Dvd Drive For Vista 64-bit And Windows 7

I don't need anything fancy or expensive. I primarily use my dvd drive to install/play games and occasionally burn something to a dvd. It should be compatible with vista 64-bit and windows 7. Any recommendations?

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Hard Drive Not Recognized On Vista 64 Bit

I physically installed the wd1600ys western digital 160gb caviar hd into the computer. Pata and sata cables. However it is not recognizing it. I had the old install disc for xp version which will not work on my vista. Now that being said i am unable to find the drivers needed for my computer to recognize it. I believe it needs western digital tools. I called the tech support at western digital and they stated the drivers are only available for vista 32 bit. My vista reads 32 programs. He couldn't tell me where those drivers were. He was pretty aggravated when he picked up probably because someone called him and complained that their cup holder( disc drive) was broke when it spilled the drink. Please direct me to a website where i may download the driver to recognize my hd.

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Dvd Burner Seen As Dvd Rom Drive Only In Vista 64

I've just upgraded to vista home premium 64 and my sony dw-q28a dvd-rw drive is not seen as a burner for cds or dvds. So if i right click on it with a re-writable disk in i do not get an 'erase' option, when i right click on a file there's no 'send to>cd' option and in media player when i click onto the burn tab, it tells me to connect a burner and restart!

This drive worked just fine in xp, then i upraded my motherboard to an asus p5e3 and installed vista and now it doesn't! I seem to have everything setup ok in the bios, i've tried re-plugging the ide & power cables and the drive name is read as sony dvd-rw but it won't function at all as a writer. Any ideas?

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Cloning A Drive With Windows 7 64 Bit

I just saw that the version of acronis that i have is not compatible with windows 7 64 bit. I am about to buy an oem hd, and i was wondering what is a good program to clone the drive that can be installed on a windows 7

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Lg Dvd Drive Disappeared From Vista

I have an lg 4163b dvd-rom/writer which up until today was working just fine and no problems to report. I was just about to load up a game which requires the disc in the drive and i get a notification that the disc wasn't found. I thought this was odd, and sure enough in "my computer" there is no cd/dvd drives showing. Following this up, i checked the device manager and it seems that my dvd drivers got screwed up somehow (the only major change i've made was installing new nvidia graphics drivers yesterday, which shouldn't have affected the dvd). I've been all over the internet - lg's site, google, etc. - And i cannot find any drivers that want to work for vista. Every time i run the firmware installer's it cannot detect the drive, and won't install. Anyone have any workaround solutions for me to try?

The drive is about 5 years old, but its been working just fine, and i generally don't use the drive for anything anymore, so i'd hate to have to buy a new one just because vista is being stupid!

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Vista - Inserting Dvd Causes The Drive To Disappear

When i place a burned dvd into my drive, the computer starts to load it for about 10 seconds, and then all of a sudden the entire drive disappears from my drive list. I have to reboot the computer (without the disc in) to get it to recognize the drive again. If i put the original dvd in the tray, it works fine and i'm able to explore the dvd. The dvd drive is an nec nd-2510a. I am using vista premium 32-bit. Oh, and if i place the same burned dvd into my girlfriends computer running on xp, which has the exact same nec drive, it works fine. Any thoughts?

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F5d7000 Driver Issues On 64-bit Vista

Well, this piece of crap belkin product doesn't work so good on 64-bit os'es. The connection drops often and the speed is very slow (around 20k). I want to know is there a fix to this since belkin doesn't even care if their products don't work correctly. Or should i get another wireless adapter for my desktop in my bedroom?

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4gb Ram And Vista 32 Bit Edition Readyboost

I was wondering because 32bit operating systems can address upto 4gb of ram (without the use of pae) so if i was windows vista 32bit edition and had 4gb of ram then if i plugged in a flash drive to use readyboost would it still be able to use it?

I'm not planning on actually doing this as i know i can't actually use a full 4gb of ram on a 32bit os but i was just wondering what would happen is this situation happened, would readboost still work?

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Logitech Mx700 Keyboard Work On Vista 64 Bit ?

Will my logitech mx700 keyboard and mouse work on vista 64bit? I currently have a logitech mx700 cordless desktop (keyboard and mouse). I will be upgrading my system in the next few days which will include vista 64bit. I was wondering if anybody has the mx700 and does it work on vista? I can't find any drivers on the logitech site.

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Installing Windows Vista Via Flash Drive

No tweaking, no fking around, no program installs - put the dvd in the drive, put the flash drive in the usb port and run the command. Thats it. The rest of this post is purely there because people always try and do something differently, or dont bother reading the instructions properly!

