Wireless Printer Will Not Stay Connected

My wireless printer will not stay connected!? Every time i go to print something on my wireless printer it says its not responding. Two days ago i had this problem and i did an update for the printer and it worked but now its having the same problem. There are no other computers connected to it. I know my mom turns off the printer every night could that be the problem? Im sure this is a simple pebcac problem but its important all the same!

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Stay Connected To Internet When Go To Another State

I want to go to another state and i want to take my laptop is there a way i can stay connected to internet. ?


You'll need a service that provides nationwide internet service. At&t, sprint, verizon, and others offer this.

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Printer On A Wireless Network Without Having It Connected To Computer

Okay so my family wants to buy a printer that can be used on our wireless network without having it connected to a computer (so the computer doesn't have to be on, they won't leave computers on). Anyways my father was wanting to get a fax/copier/printer combo. Do printers today have like a wireless antenna that can get on a wireless network? Is there an attachment that will put it on a wireless network? Or can we connect it directly to the wireless router? And, which way is the best way?

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Wireless Connected But Not Working

I have 2 laptops. Both are dell. Both are connected to the internet but one works and the other doesn't. I've been trying a lot of stuff to make it work and it doesn't. And the thing is that they both used to work at the same time. Now the first laptop seems to have a problem. Can you help me ?

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Can Pc Connected To Wireless Network Router Via Ethernet Will Work ?

Can a desktop be part of a wireless home network if it is connected to a router via ethernet?

Answer:- not only can it, but it's a good idea. Letting wireless computers get to the router's administration pages is just asking to have the network hijacked out from under you by an unscrupulous neighbor. Wireless administration should be turned off, and only cabled computers allowed to get to the admin pages.

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Using Printer Connected By Wifi

How do you use your printer connected by wifi? I have just recently connected my printer to my wifi connection but i don't get how to use it now?

Answer:- my printer is wireless as well. What you do is load the disk into your laptop, or whatever your device is, then follow the instructions on there. Mine has me connect with a usb cable. After that, it'll instruct you to connect wirelessly with the network you use. I always have a problem with when i change my network. It has to stay with the same network or else it won't print.

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Computer Connected To Printer But Is Not Printing

My computer is connected to my printer but is not printing?

Do you have it set as your default printer? By following the steps, first go to:
Control panel
Left click the printer icon
Make sure there is a check above your printer
If not, left click the printer icon
Click the word printer
Add a check to set as default printer.

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Printing From Laptop Through Printer Connected To Pc

I am trying to print from my laptop through the printer connected to my pc. I have wireless internet. So far i tried this after searching around in the internet. Both printer and pc are vista and printer is canon. I did "start" then "printers and faxes". Select the printer and right click, click "sharing" then "share this printer" then "ok". Now go to your laptop and click "start", "printers and faxes", on the far left click "add printer", click "next" then "network printer", click "browse", i tried doing this and the printer isnt showing up.

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Print From Printer That Is Connected To Another Computer

How do i print off a printer that is connected to another computer? I have a modem that both computers are plugged into. The printer is plugged into one of them. I downloaded the driver for both computers. I want to print stuff from the computer that the printer isn't connected directly to. Answer:- let's call the computer that the printer is attached to, a, and the other computer as b. Enable file / printer sharing on a. Mark the printer on a as shared (put a password is better). Install the printer driver on b. Make sure a and b are on the same workgroup/domain/network (i.e. They can see each other in network neighborhood or whatever it's called nowadays). Browse to the network/workgroup from b, and find the shared printer, then connect to it. Now you should be able to print to it.

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Printing To Printer Connected To Mac Through Pc

Alright so i have been having this problem that has been going on for a few days now. Every night after i get home from school i spend hours trying to figure out how to get my windows 7 laptop to print to my printer that is connected to my imac. Now, my imac is not connected to my wireless router. My imac is connected to my router using airport and the printer is connected to my imac via usb. I have installed the printer through windows and then ran the drivers and the printer is on my computer. I go to print and in the queue all it says is "spooling" and it stays like that for about 5, maybe 10 minutes and then disappears and nothing ever prints. So then i installed bonjour on my pc and ran that. It installed the printer again, but this time with a different name. I figured it would work because its an official apple thing, and well, i assumed it would fix the problem. But it did not. So i have tried troubleshooting, nothing works. I have printer sharing checked off on my mac settings. I also have smb sharing for windows computers. If it makes a difference, i can access my windows computer as a server through my imac to share files. Don't know if that changes anything. So yea, if anyone might know how to help me here i would greatly appreciate it. I have been struggling with this for days now and all i want is my setup to work correctly.

