Slow Format Time For Usb Flash Drives

Ever since i started using vista, one of the big annoyances i've had is the really slow format time for usb flash drives, usb / firewire connected hard drives and flash cards (sd cards, memory sticks, compact flash cards in respective usb card readers). I've been experiencing this on three different pc's running different versions of vista. Pc1 is running vista business w/ sp1. It's a dell w/ a q6600, 2gb of ram and a 320gb sata hard drive. Pc2 is running vista home premium w/ sp1. Has an asus a8n-sli deluxe, athlon 3500+, 2gb of ram and a 120gb sata hard drive. Pc3 is running vista ultimate x64 w/ sp1. Asus p5q-em, q6600, 8gb of ram, 300gb velociraptor + 150gb raptor. I've tried formatting usb flash drives, usb / firewire connected hard drives and flash cards (in usb card readers) on all three pcs. Tried on pc1 and pc2 before and after sp1 was installed and on the 3rd computer only after sp1 was installed. In all cases, formatting these devices takes forever. With pc2 and 3 running windows xp, formatting these devices was extremely fast. In all cases, i did not choose the quick format. Anyone know of a fix for this?

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Format A Vonage Usb Flash Drive

I have a vonage usb flash drive that was our voip phone for a few days. It has a mini headphone jack (the same as a cell phone) on the side for talking with it. I now have a vonage router so we can use our house phone. Much better, but now i want to format the usb drive to remove all vonage info from it. I formatted it but all the vonage stuff is still hidden on it. And it auto loads the phone drivers and stuff every time i plug it in. I tried norton partition magic to do it but it wouldnt recogonize a flash drive. Any ideas on how i can wipe it totally clean? I am gonna use it to soft mod my xbox. And have already made the wire to connect it. It works fine on my xbox. But it still auto loads vonage software and drivers when i put it in my computer.

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Usb Flash Drive Speed Is Very Slow

I need a larger usb flash drive and was wondering what people would suggest. I have a 4gb drive now, but need something bigger. I have noticed that the transfer rate to my drive is very slow and was wondering if that has to do with the usb technology or because of my drive. I'd like one that transfers as fast as possible, but if they all transfer at the same speed, then so be it.

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Metal Usb Flash Drives

My biggest problem with flash drives is that they don't survive very long and end up dieing to normal wear&tear very quickly. Or, at least, that's what's been happening to the ones i've had over the years. I just bought a new one two months ago, and now the swivel's cracked. Which leads to my question: is there any metal usb drive with no swivels or anything fancy, just a small case which i can attach a ring to?

Something similar to this, but not made from plastic.

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Usb Polling And Flash Drives

I bought an lg electronics 1 gb flash drive. It didn't work right, however i didn't discover that fact right away. I plugged it in to the usb port and logged on. It showed up fine, and i copied some files to it. When i plugged it into another machine, it never showed up in the drive list. I rebooted the machine, it showed up and i copied the files. Then unplugged it, went back to the other machine, where it did not show up. I logged out and logged back in and there it was. Unplugged again, and plugged it back in and it didn't show up. What signal polls the usb and how often does it poll?
Is the polling for login, boot and periodic different is some respect?
Do flash drives go bad?Are they recoverable?
How long should a flash drive last?

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Are Usb Flash Drives Supposed To Get Hot ?

I've been recently noticing that my usb flash drive would get pretty hot from having it plugged into the computer. I think it's entirely possible that it has always done this and that somehow i've just been oblivious to it. But maybe this is a recent development? It might have not been as hot whenever i would use it before. I'm not sure. Do you guys think that it's possible that a dying usb flash drive would become hotter than usual?

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Cheapest Place To Get Usb Flash Drives

Im looking to get a few usb flash drives. Wheres the cheapest place to pick up at. Newegg has them cheap but i was wondering if there was anyplace that had them cheaper. They need to have readyboost too. Prefferably 2gb to 8gb.

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What Causes Usb Flash Drives To Be Faster / Slower ?

Lately i feel i have a good understanding of what makes ssd disk drives run fast or slow from model to model. However i've seen similar behavior from usb flash drives (some are zippy across the entire capacity; others slow to a crawl once you load them up with some files). Any idea what the basic design of such a device is such that some devices can sustain 30mb/sec reads and writes until the device runs out of space, while others quickly run out of steam, and still others were never fast to begin with?

