Cost Of Replacing A Laptop Screen

Whats the cost of replacing a laptop screen for an hp pavilion entertainment pc? Basically a laptop screen got closed and there was something under it and now its cracked and i just wanna know the cost of it.

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Replacing Asus A6f Laptop Keyboard

Problem replacing asus a6f laptop keyboard - can't find any good guide? I've been trying to replace my a6f keyboard but i get stuck when it comes to the part where you're supposed to remove the ribbon. I just can't seem to move the white corners, whether it's up, down, left or right. What i did find on the 'net is: "to unlock it, carefully pull up on the two tabs; one located on each corner of the connector". But i'm not sure if it's regarding the a6f model because my tabs are just static, they look attached to the board. If anyone can advice, or point me to an illustrated guide, that would be great.

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Replacing Dell Laptop Monitor With Sony Vaio Monitor

Can replace my dell laptop monitor with my spare sony viao monitor? My viao mother board is broken so wanted to use the monitor to replace the rather dull blurry one that came with my dell inspiron. Both monitors are 15" so it will fit no problem. But will it run properly and will i also need to replace the graphics card?

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If Disconnect Laptop Screen, Will External Screen Still Work ?

If i disconnect my laptop's screen, will an external screen still work? I have an acer aspire5315 laptop. What i am doing is i am putting it into a custom case that will not fit the built-on screen. The laptop does have a vga output (so i can connect it to another monitor, or hdtv. ) So, if i disconnect the laptop screen completely from the motherboard, will an external one connected via vga still work?

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Connecting Laptop With Broken Screen To Another Laptop

How do i connect a laptop with a broken screen to another laptop? I need to connect a laptop with a broken screen to a laptop without a broken screen so i can see what's on the broken-screen laptop, is that possible/how would i do that?

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Why Do Macs Cost So Much ?

I was wondering why macs cost so much. I really want an ibook g4 but it's way too much. The spec doesn't seem too brilliant so why are they so much. You can get a desktop with double the processor speed for much less than what they are asking. Anyone know?

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Cost Effective Color Printer

I need to buy some color printers for about a dozen users. Ink jet printers are cheap, but cartridges are expensive. Iím looking for a cost effective option. There are so many options available but i really donít have any good way to sort through them. Does anyone know of a forum or magazine or something that reviews products and deals with issues like this? If i could just sort the results in pricegrabber by tco iíd be happy.

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What Is The Most Cost Effective Monitor With Displayport ?

I have a buyer for my current 24" and 22" lcd's and i'm looking to grab 3 x 22" or bigger monitors for eyefinity. I'm selling my lcd's for $450 and i'd like to keep the cost of 3 lcd's under $700 if possible. I guess i could always get a $100 active dp/dvi adapter but would rather have dp on the monitor.

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A Cost Effective Way To Dual Monitor

I'm in a dorm right now with somewhat limited space so i can't have a massive tv or anything, so looking around i found that samsung makes lcd monitors/hdtvs, which i thought would be an awesome opportunity to start dual-monitoring while covering my want for a tv as well (assuming it just works like a normal tv, right?). The only problem is my video card only has 1 hdmi input, so i would have to get a different one before i could try to run 2 monitors. Right now i'm using a visiontek hd4870, so my question is what would be relatively cost effective move to a different video card of equal or greater performance that would also have 2 hdmi inputs to allow for the 2 monitors?

This is the monitor i'm looking at:-

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What Is Average Cost Of A Desktop Computer?

What is the average price of a good desktop in the uk? All i am after is really good graphics, and it being fast (thats to do with the processor and ram right?) Also anyone got some cheapish but good makes? My family have always bought dell, but i've heard that they are unfairly expensive, is that correct?

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Dell Gx260 Cost When It Released

How much did a dell gx260 cost when it was released? With pentium 4 2. 6, 1 gb ram, 60 gb hard drive.

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What Is The Usual Hard Drive Cost Timeline ?

I'm always dreaming about builds when i get money after university, but looking at the current prices here in canada, it appears i will be waiting awhile. Right now a 1tb wd green 2. 5" sata drive at my local retailer is about $85. At what point do you see 2tb being available for $100? Or, at what rate to drives typically go down in value?

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Samsung Laser Black Printer Cartridge Cost

How much it will cost to get a samsung laser black printer cartridge?


That's going to be pretty hard to say since you didn't include the model number of your printer. They will vary widely depending on the model. You can easily do a search on google for toner cartridges for your printer and see what they cost.