This does not work with xp, so dont ask.command for copying vista (or 7) dvd to flash drive

Open a run command - use the "windows key + r" trick to open a run menu, if its not enabled in your start menu

Xcopy x:*. * /S/e/f y:

X: being source (dvd / iso image on virtual drive)
Y: being destination drive (flash drive)

A dos prompt will open and show the files copying - it may appear to have stopped on a file (install. Wim i think), but dont worry - thats a large file so it takes a while. You can use this to install vista off a flash drive, no longer needing a dvd. Above this line is all you need to make a bootable flash drive!

As simple as this is, people always ask a bazillion questions.common ones are answered below. The drive letters x: and y: need to be substituted with whatever letters your system uses. Its obvious, but some people still miss that. I've done this with ntfs and fat32 flash drives heaps of times - havent burned a dvd for an os in years. Your motherboard is going to need to boot from usb for this to install. Many motherboards have a "quick boot" method by pressing escape or f8 while the bios post screen is still loading. Dont always assume it will show as a usb device, often it shows under the hdd menus. Obviously, you're going to need a dvd in the drive, or mount the iso via some virtual drive software, like deamon tools or virtual clone drive. If your flash drive is full, the dos prompt will just close without copying the last files. Make sure you have enough free space to fit the contents of the iso (a 4gb flash drive is not exactly 4gb - mine is 3. 83gb after formatting, and too small for a vista sp2 install). I suggest formatting and starting with a blank flash drive - you can always add your other files back afterwards. You can do this from any windows os - xcopy hasnt changed in a looooong time, so it should even work in os's as old as win95. Since this has to be clarified, i mean you can make the vista/7 bootable usb disk in older os's. That is not the same as making bootable copies of them!

And a picture guide, for those who cant live without them. 1.command line

2. Format flash drive to ntfs (16gb drive)

3. Files copying

4. Open your boot menu in the bios, or change the boot order. My media pc allows me to hit f12 and get this:

(If i had my flash drive plugged in for this photo, it would read as "usb-hdd imation nano" in the '+hard disk' menu)

5. Run the vista/7 installer as normal

Out of niceness, i quote pyeti and naelex's alternate method. This one is rather noob friendly, but requires a third party program. This method works for xp!


Plug in your usb key. Right click on the ultraiso shortcut, and click on run as administrator. Click on file (menu bar) and open. Navigate to your windows 7 iso file and select it and click on the open button. In the bottom local pane, select your usb flash key drive. Click on bootable (menu bar) and wite disk image. Make sure the locations are correct, and check the verify box and click on the write button. Click on yes to confirm writing to the usb drive. When it's done, click on the close button. You now have a windows 7 installation usb flash key.

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Shrink Disk Drive In Windows Vista

I would like to know the details regarding the outcome after doing the 'shrink volume' feature in windows vista. 1. If i shrink my 'c' drive with 120 gb space, what will be the free (unallocated) space if the shrink utility shows the following:
A. Total size before shrinking : 115591 mb
B. Size of available shrink space in mb : 21929 mb
C. Enter the amount of space to shrink : 21929 mb
D. Total size after shrink in mb : 93662 mb

Of the last three options (b, c, d) which will be the unallocated, free space after shrinking ?

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Install Windows Xp / Vista Using A Usb Flash Drive Stick

I found a way to install windows xp or vista using a usb flash drive stick, i thought i would share it as its pretty useful. For people who understand the method, it may be useful for other stuff too, the program is called usb_multiboot_10. I have tried it and it does work.

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Dissappearing Dvd Drive In Windows Xp

I recently installed a cd-rw drive into my new computer, which came packaged with a dvd-rom drive. After i installed the cd-rw, and turned on the computer, the dvd drive dissappeared. Please note that the dvd drive had origonally shown up when the system was booted before installation of the cd-rw. It shows up on the cmos, but not in windows. I can get the drive to show up by using the add new hardware wizard. After using this, the drive is detected and it works fine for the duration of the computer being on in that session. However, after restarting, the drive dissappears again. Windows does not detect it automatically for some reason. It dosen't show up in the device manager until i use the add new hardware wizard. I've tried uninstalling the device drivers from the device manager after using the add new hardware wizard, the letting windows detect it again and install it from scratch, but it dosen't pick it up when the system starts up. I hope someone has an idea what to do. Fyi the dvd drive is a hitachi and the cd-rw is a mitsumi cr-4802te. I have a second hard drive installed, which is designated the letters e, f, and g. When i force the dvd drive to show up, it comes up as drive h. The cd-rw is drive d (used to be the dvd drive until the cd-rw was installed).

