Norton Security Is Corrupt And Won't Open

When i click norton security it says it is corrupt and wont open. What does this mean and what can i do? "The file or directory c: is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the chkdsk utility. " Oh crap. Do i have a virus? On my security system!?

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Lexmark Printer Will Not Work After Install Norton Internet Security

I just installed norton internet security 2010 and now my wireless lexmark printer will not work. What settings do i need to change to allow my printer to work?

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Norton Or Kaspersky Antivirus, Which Is Better ?

Which is better norton or kaspersky anti virus? I am planning to buy an anti-virus but i am confused. I have heard norton slows down your pc, is it true? I want anti-virus which will detect all kind of spy-wares and sometimes i feel that i have been key-logged, i feel that everything i type gets recorded in someone else's pc which anti virus & which version of the anti virus will take care of this problem. I have avg free edition right now but i am not satisfied with it.

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I Have Installed Norton 360 And My Cd Drives Gone

Sorry but no it has not vanished from thin air, i mean from my computer. I istalled it then ran it an gone to install microsoft office an boom no d drive. I have a norton back up drive under other devices but no disk drive? Any ideas guys?

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Norton Ghost Backup Over Network

My problem is that i am trying to back up my sisteres hdd onto a hdd i use for backups. But i get stuck on the lan card config option. Does anyone know how to complete this step or where to get the necessary drivers from. The network card is an integrated nvidia network controller on a nforce 2 asus a7n8x deluxe v2.

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Norton Like Software For Disk / Error Checking

I used to have norton utilities installed on my xp box, but have since gone to win7 and no longer touching norton products with a 20m pole. I did, however, really enjoy norton win doctor and their disk checker. What is comparable (free or for charge) software for win7 - that has a thorough disk/error checker, and defrag (or is win7 defrag good enough). What about a norton win-doctor-like utility? Or is that probably not needed anymore.

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Copying New Hard Drive Problem With Norton Ghost

I just purchased a hitachi 60 gb hard drive and an external usb hard drive enclosure. I formatted the hard drive and then used norton ghost 2005 to copy the old hard drive i had to the new hard drive. After a successful copy i installed the new hard drive. It booted fine into windows xp and then i came up to the log on screen. I typed my user-name and password then i pressed enter then it logged me out immediately and brought me to the log on screen again. This really annoyed me because i've been trying so hard to copy my hard drive to the new hard drive and get it to boot and finally when it does boot i can't get passed the log on screen. Can anybody help?

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Dell Laptop With A Free Lifetime Norton Subscription Worth Keeping ?

I never planned to have norton running on any of my computers because of its space hogging features. But three years ago, i bought a refurbished laptop from a computer technician who has access to lots of software freebies including a free lifetime subscription to norton, which he installed on my refurbished dell when i bought it. It's the third year i'm using it, and i've never been asked to renew my subscription, so it looks like it's a real deal. Question is, it is still norton, and still a large program. Worth keeping because it's free (until the computer breaks down), or switch to a free ware security program?

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Corrupt Hard Drive

I have a gateway pc with windows xp home ( 2000 edition) and i believe that my hard drive is faulty and ridden with a virus. My computer will turn on and the screen i get is a huge screen that shows only the close windows icon. I am=ble to click on that but that is it. This happened after i tried to repair xp with the recovery cd. I have researched on line and have found a product called hdd regenerator 1. 51 on a site called abstradrome. It claims that this is a fix for faulty hard drives. I also found a product called ultimate boot cd for windows. I am hoin this will help me get back my files and data. If any one has any information, experience or advice please let me know. I would like to fix this problem soon and hopefully recover my data.

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Security With A Flash Drive

I would like to do something that is i'm sure impossible, but i want to find out how close i can get for a windows configuration. I travel with sensitive information and need to access the web when i travel, usually with my own laptop, but not always. What i'd like to do is put that information on an encrypted flash drive that would be almost impossible to hack so that i can just carry it with me in my pocket. What would be really cool, would be to be able to put my browser on that same flash drive. That way i wouldn't have to worry about cached pages of information, they'd all be on the encrypted flash. I'm thinking a 4 gig flash would hold everything i need. Ok, probably an impossible wish list, but how close can i get?

Oh, a p. S. Is there such a thing as something that would destroy the data if someone fails on password or fingerprint scan, say 5 times? That would be the ultimate.

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Router Security Problem

A friend of my is renting a room and uses the router of her landlord. However, he put up a security program to prevent visiting inappropriate site. This causes a lot of problem because she can't even visit other site who are not inappropriate, like youtube, facebook or checking her e-mail. She talked to her landlord, but he never does anything about it. So she asked me if i could take a look at her internet. I am currently studying information engineering and asked some guys from my school if they know how to deal with this security program. They said that i should access the router and then turn down the program. So far, no problems. However, i figured out that the router is protected by a user name and password which her landlord won't give me. It's 30% chance that it's admin admin, but what if this doesn't work?

