Sata Drive Not Seen In Bios, But Seen In Windows 7

I am having a really peculiar problem i was wondering if anyone can shed some light on. I am trying to add a second sata drive to my system. It's a western digital wd5000aaks. The bios does not recognize it, and at first win7 doesn't either, but after 10-15 minutes, windows 7 sees it just fine. On reboot it disappears, only to be seen again after a period of time (with any data on it still intact). I've tried using a different data cable and power cable. If i take the primary drive out of the system and put this drive in its place, the computer will hang, never giving the option to get into the bios. I've tried having a long startup sequence, but that hasn't helped. I've tried setting the speed down to 1. 5 gbit/s with no success. I actually thought it was a problem with the drive, so i returned it, but the second one does the exact same thing. Any ideas about the drive that makes it visible after x period of time goes by?

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2nd Sata Drive Detected In Bios But Not In Windows Disk Management

I have an intel d915gev motherboard with the latest bios. My primary hard drive is a seagate 200gb sata (st3200822as) and i have windows xp mce 2005 sp2 running off of it. I just added a second sata hard drive, a 500gb seagate (st3500631ns). This second hard drive gets detected in the bios and even gets detected by spinrite 6. 0 when i boot up. However, it's not showing up anywhere in windows. It's unformatted, unactivated, so i don't expect it to show up in windows explorer, but it's not even in device manager or disk management. I tried changing to a different sata port, even used three different sata cables, but to no avail. I've also done all windows updates and tried to update my ide/sata drivers from device manager. Any ideas please?

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Sata Hdd Do Not Show Up In Windows Vista But Shows In Bios

I just bought a new computer with one sata hard drive in it. Everything is fine with the computer. I had an old computer that had two hard drives in it. Ither was one sata hard drive from my old computer which was a secondary hard drive used for storing media. It worked properly in that computer. I then proceeded to plug it into my new computer. Now, only the original hard drive in my new computer shows up under my computer. My secondary sata drive only shows up in the bios. How can i get this to work so that i can enjoy my music and videos on my new computer?

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Bios Recognizes Sata Drive, Xp Does Not

When i boot up my computer, i see my hard drive's serial id# flash on the screen. However, when i try to install windows xp, xp tells me that there are no hard drives available. I've tried to install both xp32bit and xp64- xp64 isn't supposed to require extra drivers (they're supposed to be on the install disc, says western digital), xp32 is. I tried xp32 just to see if the 32bit drivers would work, but it still can't find the drive. I've run wd's hard drive diagnostic utilities - they see the drive just fine - and the tests all pass. There is data on the drive, a few ntfs partitions that i don't mind getting rid of. But when i try a different eide drive with existing partitions, xp offers to delete those partitions for me, so i'm sure it's not just because the disk hasn't been formatted recently. I don't have any other sata compatible computers to try the drive out on. Does anyone have any suggestions for things to try?

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Bios Recognizes Hard Drive But Windows Does Not

Running windows 7. Bios recognizes a second hard drive i have but when i get into windows, it shows the drive as failed. It gives me the option on right-click of reactivating the disk but it does nothing. Is all of this data lost? Is the drive legitimately failed? Is there anything i can try, including software suggestions, before i have to send this drive off for data recovery?

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Installing Windows Xp On A New Sata Hard Drive

I'm trying to do a fresh windows xp installing on my pc with a new hard drive: western digital wd2500ks sata-ii. (This is the only hard drive in my system) in the setup process when it comes to the partitioning part, i have created two partitions, then the setup asks me to format the drive using the ntfs file system, i choose that option but the format progress bar just hangs on 0%. A few notes:

1. The hard drive is shown in the bios and also in the xp setup so i don't believe its sata drivers. 2. I tried more than 1 xp installation cd (with sp2) and more than 1 optical drive. 3. I did a memory test with goldmemory which went out just fine. 4. I tried to connect the drive to the other sata connectors in my board and also tried with another sata cable (new one)
5. My bios have the latest update available. Update: i've created a very small ntfs partition (6gb) using a linux tool called "cfdisk" (used it from a slackware10. 2 cd i got), than when i try to format this partition from the xp installation with ntfs or fat32 file system it still hangs but this time on 1%. I also searched google for this problem and for sata drivers for my board and there is nothing except sata raid driver which i don't even have raid support in my board. I've tried to format c: drive from the win98 boot disk, than it starts formatting and after a few seconds it gives me the message: "trying to recover allocation unit" and there are running numbers in the side, sectors or something, i'm not really sure.

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How To Tell In Windows, What Drive Is Connected To Each Sata Port On Mb ?

I have several of the same hard drive in my machine. Is there a way within windows to know which drive is connected to each sata port without unplugging them individually?

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Sata Hard Drive Not Detected When Installing Windows Xp

I decided i'll reformat it. When me and my friend tried to reformat my computer (through installing with the cd, since i can't find a way to reformat otherwise), the screen that asks where you'd like to install windows showed nothing. As in, it said i had no hard drives, and after a while, it freaks out and just restarts. I think i heard of some way to make that work, because it has happened to many people before. If anyone can help me make my computer detect the hard drive, i would be grateful. I heard there's a way to do it without a floppy drive as well (for some reason, apparently you need one, despite the fact that most computers don't use them anymore).

