Hard Drive Making Load High Pitched Sound

This means ts dieing right? This is a 40gb ide hdd thats about 5 years old

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Pc Making High Pitched Noise

Theres a really anoying high pitched noise coming from my pc, i think its from my psu, i recently got a new case and psu exactly the same as my old one, and my old one didnt make this type of noise!

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Dell Inspiron 1525 Making High Pitched Buzzing Noise

Why on earth is my 1525 inspiron dell laptop making a high pitched buzzing noise coming from my computer? This happens when ever my computers on, but the sound becomes louder and more audio able when i plug it in.

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Alcatel Speed Touch Usb Cause High Pitched Sound From Mobo

When i plug in my usb alcatel speedtouch usb modem, a very high pitched sound comes from the mobo, it is then and only then when this sound is produced. As long as the modem is plugged in and operating the sound is alive. It dies as soon as i plug out the modem. There is nothing else wrong, only this really annoying sound. I have two theories. 1)my psu is of low quality and that causes the problem (i own 400watt psu kinda no name, it's called pegasus) 2)the mobo is faulty. I dont want to go and rma the mombo if something else is wrong. Ps1:the usb alcatel speedtouch is known for it's power problems cause it drains 500ma, but with my previous motherboard and supply (a7n8x deluxe revision 1. 04 and psu 350) nothing bad ever happened. Ps2:i have connected one sata 120gb hdd (western digital. Jd model), 1 nec 3500a dvd-rw and asus 9600xt graphics card. Ps3:i have tried bioses 1005 and 1006, o/c and non-o/c cpu and mem, nothing works.

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Hard Drive Making Clicking Sound

I installed a 2nd hard drive on my computer about 3 months ago. I have it as the slave drive and i'm just using for storage space. I have it partitioned and formatted. It was working fine for about a month and a half then one time restarting my compuer it started making this clicking sound and now the computer doesn't boot up anymore. The comp will boot up once in a blue moon if i get lucky and the drive doesn't make the clicking sound. One time when the comp was able to boot up, the drive showed up and then another time it didn't. I know i have the ribbon cables connected properly and the jumpers are correct as far as i know. The slave jumpr is on the 2nd from the right, and the master jumper is on the master drive 3rd from the right. I know there is something wrong with the new drive cuz when i unplug the power the comp boots up fine. Any suggestions.

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High Pitched Squealing Noise

My motherboard is an asrock p4vm890 and is "supposed" to be able to run at an 200mhz bus speed. It's a socket 478 motherboard and is compatible with williamette, northwood & prescott up to 3. 4ghz. The motherboard is based around an via northbridge: via® p4m890 & southbridge: via® vt8237r plus, but that's another story . So anyway, i decided to swap out my old p4 2. 8ghz, 533mhz bus processor for an old p4 3. 2ghz, 800mhz bus processor. I also replaced my 2 sticks of 512mb ddr333 with 2 sticks of 1024mb ddr400 memory. Sound simple so far? Well it should be. After installing that lot and switching my computer on, i was greeted by an high pitched "squealing noise". Not pleasent by any means. I went straight to the bios and noticed that while my processor was recognised as an 200mhz bus, the memory was set to 166mhz (or ddr333). Ubuntu could boot fine and there were no stability issues except for some reason the inbuilt nic would not work correctly. It would not obtain an ip address and the minute i clicked on networkmanager the computer would freeze. I thought i might have been sold the wrong memory so i went back to the shop and replaced those two sticks with some more ddr400 memory of a different brand. However the exact same thing happened! At this point i realised it would be very unlikely (or unlucky?) To have been sold two more sticks of the incorrent memory twice. In the bios i forced the memory speed from the "auto" setting to ddr400. I rebooted my computer but the high pitched squeel remained. Ubuntu launched and again everything fine except the nic. I decided to go back into the bios and i slowly underclocked my processor (but leaving the memory set as ddr400), from 200mhz bus, down to 195mhz and finally to 193mhz where it is at now. At 193mhz the squeeling goes away and the nic functions correctly. The memory clearly is ddr400 because my computer would not run stable at 193mhz if it wasn't

I have even flashed my bios to the latest version but this solved nothing. So this leaves me puzzled! If my motherboard can support a 200mhz bus and the processor and memory run over 200mhz, what on earth is the problem! Why can i only achieve 193mhz? Can i blame this on via ?