Does anyone know a solution how to gain acces to the router, or an alternative solution for this problem? And please no answers about me doing bad stuff, i hate hacking and don't wanna do it for personal gain.

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Saving A Corrupt Usb Drive

I got a 512mb drive a while ago and it was working nicely until i screwed up yesterday and pulled it from my desktop without clicking the "safely remove this drive" button. I inserted it earlier to get some pictures off of it and shuttle some music to my ps3, but everything was corrupted. Kudos to "recuva" for saving some files for me. So i tried to delete the corrupted data and it says "disk is write-protected". So i figure: "i have all of the data i want, screw the rest, i'll reformat it. ". It gave me the same [disk is write-protected] error. I tried "killdisk" only to find the drive will not allow access. I boot to my xp install disk to delete the partition and create a new one, but i get another error to the same effect as the earlier one "disk is write-protected". I downloaded ubuntu 8. 04 bootable iso(so far i am liking the os and now plan to install it on my ps3). I was following some more instructions i got off google which didn't pan out. I was trying to access it to prepare to format it and i get an "unable to open" error. Nothing i have tried works. Anyone have any idea about how to fix this drive? It's a "no-name" generic usb 2. 0 drive.

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Biomatric ( Identification Security For Hardware )

Can u give me a idea how to make a computer with biometric? I want to convert this 2 hardware become one.

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Header Does Not Match The Checksum Corrupt

My friend just called me saying his laptop stopped working. He had ubuntu and winxp on the hd i believe and said he went to update directx. After doing so he starting getting a message about

Header does not match the checksum corrupt this is xp image shell is possibly corrupt

Shell32.dll is what he said the problem was with. Sorry for sketchy details, his cell reception is awful so i didn't quite get what he was saying. Any thoughts for a solution? I told him just reinstall but he said he has files he doesn't want to lose.

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Security Camera Feed Recorder

Here's my problem, i have 3 wireless cameras that have component a/v jacks. But i want to record the feed on a computer that i can access remotely. So i want to know what hardware i need to make this possible, and what software if any i need. I have a 200$ budget limit. I already have a computer with an 80 gb hd and 256 mb ram, 2. 5 ghz. Will these specs be enough to record at least 12 hours while running other programs. And will i end up buying 3 tv tuner cards?

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Corrupt Data From Drive Recovery

I have a big problem. I accidentally formatted and reinstalled windows vista on my wife's laptop and lost all of her data. I was able to get the most important data back (55gb), using getdataback, however, when i go to open any of the files, they are all corrupt. Is there any program i can use to fix these files?

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Security Wireless Ip Camera Question

I have a friend with a restaurant that would like to have some security cameras installed and be able to look at them from home when he would like to. I don't know much about them but the restaurant isnt that big and needs 10 cameras 2 of them would need to be able to have somewhat night vision. I figured wireless ip cameras would be a good solution. Right now the place is half ass wired with cameras that go to a little tv in the back but i don't think its possible for him to view the current setup through home. Does anyone here have experience with this kind of equipment and could recommend some decent wireless solutions? We would like to stay as cheap as possible, but will fork out the cash if needed.

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Corrupt Screen - Post / Bios

Last night i had a nasty computer crash (comp in signature) while playing l4d. I was oc'd to 3. 8ghz, so immediately i went to bios to reset my settings to default. During the process i noticed garbage on my screen during post, and when i got into bios and was seeing random characters / garbage all over the screen. I don't know what to make of this. Another bit of info that might hint at what's going on; the previous night i was also playing l4d, and while my system didn't crash, my video card was getting extremely hot. I normally keep my 4870x2's fan speed at 45% while in game, but this wasn't enough and and my card automatically increased it's fan speed on it's own to compensate. I checked my temps and while my first gpu was showing normal-high temps, under 100c, the memio sensor (through everest) was registering at 145c!

I immediately cranked my fan to 100% - but kept playing. One other note, i'm using a modded bios. Please help me figure out what to do.

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Remove Security Suite Virus

Got a dell studio laptop which is infected with security suite, currently using malwarebytes any tips? Working in safe mode, doing a full scan of the system using malwarebytes, the virus is called security suite, i was wondering if anyone has any tips on just how to get rid of it, because it's so annoying the only site i could of got it from would be imvu which is a virtual chat thing. But even i thought that was reliable also it's shut down my mcafee firewalls and all my computer protection, including my windows firewalls, .

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Nvatabus.sys Is Missing Or Corrupt

I did windows updates, and then i restarted when it prompted me to. Then on start-up, it says this: windows cannot start because the following file is missing or corrupt: system32/drivers/vatabus.sys

You can attempt to by inserting the original windows cd blah blah. So i put in the cd, and try to get it to boot off it, and it doesn't work, just keeps going back to this error. All i want to do is reformat my hard-drive and install windows xp again, thats it! I can't boot in safe-mode. I have a dfi nf4 lan party ultra-d, and i set the primary boot device to cd-rom. Also, i have a sata hdd. Anyone know any solutions?