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Bios Not Picking Up Sata Drives

I have three sata hard drives which aren't being recognized by bios:

Samsung spinpoint t hd400lj 400gb sata-ii 8mb (7, 200rpm)
Western digital caviar se 200gb, wd2000jd (7, 200rpm)
Western digital raptor 74gb, wd740gd (10, 000rpm)

On: evga nforce 680i

The samsung is brand new and the two wd drives were working in my old system. Now they all seem dead. Is it possible they've all died from static charge during installation?

I've built a new system, everything seems fine apart from the hdd's not being picked up. I'm not running raid. I've tried booting to winxpsp2 install disk, windows didn't pick them up. Even though i'm not running raid, should i press f6 during install and install raid drivers?

I've also tried:
Clear cmos. Different sata cables. Different sata power cables. Different jumper settings. One drive at a time.

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Sata Drives Recognized By Bios But Not Detected By Vista

What it says on the tin, really. I installed two new maxtor 250gb sata drives this afternoon, as companions to my 500gb main c:/ drive. They are picked up in the bios just fine, but vista can't see them. They don't show up in disk management or the device manager, so i can't format them or do anything with them. I've looked through the manual and the bios very thoroughly, but i can't find anything wrong. Everything that should be enabled is enabled. It's an msi k9n mainboard. I should stress that this is not a raid setup - i just want two extra hds.

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Why Is A 2nd Sata Drive Making Both Sata's Unrecognized ?

I just removed my old ide hdd with xp and replaced it with a sata drive and installed vista on it. Everything was fine, until:

I installed a second brand new unformatted sata hdd. With the second drive installed neither of the new drives are recognized and windows won't boot. Is it something obvious i'm missing?

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Internal Sata Blu Ray Drive Plugged Into Sata

Alright, i'll make this short and sweet. I want to free one of my sata ports up so i can install another hard drive. My motherboard has a built in esata port on the back. Is it as simple as moving my blu ray sata cable to the esata jack on the back? Aesthetics mean nothing, this computer is hidden.

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Adding A Third Sata Drive To An Existing Sata Raid Array

I have two 300gig sata drives set up in a raid 1 array. I want to add a third sata drive separate from the raid array so i can extract data from it. Any info would be appreciated.

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Flashing Bios With No Windows And No Floppy

I'm running an old box with an asus a7n8x-x motherboard, linux (ubuntu 7. 10 server) and no floppy drive and the time has come where i really need to flash the bios. At my disposal i have also a laptop running linux (ubuntu 6. 10) and ms vista. Both computers have cd burners. I have the latest rom downloaded. What do you recommend? My mobo isn't on the list of supported hardware to flash from linux. Should i make a freedos bootable cd and. ? Boot to it, eject the cd and put in another cd with my rom and hope it will recognize it?

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Usb Keyboard Works In Bios But Not In Windows Xp

I have this friend whose ps/2 keyboard port is broken. He bought a usb keyboard to use with his pc, but when he gets to the winxp welcome screen, the keyboard wouldn't work, so, naturally he can't logon for the keyboard to be recognized. Are there any possibilities to get the keyboard to work before logging into windows? Also - the usb keyboard works when he tries to go into the bios.

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Flashing Bios To Install Windows 7 Caused Blue Screen Error

I was having problems installing windows 7(currently running xp). My friend suggested flashing my bios. I did has he said. Now i'm getting blue screens. He said it could be the ram voltage so i played around with it. No luck. To make sure it was the ram causing the issue, i did an orthos stress test. 4 seconds after starting it. Error. I left my comp off overnight and it worked for about half an hour this morning without a blue screen. Anyone know what i should do to fix this? My system specs should be up to date on my profile if you need any of those.

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Sata Drivers When Installing Windows Xp

Got a question : i wanna install windows xp with a sata hd but i don't have a floppy disk drive. Do i really need one or i can burn the drivers on a cd or else on the xp cd?

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Is It Necessary To Install Sata Drivers In Windows 7 ?

So i finished installing windows 7 on my system (asus p6t deluxe). Is it necessary to install any sata drivers from marvell on windows 7 or they are recognized immediately?

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Install Windows Xp - Wd Sata Hdd Cannot Be Found

When i go to install windows xp it states that the wd hdd cannot be found and i should check the connections. I do and they seem fine. I have the sata power plugged in and i have it plugged into the mobo. Any body have any ideas why it is doing this? Also how should jumpers be set if it is the only sata drive im installing.

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Does A Sata Drive Make Ide Drive System Faster ?

Does a sata drive make my ide drive system faster? I have dell dimension 2350 with pentium iv 1. 8ghz cpu and 512mb of memory. The motherboard does not have a sata connection. So i installed pci adaptec serial ata raid 1210sa card with one 80gb sata drive. Now i need test the speed of the sata drive verses ide drive. Is there any software that will test the speed of both sata drive and ide drive?