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Printer Low Cost Ink Refill Kit

Where can i find a low cost ink refill kit for my kodak printer and hp printer? I am looking for alternative to ebay or office depot and staples.

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Low Cost Video Card To Run 3 Displays

I recently purchased a gateway dx4831-01e (6gb memory, intel i3-530 processor, 1tb hd, 300 watt power supply, pci express slot) for $550. I don't know anything about video cards but heard that some cards have ati eyefinity technology that allows 3 displays to be used with the one video card. I only want the 3 displays for internet surfing and do not need a high end video card since i do not do any gaming. If anyone can find a video card that can run 3 displays and only requires a 300 watt power supply computer that would be great, but i am guessing that i will need to change out my power supply to a higher wattage rated power supply. Please provide a recommendation for a low cost video card and a low cost power supply that will meet my needs and include a link to a website where i can purchase it. I am also not sure if i will need one of the displays to have a display port output or if i can use my display with a hdmi output and get a connector that converts a display port output on the video card to an hdmi output.

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How Much Does Lexmark S405 Replacement Ink Cartridge Cost ?

How much does a lexmark interpret s405 multi-function replacement ink cartridge cost? I'm looking to buy the lexmark interpret s405 multi-function but would like to know how much the replacement ink cartridges cost?

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Efi Soon To Be Replacing Bios

Any one here heard of this new expansion type card called the efi (extensible firmware interface)?

In short its aim is to replace bios. It seems that with efi it will scan and detect all the memory in any expansion cards you have installed - accessing all the ram you have installed unlike the bios which can access only 1mb of ram - and with its 64bit pre-boot code it won't suffer any of the limits the bios has. As well as this the new efi will allow for many more expansion cards (and other devices) to be installed unlike the bios - which if you add too many may not initialize and/or work properly. As such there will be less chance of conflict and you'll see faster boot times. Does any one else have any other information on this, or any thoughts/views? In addition, does anyone know what possible effects and advantages - or disadvantages - (if any), this will have on programs or games?

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Replacing Hdd Motor

Has anyone ever tried to replace the mechanism that spins the platters in a hdd?

Is it a tough thing to do and for someone who has done it, is it worth the trouble, cost/time wise between getting a new hdd and fixing the old one, if there isn't much important data on it?

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Replacing A Hard Drive

I have an hp pavilion dv5-1002nr laptop and i just purchased this hard drive: http://bit. Ly/f0jvmq

I'm sort of new with replacing hard drives, but i've replaced two different laptop hard drives with ease. However, the way that my dv5 laptop has its current hard drive installed is much different than the ones i've replaced before. Usually, i just simply slide the hard drive out of the laptop. This laptop has a small black cord that has a plastic piece that connects from the pins to the motherboard on the bottom of the laptop, and i'm unfamiliar with how to install it from here. I can't figure out whether i remove the part from the end of the pins on the hd or if i need to get a little cord or have this professionally done. Here is the maintenance pdf manual for my laptop:

http://h10032. Www1.

Specifically the hard drive and its disassembly is on page 62. I don't want to ruin my old hard drive because there's still stuff i will use on there. I plan on being able to switch between these hard drives every once in a while (one is sort of an archive hard drive, and a little slower. I realize i could use an external hard drive for this, which i am, but i mostly just want to upgrade to a speedier hard drive). But i also really don't want to have to pay to get this done unless it's necessary, because i am capable of following directions. I guess one more thing that should be brought up is whether or not the new hard drive will work with the laptop. Yes? No?

How might i go about installing this hard drive?

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Replacing Hard Drive

I am getting my hard drive replaced in a few days as it was claimed to be dead by a technician. My question is if a technician is replacing the hard drive, do they have accessibility to my original files and such in the computer? It's just that i have all kinds of files including ones that are personal and i'd rather not just openly show to just anybody. (And haha, no. They are all appropriate. Just don't enjoy the idea of a stranger flipping through things like my personal photos and such) and if my computer is getting replaced with a new hard drive, will my data and memory remain or be completely reformatted and deleted?

I really don't mind my data being deleted as i have already backed it up beforehand (thank goodness). Sorry for my dumb questions, as i am not a tech wiz to the point that i have no idea what the exact purpose of hard drive is. But, all replies to my questions would be greatly appreciated!