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Dvd Drive Works Until Windows Starts

Recently i connected my hd into other pc then i connected it back on my pc but now i'm having a hard time to make my dvd drive work, i never had problems before and it was working fine. This is what happens: when i turn on the pc, the dvd led flashes and everything, i can open and close the tray without problems. The dvd drive is showed in the bios too. But as soon as windows xp starts loading the dvd drive wont work, with this i mean it wont even open the tray. Once windows has started its the same. It looks like the drive is detected because under device manager it shows this: "dvd-rom scsi cdrom device", and my other cd drive is listed too. But when i try to access it, i get a "please insert a disk into drive e:" eventho i already have a disc there. If i try to eject it using windows nothing happens. This is how i have my connections:
(Got primary and secundary ide enabled in bios)

Primary ide: master is my hd
Primary ide: slave is cd-rom drive

Secundary ide: master is dvd drive (the one with problems)
Secundary ide: slave = nothing

Already tried swapping the dvd-drive to primary ide as slave but it happens exactly the same. Im so confused, why would it work before windows starts to load, but wont work after? What do you recommend me to do? Im out of ideas, do you think its the drive jumpers? Or something related to windows? Should i reinstall?

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Windows Xp 64-bit Resolution

I have installed windows xp 64bit edition, but i have a problem with my screen resolution, i have a full hd screen 1920x1080 pixels but this resolution is not available when i go to change the screen resolution settings the highest resolution i have is something like 1400x1050, so therefore when i apply this resolution my screen appears stretched. I have tried all the driver updates for my graphics card but nothing works. I have an ati raedeon hd 4670 or 3670 im not sure which one but i have tried both drivers and they dont work. I think the problem is that windows xp does not recognize the screen on my laptop, because when i go to the add hardware wizard it says under the list of hardware standard vga adapter. I have tried updating my graphics card through windows update etc and it does not pick up an update for my graphics card, i have tried so many different things to try and get my required resolution but nothing seems to work.

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64-bit Audigy 2 Windows 7 Drivers

64-bit audigy 2 windows 7 drivers, anyone have them ?


Follow the links bellow:


http://forums. Id=soundblaster&thread. Id=139702

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Hardware / Drivers For Linux / Windows 64 Bit

Hardware / drivers for linux/windows 64 bit i am designing a computer to run on linux and/or windows 64 bit. Do people know if the devices below work on both linux and windows 64. Any sugested changes?

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Windows 7 64-bit Clock / Time Lag

I have a brand new custom built computer, pretty good hardware, and i have had this problem with the timer being laggy, ie. The clock runs slow, but resets itself to the correct time on reboot, (the time in bios does not lag, it is fine) when 15 seconds pass on my computer, it has been 1 minute 15 seconds on my stopwatch. So my computers time is about 1/5 of the normal time, and the issue isn't just with the clock, with any timers, ie, animations, any counters, for example on my websites i build if i have a timeout for like 5 seconds, it will take 25 seconds, so it's something to do with the windows timer, i have seen other people with the same problem but i haven't found any solutions. *I have the newest bios for my motherboard

My computer specs are:
*Asus m4a785-m
*1tb hitachi 7200rpm
*4gb ddr2 corsair ram
*Amd phenom ii x4 965 black edition 3. 4ghz
*Geforce ddr5 gtx 480

Update: 60 seconds on my computer took 4 minutes 58 seconds on my stop watch.

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Windows 2003 Server 32 Bit Array Support

I am building a new server, everythings done short of hdds. With a dell perc 5/i i plan on running 8* 1. 5tb drives in raid5, giving me 10. 5tb array. Will windows 2003 server standard 32bit support such an array?

I will ofcourse be using gpt as is supported, but i wasn't sure if this size is possible. I currently on my old server which also has a dell perc 5/i have 4* 750gb in raid5, and the array size is 2. 04tb. I never could be bothered figuring out if that was the proper size or if i was being limited to some magical number.

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Lexmark X8350 Driver Problem With Windows 7 64-bit

How do i get my printer's driver (lexmark x8350 .exe file) to reload after upgrading to windows 7 (64-bit)? Cjs8300en.exe is the correct driver from lexmark's site, both the same for windows vista and now 7. An associate at best buy said to try to find the driver as a zip file elsewhere online, but i can't seem to find it free anywhere and certainly don't want to pay for a new print driver! Do you know where i could find this driver for free as a zip file or another solution for updating my printer's driver to windows 7?

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Dell Photo Printer 540 Driver For Windows 7 32-bit

I have a dell photo printer i have windows 7 32 bit on my computer. I require a driver update. Printer model dell photo printer 540.