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Is It Worth Waiting For New Usb 3.0 Flash Drives?

Looking to get a 16gb usb flash drive and was going to buy a patriot xplorer xt for write speeds and price (about $35) but am wondering if i should wait a month or two and get a usb 3. 0 version. I've googled and didn't see too many usb 3. 0 flash drive announcements at ces other than expensive raid or ssd versions. I figure there has to be a refresh of the dongle flash drives for 3. 0 but don't know if this will mean any meaningful increase in write speeds. If there is a refresh then i would think at least the initial run will be faster than the current crop. Anyone know of upcoming releases, speed and prices?

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Sources For Buy Usb Flash Drives

I'm looking for a 64gb flash drive. On ebay i've seen prices all over the map from $20 - $299. I'm tempted by the $20 ones, but i know those are fake (i've been bitten too many times by fake memory)

So, i ask, does anyone have suggestions for inexpensive sources for flash drives? (Known-good ebay sellers work too, i've learned feedback is only slightly better than worthless as only 1 out of 200 will say "fake drive!" (Probably bc most of them have never filled the drive to capacity and seen it was fake. ))

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Usb Flash Drives - 120 X 180 X 200 X, Etc

Does a chart exist anywhere of the different memory types and speeds used in most of the major usb flash drives? does a great review of read/write speeds every few years, but i'm wondering if there is a "bigger" chart somewhere. Maybe somebody is keeping track? On another note, do faster ones last longer or less? Knowing what it used in each flash would help (mlc, slc, 10k, 100k, 1m write cycles, etc)

If i'm going usb flash drive hunting, i might as well get the best ones.

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Storage Lifetime Reports On Usb Flash Drives

Anyone seen reports/studies on how long usb flash drives last in storage? If i save some documents/images to the drive, how long can i expect them to last without becoming corrupted?

I'm just curious how these stack up to hard drives. I know cd/dvds don't last very long unless you "archival quality" (whether they're actually any better, though, who knows?).

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A-data Speedy Compact Flash 32 Gb Format Issue

I also bought the 32gb a-data speedy cf but i didnt format it when i first bought it. After taking millions of photos on my sony a300 i was trying to upload the pics onto the computer. I was asked to "format" at the time which i selected "yes". Now the problem is all the pics are gone and there are only 7. 38gb formated from the 32gb. Please help me to get my important pics back if not at least the full capacity.

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Advanced Format (4k) Drives And Raid

So i have an adaptec 51245 controller in a machine running server 2008 (not r2). Any anticipated problems using the new western digital advanced format "ears"-model drives in a raid array?

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Bsod - Unable To Format Drives

I am going trough a nightmare with my pc that has worked great for the last 2 years, but some weeks ago i started getting bsod so bad that i decided to do a reinstall of xp/win7 rc1 but i was
Unable to do that. Xp installation would fail and would not let me format my drives. Win7 installation would bsod after few minutes with either stop:

0x00000024 or 0x00000050

I tried so far: 2 different os, 4 different hard drives (2 sata, 2 ide), swapped my 4 sticks of ram, tried with 3 different graphic cards. Well. To the point that i decided it was the case to rma my mobo. Today i received an email from rma people saying that they checked it out and found no problems, they successfully installed xp and stress tested it. They are sending it back to me. Now i really have no idea what else to try, the only thing it comes in mind is the psu and the cpu, but i dont know, it sounds strange. Any suggestion much appreciated. P5n-e sli
2x1 + 2x2gb corsair ddr2 6400
Tagan 580w

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Cd Drives Not Read Any Cds After Format

I got a new psu from newegg this morning. I added it to the machine and booted it up. Windows would not let me activate, so i formatted the hard driver. Now i try to install windows again, but neither of my two cd drives read any i cd i put into them. There is not a single logical explanation for this.

