter what sort of file (avi, mpeg, wmv, mov, etc), and no matter what video player (wmp, winamp, quicktime, realplayer). To try fixing this problem i've updated my latest video card driver and critical windows updates, got rid of every trace of spyware, virus scanned, downgraded back to directx 8. 1 with a directx downgrade program, upgraded back to directx 9a, rolled back to my previous video card driver, installed a program called "reclock" that someone told me might help, and went through a number of codecs, which eventually just screwed up the video even more, causing me to use system restore. Unfortunately, however, i cannot use system restore to go back before the lagging problem.

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Mouse Randomly Freezes After Every 30 Seconds

I have a strange problem, *** me off especially when i try to play bf2142. My mouse randomly freezes, sometimes every 5 minutes, sometimes 5 times a minute, sometimes on every 30 seconds. Also it freezes for 2 minutes sometimes, and for 2 seconds other times. I plugged in a standard ps2 mouse and that one works great all the time, but the usb mouse keeps doin this crap for a week now. I've done a few virus scans but nothing. Any ideas?

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Windows Is Going To Automatically Shut Down In 60 Seconds

Mom use earthlink to transmit claims , etc etc, and medisoft(claims program) when they try to get on the internet after about 90 seconds they get a message that windows is going to automatically shut down in 60 seconds, and the error says something to do with lsa shell, my mom says the error report had somthing to do with szappname. Isass.exe .

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Wireless Connects And Disconnects Every Few Seconds

My wireless dongle has worked perfect. I have put windows xp on my pc as it is not working well with the windows 7. Reinstalled the drivers for wireless dongle and internet was sorted. But here is the prob it connects and disconnects every few seconds. I used the same dongle on xp before i actually upgraded to 7. I just don't get it. No problems with any other pc on network all working perfect. Router has even logged my pc so some where on my pc some thing is not working.

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Computers Keyboard Stops Working After About 10 Seconds

Does anyone know why my computers keyboard stops working after about 10 seconds when i turn it on. I've just thrown the thing togeather and i have to edit all the bios settings etc, but i can't access the bios if the keyboard dies.

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Hard Drive Light Blinks Every 2-3 Seconds

I was sitting across the room and noticed my hard drive light was blinking every 3 seconds. It's a stedy, every 3 seconds. It doesn't seem to be doing anything major, just lights up. Does it allways mean the drive is being accessed if the light blinks? Why would the drive be doing this?

I usally shut it off if i'm not going to use it, but started to leave it on. I am not usally sitting across the room not useing it, so i don't know if this just started or has been doing it for a long time.

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Monitor Screen Will Go Completely Blank For About 2 Seconds

So i got a new lcd monitor. This one , actually. It seemed like a good deal. Anyways, i think there is a problem with it. Every once in a while (about every 20 minutes), the screen will go completely blank for about 2 seconds, and then turn back on and be completely normal, and then repeat about 20 minutes later. I know its minor, but my god it gets annoying. I am using the digital output on an ati radeon 9550 256mb video card. Have any of you heard of this problem before?

Do you think that there is most likely a problem with the monitor, or possibly with the video card? This is the first time i’ve used the digital video capability before, but why would it happen roughly every 20 minutes?

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