Automatically Install Hp Updates

Hp updates for windows vista. The hp updates are not being automatically installed. How can i make sure that they are not only downloaded automatically but automatically installed without me having to check periodically?

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Ati Catalyst Drivers Automatically Install Folding@home?

I'm in the middle of updating my computer to my new win 7 64 build & discovered folding@home loaded itself to my system. The properties tab shows it starts in c:atisupport9-12_vista64 yada yada yada. I know this is a program designed to help folks at stanford look at genomes

But what the heck is it doing on my computer without my express permission?

Anyone know if this is actually running, or merely an invitation to install it?

If it's up and running, how do i uninstall?

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How To Make Hardware To Install Automatically Without "found New Hardware Wizard"?

I am on xp professional. If i change my mouse or my keyboard for usb one, windows won't automatically install driver for these simple devices. It will ask my help to make the installation (i just need to click on "next"). I would like windows to instal alone this kind of stuff without prompting with "found new hardware wizard". Any help would be appreciated.

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How Do I Find Out If There Are Any Updates For My Video Driver ?

How do i find out if there are any updates for my video driver? And how do i find out what my video driver is?

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Bios Updates For Geforce 6800

I have the original geforce 6800 not gt, no ultra, the original to clarify that well, i can't seem to find a bios update for it. I have the xfx brand, so i don't know if tweaking with another brand might work. But i don't even know where to find the bios updates. Can someone show me the light?

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Updates "cannot Connect To Server"

Ive been infected by malwares and ive used anti spywares and anti virus. It affected ie but thats fixed. However, when i tried updates on several programs it couldn't.

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Computer Shuts Down Automatically

My system, while running, would power off itself suddenly, and when i try to power it on again, it would not start and gives me a beep and then a small beep, along with the code 8. 3. However, if i wait like 5 to 10 mintues and then try to turn it on, it starts. From the manual:

Ac2003 post code definition:
Post (hex)

Power on sequence
8. 1. Start power on sequence
8. 2. Enable atx power supply
8. 3. Atx power supply ready
8. 4. Ddr voltage ready
8. 5. Setup pwm for cpu core voltage.

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System Automatically Shut Down

The problem i am having was at first the computer would boot up but there was no picture on the screen, but after a few minutes fideling about i pressed a switch that has "clr cmos" wrote on it and then it booted up fine with the picture, however into about 2 minutes of it beeing booted up it will automatically shut down. I have like 5-6 fans in my pc running on highest speed but still shutting down. Anyone have any ideas or solutions, would be great.

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Mouse Cursor Moves Automatically From Up To Down

Whenever i connect my pc to internet (dialup, gprs) my mouse pointer starts messing up with me. It automatically starts moving from up to down from left to right randomly. I think i should specify here that it only happens when i connect my pc to net. Whenever i try to click on some link it just slips down. I think there is no problem with the mouse or there is no hardware related problem, i have tried replacing the mouse but of no use. The only thing in my mind is a virus or some stupid trojan tryin to hijack my mouse pointer. Any body having any idea what's wrong?

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Windows Is Going To Automatically Shut Down In 60 Seconds

Mom use earthlink to transmit claims , etc etc, and medisoft(claims program) when they try to get on the internet after about 90 seconds they get a message that windows is going to automatically shut down in 60 seconds, and the error says something to do with lsa shell, my mom says the error report had somthing to do with szappname. Isass.exe .

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Set Computer To Powers Off Automatically

When i turn off my computer, start / shut down. Most computers shut down and power off by itself. My computer brings up a message saying, it is now safe to turn off your computer. How do i set my computer so it powers off automatically after i choose shut down?

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Pc Reboot Automatically While Playing Far Cry-2

I am nvidia xfx 8800gt alpha dog 512mb display card and i was using original driver from cd which came with the display card box. Everything was running smooth even crysis and moh-airborn & pacific assault and even crysis war-head and assisin creed. When i start playing far cry-2 i got the message that drive is too old and i should upgarde and after that it start the game which still works properly. Now, recently i have upgraded my display card driver and driver was downloaded from nvodia offical site according to my o/s (xp-pro) and display card (8800gt)

Now i can still play crysis & crysis war-head and even starting far cry-2 normally but problem is only in far cry-2 and that is whenever i am collection medic kit, my computer screen just flash (blue screen comes) and pc is restarting. I was using max resolution (1280x10nn somthing) when above problem happend. Then i reduced my game resolution 1280x9nn (something) and now far cry-2 is again working as normal. But i want to play game in full resolution and don't know exactly what and where is the problem. May b a faulty display driver. Then how to fix it. I am using c2q 6600 4gb-ram and got lot of free hd space. Need ur help and pls let me know if u need more info to solve my problem.

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Automatically Connects To Internet Connection

I live in iraq and the electricity here is very bad every 4 hours it will switch off and then on again, so when the electricity switches off and on my computer doesn't automatically connects to internet. It will connect to the wlan router but still i have to insert the username and password of (pay as you go) cards i use firefox it will store the username and password but still i have to press ok, is there any way to do this automatically, because i want my downloads to resume automatically.

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Msn Keeps Disconnecting And Automatically Logout

My msn keeps disconnecting me every few minutes? I log onto msn and start chatting to my mates and then it just logs me out automatically. And tells me to press a button saying connect. Answer:- try the following steps to solve the problem:

- Make sure you have enough bandwidth, close programs that use a lot of bandwidth, restart the modem router and the computer. - Enable the built in web messenger of your hot-mail account by doing this: log on your mail, go to inbox, on the left click on messenger, enable it. - Log on msn and go to: tools -> options, "sign in" tab, unable the feature "close session in all other locations when i log on messenger", apply/ok.