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High Pitched Beep And Non Recoverable Freeze

Basically, when i'm in the middle of a game (coh, tf2) suddenly the game will freeze and i will hear a persistent high pitched beep (i'm not sure if it's from the speakers or from inside the case) that doesn't stop until i press the reset button on my pc. What's weird is that it was happening quite regularly for a while a few months ago, then it stopped, and just now it's started all over again! Any ideas what the problem is?

Cpu temps are pretty crappy, but not bad enough to cause crashes, ~45c idle, max~60c load. Gpu temps aren't too outrageous either (at least for the 9800gx2), ~55c. I have vcore set @ 1. 3 in bios, fsb also 1. 3, ram 2. 1v (rated speeds). I should add that it doesn't do this every time. Last night a played tf2 and coh for a few hours and it was fine. This morning i started up coh and it crashed about 15min into a game.

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Intermittent High Pitched Buzz From Headphones

It sounds like a mosquito buzzing around. It only happens when the headphones are plugged into the front panel of my p180 computer. I'd use the back panel, but that's where i've got my small desktop speakers plugged into the sound card. Any ideas how to fix?

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Computer Makes High Pitched Ringing Noise

I am extremely sensitive to high pitched noises, and my computer has started making one that is driving me insane. It is very slight, and i can only hear it from certain angles, but it is defiantly there and it will not go away. What i have tried:

- Restarting the machine (the sound went away when it turned off)

- Blocking every fan for a few seconds to see if they were making the noise (they are not)

- Tried listening for the sound with a tube to isolate the part making it (didn't help since tubes don't bounce sound very well) though i did find which area the component is in. I believe it is a part on the board making this noise, and that is making me even angrier since i do not understand how or why a part on the board can generate such a sound. Can anyone assist me in fixing this, i know there was another person who had this issue before, but his went away magically. Hopefully mine does too, but i wouldn't count on it. If it matters, i am using a foxconn blackops board.

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Ac Power Adapter Makes High Pitched Whining Noise

I have a x2vga by neoya and it's been working great so far. However, i just noticed today that the ac adapter makes a high pitched whining noise when it's plugged in. Is this bad or good? I got a replacement from them under warranty but it also has the whine. Any thoughts or ideas?

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Pc Crashes When Play Aoe3 Online, Gets High Pitched Tone From The Speakers

When i play aoe3 online it sometimes (most times) the pc crashes after about 30 mins, it is totally frozen and i get a high pitched tone from the speakers and all i can do is manually reset machine. I have wiped c drive reinstalled all drivers in correct ordr re-installed game (twice now) and it still happens anyone know what this might be?

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Hard Drive Making Noise

One of my hard drives (a samsung 160gb sata) started to make a constant noise, like if something got stuck in a fan, and it keeps getting louder the more time the pc is running. I have disconnected the drive for now, what should i do with it, its not under warranty any more.

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Hard Drive Making Clicking Noise

I recently got a new 500gb seagate sata drive. I installed windows xp 64 no problem. Then i used gparted live cd to create a small 16gb partition at the end so i could install vista 64. The installation took forever, i've installed vista 32 on another computer before so i thought maybe it was because it was 64bit and not 32. So after it finally finished i couldn't help but notice that vista was running slow and taking forever to boot up. I have a q6600, 8800gtx2, 4gb or ram (but only had a 2gb strip in for installation since i read 4gb screws it up) so my system can easily handle it. What i did notice though is that my hard drive was making a certain clicking noise when it was in action. I rebooted into xp 64 and everything was working fine with no clicking, went back to vista and clicking began. Oh yea, when i went to install vista it said that my drive was about to fail soon. I then used the seagate dos utility to check my entire drive, it passed, but i couldn't help but notice that the last 11% took 2 hours while the 89% took an hour. But it said it passed so now i don't know what to do. I'll probably end up installing vista 64 on my older 250gb ide drive i have on my computer also but would rather have it on the new drive. Any suggestions? Oh and sorry for the short story!

Edit: what i've done since is reformat the new partition and run an error check on it, still clicking and working slow.