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Cannot Access Printer Connected To Network Computer

Why can i not access a printer connected to another networked computer, even though i can access its documents? I have a desktop that has two printers connected to it via usb. The desktop is configured for network access, and is accessible by every computer in the house. I have three laptops with a wireless connection. All three can successfully connect to the desktop and see it's documents and connected printers. Only two of these three laptops can access the printer and print on it. The two laptops that can print have windows 7 and vista. The third laptop that cannot print has vista. It can see the desktop, it can connect to the desktop, it can see files, read files, and create files on the desktop. However, when i try to add the printer from the desktop to the list of printers on the laptop, it says access denied - however the other two laptops added the printer fine and can print without any trouble. Again, this one laptop that can't print seems to have full access to the desktops files. Any idea how to get this third laptop to add and send print jobs to the printer connected to the desktop "hub" computer? Because "add a new printer" button isn't working and continues to give me errors.

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Print From Printer Connected To Computer From Laptop

I have a printer connected to my computer. I wish to print a document from my laptop (windows vista) directly from the computer-connected printer. From my laptop, when i tried to install a new printer through my wireless network the printer's name isn't listed, and when i searched for it through the tcp/ip address it doesn't show up. I also tried to go to the "network and sharing center" and turned 'on' printer sharing, but when i tried printing and error cropped out. Does anyone know how i can solve this problem?

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Printing From Laptop Not Connected To Printer But Through Other Computer

How to print from a laptop that is not connected to a printer, but another computer is connected to it? I have a windows xp laptop that is not connected to my printer, but i have a desktop computer(windows 7) that is connected to the printer. The laptop is connected to my wireless network. The printer is not a wireless printer. How do i get my laptop to print?

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Connecting Windows 7 To Printer Connected Via Usb To Xp Pc

Connecting windows 7 to a printer that is connected via usb to windows xp pc? I have a computer that i recently installed windows 7 on, and before that both computers were connected to a printer on a windows xp machine, and it printed perfectly (by sharing the printer). I wish to do the same on windows 7 pc, i just don't know how.

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Computer Will Not Stay Off

I have an asus p6t deluxe v2 with a core i7 920 and 12gb of ddr3 ram. I am running windows 7 rc1 x64 and whenever i go to shut down my pc, put it to sleep or hibernate it will stay in the proper mode (sleep, hibernate, shutdown etc. ) For about 20 seconds and then it will turn right back on. I have to flip the switch on the psu to keep it turned off.

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Output Supercalc 5 In Windows Xp To Usb Connected Printer

How can you output supercalc 5 running in windows xp to a usb connected printer. ? Supercalc 5 apparently has the inherant limitation of outputting only to a parallel connected printer. Is there a way around this limitation to permit use of a usb connected printer?

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Connected 120v Printer To 220v Power Voltage

What will happen if i connected a120v printer to a 220-240v extension? I live in sri lanka where the voltage is 220-240v and i bought a printer from ebay (epson workforce 610), from a seller in the us but i did not know it was 120v. I used a separate power cord from my other printer because the i did not have an extension supporting the plug supplied originally. The printer worked fine for about one minute but suddenly i heard a sound (not loud) and some smoke came from under the printer but the printer was working, i instantly unplugged the printer from the extension. Then the smoke stopped, i haven't switched on the printer after that. I want to know whether can use the printer again by using a voltage converter, whether the fuse has broken and whether i can put a new fuse to my printer and use it again.

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Printer Usb Device Connected To This Computer Has Malfunctioned

Ok so i was installing two printers (officejet 6000 (e609)) at my work today. The first one set up well and did the auto alignment print but when i put the install disk in and was prompted to insert the usb cable the bubble popped up and said "a usb device connected to this computer has malfunctioned, " and the installation could not proceed because it didn't recognize the printer. The second printer installed fine so i know the setup i did was not the problem. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Also what is the hp printer support number for canada?

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Print From Laptop To Printer Connected To Computer With Usb Cable

How do i print from my laptop to a printer that's connected to a regular computer with a usb cable? I have a laptop in my room and we have a printer in another room. The printer is connected to a regular desktop computer via usb cable. How can i print from my laptop?