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How To Install Raid Drivers Without New Install Or Controller Card ?

I need to install the raid drivers for my motherboard (p5k deluxe - ich9r). Is there a way to install it without reinstalling xp or having to buy a separate sata controller like it's mentioned in this?

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Automatically Synchronize Files On The Usb Stick

I have a usb dongle and i was wondering if it was possible to get software which would automatically synchronize files on the usb stick with files on my computer?

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Set Windows To Use Usb Headset Automatically

Is there a way to set windows so that it automatically cuts the speakers and has the usb device as default audio output when plugged in? This way i don't have to shut off whatever video/music/game that's currently played just so the audio will come out of the headset.

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Computer Shuts Down Automatically / Xp Pro Sp2

So im helping a friend fix his computer and for some reason the problem to it is that it shuts down automatically out of no where.could this be caused by the psu or harddrive? It's running xp pro sp2.

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Computer Reboots Automatically When Start Any Games

I'm having problems with my computer. If i start aim or rthdribl or any games, my computer reboots automatically. I tried disabling the reboot on error for windows, but it restarts and leads me to some blue screen. I've also tried booting in safe mode, and things seem to work in safe mode. So now i really don't know what's the problem.

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Laptop Used To Automatically Connect To Wireless Network But Not Now

When using my laptop at home its always just automatically connected to my house's wireless network, but for the past 4 days it will not connect to anything. If i look up wireless devices to connect to, its not even listed. But if i go into network under the start menu it does have it under my list of what order i want devices to try and connect to first, second etc. I know my mother borrowed it one night but used her verizon card could she have screwed something up? Of course she denies doing anything. Has anyone had this issue? For 2 years this is the first time i cant even find that connection through my laptop.

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Dump Usb Files To Hard Drive Automatically

I was wondering if there was a way to automatically dump the contents of a usb drive to a hard drive once it's plugged in. I do a lot of work on my usb drive and it would make my life a lot easier if there was a way that i could have the contents dumped to the hard drive automatically without any interaction.

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Windows Automatically Partitions 200mb Off Of 1.5tb Drive

Windows automatically partitions 200mb off of 1. 5tb drive. It doesn't do this with any of my other drives. Is there something i'm missing as to why this would happen?

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Hp Notebook Keyboard Problem - Keys Automatically Types

I have a problem with my hp notebook keyboard. Out of no where, characters would start typing by itself. For instance, if a bring up notepad, the letter 'a' will start appearing non-stop. And this is random, not specific to one key. Sometimes it evens types out an entire date format.

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Set Lexmark X7675 Printer To Automatically Accepts Faxes

Is it possible to set my lexmark x7675 printer to automatically accepts faxes without it accepting calls? I'd like to know if it's possible to have it accept faxes, but not calls. Is this possible?

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Set Hp Laserjet Printer Envelope Feeder To Automatically Print

How do i set hp laserjet 4250/4350 envelope feeder to automatically print?

Answer:- you have to use the drop down paper tray #1 for envelopes. Go into the printer control panel menu options and find the paper tray setup and set paper tray 1's default paper type to envelope and make sure you select tray #1 as your paper tray in the application print menu when you print, and it should print envelopes automatically. Now if you're trying to do something special, like print envelopes when you print a letter, then that's a whole another ball of wax.

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Setting Printer To Automatically Turn On When Submit Print Job

How can i have my printer automatically turn on when i submit a print job. Hp deskjet f2210? (All in one)? My other printer automatically does.

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Hp Printer Prints Test Page Automatically After Each Print Job

Hp printer 5850 prints a test print automatically after each print command is executed!? I have hp5850 deskjet printer that worked without any problems till i recently changed the black cartridge. It prints without any prompts a "test page" with heavy bars each time after a normal file is printed.could some one please help fix this annoying and paper/ ink wasting phenomenon? I checked the various tabs under "print properties" for any unusual settings. Didn't notice any unusual settings.

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Pen Drive Scan Automatically By Antivirus On Connected To Usb Port ?

Pen drive must be scanned automatically by anti virus software while it connects to usb port?


The functionality you are talking about is available in some anti-virus suites. (I think) if your anti-virus suite doesn't has that functionality then search for any other small application which can help you in this matter.

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Heatsink Install

So i just installed my first heatsink, the infinity, applying the thermal grease was a pain, and i'm not sure i did it correctly. I put a little on the cpu, then used a clean razor to spread it the best i could. It looked like i was scrapping some off in the process, so i put a little more on till i got a semi-even load across the plate. Then i did the same thing for the heatsink, mainly concentrating on the areas where it was going to come in contact with the cpu. (I cleaned it first with some rubbing alcohol and q-tips) but i'm not sure if i tightened down the infinity enough / too much. The motherboard seems to be bending a little. So how / when am in going to be able to tell if i did it correctly? Am i just going to have to wait till i boot up (assuming it boots) and see if the temp is in a reasonable range?

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Cant Install Programs From Cd

I am having a problem i cant install programs/games from a cd i have a dvd rom in my comp but when i go to my computers it says that i have a cd rom so i went to device manager and check it says i have a cd writer which yes i do but where it is supose to say i have a dvd rom it says i have an image simulation scsi cdrom device. Can some one help me get my dvd rom workin and when i try it install programs/games it says i get an error called "crc" error and i cant seem to find out what it is so please help.

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