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Areca 1680ix Time Out Error With Ssd Drives

I recently purchased and installed an areca 1680ix-12 raid controller on my new system. I am using an asus p6t deluxe v2 with a core i7 920 processor & 12gigs of kingston hyperx. I have 5 super talent ssdís (ftm16gl25h) configured in a raid 5 on the areca. I was able to create and build the array without any trouble. I started the win7 installation and when prompted installed the storport driver for the areca. Iím using the win7 x64 driver from the areca website. Everything started fine. However, the installation eventually error out during the "expanding files" stage. Somewhere around 29%. I took a look at the event viewer on the areca and i noticed that the ssd drives were the issue. It showed that the ssdís encountered a "time out error". The array was still in a "normal" not "degraded" state. Thinking that something must have gone wrong along the way. I deleted the array, rebuilt it again and attempted to reinstall win7. The same thing happened. The install errored out again. This time it got to 13% before failing. Checked the logsame thingtime out error on the drives. So, i decided to do some further testing. I have a 4 disk san running seagate sas mechanical drives. I connected it to the areca and installed win7 without any issues. Iíve been running the system like this for a week and itís stable. For another test i booted the computer from the san. Went into the disk manager and selected the earlier created ssd raid 5 array. I formatted it and then attempted to transfer a large file to it. The transfer started fine but eventually locked up my computer. Booted my netbook, went into the areca controllers http interface, checked the event viewer and sure enoughtime out errors on the ssd drives again. Are there known issues with ssdís on areca raid controllers?

Iíve been researching the heck out of this situation and i can't find any. I've updated all the firmware files on the controller as well as the bios on the mother board. Also, i checked the firmware version in the ssdís and it's the current one listed on the super talent website. I've tweaked every setting i can possibly think of the on the controller to no avail. Help please?

Oh yea, here's another fun fact, the ssdís run fine on the mother boards ich10r controller in a raid 5 array. Now if i could just get them to work on the areca!

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Slow Hard Drives, Raid 0

I have 2 wd800jd (or soemthing like that) and one's an se and one's not, but there's no difference except for the fact that one's older, but they're still the same thing and later they renamed the drive. So why is my raid 0 slower than a standard 5, 400rpm hard drive? Is it the model thing, because this is unbelievable. Startups are like a normal computer (but mine's high-end, it should be faster) and i've recreated the raid array 3 times so far, but it's always slow in sisoftware sandra. It's really annoying.

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Bios Takes Long Time To Identify Dvd Drives On Ide 2

I recently updated my pc - new ram, new sata hard drive and a new case. I've put everything in the case and after a few issues, i got it running. I do seem to have some troubles with my cd/dvd drives though and i was wondering if anyone could give me some help. First, here's a rough overview of the important bits:

Msi 865pe neo2 pfisr motherboard
120gb ide hd - on ide1 as master
160gb sata hd - on "ide3"
1 dvd-rom drive - on ide2 as master
1 dvd writer - on id2 as slave

The trouble is that when i have the above setup, the bios takes a long time trying to identify my dvd drives on ide2. It must eventually give up and believe nothing is there. The hd's are fine, just no dvd drives. Now if i unplug the slave drive on ide2, the master drive works fine. I haven't tried putting the slave dvd as a master yet but i'll try that as the first thing when i get back. Is it possible to something blow a drive or ground it to my case? Something stupid like that?

Now lets say i get home and both dvd drives work separately but not together. Does anyone have any clue what else it could be? I've just moved the drives from one case to another so the jumpers are correct etc. The cable is also fine (tried it with a spare - same problem).

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Is It Necessary To Defragment Flash Drives?

Is it necessary to defragment flash drives?

Answer:- no it is not necessary, i used to do it, but i have found no difference in performance, although it can shorten the flash drives life. The flash drive i used to defragment died last year (i only used it for 3 yrs).

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How To Format Usb Drive That Computer Does Not See?

I just bought a new hdd 2. 5 inch and a new usb case. My computer recognizes that mass storage device, but it does not see the drive. I think that it is because it has not been formatted, does anyone have any suggestions on how to format this drive that the computer does not see?

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Format Usb Drive In Fat32

I have an external usb enclosure with maxtor hd. I wanted to fornmat it in fat32 to copy mp3 music to use with pioneer vsx919 receiver. First i formatted in exfat (vista) thinking that the receiver would be able to read it but no go. Then i used hp usb format program for flash drive and it formatted only 128 gig, which is fine for my purpose. Plugged back in the main pc to copy the files, the drive was not recognized. What can i do to get it formatted in fat32 and able to copy the files?

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How To Fix Usb Format Problem?