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Hard Drive Making Funny Squeaking Sounds

My maxtor 80 gb has 3 active partitions. Everytime i access my 2nd partition, d:, i keep hearing my hd making squeaking sounds. Any ideas? Aside from physical damage?

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Hard Drive Making Clicking Noises Randomly

About a month or so ago my maxtor drive started making clanking noises randomly while using it and froze during defrag. At post the error i got was "pri. Master smart status bad. Backup and replace" i did an rma from maxtor and the new drive seemed to be working. No noises or error messages, until yesterday. I was extracting a zip when i heard that clanking noise for the first time on this drive. What is going on here? Could it be my motherboard that is bad. It is an intel board and i don't remember having any trouble when i first got the old drive in working.

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Computer Is Making An Annoying Whirring Sound

I got my new computer up and running and while i really like it, there's a very annoying "whirr" sound. I can't tell where exactly it's from, i have 3 fans installed, and an arctic cooling freezer pro 7, however could it also be coming from the hd?

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Mouse And Keyboard Problems, Windows Is Making The Sound

For some reason all the sudden tonight my mouse and keyboard are turning off and on and the windows is making the sound like it would if you unplugged the keyboard and mouse from the usb and plug it back in it shuts up ill hit the mouse button a couple times itll make a sound and come back on, any explanations why its doing this while i play games and everything else?

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Dropped Ps2 Making Scratching Sound When Read Discs

After dropping my ps2 yesterday, it will no longer read dvds. It's making a strange scratchy type noise when it tries to read the dvd and proceeds to go straight into the system browser. I've opened it up to have a look inside - it's well out of warranty - but nothing seems to be loose/broken. Any ideas guys?

Ps: it doesn't display the infamous "disk read error" message.

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Cant Load Sound Driver From Asus Striker Extreme

I have an asus striker extreme mobo, c2d 2. 13ghz, bfg 8800gts, 2megs of corsair ddr800, seagate barricuda 320 gig at 7200. I installed all on a new case and everything runs perfect except the sound. The soundmax adi1988 card that comes with the mobo does not load. The driver install says i need an hd audio bus driver and that it is not found. What is this particular driver and will this prevent me from installing a different card in the future. Can i get one? I tried changing things in the bios and running the driver from the asus website but to no avail.

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No Beep, High Pitch Sound, No Keyboard Light

My win xp sp2 system was working (for years, unchanged) one day, next day (after normal system shutdown via start button for night) it won't start. During cold start, the ps seems to hesitate (~10-20 seconds) and make a bit of a high pitch sound, then the power 'comes on. '

- Video, memory out = no beeps. - Video out, memory in = no beeps. - Video in, memory out = no beeps. - Video in, memory in = no beeps. When system has power:
- No keyboard light. - No mouse light. - Can hear hd spinning
- Case fans come on
- Cpu fan comes on
- Dvd has power (tray in/out). I even tried unplugging the cpu fan for a brief moment. It heated up, so i thought this indicated the cpu isn't dead. I've replaced (with new), the video card and the mobo, thinking it was one and then the other during my attempt at diagnosing. I'm venturing to guess that my ps is failing (although not total failure yet). Sound like a reasonable explanation?

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Hard Drive Sound

I bought a new seagate 400gb sata hdd from fry's electronics. I put in it and my computer is nice and silent. I thought my psu was making a high pitched noise and it turned out it was my original hard drive. When i start windows on it i hear a weird clicking noise i normally only hear with really old hard drives or hard drives that are bad somehow. I thought i would ignore it because it could be normal. After about 10 minutes it started to bug me because iv never had a new hdd do this. All of my other hdd have been silent with a slight chirp. I checked some websites for sounds of bad hard drives and came across the hitachi website.could you guys please listen to these sounds and to the sound of my hard drive and tell me what you think?

Hitachi hdd sound damaged head
Hitachi hdd sound damaged head 2

My hdd with case open
My hdd with case closed

For mine you may have to turn up the volume a little because im just using a $2 discount computer mic and couldn't up the levels. To me damaged head #1 sounds like my case open one.