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How Do I Stay Logged In At A Forum While Using A Proxy ?

How do i stay logged in at a forum while using a proxy? When i try to post, it logs me out. Would i have to make cookies enabled while using a proxy, and if so, how would i do that?

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Get Macbook Pro To Stay With Same Connection

How do i get my macbook pro to stay with the same connection? Every time i turn my macbook off or sleep and i open it back up it always connects to our neighbors (who don't have a password). So every time i have to wait to choose our internet and type in the password which for some reason it won't remember. How can i get it to automatically connect to our wireless and remember the password? I hit save password but it doesn't work.

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Lexmark Wireless Printer Without Having A Wireless Network

Can a lexmark wireless printer be used on a system that hasn't got a wireless network? I mean as just a normal printer via a u s b lead.

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Connecting Wireless Printer Over Wireless Network

How do i connect to a wireless printer over a wireless network? I am using a hp zv6000 trying to connect to a hp c6180 over a wireless network. I am connected to the network that the printer is on. Other computers on the network are able to access the printer, yet when i run the wizard it wont find it. My computer is running xp.

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Mouse Cursor Does Not Move And Stay Still On The Screen

I have a standard mouse ps/2, i try to move the mouse and the curser doesen't move on screen at all. All the curser does is stay still, what should i do.

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Computer Won't Stay Powered Off

An out of the blue problem, whenever i try to shut down my computer or put it in sleep mode, it'll just fire right back up. It'll go through the shut down process, power off for a second, and then immediately fire back on. However, if i hold down the power button on the computer, it will stay off. Only when i try to shut down through windows 7 does it fire back up. I updated my mobo's bios to latest version and that didn't help. The only thing i can think of is there's a device in my device manager that is turning the computer back on, however this has only started a week ago so if this was the case wouldn't it have always been doing this? Any help is much appreciated! Build in sig but here's a summary:

Windows 7 64x rc1
E8500 cpu
Asus p-5q e
Xfire radeon 4850

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Mouse Light And Nums Lock Stay Lit When Pc Is Off

I have recently fitted a k7s741gxmg-6l mobo as a replacement for my asus a7n266-vm. I am using all the original peripheral components e.g keyboard & mouse etc. Which all worked fine with my old setup. I have the usual niggles that i am working thro', but the wife thinks this one is the most important one and has to be sorted first under pain of death and the withdrawal of certain privilages, so here goes. When i switch off the pc, the light on the optical mouse stays lit as does the num lock light on the keyboard. Both plug into the ps/2 ports. The keyboard & mouse were bundled with the pc when i bought it 4 years ago and are from the logitech intili range. I have installed drivers for both but no change. I canít find anything in bios which might change this. Any ideas anyone?

Computer specifications:

Foxconn k7s741gxmg-6lp mobo
Phoenix-award bios 741m01 version 0. 5
Chipset sis741gx + 963l
Amd athlon xp 2400+ 2000mhz
512mb ram pc2100
Maxtor 6y120l0 120gb hdd ata133
Floppy drive (generic)
Atapi cd-rw 52x max
Sony dvd-rom ddu1612
Radeon 9100 agp 64mb graphics card
Softk56 data fax speakerphone carp modem
Generic 350w atx psu
Windows xp home sp2

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Hp C4580 Wireless Printer - Where To Download Printer Drivers ?

I have bought the hp c4580 wireless printer but am unable to install it onto my laptop due to broken cd drive, where can i download the printer drivers instead of using the cd method.

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Hp Printer Says "scanning" Then It Says Usb Not Connected

Unable to use hp printer to scan. It says "scanning" for a moment, then it says usb not connected. Answer:- have you checked that you don't have a bad usb cable? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the printer?

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Hp J4550 Printer Wireless

How and can i make my hp printer j4550 all-in-one wireless? Is it possible to? And if so, do i need to buy anything?

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Making Printer Wireless

I want to make my pinter wireless, i have a hp lazerjet printer which has usb support, i was wondering if i could achieve wireless printing if i buy 2 regular usb -> bluetooth connectors, attach 1 to my printer and one to my computer. If it is possible how should i go about it? I mean what softwares etc would i require for printing? Has anyone here tried such a thing?

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