Well i plugged in my usb and then it turns out to be removable disc :d which is wasn't before because i named it something else. But it was really weird because removable disc signs are usually this grey machine but mine turned out to be a folder before this problem occurred. My usb is a 2gb usb and it's this weirdo brand coz someone gave it to me so i'm not sure wat the brand really is. Um yea so i read other sites about how to fix it but it just won't work. Well the drive appears and i have tried format but i just end up canceling it because i'm scared it will delete the files and i have a title page file in their that i need next week for my assignment. Okay so i tried to change the fat and the allocation size to the normal formatting size and then clicked quick format but is unsuccessful because windows is unable to format it or something like that. I have even tried going to computer and right clicking and go to disk management and tried everything but nothing seems to work. Is there a way that can save my files? Also could you please give me a simple example because i 'm really bad at understanding computer talk. I need a specific explanation.

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External Usb Hard Drive Format Problem

I just bought a external ide to usb changer and connected a 80 gb samsung hard drive to it. When i log on to windows and i try to format it, i cannot format it. Why? I tried to format using dos as well, but i couldnt do it.

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Usb Device Problems After Format Hard Drive

I recently formatted my hard drive and now when i plug my printer through usb it says the device has malfunctioned and windows does not recognise it. In device manager it says unknown device and that there is no drivers installed but the drivers are installed. In the printer set up process it tells me to plug the device into usb port but i have already done this, i also tried it with the device unplugged then doing it when prompted to no avail.

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External Usb Drive Is Taking 6+ Hours To Format

I just got a new fantom 500gb usb drive in today and started the ntfs format about 6 hours ago with vista disk management, disk management just gave me a percentage a minute ago of 33%. I did a long format, not a quick. Edit: it just now went from 33% to 34% so i'm canceling the format, this is pathetic. Edit2: i canceled the format and it's still going, up to 35% now, *** is going on. Edit3: i turned off the power to the drive, then did a quick format and that worked, but now i'm thinking maybe something is wrong with this drive since it took forever to do a full format.

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Usb Port Not Working After Format Hard Drive & Reinstall Xp

I am currently usin' an ibm x40 laptop. Things have been workin' fine. Since i had too many craps on my comp, i decided to format my c: to reinstall xp (sp2). However, i was playin' games on my comp last week. My comp encountered a power shortage problem or watever problems along those lines, it rebooted itself all of a sudden. Since then, none of my 2 usb ports are workin'. To further clarify myself, i can tell that the computer detects the devices, includin' mouse, flash key and cd-rom, however, i can access none of these usb devices successfully. I tried to delete all the usb deivers from the device manager and let xp reload them, nothing seems to have changed. And i also checked my bios, usb ports are all enabled. I am wondering what is wrong with my computer. Do u guys have any clues what's goin' on or wat i should try to do to fix my computer.

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Usb Autorun Each Time Windows Boots

I have this annoying issue - each time windows boots my usb hard drive and zen stone display the autorun menu that pops up when you plug in a storage device - my 16 gb flash stick does not though (i assumne because it's being used for readyboost) - anyone else had this issue and how do i fix it without disabling autorun?

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Very Slow Usb Transfer / Detection

I have asus m3n78-vm mobo and it has some problems in it. I think my usb ports are not running as fast as they can. When starting windows it takes ages to detect my external hdd , buffalo drivestation 500gb usb 2, and transferring like 300 mb file from internal hdd to that external is pain in the ass slow. Transferring from external to internal it has no problems. Files fly from buffalo to my internal sata hdd. But if i try to move file from that internal hdd to external buffalo, windows says it takes about 10 minutes to transfer one 300 mb file and it does also take that long, so what a heck? Im confused. I checked bios and all usb 2 features are on in bios. I also had some weird io shutdown problems. Anyone has any solutions to this? My buffalo also has some turbousb feature but dunno if it works. Oh and i use 32 bit xp pro with sp3 in it. Btw my old mobo dfi lanpary nf3 ultra-d did not have this problem with my external hdds. I have also tried all usb ports, and its the same problem.

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Usb Hard Drive Takes Long Time To Copy Files

I just got a usb hard drive and copied some of my large files to it, and noticed it was taking a really long time to finish. Im not sure what kind of throughput im getting but it cant be much. Its taking somewhere around 15 min to copy a 700mb file.

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