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Recover Corrupt Hard Drive

I have a western digital 1tb hard drive which i accidentally dropped yesterday. Since then, at first it would keep connecting and disconnecting. The sound effect that windows plays when something connects or disconnects would keep repeating. Now, it says location not found, w: is not accessible, and parameter is incorrect. It says i can't access the disk without formatting it. Which i haven't done. If it matters, it remembers that it's w:, and it remembers that it's a my book (the name of it from western digital). That's about it though, it doesn't remember what i named it (what it said in my computer) or anything else. It just says local disk. I don't know if i should do error-checking or something like that. I'm just not touching anything without advice. There are a lot of programs suggested online that recover drives, but i don't know where to start. I don't want to risk what was on the drive, which is *possibly* replaceable stuff, but i want to recover it if i can. If anybody could help my situation, please do! I was in immediate shock when i saw that it wasn't reading. I also don't have much money to spare on this, so if there are any solutions, preferably free, that would be great. Lots of thumbs up and down please so i know who has good words of advice.

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Wireless Camera Security System

A wireless security camera system has a number of cameras that transmit back to a receiver, the receiver then records or connects to a recorder to save the video. There are several kinds. 1 is a four camera system like this one that has a one channel receiver, so each camera shows for a few seconds and then it switches to the next. This is a good system if you are watching but not so good if you are recording while you are not home. Because when you record you only get each camera for a few minutes and if something happens in front of another camera you don't get it recorded. Plus you need to get a separate recorder. 2 is a 4 camera system that has a four channel receiver and a dvr built in like this one it will record all four cameras a ta one time so you don't need to watch all the time. And it has the built in dvr recorder so you don't need extras. 3 is a ip based security system look at this camera it comes with software so you can record them into your computer and set them up with a wireless router. No matter what kind of wireless system you need to power the cameras. Either with batteries of plug in the wall. The camera send a wireless video signal but power cannot be transmitted through the air.

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Corrupt Laptop Video Card

A few weeks ago, i accidentally shut down my laptop while it was installing some updates, one of them being for the graphics card (geforce go 6150). The next day, i started up my computer and every time it turned on, it would turn back off. After about 10 trys it finally started up normally. Then, the day after that, i started up my computer once more and i wouldn't start up (screen stays black for 30sec and then reboots and same thing). I had to start it up, then shut it down and then start it up again for it to work. Then when i starts up, it works fine but then the screen stays black and nothign happens. However safemode works. I re-installed the os and again it wouldn't start up correctly unless i shut it down and start it back up again quickly, in which case it worked. But after installing the drivers for the video card, it wouldn't start up anymore. I uninstalled the drivers and now it works but, with that start up issue. Any suggestions?

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Using Usb Flash Drive For Security Keys

I'm looking for a usb flash drive that i will be using to store the ff:

* Security keys for my servers. * Other mission critical files. I'll be carrying around in my pocket or lanyard (if that helps).

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Bios Is Scrambled Showing Corrupt Display

My buddy who is very knowledgeable in building computers helped me put my first one together. But when we power it up, the bios is scrambled (meaning i can hardly read any of it) its not my lcd b/c it works fine with my old pc. We believe it is the right version 1. 008 or something like that. I have never built my own pc before, but i know most of the language.

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Security - Put A Password On Folder - Win Xp

Im using windows xp professional, i have only 1 computer but were 5 users who use this computer, i just want to know, how i can put a password on my own folder, so noone can access it.

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Wireless Security - How To Enable The Wep Key ?

Could any one tell me how to enable the security on a wireless connection. I have a dlink g604t i just don't understand how to enable the wep key. I am sure some one else is using my un-secured connection. Can any one help?

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Error: Windows Could Not Start Because The Following File Is Missing Or Corrupt

I have windows xp, however it wont load and says:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt;
Windows/system32/config/system. File

It says i can repair this file by starting windows set up using the original setup cd rom select r at first screen, i cannot find original disc, so i have bought a new one, but it will not load.

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Is Security Software Included In Usb Flash Drive ?

I bought one from ocuk. Today i was browsing along and went on the newegg site for the same product. It says there "includes truecrypt security software, which enables aes-256-bit encryption, hidden and password protected partitions. " I assume that corsair's flash drives are the same whether bought from ocuk or from newegg or whatever. Now i don't know if i'm going to say something stupid - but i hadn't known of any software on my flash drive and the first thing i did when it arrived was plug it in usb port and format it. Does that mean i lost, something?

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Hard Drive Corrupt ? Random Blue Screens Of Death

Earlier today i started getting random blue screens of death. After reboots and check disk i uninstalled windows 7 and installed windows vista. I left everything on my storage drive untouched. After installing vista everything seemed back to normal until i tried to move some stuff from my storage drive over to the main os drive. The blue screens of death starting popping out again and random errors. It's very frustrating since i have a lot of important stuff in this storage drive and it seems like i have to reformat. But before i do i am wondering if anyone knows the exact problem.

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