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Replacing An Old Celeron Processor

So, i've got a 6 year old desktop that is currently running the celeron 2. 4 (yes, extremely old). Although it does not compare to modern desktops, it runs reasonably well and i've decided to keep it running for about one more year. Currently, i'm thinking of upgrading the celeron 2. 4 processor to the celeron d325. Now although the d325 is old, it has double the amount of l2 cache, a slightly faster fsb and clock speed. Not that great, but hey for $6 (new old stock) you can't beat it. Now my question is would that be possible? If possible how hard would it be? Now, i've replaced cpus before and i know about the socket and tdp, but from what i've read the voltage between the celeron 2. 4 and the celeron d325 is different. Would i need to change anything through the bios if i change the processor?

Oh and by the way, this is not my main computer

It's just an old computer of mine, that i use from time to time

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Laptop Screen Problem

I have a big problem with my laptop screen. I have a hp zv6000 15. 4 widescreen. My laptop was fine. I put it in the case and traveled in the car with it for a few hours. When i took it out i now have this huge mark that basically goes from one corner to the other. Sort of an arch. I look very similar to a permanent marker. I found a dead pixel tester online and downloaded it to see. It seems that they the screen doesnt have dead pixels. I am assuming the only way to fix this is to replace the lcd screen itself. I was hoping maybe i could replace the inverter and be ok but i doubt it. I wanted to double check with someone that maybe has some experience with this issue.

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Swapping Laptop Screen

What factors are relevant in determining screen compatibility between laptops? My laptop was taken out in a lightning storm, and it doesn't look like it's worth fixing. However, the screen is perfectly good. And there are a lot of people who'll sell laptops with busted screens for dirt cheap. So i figure if i can find a laptop in need of a new screen with which my old one is compatible, i can save some dough. There's the question of what happened to a laptop which has a dead or cracked screen, and whether or not i'd want it in light of whatever the *** happened to it. But it seems worth investigating to me. I know some obvious things - such as it having to the same size, of course. But i'm unaware of all the factors that need to be identical for one screen to work in another unit, or whether there are any resources out there that can simplify the process of determining compatibility. So if anyone could let me know what things must be identical in order for this to work, and if there are any websites, etc. That can help make the process of determining compatibility easier, that'd be great.

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Broken Laptop Screen

So i had a stoke of bad luck and my laptop fell off the table, the screen is cracked and needs to be replaced, it will cost me 500+ to get it repaired so i was wondering if anyone could tell me exactly how hard it would be to buy the lcd screen and repair it myself, i've built countless desktops in my day so i'm good with computer hardware but have never delt with laptops before as far as building, so if anyone knows what it would take to do this please let me know. I don't know if it makes a different but the laptop is an alienware area-51 m5550 15. 4" screen, also if anyone knows where i could get the parts needed for this as well it would be very much appreciated.

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Dual Screen Laptop

The thinkpad w700ds appears to be the first laptop ever to sport two lcd screens - a 17-in. Primary and a 10. 6-in. Secondary screen. Lenovo thinkpad w700ds dual-screen laptop.

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Connect Laptop Screen To Tv

All i am wanting to do is present my movies thats on my laptop, on my tv for my family to enjoy with me! Please help. I have a usb to rca cable that i just bought offline. I have windows 7 and my laptop has the projector thing where i can duplicate, extend, or projector only picture. I don't know if i have to have some certain kind of software for it to work or something, but i know i just need help, and soon so we can have family night!

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Using Different Lcd Screen For Laptop

Will a laptop not work if its connected to a different lcd? This is pure curiosity. I know that the lcd might not fit, but could you theoretically change the lcd screens of two laptops or do they have different little connectors. Or even if they fit, would they not work? I've always wondered this since i've changed my laptop's screen.

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Connect Pc Screen With Laptop

Can i make my laptop's screen off and connect to the pc screen? I want to use my laptop as a tower. Also i want to have a separate keyboard and mouse.

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How Do I Connect Laptop To Tv Screen?

How do i connect my laptop to my tv screen? I bought a dynex vga display cable and plugged it into the rgb? Plug into the tv. What do i need to set up on my computer? The salesman at best buy said all i need to do is plug it in. Anyone have some suggestions for me?

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Replacing Keyboard Cable Connector

It seems some pins have gone slack. Otherwise keyboard is fine. How do i change connector cable, i asked repair shops around, the said i'll have to buy new kb.connector cables are not sold separately

Suggest a simple solution.

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