Mouse And Keyboard Won't Give Signals / Respond

About a month ago my computer started acting very strangly, not giving me an signal from my mouse or keyboard and after a couple of restarts wouldn't give me any display or post when i started it up. I recently decided it was a motherboard/psu issue, and bought brand new mobo and psu. Well now it starts up just fine, but still won't give me keyboard or mouse signals, either from either ps/2 or usb slots, and i know both the mouse and keyboard are working otherwise. The optical mouse turns on, and the keyboard lights flash briefly right on startup, but i can't even enter my bios.considering it's a brand new mobo i assume i have a corrupted windows or something along those lines, though it seems strange that i wouldn't be able to enter setup before startup, so i'm not even sure how i could do a reformat without a working keyboard, any ideas would be very welcome.

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Pc Freeze And Doesn't Respond To Keyboard Or Mouse

I have a problem with a p4 1. 7ghz pc. When win xp starts after about 5 mins the computer freezes. It does not respond to either keyboard or mouse. I suspected that it had some kind of virus and it was about time this system needed a format and a re installation of xp. Booting from the xp cd and starting setup the same thing happens after 5mins. It freezes again. Im suspecting its an hdd problem. There are no beeps during the post either. Any suggestions?

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Pc Screen Freeze And Mouse / Keyboard Don't Respond At All

My computer freezes after about an hour or sometimes earlier after bootup, im not sure but i think it is my ram. Ive got 2 rams, 256 n 512mb ddr ram, when i boot up it says approx 490mb ram, this is cz 32mb is for onboard graphics, so i think my 256mb ram is at faulty, however when i use only the 512mb ram it still freezes after an hour or so, my pc screen jst freezes, the mouse / keyboard dont respond at all.

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Keyboard Does Not Respond After Computer Crashed

My computer crashed yesterday, now when i turn it on, i cannot get the keyboard to respond. First off, the computer is not fully booting, i just get stuck on the factory, hp-screen. Therefore, i cannot enter the bios or the actual boot screen to see what is happening. I tried to boot from my windows cd, but cannot 'press any key' to do so. Anyways, i tried clearing the cmos on the motherboard, and also removing the battery; neither worked. I also tired numerous other keyboards, usb key boards, swapping ports, nothing.

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Keyboard Does Not Respond When Computer Starts Booting

When i boot the lights on the keyboard flash, but once the computer starts booting, the keyboard does not respond. It often just gets cut of in the windows as well. When this happens i just unplug the keyboard and plug it back in. It usually works within few attempts but at times it does not work at all. So i have to restart few times and play around until it does. I tried a different keyboard and everything, but nothing helps.

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Ps/2 Logitech Elite Keyboard Le - Key Respond Time Problem

I recently purchased a (rather cheap) ps/2 to usb converter, for use with my new laptop, which has no ps/2 ports. This adapter has two female connectors, for a ps/2 keyboard and mouse - i only use the keyboard portion, my preferred mouse is usb. It works great - except for this unusual (yet rather problematic) issue, when alternating keys being held down. If i hold one key down, then quickly hold another down and release the first - it will register that second key press for a split second, then pause for an undesirably long amount of time, and then register the keypress as i hold it down. Not particularly easy to explain. It's not so much an issue in everyday typing, but while gaming, it is quite irritating. For example, if i hold down the s key, and quickly press the d key, release the s key while continuing to hold d there is an noticeable delay for d to respond as being 'held down. '

I'm not quite sure what this could attribute to - i assume it's the adapter itself being rather cheap and poorly produced, but i hope there is something that can be done. The keyboard itself is fine when used on any other computer, there is no such delay - nor is there one on the laptop's standard keyboard. I'm running windows vista home premum, and the keyboard is a ps/2 logitech elite keyboard le (wired).

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Wireless Mouse Doesn't Respond For 10 Minutes After Logging On

Has anyone had an issue with the wireless mouse (microsoft intellipoint) which has a hub plugged into the usb port does not respond for the first 10-15 minutes after logging on? I use an ibm thinkpad, it's been doing this for about a month. The wireless keyboard works immediately, but the wireless mouse takes time.

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Problem With Monitor Signals

I'm not sure if it's my computer's fault or the monitor's fault. I got a new lcd monitor just over a month ago at best buy. Everything was working fine. Today i opened up my computer, turned on my monitor, waited for all the loading screen, and everything. But the problem occurs after all the loading. It doesn't get to the windows xp login screen. Instead, my monitor says "no signal" and the light turns yellow and goes on stand by. It's an acer 22" and i'm using dvi plugs. Can this be the problem? Should i try changing it to vga?