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Internal Sata Drive Shows Up As Removable Drive

My sata storage drive on my p4p800 dlx sys. Started showing up as a removable drive. I noticed the other day that it showed up as a removable usb device. Today the drive disappeared momentarily but then showed up as a usb device again.

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Connecting Sata Drive And Backup Current Drive

My motherboard is k8t neo2 series atx mainboard and i am having 80 gb sata hard drive. There are 2 sata ports (sata1 and sata2) and my current hard drive is connected to sata2 port. I want to backup my existing hard drive (mirror image) into a new sata hard drive using ghost or any other imaging application. So i can connect my new hard drive into sata1 port and will it work? After connecting my new hard drive paralleled into sata1 and booting windows from my old hard drive, will the new hard drive be recognized? Should i need to format my hard drive and then use ghost application or directly i can use?

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Dvd Drive Not Listed In Bios

I'm running opensolaris and i'd like to install solaris 10 instead. I have a dvd with the . Iso install file on it. I'd like to boot from the dvd but for whatever reason, the dvd drive does not show up in the bios for me to set the boot order. I have a separate cd-rom drive on the system which does show up however. Does the cd-rom listed in the bios cover all disk drives? I can't get it to boot from the dvd. How do i troubleshoot this?

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Hard Drive And Bios Problem

I put together a system recently and i get the weirdest error.initially, when i first start my computer, it detects my harddrive. When i try to install windows xp professional on my computer and it reboots, the bios doesn't recognize the harddrive and the computer doesn't finish the installation. Can someone tell me whats wrong? How do i fix it? I tried it with another harddrive and still have the same problem.

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Bios Recognizes Drive, But The My Computer Will Not

I just got my raptor drive, and a seagate drive from tiger direct cause they were on sale. I have the raptor booting on windows as my c:, and i have my 160gb that i had before as d:, but for some reason when i try the 250gb seagate that i just got it will not show up in my computer. The bios recognizes it, but the my computer will not. Seagate = 160gb sata ~ plugged into sata 2 on mobo. Western digital (raptor) = 37gb sata ~ pluggend into sata 1 on mobo. Seagate = 250gb ide ~ pluged into ide 1 on mobo. (Jumped is total removed). I just pulled it out of the box it came in, and pluged it in. I didn't do anything special with it, and it's totaly just brand new.

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Bios Cannot Detect Hard Drive

I have an dell inspiron 530. Yesterday after moving the tower to another room, when i plugged everything back in, i booted up, but the bios screen took much longer than expected ( 2 mins) then it wanted to boot from the disk, which was weird because the boot sequence was set to hard drive first. I restarted and went back to the bios screen. Sata 0 detected nothing but the hdd was definitely connected

Sata 1 detected my optical disk drive

Sata 4 & 5 had nothing

2&3 were not installed in the first place

No matter how many times i reconnected the sata cables, it still wouldn't auto detect it in the bios screen. But i noticed the hard drive itself was spinning inside and the fact that it took a while in the bios screen when i tried to press enter and it said "detecting hard drive" in sata 0 but the others instantly said nothing was detected. Apart from the cd drive. Should i try and reset the cmos and try again or shall i take the hard drive to a repair shop and have them test out the hard drive if it is defective?

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Bios Does Not Detect Hard Drive Properly

Windows will not load, error comes up on the screen saying "boot disk error, insert system disk an press enter. I go into my bios and i see wdc rom model-hawk being detected instead of my harddrive. The hard drive is a western digital caviar 250gb (sata)the mobo is a gigabyte ga-m57sli-s4. I got it to work once somehow, windows seemed to boot fine, i logged it, around 3 minutes after a bsod flashes (i couldn't see the error) and the computer rebooted printing the above error again on the screen. Also when the computer posts, i see "hard drive controller" and "multimedia device" on the same irq.could this affect something?

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Hard Drive No Longer Shows Up In Bios

I have had my two westen digital hard drives for a year now and i did have them setup in raid but this failed so i went back to one storing all my music and pictures and one with my os on!

For some reason after playing with my overclock they no longer show up in bios and therefore wont boot, the funny thing is my other two hard drives do show up, i have changed all the cables reset bios and no luck i dont know why they have stoped! Why would they fail at the same time? And i did buy them from new so has anyone ever returned a wd hard drive will they have a go about all my 90g of downloaded music?

If you can help me out you i will owe you months of downloading!As i dont have my music backup as its to large on my pictures!

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Update Bios, Floppy Drive Not Showing Up

I'm trying to flash my mobo to update my bios but when i open up my computer, my floppy drive isn't showing up. I've enabled it and when i turn on my pc, i can hear the floppy start up but i can't access it when my computer boots. Any ideas on the problem? Is there another way to flash my bios? My mobo is a gigabyte 770-ud3p v 1. 0

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New Sata 2 Drive

I'm goin to be getting a new sata dive soon, but would like some feedback from people on how they like theirs. Please list your sata drive and what you think about it. (And a question: are sata ii drive backwards compatible with sata i mobo's?)

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