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Toshiba Satellite A665-s6065 Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

How can i make a "windows 7 home premium 64-bit" install disk from a new toshiba satellite a665-s6065 laptop5? I will be picking up my laptop some time in the next 3 days so i figured i should ask this now. The computer, like most now a days, does not come with an install disk for the version of windows that comes pre installed on the system. So, how can you make a "windows 7 home premium 64-bit" install disk? Not a "recovery disk", but a disk i can use to install my legally purchased copy of "windows 7 home premium 64-bit" fresh, from scratch, on my system in the future after a few years of use and the system starts to slow. Is it possible to make a fresh install disk, not a "recovery disk", but a true install disk from a new computer? I would hate to have to go online and get an illegal copy of this install disk since i will own a single use license for this software and denying the consumer access to their legally purchased software would be a huge breach of consumer trust. Please, spell out the steps, if possible, like you are speaking to a 5 year old so i can't screw it up!

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Keyboard Works In Windows Xp Pro But Not In Windows Vista

After cleaning up my hard drive yesterday, my keyboard would not work in vista ultimate 64bit. I tried 2 other keyboards. Neither of which would work either. 2 were ps2 keyboards and one was usb. Now, each keyboard was identified at post and would work in the bios. Now here is the really weird part. I decided i would go ahead and do a fresh intall of vista, as i was about due for it anyway. Just in case. I also cleared cmos just in case i somehow change something in the bios that was causing this (though i doubt it since the keyboard worked in bios). So, i reinstalled vista, and was able to use the keyboard to put in the activation key. So, i thought i was all set. However, once windows fully booted, none of the keyboards would work again. How is it possible that this problem carried over to a fresh install?

At this point, i became very frustrated. I decided to try installing windows xp pro. The xp installed, and now all of the keyboards work perfectly in windows. This would be fine, but i've got use to vista now, and would prefer to use it. Anyone have any idea what this might be? Could it have anything to do with installing vista too many times, so it started to disable functions.

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Is There Problem In Running 32 Bit Software On 64 Bit Cpu ?

Is there any disadvantage/problem in running 32 bit software on 64 bit cpu? I'm interested to upgrade a amd box to 64 bit cpu. However most software available are 32 bit. Would it be similar to owning a powerful race car able to run 300+ km on a road of 100 km speed limit. What is ultra320(80pin) hd and compared with sata.

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Change Color Quality / Resolution From 16 Bit To 32 Bit

I need to change my color quality from 16 bit to 32 bit. The only two options i have is 16 bit and 24 bit. I'm on a 600e series ibm thinkpad laptop with windows xp professional installed. How do i get to 32 bit color quality?

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Need Vista Bootable Dvd/cd

I have a lenovo y530 laptop with windows vista home premium, and i'm in need of a vista bootable cd because my system won't load, you get the blue screen of death no matter what, even in safe mode it doesn't start up, it shows that it's loading, but won't even get to the login-screen. I've tried the lenovo onekey recovery system, and i've done e the anti-virus check, nothing wrong, even tried to backup my data so i can re-install, nothing, it doesn't allow me to access my files, and can't let me back anything up therefor. The last resort to save my files, pictures, music and such, would be to use a bootable cd, to then load the computer operating system temporarily on my computer, and then save the files, take out the disc, and reinstall everything, and then hopefully put my files back on, . Etc

Any ideas on how to get the image file? Or maybe an iso?

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Dvd Drive Freezing When I Put Cd/dvd's In The Drive

About a week ago, i built my new computer. When i was all done and finished, i turned on the computer and it was taking forever to get onto windows and also i noticed my dvd drive not reading cd/dvd. My computer would freeze and nothing would happen. I seriously don't know what's causing this.

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Windows Vista Hangs Sometimes

From time to time, and this doesn't happen every time, i would play a movie and the file would chug, the audio and video would stop, but the computer is still running fine for everything else, the audio would start up and the video would play catch up to the audio. After that the video would continue playing. This happens from time to time, but never in the same place twice. I turned off the indexing option, anti-virus is off, reinstalled the codec pack and even tried other codecs to the same result. Does anyone else have any sort of similar experience to this?

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How To Get Windows 7 Free On Vista ?

Answer:- do you want to know how to legally do it? If so, you can go to school that utilizes the the msdn academic alliance. A url for more info has been posted under sources. Additionally, you can become a registered microsoft partner. You have to pay for the partnership, but you get access to a plethora of free softwares and training. So, technically you're still getting windows 7 for free, but paying for the partnership. I will also submit a link under sources for the partnership. There was one other option that manufacturers were giving for vista systems purchased within a certain time frame, however manufacturers are no longer giving free windows 7 to people who made the purchase within the time frame because the final date was, as i recall, january 21st ish. Your last way to get it free is to obtain it illegally and i wouldn't recommend doing that. I also provided a link detailing software piracy and the law with which it is associated.

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Windows Vista Driver Signing

I want to install rivatuner, but vista driver signing is stopping me from doing so. Is there any way to bypass this in vista 64 bit sp1?

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