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Hard Drive Sound Deadening Enclosures

I'm trying to get my pc quiet, and now that all the fans are on low voltages the only things making a racket are the psu and hard drive. It's a maxtor 7200 (non-fluid bearing) 40gb drive which really isn't that noisy, but stands out from the fans. I've heard of sound deadening enclosures for drives but can't find much about them. Has anyone got one? Do they really make the drive quieter? Do the drives get hot in them? The drive is quiet when it's seeking, but i just want to deaden the constant whir.

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Keep Hearing Click Sound From Hard Drive

First of all i have a problem with my new pc lets see i have a seagate 7000. 9 250gb st3250824as

1. I keep hearing it click every now and again since i bought it, thats okay as i can actually use the pc. 2. When i go to play a game it after a while goes blue screen and restarts especially in civ 4 but it also does this in supereme commander and age of empires 3 i think its all games really. 3. Its failed the seatools for windows short and long self drive tests but passes generic tests (it used to pass all the tests). I use windows vista and it runs fine only when i go to play a game it goes blue screen and crashes lets see it also stops on fire fox sometimes and other progras but it always lets me use my os fine. Ive defraged the hard drive and also i have done chkdsk scanned for a virus and reset the ram repositioned the hard drive and checked all the connections new sata cables hmmn also tried using ubuntu live disk that worked fine i didnt format it tho as it was already formated at first use.

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Weird Sound Coming Out From Hard Drive

I got a working condition controller card (same hard drive controller card but it is manufactured in 2001 but my old controller card was manufactured in 2002) from my friend and i replace with my old fried controller card. Then i plug in as a slave in my working condition desktop and switch on the computer. In this time, the bios is not hang but it doesn't recognize my hard disk and also there are some weird sound like hitting something coming out from my hard drive. I don't know what to do now? Am i right to say that, my controller card is not compatible with my hard drive? Or my hard drive is totally damage due to the short circuit problem?

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Cloning Drive - Making An Exact Copy Of Drive Onto Another

If i clone a drive is that just basically making an exact copy of the drive onto another in case i ever need to clone it back right? I want to clone my 80 gig ssd onto my old 80 gig hdd. Would i be able to do this using easeus to do backup tool? (It has an option to clone a disk.

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Slot Load Optical Drive Behavior

I just picked up a slot loading dvd/rw drive and had a couple questions for anyone with experience with pc-based slot loading drives. I feel that mine (pioneer dvr-ts08) may not be behaving properly. First, how much noise are they supposed to make when inserting or ejecting discs? This thing makes three loud clicks every time i put a disc in or eject it. From looking through the bottom of the drive, it appears that the drive is attempting to grab onto the disc multiple times and always gets it on the third attempt. Second, to what extent should it pull the disc into the drive itself? I have to push the disc 2/3 in before the drive even attempts to pull the disc in to it and even then it just spins. I have to help the drive pull the disc in far enough where i can no longer touch it. It ejects the disc far enough where only 1/3 of it is still inside. Is the first behavior normal but the second not? That's my thoughts on the drive's behavior.

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Trying To Find A Slim, Slot Load, Dvd Drive

If anyone knows of one that's still available, sata would be best, and i don't care if it's a writer or not.

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High Speed Device Is Attached To Non High Speed Usb Adapter

I have a usb port that i use for reading my digital camera xd card. It was working ok. Then, i installed a cable modem with a usb connection (to a different usb port). Now, whenever i plug in the xd card reader, i get a popup screen message that says something like "your high-speed device is attached to a non-high speed usb adapter". I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the usb driver, but with no results.

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Why Is A 2nd Sata Drive Making Both Sata's Unrecognized ?

I just removed my old ide hdd with xp and replaced it with a sata drive and installed vista on it. Everything was fine, until:

I installed a second brand new unformatted sata hdd. With the second drive installed neither of the new drives are recognized and windows won't boot. Is it something obvious i'm missing?

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Is Usb Hard Drive Safer Than Normal Hard Drive ?

At the moment i have about 2t of data over 5hard drives, most of then films i have converted to avi from home as i live in uni halls the rooms are small, i am worried that leaving my pc on all the time will lower the life of my hard drives with data on, do you think it would be a good choice to put them into a usb drive and that way i only use them when i need? Is usb hard drive safer than normal hard drive ? Or am i just being silly?

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