Should i go exchange this monitor for a brand new one (of the same model) and see if it works? Will they let me still? Because i didn't do anything to it. Unless one of you can help me out (using my crt right now)?

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Wireless Mice And Crossing Signals

Im trying to set up some usb "microsoft standard wireless optical mice" and several users reported that the mouse receiver signals were crossing and one person was moving another person's mouse pointer in a different cubicle, one person was even able to do so for a good distance away and through several walls. These mice supposedly don't require any software and do not come with any intelipoint cds. Ive tried recreating the signals between receiver and mouse with no luck, any ideas?

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Should I Give Up On Mac And Get A Pc?

I have always had pc's until last year. I got a mac mini because i was tired of dealing with problems with my pc laptops and getting bad tech support. I have tried so hard to get used and to like the mac, but i find it really frustrating all the time. I can't find things. My photos are all messed up from using iphoto. Imovie was hard to use and unimpressive. I can't use the software i need to use without using bootcamp. Stuff like that. Iphoto was the biggest disappointment. I'll never forgive it for making random duplicates and getting my photos out of order. My husband is able to build me a pc desktop and be my own tech support. I can sell the mac mini for a good price since it's less than a year old. I just hope i'm not falling for "the grass is greener on the other side. " Anyone else out there frustrated with macs? So many people i know think they are great, and i just don't get it.

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Suggestions On A Mouse, Keyboard, And A Mouse Pad

I have around $110 to spend on a mouse, keyboard, and a mousepad. Its for gaming so please, if you suggest something, make sure it is good for gaming. My friend has dual opticals on his mouse. He says its great. Also what mousepad should i get? Nothing too fancy please. I kind of want to go wireless btw but some people say it isn't as good for gaming?

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Media Programs Give Unexpected Errors

Any time i open windows media, winamp, or itunes (the only three media players on the computer) i will inevitably get an unexpected error before the program automatically quits. I have tried wiping my registry, updating my drivers, reformatting the hd, got a new hd, and now i'm wondering if maybe my video card or motherboard is the source of the issue. I have also tried running the programs after isolating one ram stick at a time with the same results. I have no problems with startup, running games, or burning dvd's. Ironically, help by the beatles just started playing on the ipod. I desperately want to be able to use my pc for media! Here's what i have:

1. 5 gb of corsair ram

Nvidia gforce4 128mb video card

Gigabyte mobo (not sure on the model #, if it's necessary i can find out. It's a few years old)

Amd athlon xp 2700+ 2. 17 ghz

This is the error signature i get from itunes:
Appname: itunes.exe appver: 7. 1. 1. 5 modname: itunes.exe
Modver: 7. 1. 1. 5 offset: 001d1352

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Two 7950 Video Cards Or One 8800gts - Which Give Better Framerates ?

Got an sli ready mobo. Wondering if it would be better buying 1 gforce 8800gts and run by its self, or get 2 7950's and run in sli mode? Which would give better frame-rates? 8800's are too pricey for me to buy 2 at this time.

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Keyboard And Mouse For Around $30 - $50

As the title says whats a keyboard and mouse for reasonable price around $30-$50 good for gaming and everyday use .

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Keyboard / Mouse Unresponsive

I had put in my usb flash drive, then my computer rebooted, so the computer boots back up, and now the keyboard and mouse functions do not work, i can no longer log into windows. I thought maybe it was a random thing, so i reboot again and it does the same thing, no response from my input devices. So i check to make sure these devices are still working by hooking them up to my other pc, sure enough, they still work. So then i test to see if i can even get into the bios. Well, thankfully i can, so it must be something while booting to windows after the post, cause the computer sees the hardware and lets me use it during setup, but not on the windows login screen. I even tried different ports, and different keyboard and mice ( ps2 and usb ) and they all will not work on this now dysfunctional pc. Can somebody help me as to why this is happening? This is rather strange, i changed no setting. Why working only in bios?

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No Signal, No Mouse, No Keyboard

When i turn on my computer, the lights go on and the fans go on, but nothing else. The monitor light is orange, theres no light on the keyboard, and my optical mouse is not lit. What's going on? I've got an amd athlon 2800+ barton, 512mb ddr, 160gb hdd, radeon 9800 pro.

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Keyboard / Mouse Freeze On Xp

The mouse always works until you try to type something, and then the keyboard and mouse quit working. The computer itself is not frozen. Sometimes the computer has to be restarted 5+ times to get it to work right. Do you think it is an issue with the keyboard, or the ps/2 ports? I could not find a virus. It has a cheap lite-on keyboard and roswill mouse.

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Gaming Mouse And Keyboard For Less Than 50$ Each

I am getting *** with my free keyboard and my $10 mouse, so i need a new combo. What are the better gaming mice and keyboards? I would prefer it to be less than 50$ each. Fire away.

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Mouse Headset And Keyboard Under 30 Each

I'm looking at either the microsoft habu or the razer diamondback, how different is the diamondback in terms of shape since i found the habu to be very comfortable? Headset wise i'm looking at the plantronics gamecom 367 or the sennheiser pc151 headset i don't really like logitech since the last two headsets i've had were logitech and their sound quality has been pretty awful. This combined with the complete lack of durability (one of the earpieces in my current headset died randomly and the other one fell off and refused to reattach) has put me off logitech. I was looking at the saitek eclipse ii or something in that sort of price range. I'm only willing to pay up to 30 for any of the peripherals.

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Bluetooth Keyboard / Mouse

I have a customer looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse but he needs it to go 16 feet without any issues. I think the bt ones can do that no problem but they all seem to cost $200! Does anyone know if there is a decent kit in the $100 range? If not are there non-bt models like the 2. 4ghz ones that can do that range?

I saw some of the logitech wave kits with 2. 4ghz but in the reviews cust said they started having problems over 10 feet. Any suggestions would be great he doesn't want to spend $200+ on a kb/mouse but he needs the range!

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How Is Bluetooth For Mouse / Keyboard ?

I really need a new mouse and or keyboard for my living room. The problem i have been having is that unless the receiver and keyboard are "exactly" lined up sight wise i have problems. I am sitting about 6. 5 feet from the computer. I am thinking about going bluetooth here. Whats the opinions on this?

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Keyboard Mouse Kvm

Is there a kvm that can use a wireless keyboard / mouse combo )example: logitech wave)?

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Convert A Ps/2 Mouse Or Keyboard To Usb

I was wondering if theres any way to convert a ps/2 mouse or keyboard to usb by splicing the wires on an old usb plug?

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Keyboard And Mouse Are Not Working On The Computer

My computer starts up fans are all running dvdrom light comes on cdrom light comes on power unit is light but my monitor, mouse and although it lights up at first my keyborad isnt working. Ive tried taking out the ram and it beeps, ive tried my monitor, keyboard and mouse on another comp and it all works, ive tried other monitors keyboards and another mouse on my comp and i get nothing from them, any clues?

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Wireless Keyboard With Thumbstick Mouse

I need a new keyboard, recommended the lite on sk-7100 to my bro in law years ago and he loves it connected to a dell optiplex in his entertainment center to the 50" pioneer elite plasma, anyway that was years ago, i cant find that keyboard or a sk-7551 for sale anywhere, anyone else make the keyboard with thumbstick mouse? In black, where to buy?

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Use Logitech Mouse And Keyboard On The Same Receiver

I just bought a g7 cordless mouse. And i have a logitech keyboard. Is it possible to use both the mouse and the keyboard on the same receiver? The keyboard did not come with the mouse. I already had the keyboard. Will i have to have two receivers?

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Bios Does Not Detect Keyboard And Mouse

The bios in my pc does not detect key board and mouse. They are fine as they work on other pc , and i've tryed other keyboards, the same result. It's asking me to press f1 or f2 to load bios defaults but i can't cos keyboard does not function, but it does one flash at the start when i push power button. Is it keyboard port problem, is any way to fix it?

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Using One Keyboard / Mouse For Two Computers At Same Time

I know what you're thinking: kvm, but i want to control both (computers) systems at the same time with the keyboard / mouse, not switch between them. Anybody know if such a device exists that allows this?

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Wireless Mouse And Keyboard - Suggestions

I need a wireless mouse and keyboard set for my laptop when i am at home and not traveling, but i cannot decide which one i want. I don't want to spend more than $50 and my laptop has blue tooth, so that is an option as well. Any suggestions would be great.

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Kvm Switch For Keyboard And Mouse

If i use a kvm switch for my two computers to save some desk space instead of having 2 keyboards and two mice would the kvm introduce any input lag into the systems?

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